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  1. The Chris Vernon Show

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    The Chris Vernon Show - 9/2/14 - Hour 2


    Hour 2 of the Tuesday, September 2nd 2014 edition of The Chris Vernon Show: Segment 1 (Top 5 @ 12:05); Segments 2 & 3 (We'll go through the SEC and Top 25 College Football games from the weekend and tell you who impressed us and who didn't. Hint: Alabama and Florida State did not)

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  2. The Gary Parrish Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    The Gary Parrish Show 08/29/14 - Hour 2 w/ Geoff Calkins


    Seg. 1 - Geoff Calkins joins GP for his daily hit. Seg. 2 GP shares a story of an Ice Bucket challenge gone wrong. Seg. 3 - Dinner To Go

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  3. The Eric Hasseltine Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    The Eric Hasseltine Show 08/29/14 - Hour2 w/ Chargers AP writer Bernie Wilson & ESPN's Marc Kestecher


    Segment 1 - NFL MGR w/ Chargers AP writer Bernie Wilson. Segment 2 - Marc Kestecher joins the show to talk about Alabama/WVU, the game he will be calling this weekend. Segment 3 - Rapid Fire.

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  4. Memphis Grizzlies

    Latest Audio Clip

    Gary Parrish Show 10/9/13 Hour 1 (w/Andy Staples in Seg 2)


    Seg 1: GP Opens and talks about Tebow studio issue Seg 2: Andy Staples on CFB talks about Mack Brown, Johnny Football, and Ole Miss with GP Seg 3: GP on UT/VTech game that will be played in Bristol

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