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The Eric Hasseltine Show 02/16/17 - Hour 2 w/ Vice Sports' Jared Dubin

Feb 16, 2017|

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Libya's second day. She was just like talking on answer gram less than two weeks ago about being in paradise. Was someone they deemed to be her boyfriend who plays for the Boston Bruins. Ben Hogan you ask a girl out on Twitter it's that good looking for a date you find out. Her supposed boyfriend is a hockey player they could probably kick your ass up and homicide walked twice and ask for thirds. You go on on that second day. Nine yes sir dawn on that second date have you seen Cheney and bush are now. The only thing I worry about about the story and it's kind of a fun feel disarray is circulating today. That everybody now is going to go to every actress every. Hot sports personality whatever and asked for them for dates on Twitter. And it's gonna be unfair. To the women date responder don't respond or kind of ignore it because. Be honest. And you hear this from anybody's also paid huge either don't expect and so that's where she single now the other suspect and are you don't have any chance whatsoever. Arjuna is one of the biggest policy does joy messages separate from us tradition back on the market OK and you literally have. Very little if any shot whatsoever that the part of the big reasons why. This is where I think you know the all Manning he kicks in and I worry about the future. Part of going on a date with someone is going to get to meet them or go to know them or you have mutual friends in come. You're gonna go on a date with a total stranger you see someone who looks hot as a pistol right now men and women I mean look at that guy that was the Fallon. That was had is mug shot it and Dallas at least do in fashion we he sent agents because he got out of his prison term. When I don't trust this that was not a good guy they knew nothing about him. But because of his looks and that's where it's all out now because everything's about communicating through your phone not talking to people not in no one. I think it's gonna be an interesting thing moving forward to see how many stories like that we see pop up moving forward. But good Virginia push hard for living up to it and and going on they examined they'll definitely be a second they'd because we had. A lot of fun and it was cut I just hope hockey player and she are not serious because I would not like this he said hockey player shot at my door with a hockey stick. Because he knows how did you say she's all of us and obviously debate then yeah. Dick do what you did it doesn't it yes absolutely do whatever you can. To get that second date and finally in the world of college basketball. Mark Gottfried was fired. After three consecutive blowout losses for North Carolina State including in 9773 loss at home the archrival. North Carolina the tar the Tar Heels dropped. The wolfpack to fourteen and thirteen overall and 311 and ACC play here's the weird story about this Jeff Goodman imports is honest and they're letting him coach the rest of the season. How do you fire gang guy we're gonna fire you but can you finish out the rest of the season. I think that's. One of those situations where I'm not sure Weimar Godfrey would do it I'm not sure what impact it'll have. I'm a locker room I'm not sure if they just felt like we're so close to the end let's just let him get through it and why wouldn't you wait till the end of the season. Why wouldn't you just tell them. Hey coach it out and more disgusted everybody knows you don't need to pull the trigger but that's it by the way coach outs they can finish it he got to pay him anyway. And if you're only doing it because he got payment when you don't wanna pay somebody else to step in as the interim coach. And that doesn't sound too good either. I'm not sure why just move up and I'm not sure. In terms of keeping him on I understand why the firing happened. But I'm not sure that I agree with that either because where does the discipline now come from because if there's one thing we know. When you don't have a position of authority and you try to act in command as if you do there will be people that rebel against that. And it's gonna be hard for me to see that north guy states not gonna have this now the worst thing that could possibly happen for North Carolina State is they fire him. And then on top of that he makes a run somehow on the ACC tournament maybe get some in the semi finals or finals and our biggest or maybe she gave a maybe should keep them. So you've got to place your hand a little too early I'm not quite understanding this but mark Godfrey out. At NC state you can see the story ESPN according to you Jeff Goodman was a prank on a comeback wells out more about the grizzlies had an instinct Twitter interaction with that can't. 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I'm warrants related to the investigation three of the warrants were for sexual assault fourth was for non sexual crime related to the investigation. But the prosecutor's office. Wants more information so I didn't wanna put that in rain out but throughout the board in case you've heard the opening segment were wondering whatever that story. I'm hopefully that is. Not. The case that the that this. If the police have not added that they've. I would hire a hard pressed to think the police officers didn't find enough evidence to request this could you don't make that request unless you think you have people I don't think this is. Now targeting people of of any sort of stature whatsoever. Right. But that's that's not a good spot for Michigan State program that it was ten on downs last year and didn't have a very good recruiting class either now this. Com and we'll see how this does play out that we'll get into that another time if it does does indeed. Our career it's head back out so I got into a little Twitter discussion. I wanted to talk about that for a moment too because. I thought Kent brought up a great point. And you can tweet and a program at Eric castles and I am a golfer. Guess my point. Earlier in the show today we're talking about Chandler Parsons is now in Cancun which is subsequently down Chan Kim when his buddies and they made hats and off to champion and great lawyers and thing country should go for Chandler Parsons. Raise your hand if you would love to be in Cancun instead of working today. Everybody's hand goes up. Yes where's your hands and you love to make 2.3 and a half million dollars in a four year contract for 94 million dollars instead of making whatever salary or making the most of making more than that your hand just went. Right back up and wanna clarify some everybody he's gone he's got 94 1000000 dollars he doesn't am 94 million dollars yet. First of all that's the gross number of the contract second while I stayed over four years third of all there's taxes agencies but he's got planning a money point being. And I know Chandler will take care of his buddies and probably pick up the tab this rally has picked up the tab this but some of his buddies actually a very good job so wouldn't surprise me. They're paying for some things on their own do. Does he get an update on vacation and take a break from my job and I can pay for my flight or my part of the flight canceled although it. Aside. Right or at least you offer. So all the vitriol came out easier all the same things that happen every time Chandler Parsons post something on NC Graham or snatch at or Twitter. Yo bro you need to be back and Jim you be working on your game you need be doing this Europe bomber who steal money okay. So I said again and I get the frustration he signed and into incredibly lucrative contract. The numbers have not been there. And he's living his life. Through the public guise of social media and play other guys to send big money contracts done but not the type of numbers that those not that the contracts warranted either. They're also not on social media dating incredibly beautiful women and people coming out with a lot of vitriol. Here's the thing I do you know from a perspective. Of being there and talking to coaches everybody that saying is getting it back and Jim. The dudes in the gym all the time. That he had to miss a game because he practiced too much and put too much where in Tehran. He's trying to get back. If anybody wants to be out on the floor and be successful right now it's Chandler Parsons is notions that he doesn't care or doesn't want. To be contributing this team is crazy it's just not true. But it's an easy shot to take it a guy who's putting himself out there and to which I say part of the blame is on Chandler but that's who he has he's going to live his life this way. So I wonder why people were so angry or what it is about it is it the money. Is it the numbers because if he's making ten million dollars probably don't care nearly as much right. Right is it the fact that he puts it out there on social media that he's doing things that are fun when you feel like. You should be miserable right now because everybody around use miserable because your contract is so high you're not producing why do you look like you're enjoying this. It's the perception that it's not bothering him right. That could be very well at the perception to people when something that should bother others in their eyes doesn't bother those other people. That makes them tend to be very angry right. Take about a relationship when you break up with someone and they don't seem and they don't seem to be as bothered by the break up even. Though you are or you will break out the one who initiated or it was a mutual breakup but they don't seem to be as bothered analysts are looking in DC and I see them out on the town with their friend last night you know what happens. He get past that you get angry. I can tell you that from firsthand knowledge. I unfortunately had to go through divorce. And my way of dealing with my divorce was not to sit home and salt and go oh my gosh my marriages ended in my daughter's probably moving back to California my ex wife. My it was to go out with my friends and get my mind off it and take my way out of it. I caught. A lot of flak for that. It's OK everybody annals of their own way but it made. The person angry and I get why because it seemingly says I don't care right. Seemingly says I don't care. Others took. And that. Tends to make someone who's already probably pretty angry even angrier so people they're angry at Chandler Parsons is a producing that is 24 million dollar your level and see him off. Taliban thing around on New Year's Eve with K back in sale are hanging out with different. Really really good looking girls are out party and all the time in their eyes because that's what's getting posted. That's the image that they have burned in their hand. Fact is the guy does. Work his tail off the try to get back but this is where you have a double edged sword. What do you do if you're the grizzlies you're paying a guy twice three and a million dollars his production is not nearly what you needed to be. Do you sit him down. And try to get him back right. Off the court and not have him be in ball games I've heard Jeff caucus out about this at some point do you say hey look. We need to win games and you're not helping us win games you've got to take a seat. Or do you stay with the program trying to get him back right and hopefully he turns the corner and all the sudden. You're getting more and more of the Chandler Parsons you expected when you signed him. Can't actually sent me a really good interaction on Twitter. So I wanted to give him credit because he said I disappoint us Parsons doesn't come from a social media or his contract it's because he starts and he gets too many minutes. Daniels does what. We wanted Parsons to do he should get more Parsons minutes. And I said that's a fair point. Totally understand it. A sad but sure a tough position what do you do. There's no better way to get somebody into game form and letting them play games but by letting them play games and they're not in game form. Are you hurting the team in that aspect that's a really really difficult spot for a coach for a front office for a general manager to be. Because there's nothing more than they would all like him to have the six foot ten inch. Guy that could knock down threes in a 40% clip was a pretty good defender and an incredible. Guy with the ball on his hands when running the pick and roll by the numbers that guy out there. Not the guy that's pump faking trying to get to the basket just trying to get himself going. In any way shape performing possibly can and it doesn't look right. Anybody to him to his teammates to anybody. But if you yank him out of the game you're not giving him any opportunity to get back. It really is a brutal position to be. It's brutal because the coaches want him back brutal because channel wants me back his teammates want him back. The fans deep down inside I know there's so much vitriol and there's the people outside of Memphis. They're commenting on those that really no idea what they're talking about but when you put yourself out there. You open yourself up to that door there's no doubt about it. I don't have a problem of people responded fired back even if it's mean and unnecessary because once you put your personal life out there by your own choice you're kind of opening that door. I think it's a little over the top but it is what it is. But the people that matter that want him back out there are an incredibly difficult position. Going back to you talked about him being in the gym and so free stuff I saw back and forth between Geoff Calkins then John Wall next on Twitter going on during the show. And going back and forth was mainly just same if trailer showed more stuff on social media about him being in the GM. Maybe people play off of a more. Do you think that's a possibility if you know he put up videos of them right working out in the gym instead of just put up sell off of him hanging out with celebrities and going to change tune. I think that's fair. I think but here's the problem with that then to. To remember what happened Quincy Pondexter when he was gonna back. And put put up pictures of him being in the in the gym there was a group that says Brothers is your job you're not impressing anybody you should be in the gym. There's always going to be people critical right so if you're going to be you be you. Whatever shenanigans they're gonna get into down there. Every NBA player today it's not playing in an NBA game tonight you know where they were. At the airport. Leaving to go on vacation. The problem is not every NBA player wants it shows it says hey look my life is cooler than yours. I don't have a problem Chandler doing that which is why don't have a problem of people backlash and it either because to me I think it's silly but other people are gone. Dude you're rubbing my face in it and you're not producing what the hell here's one from scout that you obviously tweets from an all time. He says it looks like he doesn't really care any socks that does it I know it looks like that I do and I get that and I get that rhetoric. All I'm trying to reiterate to people as having talked to the guy he does care he really does care his friends care that is friends. Sit down and talk Domingo what's going on what's the perception was Annie. You guys go out and do your thing which you showed your in your twenties he's filthy rich you guys have jobs you guys have opportunities to pay for things. Probably the most one year olds don't do and have access to things the most one year olds only dream of having access to and so when you show mad. And he's not living up to the job he's doing unlike other careers if you go get a job as an attorney. And you get an incredible salary to join a law firm as this young hotshot attorney and you go to court and get your ass kicked every trial. You know how long you're going to be with that firm not very long right you're gonna be unemployed you're not have a lot of clients but that's not. This world and you can't compare professional sports to other worlds you have multi million dollar athletes who are very young. Who have a ton of money who live in a world where let's be honest. FaceBook Twitter and instead Graham and snapped Jack in all of these things you know what they are to deal. An opportunity to say hey look at me right check me out it's fun to share things with your friends but when you've got one point two million followers. Of whom you probably know. 200. To maybe a thousand the other one point eight million that are there are judging you mean you're showing it off to them. Any intoxicating. When people get like or re tweet it's just it is. And they fall into that trap to do. And I also think it it does aid at I'd I'd do this contract it has to do what he plays for the grizzlies because. It's it's not eggs big exact same situation. But people love it when grant does this and brought to an injured for the past you're you're and he posts social media stuff just like Jenna Bush is does eagle CM post up about. I'm in the gym working out everything like. But before drawn. Got hurt cry you'll also. A loss but so is Taylor to be more bronzed god heard yet before grunt got hurt right a.'s comeback from multiple injuries there was that Donald Cronkite a little slack. After they lost that super bully giants and there was drunk shirtless on the stage of a club. That very night partying it up and people gone bro you should care more and Rob Gronkowski were basically applied. Bro look at my numbers and my stats when my post. Game activities affected that. Their knowledge you know I've always said that as we dug this conversation about Johnny Mans up right. If this was Chandler Parsons healthy and giving you these minutes and numbers. That's a whole different ball game. That's a whole different ball game because you like what happened to you this is post injury. This essentially from Jimmy. Timmy says if I get one awesome game from Parsons in the policies and I'm happy he'll be worth it if he gets us a post season win in my opinion okay. Here's the other thing he got a memory gone for three more years as people are killing him now what are you gonna say next year if I'm just saying F. I think it's guarantee if he comes out averages 1718 points tonight Kenny is that extra piece of the grizzlies have been looking for. And there for sure a top four seed maybe top three seed maybe even contending for the division title. How fassel people change their tune I doubt. You know little admit that they were wrong because a lot of people admitting that they were on board when they signed him. No 11 may you know what a lot of people says acute I had his back all the time OK let's go back and look. They're really they'll just they'll they'll just stay very silent but general people. Love them again but you know what won't change. How we approach a social media because that's who the guy it would go to Jed he does take your next year here's the thing he doesn't. Fit the mold. Of what the grizzlies have been over the years and a lot of people have an issue with that he is Hollywood. He is what they call bro and let me tell you what if you think Chandler Parsons as using axe body spray. You're just kidding yourself. A axe body spray. Is not purchased by Chandler Parsons I know it's like common like goats you bro move whatever. It's good it's like all about fashion the last thing that's touching his scanner is probably axe body spray. But I get it it's an image that goes along with that company has thank god for acts. That you know it's a young guy just showering in Cologne right. That made me glad there are areas he's got a bunch two bodies for his idol really. The guy makes one Adrian that million dollars you buying axe body spray what Eddie pass over the sale for hot body in the yellow spray pump bottle. It's your local Walgreens. Have you seen that it literally looks like window cleaner in a rebel I know I've seen the commercials do they have like a fact like it white commercials I had totally into its like they have. Cologne commercials they had gift tax every holiday season and unfortunately. Somebody's twelve year old son thinks that's a great gift to give to their dad may give it to on and you've got to look like you acts absolutely care. It's like when the kids six and electronic data from experience now. Now because I'd actually like to Cologne that wasn't too expensive it was hard to find but when I confided I would get it forum. But there was. When I clean out his oust her accepting team idols of it because apparently not only I got to perform like everybody got a forum because they knew that's what you like anyway. They guys shopping and a whole different level my point being. It's a very difficult situation being. In the position the grizzlies are. Because they want they got to make the turn around he wants to make the turn around. He's not helping you on the floor the way you would like him to help you there are moments where he does but there are more moments where he doesn't but if you pull him out of the rotation. He sat. The return back to a tougher spot you don't have a place to send them miked the league team they can really make him. Develop into what you want because he's not playing your system. So it makes sense it's different when your baseball baseball's baseball you'd get your swing down you need to get your arm strength back you need to get your timing down you can send a Major League player to triple A and they'll be okay. Basketball's a whole different thing you sent an NBA player to the Dili you know what they do. They dominate and it's easy and that's not necessarily what you needed to be right now. Real quick. None of those Parsons thing as a surprise we knew going in this was ES risking your one if he gets healthy he's a shooter Jeremy says about our are so what people care so much about our rich people spend their money. Davis's handling Parsons right he hasn't cost team won game Daniels needs more minutes but it's for ants. That's there. Appreciate that David I welcome back our good buddy Jerry dealing and join us on the flip side caught up for the men Brooklyn wells until next night tonight and MES in Memphis. Hey it's Jason John download the new 99 FM ESPN has now from the actual free inside when three future tickets to a show its form before you can live. Use your credit score. Download the new 99 FM ESPN out from the App Store and sign up right now. OK our next caller is Jeff from Memphis. Thank you and big fan. I'm calling about Sammy Hagar is red rocker bar and grill itself apart. 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If I had had my recorder out and didn't I oh and I was a dual core group story had not took. When he on the court. Damage your logic is ruining my argument stop it. That's my favorite games and your logic ruins my argument completely it's a great article it's a great piece and it's interesting from what she is not easy. The premise of the story is that this doesn't happen guys that play. At the level of Vince Carter when he was a superstar I mean he was he was it he gave up his starting spot and an austerity in the Michael Jordan. Because. Even though he had the most votes going. It's Michael Sprague and Jordan and Vince went to North Carolina and add that respect. And then as his career when I realized hey look I'm I need to get a start stepping back and not. Attacking the basket as my so I can prolong my career oh. You want me go to the bench which you're gonna let me play. A good amount of minutes and saw the key role okay I'm okay with that that doesn't happen we side not happening here with Allen Iverson it's not happened. With guys over the past guilder Arenas made a splash will give him that our next segment good. Guys that were high level multiple time all stars when they hit that that kind of proverbial wall they'll hit. They generally as David says he'll say packing up and walk away dense to not do that. Yeah that was. That this take away wherever I was on the idea of first place close. I just didn't really rare earth happened forgot. Although contributor. Make that transition not just true supplementary role to coming off the bench also. I personally I was gonna mention. You know and obviously apple about them. But just couldn't do what didn't want to do it could get it through his head that he you've been right shouldn't you. Yeah that was the thing that is built or is two. One note the physical transformation and obviously not quite as athletic as it was at its peak. But you know because it was so upload it to begin let you know it was a normal NBA aptly. Our but it is the subjugation of ego and the willingness to say like. I don't have the skill that I want it but let's focus on doing these certain things I can still be a part of player. And don't you know effort and let somebody else personnel now that this. Is really rare and I thought it even rarer thing was that they have now she's got the panic. That's at all possible eyeball sparked. And high levels order for her and years. And now you know it all hadn't changed much even stiff but you're coming off the bench now to a black or fewer minutes. And he did not not to this really weird and in his whole career and I'm not sure what I had the piece Larry that you guys. I'm sitting in doing it now this sort of played into each other. It is pretty amazing and I do find it. Entertaining when people have asked me in years past. Vince Carter hall of Famer because I out immediately go absolutely especially after last night where. He joins a list and granted it's an awkward list but it's 20000 plus points 14100 or more steals and eight that are more blocks. It's Karl Malone LeBron James Michael Jordan Hakeem Olajuwon Kevin Garnett. Vince Carter and there's one more relied. I just totally blanked on but it's an incredible group to join and Vince is in there and all those other guys are all hall of famers and fences they're so. The question then becomes now a lot of people are asking me is Zach Randolph hall of Famer. And I I think it will be tough moving forward. But when you really break it down he probably could've been an all star more times than he was but the off the court reputation. Kind of got to him. Now he's kind of revamp that. I am winehouse say do you think he has a shot at it if he continues to play at this rate is at this straight you feel like he can play two or three more years you and I had this discussion. He's never used his body. To create his opportunities in terms of his ass what is isn't he sees his body in terms of leaning and leaning back. Which I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon so be topped 1000 points and it's going to be hard to keep them out. We're also to me if people really dig deeper into the story and see the way he's revamped his image. I don't think a lot of people have a doubt that they would put him and that in that category as a hall of Famer moving forward especially with what he helped do here is that. Just me being a grisly home or is that a fair assessment. I think it's going to be interest in to see how that developed our own. So why should the narrative without his career is that you know it was. You know. Whether it entirely sure. A narrative is basically it was a complete. And waste of Allah. Well or gotten it right and stand there and you've been that it is fulfilled you know sort of everything that everybody apple ought. And the way go with Kyra what is that like it if it seemed that you quote on quote we have your career. If gonna be much help corporate garlic that's it and no matter how much people still. You know exactly what people want it from you by the time he didn't figure out there hit it it's going to be a really interesting discussion could have a new look at pure numbers. You're gonna have a lot of speak well bumper as went to a guy getting generic. Or so much of the discussion about his careers and job Matt for an appetite thing and I don't think it'll just depend on. We are people focus more on you know is it going to be the early years where he portable people wanted to be welcome what could be. Or is it going to be the leader here breakout came out whether people want it apparently you know the kind of it is an advocate beauty that people want to call. It's not just beyond course so. Don't even know that they'll talk about as well well taking DiMarco read other's brains and my book. You're disorder now US people out there are due to excited are so big and bones and playing well or a small plane order. And so is it a top balanced stray. And I think it'll depend a lot you know what what part of his career people focus. You saw them in Brooklyn. You've seen what they've done. What do you think this grizzlies team in terms of moving forward it we've been Janet Chandler Parsons discussion. All day because he answered snapped chatter whatever it is instant Graham. Out a story line of and showing up to a private jet. On a school bus with a bunch of his buddies in a bunch shot girls gone down to what they've done this Chan Kuhn the 2017. Which is totally bro ish but. It seems to everybody's opinion seems to hinge on Chandler Parsons. Getting back but you're there in Brooklyn and that's an eye or Brandan Wright. Looked incredible. Getting that weapons certainly helps this team take a step Ford doesn't act. Yeah I think so at the kind of player like idea hybrids or more about it got their wish her spurs. Dewayne doesn't know what kind of player that. They haven't really happy or really athletic big men such reputable or vertically. Don't markets such a special player what you like although they got what we want to have a guy and I assisted disgruntled book. To test event fluid. Brandan Wright in them that well and that is that interest they walk event in terms of the different kinds of things that opened bottle or. But I can't believe what the people that fuel wage. A lot of their policy that in and tell what AJ I'm channel Parse Obi talk about it where the last couple years we. Well one thing they'd been did a pretty high thirty. This grit and grind era. Is another guy I might he. I can create off the dribble on the ground it's something that they've been missing and every post season and it's something that they get exposed that people see. And it Chandler can't get back at doing that. It's gonna eventually expose them in the postseason again. This can't go through with just one guy and computers and he talked outs. The way they run their offense obviously get a lot of different kind of what station's crew that are created through whether that they could barker also markers eagle putt the way the defense then I've got on a guy. Penetrating from the outside in it is much more dangerous and we only have one got to be that. Not enough well it's not gonna be an energy. Who's the worst matchup for them if they finish between. Four and six which we expect but you know I everybody talking and think it. Move up to four Asta realized that everybody in Oklahoma City saying the same thing that they could catch Memphis is only a game I have had them but let's assume their fourth through sixth. Who's the worst matchup for them. On the table would it be Houston would it be the clippers or you saw on your opinion. Interest in question I mean don't don't worry about so obviously at the old age of Google removed then of course that's it for everybody that's that's here. Yet and those great I think that bet that show like Houston just because they have the worst of all the preteens. And that will ultimately be able over a home. They're particular or coding that's about trying to go backward would work my way through. Thank you to sub IP OO work matchup for them. That the clippers because. They also are so much ground on these what all of their flexibility. And they're able to go big or goes small and and still. Prevent it kind of challenges. Of the clippers they are. And and shallow and they're really only went one way. You know we know exactly what a clipper release that are gonna look like in that series. Report times. And it it's going to be seeing battle. Utah can give them a bunch of different well which I think he got the this iteration of the currently applicable to others if you keep shackled to produce books actually find one that works is it possible that they'd been out at a pastor who they don't have any kind. Well flexibility there generally just played their way. I appreciate it is always my friend I was great catch up with in Brooklyn. Enjoy the prairie gone new the Big Easy eerie you know Leila. Other beat out there on ruptured well a couple weeks later her own. After authorities are couldn't swing both trips back. I act act wise decision because I am sure is you know all star weekend is just a it's a whirlwind of a lot of hanger ons and people trying to push stuff on you at every turn. It's not so much agree edited. The work that usually like. All right we got into a four day period where you're running around even or that he all the more so due to her dad also. It's crazy it's absolutely insane it's fun but then I don't know that I I've done it once and everybody asks if I go on go on every area as they. Been there done that so I'm with you buddy enjoy the bachelor party L catch up with the again very soon. Graphics rather great stuff hairdo and right there. Or re tweet that out then put it out at JA do inside at. On the old and grist program rusty by hairy Jeff I nanny the owners of Ares were intent on getting their customers what they deserved. A great shape at a fair price Jeff and Andy were tired of getting out what they felt like was fleeced for paying for big name. Razor blade cartridges so they bought a factoring in Germany and put their money where their mouth was created a five blade German engineered precision blade cartridge. 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Back to the Eric Cassell tonight show where gas is good news you know lenders Chrysler time she wins both. Broadcasting the WM FS at. Sixteen. Another mrs. Ford station 92 million FA MDA. Going into a little on also let's do it. Rapid fire is brought to you by. Fresh pizza now these rapid fire attack and on the Eric Cassell and Joseph though. The lightning round a radio rapid fire on 929 FM ESP. And that the site is traveling through you've got to take on the Huskies. You Collins three point favorite rapid fire insiders. Right. Apparently Gilbert Arenas still goes by shooters are gonna shoot rapid. I ask you have basically sold any women over 34 please don't come all star weekend let the young girls enjoy life I can't read it exactly is he said it. I think you all blank had a chance when Shaq and Kobe were winning take your better ads on a Tom Joyner crews leave NBA all star weekend alone. Wow on if he hasn't got himself in enough trouble Hillary does not judge you make a lot of women angry. At the age of 34 I and I'm surprised because. Then that that's coming off a lot of opportunities there to me. With a lot of beautiful women that probably a little bit smarter and the young ones that will show up at all star weekend but UBU Gil. I love that got all that was no longer. Part of monopoly rapid fire that's a shame I was on my fare carriers reside cellular Arenas now because of things he says is having some of the things he says dump. But Hillary is literally integrys files episode saying oops I did it again when I asked him what the most embarrassing song at all is that what was he sang at army. So he was always called me let's Palestinian not a Smart week right there or post rate their. Yet a symbol I was like the camels a kid did you like put your common topic right. That makes sense why you think that like but I guess people vote people off really so anymore now. Note all ESP and we are articles hesitation mister Vince Young looked like football again well any sports Madden NFL Twitter. And roadside ditch quote say they will cinema copy of men seventeen. Rapid fire. Answer E. A. SPORTS will come out of an apology and say we need to be nice to everybody must like the NBA did it that's pretty funny but that is a little disrespectful but you gotta think. How many people honestly believe Vince Young woman get back to the NFL very few. True well it's illegal you gotta. Admire. The creativity of the people that had drug catapult a large drugs from Mexico to the United States. Rapid fire the adversity these drug agents found it and when they found had people they'd they'd came up upon it. People scattered there was 47 pounds of Canada's being ready be launched its got to figure out a way to get the drugs over the wall no doubt about it. John Martin Jeff Hawkins joined GP up next for bad America so it. 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