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Gregg Doyel 2 15 17 on the Gary Parrish Show 929fm ESPN Memphis WMFS

Feb 17, 2017|

Gregg & GP talk about "What's Goin' On"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're warming Thomas Indianapolis star's Greg Doyle may give the big interviews. He's names in sports you did very very well. Presented my bacon blood let's meg. Well I just realized. But that that you don't thing our intro you know that you make beer. It up art yeah me. Yeah there's good there's a court there were like the singers sing. In a bit like a higher what are you may end up properly you about how bad it is. Now I don't know that is that's a Jason is that said the combination of singers there's Jason visible and corn bran. Yeah right but there to about river normally our presentation. I don't know barnyard bit right don't like that song. Lay down and write it down right now. Maybe we'll fix that in time for next Wednesday hey you read an interesting. Moment connected to somebody in you or Indianapolis market last night halting Coach Tom Izzo caught out the end dockets from ESP who of course lives in Indianapolis. And said that he she he embarrassed himself and that he has no respect for Dan docket after what dean docket tweeted that last night during. Michigan State's game he was calling the game and hit tweeted that apparently the Michigan State students for a whiner is. And that they couldn't there are at Michigan State because they're not Smart enough. To get into Michigan how the story playing in Annapolis is a big story. We have on our web site that art got a whole lot of comments on yeah he's he's a big name around here and he's. I mean he's I think has the most work to show I'm sure don't go look up assault by. Well beyond the U Boyd Dawkins talked about his show he can most of you shown this. I mean he really is which says. Now. This is the you know we all have a little. Little background here the background with me is that I. Stopped going talk show about a month ago. Could start and be a jerk. Part of being jerked my my colleague gusher on a bear to two meters long and he's he's good jerk like Alex it's like got here. And it did tonight actually pulled twice in the past. You can go on after school blank if you keep grappled like that your choice you can do that. Within my choice will be out by point showed more so just which one you want to be shed. Twice he told me thank you Greg I need someone to call me an a hole or being in a hole you're right also stopped and so like it or show what he. Might you know I don't listen while local apparently nicer for awhile it got me to get so it would happen a third time in. They're kind of chart but what Montreal dogs so he he's should should not isolated incident then dockets. I told you before Gary apartment show returns. He's always been one of my favorite people to visit at least so charming and you know I can term had considered him a friend. Pretty want better for an don't have you know kind of speak about my quality of Fred go through all troops but he's at or black coat you -- federal. But. But the problem like the dead docket like kind of ball well put article up with we've go to Bowling Green tech has gone. People replaced by somebody. Hell he's been replaced by meat while CBS ten years ago and realizing when it minute. People like it when I mean that somebody who watches this and I let the immediate solution to peanut gallery. There's a lot fault they goaded me to be mean and I and it seemed like it so what do do more I remember specifically what that much locked up monologue. You know why are you are used to check my Twitter followers just what the numbers are growing in. If I added six today who are the six and a pilot sees somebody messed cyclical that I got what you just can't girl he's up. He's a pro at leader he's our glorious. Been to them to put our show watch this and I'll be mean such a fighter people publicly. That it dockets become. And as somebody who I hated myself. I am sure and gaga had blown scandal someone else so anyway he's he's a jerk. I told him about a month ago I told them you know the great belt story came out that I wrote about it. And it wrote that you know base I wrote that you know he seemed to get rock bottom what CP console up. Apple blockage I'm afraid on the radio personally it upon court's docket tapping your rock bottom common if you're not careful. The year snagged out of control. Russia is is rock bottom are going to compare this to. Also it again he has jerk. You big boy as what he has to but he can't people that are great can commission based groups. Re tweet stubborn. People and in so called him out and want big boys don't like. They don't like to be hit back you know what when. We've got to go off on. On Twitter and so my colleagues. And he would start. And a colleague of mine whoever does would respond back. And it would tell me later and you believe he's sad about me. That's why I'm out there wiping them jerk response such as he took what did you see we sent a comic but yet again but you started he's just responding to not see the difference. He doesn't seem to different tees. A bully. Possibly narcissistic. Disappointed in America. And now it's interesting because some pin and I don't know if this is rock bottom or if you get any real trouble I have noticed that he hasn't tweeted at all today. And I wonder if he's under some sort of orders from ESPN like OK do you use your off Twitter for a little while let's have a conversation I have no idea. But he tweets all all day every day and he has a tweet yet it. I suspect perform a Twitter he's he's embarrassing on Twitter because what he does as the people that say outlets in the docket so right now on extra loving it the retreat it's really weird it. It's they don't need graduation. I don't compare to one person in the public. I right now and you know talking about narco on the air and Lugar crowd that there's some people that no matter how high stature they are. They need to be adored publicly and they need to let the world know they're sort publicly. And he'll let small group people are old standard. You know what. I like you used to like Dan dockets a lot. I you mean you meet you and him went out one night the final four had bears on the I'd like it was just us three are had a great time. And arm I. I thought it was funny I thought he was easy to speak with I. Hi kind of not a record it's harder to bit yeah the reason I thought what become. I'll have to Bowling Green to restore government were well playing golf together there's this summer and would want to kids on the golf course and you know all by name like an adult by Naomi he's not just got that I should charming white. He cares about belliard famous sit back to you out of the blue apple banned this guy. He's had battled go to Bowling Green into the biggest star in this city he knows what actual banks so. He can't be special is brought total for two years your start you road and I know we go article he can't be special. And I think that got older somewhere but he buried underneath this just enormous power down disguised as a bully and I can't stand it's really good. Yeah I know so I like I I liked him like I'd I don't know that I consider him a friend but I go on his radio show all the time you come on my radio show whenever I want it. When we saw each other was always very friendly and then just on social media. Because I don't listen to his radio shows I don't hearing and not because they boycotted I just I don't listen to I just you know I'm busy. About but like I can't speak to that. And I actually think that that discussion your behavior because I don't like him anymore I actually think talking about basketball on TV pretty good like I. He's great at it oh yeah he's yeah I think bill is great doctors great. You know I can look argument that you don't want better than the other that's how good he would. You know that's my point I cannot considers a year he's now he's like on talking on TV about college basketball. Analyzing the game I think he's actually pretty good if not really good. I'm but the social media thing it just like it became too much for me and it was just like just weird sort of hateful. Mean. In an frankly at least in my opinion stupid comment as yet stupid comedy after stupid comment. And finally I just like on followed him on Twitter because there are people who I don't like. Bomb who I don't agree wit. Who I follow on Twitter if only because I feel like they're like I like to present United States because I'm interested in language like that whatever they tweet might become act like actual news what they docket frankly isn't important enough to like meet to just be looking at his stupid thoughts over and over again so like on followed him and we I like I haven't spoken to him in years like at and in any form one axiom we don't speak. I just like found him to be. Analysts say I don't like it because I'm not around him enough but I found him just. He portrays himself in an unlikable weigh on social media I do not like the one the way he presents himself and he wasn't always that way and I don't know what happened. In the you know I I can understand how somebody. Who might have a successful radio show to get a little intoxicated by that I got shouldn't have happened and I'm confident it just happened to me at one point or another. But like that each you'd think you grow at a foot or you hope you. On the he seems to be like spiraling in a different direction I just found and I hit social media presents I've found to be completely unlikable and I just. I just tuned him out like muted in on followed and just like I don't need to see that we didn't really. A popular among eight feet and very often anymore which means doesn't pop in my head very often anymore. I'm but it was interesting to see if Tom Izzo go at them like pretty hard less than a way you don't normally see coaches go broadcasters. And I think there was probably a lot of people nodding right along in fact when you tweeted your story from the an apple starting at that went look at some of the replies. And I assume most of the replies are people from Indianapolis where you would think they would like Dan docket and they were mostly siding with Tom as a. They're going to hell I mean there are built like him because he lets us know what re tweeting them. But if if you don't have good ratings aren't sure Dulles. I'm guessing here a lot of hate looks like you know in this kind of what what. Kind of like when I CBS you know I get a lot of Twitter followers. And I'm sure a lot of them. Are people that and that I would wanna have a beer with like your. You'd think I'm. Funny Europe or what you have been I think I'll go. Right now I think that was me again I I recognize well look at that well look at it. Docket right now could that would lead ten years ago. So I told them anyway right I feel calico piling on right now over the same time this almost cathartic it would this guy's been. Horrible to my newspaper enemy on the air not in Guatemala show every week he he beat you were ill be aired. You know it's just partial bid is not a and that's okay I'm okay happy at him it could take LB. Please take on. You know I could calm erase federal people I can't archaic alright back there much he makes. It good it feels good good politics to bottom. I don't like it too specific but like I I have a friend who works and like I did I just have a friend and they had an interaction with him. That was. Sold completely inappropriate. That like you could even like when that person was telling you the story like and then Dockett said this you were like want. What you see he actually said that to you like in that way using those words yes really because that that the story and I and our share publicly. But the store was like soul. I have bounds like it's not like I can't think of a person on this planet I've ever talked to in that way. And it. And they they keep it to say it was random and out of nowhere like a cult like the person he was speaking to in this in this manner. Didn't even understand like why like I did meet. Didn't think he dockets were on like at odds in any way whatsoever and I just always thought that stories always stuck with me and it just sort of maybe. I don't know showed a glimpse into like a mindset that is just really like not. I don't know like I'm not a psychologist but like this seems to be some stuff going there and typically and you've spoken about this many times. When you're walking on the edge in that way. Every day every day and eventually you step over Andy EU wrote about I'm not telling secrets here because you put it in your grace and Allen column. Like it almost cost you your chops once upon a time current and I. I you can get away with so much use forget you can't get away with everything and eventually people like me. People like him like great round. Your you do something you can't get toilet and it's just a matter content I mean use a matter of time and I don't know this is moment that's why is publicly you know you can have almost like there's a big party either write off bots were scared the hell out of me and I changed. Surely this will this is a chance you know this is he's like a part of this you get my pick them up Twitter or whatever windows but. Nothing major gonna happen him over this again because I got. Except for or unless he decides you know blood. The reaction could your reaction to this is loyal pay attention to about what the comical rather out of ebooks and everybody else. Chiming in and understand that. We could all be wrong I guess or maybe you're wrong. Yeah open season because like I don't like I'd the guy I'm for initially met I liked but at some point at least on social media like I hanging out with him at the golf club I don't know what he's like around there. But on social media he just became unlikable and I would like to like him again because I remember liken him once upon a time Greg Doyle. Thank you for being here with me don't talk to again next week. Our Gary like. Iodine that's great Doyle from the Indianapolis Star if you want to see how the town is a video from last night it was after Michigan State's game. And at that the back story to watch this yeah I doubt I was watching those who are familiar. The student section at Michigan State started chanting is so unknown and dock it sucks docket sucks act. It's a Tom Izzo heard this like animal a game like he hears it. And he's like you know he didn't like that the idea that the students at Michigan State. Were chanting her like a broadcaster from ESPN also they used to be of them be consistent. They have pockets he was like that's like that why are they doing that and I don't know uncomfortable with this so after the game he's in the locker in the stomped on story. He's in the locker room and he asked some people in the locker much what was that about why is the students six inch section chanting docket Sox. And they went showed him. Doc just Twitter feed and he's just clown in Michigan State Steve's speaking meat you know the like and the thing. Let me about kids like I'm fifty year old man or however old he is I don't know what. Fifty years old argument political what are the likely get a little above that I have our moments or shoot down and it. I got I've pop off probably about once every two weeks and just one little thing and I almost always regret it. It's usually alcohol induced sleep again just like you know a late night at weeding our global that the truth is when you have a significant amount of Twitter follow Ryan. And you offer opinions for letting you know whether it's with a printed word or on radio or television. And an aunt or even just by Twitter no you know just like you just tweet something like you just tweet something about beyoncé and here's a thought they actually here's a thought about you need them on a pain you gonna have so many people respond and respond to you. And not everybody who responds to you is is a Smart person that's very very and a good way to put it just not that you know that. Like and I tell people before you don't have to pass an IQ testing on Twitter disaster make. They don't make you take PH TT before you get on Twitter we're you know they'll give you spelling test before you get on Twitter and like basically anybody can get an account in the those people can tweet right at you in so you'd think she shared their thoughts with you. In and in an immediate way and you know that bit. The way to go I would assume it's just ignored all I don't even look at it but I'm not built to do that I'm looking at everything and substance of one's stupid comment after another after or not I mean just and I don't even in comic that I disagree with sometimes people think that old because I disagree with you repeat what I said is stupid and I don't know what you said stupid because this stupid right they're Smart ways to disagree with people you just don't seem equipped to do that but what depleted as stupid is that a disagreement is his dawn. And if you get like 500 of those in a row and you ignore for 99 at some point it's just like. Are right and I I got at least till one of these stupid people that they're stupid and so you see you fall down a little bit and you do it in the elk. Are more likely to wake up and down day and you go I wish I went Diana but whatever like I'm my point is it's like once every two weeks of may. Like some people out there it's like every day all day long hand you know where are they know I guess that's one way to live it's just not a way that I'm comfortable living and might larger point is that he could take it too far. If you get in trouble. And you know and and perhaps this is it a sign that day got docket in trouble because I don't have any information on that but I do know he hasn't. He has tweeted since last night and that's uncommon for his Twitter feed so. The last night they were Schoen Tom Izzo. But doctors Twitter feed and after they showed it and everything that was in it. And him you know to keep going in on Michigan State students and fans and but also saying and this is the thing that seemed to bother Tom the most that the only reason that this estate because it's not Smart enough to try and get into Michigan. And Tom took real offense to bat like he loves that school to pitch you know he's not just basketball coach there is great pride in that place. And. So Tom Izzo still on the story lesson he says you know when I heard the students. He has chanting docket sucks I wasn't comfortable with that. But I want to the locker room and somebody show me what he tweeted then I wish I would have known before the game because I would join right in on the chance with them and he embarrassed himself tonight and I have no respect for the guy. And so any time a hall of fame coach says that about NE SP a broadcaster you got a headline that's perfect for all the blocks. And so it is DNA a national story for the past however many our where it goes from here I don't have any idea but if you wanna read more about it actually see the video. You can find that. At CBS sports. To dot com.

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