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  1. CFB Matrix' Dave Bartoo on The Eric Hasseltine Show 07/23/14

    Wed, 23 Jul 2014

    Looking Hui had here he joins us every Wednesday he's a pac twelve media days it is a one and only David. to from I don't know if you're middle initials. From college football so little different out there on the West Coast compared do Hoover Alabama. It is it is. Absolutely. 100%. Or opposite. What happened got palace there experience. How has your experience and SEC media days and Antonio is just crazy. It isn't that you know it really Brazil and it was cool because it other radio shows everywhere you know I'm I'm hearing now there's what one to or prospects. There's does Korea access here you know it had at SEC media days there was. There's about thirty. You go up more media shows a lot more media entry and the Indians so or. You know but just want the people I mean the amount of media covering alien was just on And you know Larry tribe because there's a ton of people their medical crews to. What's going you know it's. There anybody wanted to know or me. That in the media and they are the air right. But on the flip side. You know I was cool but ever recorded summaries of immediate days and each one had a little bit of something different. But this this this while one is is pretty straight man or outside right now. Were right here Hollywood where yeah Paramount studios here. And so they they got it all it's all outside. And probably the coolest thing about this. And the biggest difference between the in the SEC media days. It accessibility. OK can live with the FCC. Got one code and three players that come in college students. And it's very regimented well intermediate time boom is your TV time. Boom here period retirement anger gone right and the dark since since you called keys and walked by. Or you know you can you can interrupt you get America back grab any of these guys are. Players walking around everywhere there's just walk around all over the place. Italy interviewed the support in grab these guys time in just talked up talked about you know that he's been an end their school and who knows what other there's a very very. Big difference in terms of player coach acceptability quite there. I said start had you cornered somewhere trying to get coverage in the background Jim Mora got all this is ridiculous. I think I said that that was either that or somebody gets you. A good bottle of Scotch in you nozzle up on the corner and that's why you run a little beyond battle told you to tell us. The tell you to try monkey shoulder Scotch it's a blend of three single malt scotches. More shoulder lucky I'd sidetracked as the name I don't know why he would well. Carlo I haven't either but it premiere but got ever immediate picture. And it did an excellent they want yeah. Oh yeah yeah we after the first day I was just dynamite he had been traveling fifteen hours a wanted to beer went to the local. On track you know write their address or your doctor hasn't yet Eric Holder at the gimme some local encore irrelevant crap a horribly gloves are well. Double life it we have here are you hearing you know first Just mother's milk spam gone you had a lot. And about halfway through that one of the guys to collapse and a look at him look like it. In Baghdad pretty hot beer when talking about you know assert got a name for itself and well it goes to arguably should do what it otherwise might learn know what what this book called. Almost double AP eight. They can our era and one nights. Nice there are like alcohol 0107. Yet. Generally generally in the and the staff over there at the old tap house not hard to look at either from what I remember but she probably wouldn't even call that. I don't know nowadays old the night I was there. You have but how little and the aircraft and other separate. If you he has a lot more are on the air act well look at the fact probably do. Up there Eric thanks. The chicks in LA don't care about college football he had as good movie contracts and stuff drive and Ferrari's he's like college kids to them if they're not on campus they don't. They don't care I'd give me what's so what what's your take on this like in the pac twelve what was your take on. SEC media days let's get down a little business on the itself promotes a little bit. But look you know something to do with the pac twelve actually my prediction it is was very close political all the media day here. You know you're looking at Oregon number one on the north but walking into three. Oregon State that they. Of three or five and then bring up the I do think that I think the two teams in the north though. That are surprised people positively negatively. I did can underperform. OK a brutal schedule. I think over under on them and offshore right now like nine and a half win. Yeah I guess I hard currency and then go on ten plus because they're great schedule at UCLA Oregon Washington and all home. All the games are on the road this year and worst struggled At Utah I wrote all get if you at USC they walked back into so. No offense called a they called it terrible game and that Michigan State game that did the play calling. I thought in the rose ball was atrocious I was sitting watching that they had the lead they went so uber conservative it was three day I mean. You you it five times in the line and five straight plays eventually Michigan State's gonna go I'd screw this were to put nine in a box pass on of not gonna throw it was terrible. It at all and they and they couldn't do it the other hand didn't bring it to stretch he was built around the defense that the parent loses this A war percent of its production numbers we can work that tackles sacks after the end of interception. The decrypt that huge experience yet and I think that mentality. Of winning close games and grinding now on the defense. Her team like Stanford what label we use so much defense but experience. If all these games on the road I got that not even finish in the top point five this year on the flip side Washington their skeptical that it ain't nobody. There only cup games are out. Or again. They get out scampered. That's about it they got thirteen games watching Ingle Martin or cat and three maybe even speak into the top forty I would have all but done. And Chris Peterson and then he'll look like a hero because after. After. So our key Asian last month the USC which you know I can't blame him for that that certainly doesn't area at night I thought that the I was shocked me Douglas Stanford's defense I was shocked the chains go didn't get drafted three ounce for the Ares looked at that data made plays all over the place but. I guess it's kind of Michael Sam thing can be a great college player not test out well and people think that you know. Whether Michael draft status fell because of the reasons we've all discussed or not. He was still with the SEC defensive player of the year and he got picked in the seventh round he just don't expect that when guys got that kind of accolade and in a conference like that what was your take from. From SEC media days what it what did you like about it what did you think about when people had to say where where you come out on Mac conference right now. Well you know some but I mean I think universally everybody just agrees is in the he laughed at the victory at LSU Auburn Alabama. And the problem for the other fourteen comprehend that division is they used to recruit at a level of those Big Three. And in order to win the division you have to eat all of those guys you have to go through all the air and so I need to provide. Everybody looking at that's right now. At least two days it's just LSU Alabama Auburn you know and everybody else nobody really knows. Where an end up all. And there are a lot of argument I was there about it which one you know and all may have sort mr. They entered the better team this year ever but he really seem to be leaning towards Mississippi State. Because of so many guys get nine guys back on defense. That led the intrigue out last year so. You know I think it's going to be status quo here I don't think is gonna be a lot of surprises in the west. We feel a lot more wide open. A lot of back and forth about South Carolina or Georgia Georgia has the talent elsewhere around the arrest rate and. We. You have you also though when you have Spurrier. And here the ability to coach guys that they get Georgia home I think the media voted out one in favor of Georgia but it it was used because being split. You know ultimately the dark horse in that division right now that everybody just. Paranormal what's gonna do it Florida they don't repeat after going to be there they know that the cut is going to be good pay no more chance gonna be bad they how can ideally. You know can Wilbur could go into a guy that can complete more than half of those have a better than one goal and touchdown interception ratio without being transported certainly. There could be a huge disrupt her but the consensus earlier of South Carolina for the umpteenth hero. And it seems that way I'd rather listen I'm not up against that we'll catch you in next Wednesday enjoy the time there tell. Tell cal I don't like them anyway so I'm I'm glad I think Sonny though eventually will be OK stars get some. Players from the Bay Area and that and that you know neck of the woods to it. To be they're a pleasant town on the field. All you need to be fine when they get rid of and just after the outbreak of contract well you know Khomeini Summitt recruited this book how worried about it. And no doubt about it and I didn't decide his college football matrix back on check out all the offerings there as well developed by next week as well I keep spread the word brother for pretty soon be too big. Two to be able to come on the show Never that's a man get that monkey shoulders yeah that's right now I've battled back to next week. Thanks but they barred the right there from the college football matrix at the FB matrix on Twitter at CFB matrix.

  2. Bleacher Report's Jason Cole on The Eric Hasseltine Show 07/23/14

    Wed, 23 Jul 2014

    No words to bleacher erupt before he covers the NFL today's Q&A today. Now it's time to be here sometimes 99 SN ESP and On the day. My man. Gloria how was your summer. My parents bring America export yeah. They're quiet they're going to murder either so at all from what they're all sorts. I don't know what would you like fly fishing and what's the what's up and Idaho just and get back to after what's there. We are from from helping. John Olerud and autobiographies. Throw away a lot of bears are tears of here's a former corporate. Here's a little known fact and you are I won't ever know this is twin sister. Was my and his camp coach. real worry and she took a liking to me and I as that as will I would have been nine almost and I order I was in Danville so which is just north of San Jose but she was at San Jose state. She took she coasted Ed place in so called grand Ole bock and indeed as did a tennis camp I went there. And I was like one of the youngest kids there most kids like 1112 but she took a liking to me. And that I news sports we started talking about she has won my brother plays quarterback at Stanford and at nine years old joint your Brothers John Elway she does Elway. And I went oh my for my tenth birthday she had him sign. Like seventeen different things in you know send me all the Stamford stuff that I got in the mail when he was a Heisman Trophy candidate. So he did the family was very kind to me so have a soft spot. We're gonna vote you wrote your venture industry because a wonderful in published. Yet I now it was very when I heard that it it I'd I'd. I didn't know or manslaughter after that but she touched me as you know like my life as a kid so that was it was very sad that she did pass what speaking of that and I just told the story. How is John handling this news with. With apple won't because as I said you know I Myself that about reform. I'll really because man a father who's got out there about records are great but say it. You have they've never admitted this city. Technically have all farmers each of the for probably 34 maybe five years. There are definitely going the wrong direction of them because of you know put Russell was worse every that if you ever wonder what they have to tribal. It is up on the stage at the district championship and they look really disoriented at A that's. Pretty much worked at a yeah ancient is not every alphabet bearer for. serious we're probably almost did he spoke earlier than they've ever fabric. Yeah premature baby that there's some problems. It has had an effect on them when when they first found out though was that tough because I know John did but they Hammond Amos and as I said the opening part of this show because. My father's battling it and I said this is crushing when you know somebody whether your calls somebody. As John California Indian as the Denver Broncos but I'm sure a lot of the reason was. How he was treated by the Broncos family and by apple one is why he stayed there so long. Oh yeah I would do it. Actor whose father was Richard urban sure where I You know next on the little regard for in a couple of them you're objecting to Mario school code should you heard girl froze college. I mean I hope there's all culture regards to significant your school your former distribute for the school year. I would like apple and from that second tree you're right up And yet incredibly close. Now that's tough it's tough news on an they've been dealing with empathy the NFL fans now hearing about it for the first time now things make a little bit of of sense what so the big news in the NFL right now it's a little bit quiet on the western front after the Tony Dungy situation what else is going on. Auburn there's shown up are out there and not showing up probably. Up in golf territory army and burned it would be very look at the contract. I just ordered back to walk out for big futures soft. Long this year. You walk out now after reported to pressure troops Kirk a little emerge from there are not a good deal will be our own situation Wall Street But I can tell you. Out of Russia proper. At all until your contract through this boys are. One got one there Underdog and show And used certain. Jamaal Charles that would sort of a or look at the book at all subtle. You know fairly certitude but the problem Jamaal Charles outlook or ballplayers. Do these. It what kind of deal right it's hard to get. What you can do really worry know what you won't deploy few archer. And learned can't afford do directly or through the through a difficult to get what you expect. But I ask you about that that did the connotation with you'll hear the old school fans are married are you sign a contract he got a plan out and then there's the school fans ago they wait they can cut you tomorrow. If you're not given them what they want and there's no guarantee that money so why can't you renegotiate. Where do you stand on this and what does it do in terms of to the game potentially with fan base when you see players go hey wait a minute. I did sign this contract but out played it in if you don't pay me more I'm not going to play. I can see both sides of the fence some worrisome on the. Well are on the further uncomfortable position on reform because her blueberry spec you're on the book tour. The same time. Are completely understand where a player like our our our ultimate power in that Who want to represented prop eat very and when when Democrats are prepared this year with the previous very bitter duel over the Dutch. Band. The other thing that I feel bad about four while players who have. You know these rookie deal Rupert put him in a barn art director there from guarantee their Lot of time to get aid and and so. They're hurt your car under the gun going okay health and our leadership a deal because our future should expect or hurt and I think our need an agent security. And give him. In a tremendous advantage. In terms of all the leverage an armed. most people understand just how much leverage and helping carry out. In spot or got a little lucky to root for your. and that's the thing when your when your careers cut so short I guess like he said I'm with you. In an uncomfortable position it's probably even more so because got to cover these guys but. I do believe you sign a contract he played out but I also understand one especially with the way the rules are if you're wide receiver where they're saying. Don't hit high it lull in the defensive backs on right you're asking me to go for the guys knees if it can be a die situation. It good at it's pretty from brutal situation or guard You know don't get a or arbitrator really capture of their value. Especially Absolutely if you wanna go throw for more people who harder young you're here cheaper prudential what. What you know what you can you're right and to assure that you and are you junior. If in this game you'll find nearest to make money. Are your first five years. second or rather gentle way to quarterback. Or. You know I'll a you know real player who. You know blossomed in the second half You'll period of bickering news or you're 23 toward fort Arafat ordered six. And they threw away their profile works bought out closures and And go to work for cultural group just don't understand orange. The dynamics of a football in terms of how well our contract. And so. You have it Europe all the PR all work against supporters. And well. You are. I I think your beliefs from and from what will affect your contract but I don't publish your book between bad representation or larger. And the way to do it works. Tender offer him you know fighting uphill battle to get paid what the real war. How often does that happen or guy's agent. You know. Obviously I'm not like a guy like Aaron Rodgers guys that have come out but late first round picks but we're guys agents just don't do a very good job for them or don't. You know handled the negotiations right they don't have the right guy there and then. You know they were maybe a second or third or fourth round pick in they went another. In on a lesser known guy that said am I take care you and you look up at the deal the steel sucks does that happen a lot more than people think. Are there certain book but I happen. look toward percent of our us in this particular aren't in uniform side of it is that you also. Article fifteen airport our. Employers should desperate. he takes about a war is willing to accept it better be. Right. you have both at console war would say that. Pro tortured 3040% of our little players. Are probably operator about contracts and other is that global. I'm a little a little throughout our contractors aren't right. Are forever and whatever local football and their real world that most people would cut money sure. But it's in the brand still important to and really work right if you understand what the game itself as war. And how much the owners are making him coming all you need to know news. But Roger Goodell 73 million dollar British. And oh not allowed two years and between 2011 to go twelve lots you don't know about the salary. 73 million dollars. That's a good amount of change and I think we could live on that you ordered more than any order. Right or no lawyer read anything or Iraq our money let's atop one aim 122 million for Peyton or Drew Brees what is it. If it's everything they didn't look like nineteen. To Google and contract structured league and try to look at what you walk on record you have from our bench. While using torture or not game based Obama can move also could afford to But not 36 all the report but not 36 about 36 million average for two years that's not where they're. That would now that's. are territory we're. In maybe. We have raised. For reform go to 29 million dollars in 2011. although adult to go to 1211 the trigger should should vote her training you have a good step pattern. I'm always recommend that you felt unfortunate. I'm Roger go out there or about 160 million dollar for Over for your third guitar. Because. They've negotiated such different captured the old compared players there. Yeah no doubt about that as we talk what Jason Cole here from. SB and nature Bleacher Report sorry as you to switch over Bleacher Report and let's say a big move for you let's talk real quick before let's go that the dolphins was some bad news today Mike bouncy. Out for potentially up to eight weeks a lot of people feel unlike. They're on the verge of potentially getting a lot better how big of a blow is this to their team. that often live in return for larger what should demonstrate a lot but there pretty good. The terrible horrible oval portage a wind up. You have got better on the to offer to tackle spot. In Super Bowl her credit but brutal apparently. There aren't they usually don't worry about because if you. you're used and basic ways you know for a new contract platform don't want her to Florida to pay for of the special. Good brother just pay huge contract to adopt or. It's pretty much at all what you should warrant will. What is my therapy until. The first of world to come back to bill here. That's a great point me there there is none for a guy like that because if you're gonna get paid anyway and he decided brother get paid. That's where it will be you can follow Jason. At Jason Phil PH obviously in the middle there moving to Bleacher Report congratulations on many excited. Overt the responds well to do it. Well regarded as a governor. It's you do good work and we appreciate take a time to join us on shall be catch up throughout the season thanks for carving out a few minutes and again congrats man now much deserved success. Has come your way and I'm sure you'll keep up the great work. I won't thanks brother Jason Cole right there from a Bleacher Report dot com is where he will be any threatening autobiography for John Allen predicts.

  3. Keith Easterwood on the Gary Parrish Show 7/22/14


    Wed, 23 Jul 2014

    Keith and GP talk about Skal Labissiere and his development/Ole Miss/Memphis/UK


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The CEO of the Memphis Grizzlies is. Jason Levy on adjacent. Hey Chris -- you nice to hear your voice. Thanks for having me on the show. So the first question is why has the grizzlies front office quote -- so quite. Had two good questions. You know I I personally I would say that. -- -- -- -- You know what we should be seeing right now other than supporting this team we've got a lot confidence this group of guys. And we've probably been quiet. In terms to be of the -- that we couldn't working hard. And continuing to grow your organization. You know put the right kind of process peace and placed in the decisions. And just do a lot of work on the street course. Let's talk about on the court and what do you sense is the problem with the grizzlies in these last three games. Rock. Well I would say that there are. You know that the NBC's are still with highs and lows you know it's it's a marathon not a sprint and in five days ago. We -- sitting here. You know rejoicing that went against San Antonio how sweet it was actually -- Three game road trip where we can we want all three -- you talked about special that that less clinical stage. And things are good. And then obviously the last three games have been you know people -- and I think you know what Arnold talked about in terms of not making a shot to -- part of that. And obviously your defense slipped as well. And our defense has been such an elite level through -- -- but you're not accustomed to that but certainly the shot making it a problem. Whether it is local internationally Rudy Gay trade rumors are everywhere is -- your fault that there are Rudy Gay trade rumors all over the Internet. Carriker. You know I I don't think show I will tell you that -- you know we've got a very good team. And we've got a very strong core group of players. And -- they should still receive entirely yearly get near the trade deadline. When all kind of rumors come out there. And I guess you know what we speak it seems as we need to do our organization does to understand what they're looking for how they're trying to get better. And what we're looking forward trying to get better. The information that's not always accurate. Come that of those -- glued to members of the media. And it sort of collateral damage -- doing your work in the NBA. So but I would say that we're certainly not looking to trade one specific -- -- anyone right now we're listening to other changed where we're. Answer the phone talking to -- about what they're looking forward. Blood I know I don't I think I think he's terrific player. And he's been a terrific -- to Memphis -- for many years. Is it troubling for you to see in the media. When you do talk to teams and and and that it's not only -- these names -- granddaughter's -- his service it's obviously drew the -- Of a lot of grizzlies fans what would your message to fans beat it beat. They'd see their favorite players coming up in the media and are worried about them possibly getting traded from the team. Well my message to fans would be number one don't believe everything you read or hear in the media obviously. -- we really like virtually a lot and we believe in these guys who go -- confident -- this group of guys who got a lot of confidence in our coach. So there's a lot of misinformation out there number war. -- number two you know organization had a job to do and and our job is to the first class organization that's just being. For success has sustained success. And that means doing work in talking to your Twitter and other competitors and understanding what their goals in the dark. And listening to them and maybe argument could you know I was on another team I'd say I want I want Zach Randolph to I want Rudy Gay also -- these guys are terrific players. So there's certainly those names come up because the other teams recognize how would they are and I think that is a credit. This special adding that he -- we were searching the 24 right now people like you might not be asking for players much. We hadn't had a succession of you know. Well into the postseason the last two years we've had. I I don't think it would be asking for players. But we're not. You know they give these guys -- -- we believe this team. But we're also thinking about how we can make a roster better if there's something to do. And you know without comic ever on any specific trade speculation but still part of the business is part of the that would be India. Does this team need to get under the luxury tax it does not take a rocket scientist of pull up hoops hype salaries. And look where the grizzlies stay and you realize you are in the luxury tax right now. There has become this narrative both locally and nationally the the grizzlies do need to get. Under the luxury tax for this year therefore they need to make a money shedding move. Therefore they need to trade one of their big contracts. Speak to me if you can about your financial situation for this season -- end. The challenges if you did not make a move you would have going for. Well you know there's no. You know it is that we do we believe that the NBA coverage today and we didn't do TBA that and that can follow everyone recognizes we've got. I think one of the fortified high salary. Rosters and the week. By and and I think people also understand that the collective bargaining agreement got a lot more restrictive. -- that kind of mood you can make when you're in the luxury tax separate from the finances. In terms of making your team better what kind -- you can make what kind of players you can sorry how you can sort of -- So it's important decisions like that we face that every -- spacious car. You I don't think we might actually 82 more weeks ten weeks ago where weeks. Took over the school. You know what actually it was a there's not a hard litmus test luxury actually in one particular season like Tricia you're next year. But over the long haul I don't think it makes sense -- seemed to be -- pure luxury texting for many years to come. Because of course not only is it an economic issue but it restrict -- ability to be competitive on the court. In what you think Ken obviously you you talk to Robert -- on a regular basis via. Majority owner of the grizzlies is it imperative that you get under the luxury tax this season. I would say I would not it's imperative. I would say it's one of the multitude of options to wait we can go. I would say we're looking at various scenarios figuring out. Just what the fans are talking about do we just you know do we listen to the other teams and say no thank you what it is we got a terrific core let's keep it together. Do we think about what other possibilities there are but we like our team we like our players a lot we go to guy we have. And beat the the waiting -- this season you know. Not a green -- five days. It's been wonderful to see -- gritty. You know for us we're very fortunate the first nine -- ten -- shoot you only managing this this organization. To commit to such a terrific book guys have been such a strong strong. I speaking to that we're talking to Jason Levy and CEO of the grizzlies when major awards and -- from Yahoo.com put out his own. Rudy trade column one of the things that was mentioned in there is. A whether it was to Phoenix or if Rudy was to get traded anywhere else. The reason that this is on the table is because the grizzlies front office does not believe they are a contender is that true do you believe. That this team. As currently constructed is not a contender. No I would say that I believe we believe collectively that we've got a very strong team. And I on any given night we can be anybody in India we go to Oklahoma City is recruitment because -- -- policy. You know we can we can go to LA beat clippers which I think we can beat any more they -- tonight just like recruit five days ago. Six days ago now what we beat San Antonio Spurs. They're terrific victory. So on what we think we've got a very strong team. I think those kind of comments are more likely coming from our. Opposition other teens who are saying hey Jason we love Zach Randolph. And you are generally not because I know I you know I mean I think that's where that stops probably emanating from. And I understand that -- -- -- we've got a job to do. And the other 2019 have a job to do and we got some very good players and then I think that that's where all the activity truck. Okay well if that's true when you do believe you're a contender. Then why wouldn't it just be. I guess and Ed from a fan out there I'd go with a -- to just tinkering on the AG's because you've got your core in place why screw with the team. That is the fourth seed and you believe as a chance to compete why not just ride it out for this year. I can get to a -- I think that's a legitimate argument -- one of the potential path to take. I think we're certainly you're trying to evaluate and observe everything. But we we wanna be as competitive as we can be not just this season but for the next 2345. Years. And you know how we create that window for ourselves to beat. A legitimate contender and a competitive scene that long period -- and so we're certainly thinking through this and things -- you're talking about on your show. Were gathering data information by talking looking at -- around the league and by internally thinking through one of our best options. What do you need. Well I -- I think certainly you know. In the last. Three games we usually we obviously can make shots better. And we need more Jazeera defensive end and we had to bet earlier this -- -- -- -- if you look at totality of course he didn't. I think it's been a very strong year. And I think you have to be careful not to be alarmist at one moment -- reactionary at one moment to a three game losing streak. And -- contention that the -- need to look at the totality of the season. Exactly what it's 37 games. And used to eat the patterns emerge and you see that we're very strong defense team. We we have some terrific players Archie but there's certain organ and one of them is -- right now we haven't gotten it yet but we believe they're guys. Russia can make shots. And will make shots and you know they they've shown they can do that. He is Jason Levy and CEO of the Memphis Grizzlies last week a Lionel -- came out to end. First let's hit on his thoughts on statistical analysis. You know he went on their -- -- charge show he was on other radio shows and and has talked about it it at his press converts -- But the grizzlies game that he is not -- big believer in. Advanced analytics. Are shaping the decisions that you make on the court. How then that is it going to work how can you guys be on the same page with your coach when clearly you guys are tremendous believers. In statistical analysis and advanced analytic shaping your thought processes and decision making. And a coach that clearly has made it known that he rejects that. Well first why would get their eyes you know I it'll act and we could communicate it -- -- on a regular basis and I think several members workable as our Chris -- John owner myself and and it's been very positive but interaction communication. And it's it's been very good dialogue and you know I went back and -- -- comments about analytics. And I have to tell you that. I agree with most forty -- And because you know we would fundamentally believe the same thing on that which is data and analytics are important. But they're not to be Orlando and he you know there's more to the game and that there's more penalizing players and that and -- that. And I know that from my car in Indonesia because. What I would you know looking to part of my players there -- -- understand who they are. And had a tremendous impact. On whether or not they were gonna be successful MBA. Outside of the numbers. And when the final talks about guys want to step up in big moments I think we believe -- that we know that he takes. But doesn't mean though that data analyzing numbers doesn't have a very important role to play an understanding eighteen and understanding -- players now they can improve. So I I can -- it has to be combination. I don't think you can find it NBA coach. Anywhere that's gonna say at all about the date and I'm you know I'm not gonna you know -- the -- so you know I might change is that. The communication wasn't very good. And looking forward just went forward and then continuing. Well if that is the case that you're telling us that what is the conversations behind closed doors have been much different than his public statements. If you could go look at the public Stephens Jason I mean they're out there you can go listen to him it is not exactly -- there articles written. Far and wide about Lionel Hollins assault on advanced analytics. You're right -- I go to great I read the articles I think they are spinning it -- way that's not entirely fair. Because I think it I don't like numbers. -- know we don't we talk about it. And I also think that he she knows there's a lot more to regain that. And that's yeah do we think like you were creating straw man argument to say it's all about the numbers were not about them. None of them and I don't think they are I don't think anybody's doing that Jason I mean the guy said. It over with Syria this this ticket statistical analysis. Analyst on staff last year the guys sent a line ups and Juan islands or response was this guy had the nerve to send me lineups and tell me which lineups were better than the others but does not exactly seem like. Someone that is open to -- the analytics or what they will show you. Well all I can tell you that Laura who has. I believe welcomed you know our idea is and the dialogue Wii is that this our organization with open arms. On the and that it's been very positive -- course. Okay why has his contract has not been extended he clearly has made this a media topic. Well yeah I would tell you that you know we elected this week we started now we -- door and Carter and we into our ownership. And you'll feel very good about that. General direction the -- we also critical fighting. But we -- very good about the general election routine. And I think we have to give -- a lot of credit for what this team's success and I think match. Yeah I don't think about the future and talk about the future and how to build this team going forward. He's a big part of those conversations. And a part in -- so. That's all I really can say about topic now why don't we do is become a distraction -- And I don't -- Do you think -- has do you think that these trade rumors do you think that this. Lionel Hollins and his contract extension and not knowing if he's going to be the coach going forward do you believe that that has affected the product on the court. There I don't think so at all I think it's a lot of guts being kicked up in the media. I don't control it I think he -- been quite the contrary as you said. Earlier in the show. You know all these rumors started around January 1. We went on a terrific road trip. We beat the warriors in Golden State not an easy -- we came would be dispersed. All the stuff that that you mention without air prior to that. And I think we've got a strong group of guys we've got a group got a core group of guys that have been together. But -- -- to real adversity not just kind of person would be the person taking on the Obama's seat under. Kicking on the scorers in the playoffs going to seven games against the clippers these guys are real pros and I feel I can even start spent time talking -- -- -- it. And you guys are focused someone -- that is what it. Do you think that you and that coach because people are drawing attention to yell what one analyst saying and what the front office is saying and one of those a specific instances as well finalists come out and has made it very clear that he would be against a Rudy Gay trade. Com. How does that work within those office walls where you clearly have a coach that is not necessarily. On the same page as the as the front office. Well listen I think it. You know I I respect our comment on that I -- I know that as a coach he believes some players he believes in this locker room. You know he's worked hard to build this team. In that locker room and can build a culture of success. And -- I wish there was some -- I mean you know it's. We've got a strong core group got much and we got a winning team. And it's exciting product and I get -- people in Memphis getting behind this team has been tremendous I think we can do more. I think you can get more exciting in the next 98 as we get to play almost. And I you know I just love the fact that this community rallied around this team and anger but he won't -- wrote an initiative major bump in the road less greedy. But isn't it regarding the -- Rudy stuff isn't that troubling -- -- what -- Scott Brooks would have come out after the thunder got rid of James Harden and -- I can't believe they're breaking this up or I can't believe they're thinking of breaking this up and if they're gonna break this up they need to give me an extension I mean that's that's what happened Jason. You know Chris you understand. You know. We never treated anybody you know we haven't even come close to treating anybody -- Lyle how disk any behind the players that are in this locker room he believes in them. I believe that's the right thing to do. You know we've got to keep -- focused on the prize the prize winning games. Building cohesion continuing to build cohesion and that's what -- comets are doing an actual they're meant to do I believe. And -- are making some trades he. Yeah. I got -- do you need this this this this this scene right so -- you get the -- in the NBA where. You know I can guarantee when the next ten days they're going to be 25 other. Crazy rumors that and how -- -- and limited there's good what I what I -- where -- really -- and actually solicit. Is and are we got a strong product we -- -- -- gonna rebound from this latest slide. That you would a long season and these guys know how to win. I mean is it fair to say that watching these last couple of games especially that clippers game the other -- first ever saw them in person. That you know if I. And I know you answered the contender question but if you look at that clippers team and you view them as the team that you're going to need to be able to compete with the highest level or beat the Western Conference. To need that game would have been maybe a little more persuasive towards. We've got some work to do no matter who it means we've got to move players like if we wanna be able to compete with that team. We need -- and Judy we need to add some depth -- where there's a gap between ups. -- what you just talked to Chris Wallace about this this morning you could also look at try night game against disperse. The overtime -- -- saying -- Look at our guys look at the fight. You know look at the -- this -- we have to look at the metal -- we have. And and take a different lesson from that so you don't I don't think -- can actually won game. And make a decision based on that we can do it will be 37 -- and he can say okay we're trying to where weaknesses. Where we had -- and and you can even go beyond decision because -- course been together now for several seasons and when you study at. You can you can look at trends the -- can you recognize. Is that these guys know what. Is Jason Levin he's the CEO of the Memphis Grizzlies. That is so bad right. Like ordered that justice. Would -- -- now necessary thing that's. And then I really appreciate you coming on the show and talking to -- -- fans about your thoughts on what's going on right now. Chris what do -- incidentally you're busy but I book tolkien's. Also thanks Jason apartment Jason -- -- is deep. CEO of the Memphis Grizzlies.

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