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BEST OF GARY PARRISH HOUR 1 (w/Chris Vernon in Seg 1 & Roburt Sallie in Seg 2)

Feb 19, 2013|

Seg 1: GP opens "Best of" for Presidents Day Seg 2: GP with Chris Vernon talking about NBA Players getting 10's Seg 3: GP with legendary Roburt Sallie "Extenze" interview

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Earning every dog by the NBA all star game more than tiger's game will mark so -- I'm not really here right now I mean this is me talking and actually you sir you have to bring it -- Studio today I didn't a recording from a late last week because today is the company holiday of President's Day the -- off the -- Had just won national radio stuff -- thought about it gave him time to look back and laugh a little bit of crap I've put together. Various interviews that I've done that and. Packaged them for this -- two hour I -- I'll be honest with you let him put much thought into this I simply picked up support things that I remembered. All the top of my head things -- XP full. Seem to like for whatever reason when they heard them live events so if you didn't hear them live may be -- the and he did hear them live may be old. Like him again that's -- hope at least so here's what we're gonna do this afternoon what style. Here in just a couple of minutes with one of the many ridiculous segments the Chris Vernon. And I have done together yes there have been a lot the album but a couple of the suns were in town and I got a tip Michael Beasley was heaven baby mama. Drama over at the -- and that conversation. Evolves or devolve the didn't mean depending on your point of view into a conversation about whether ugly NBA players could pull pin and buried NBA city. So that they can now I don't think. Part of that thick curtain. We'll let you decide by the time we get to be in the conversation happened that. The infamous interview I did that Robert -- about allegations that he was suspended from his European basketball team. -- -- -- -- -- an argument to build a well played Robert Kelly interviewed. In the last -- -- it's our favorite honestly that's that is that would make national headlines ended a bit at 5 o'clock. But I did without resident rock stars that Myers a couple of months ago. Come on let's do a segment I did with AJ Ellis. When he put the NCAA on blast what -- and it's funny the other ones but it's a Smart -- -- -- Smart was strong opinions got a lot of nice feedback about it. As -- -- that -- around 535. Canada go we'll get out of here get on with our president that the that the the best to get very show he put him we're here in 99 of them ESPN. Good place to pre game for the tigers the grizzlies play or post game or just watching game in general this is your parents John -- to try to -- there at 119 south -- which is within walking distance of FedEx Forum in just off the trolley tracks. What's important now is the starting one hour try to tip off -- I was trying to tip off and throughout every tightening -- -- library has half off appetizing than two dollar fifty's and select bottles of beer not to mention five dollar chili cheese dogs that means you can grab a beer and the appetizer for just six. 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For about twenty minutes about turtle winners last week so anyway you've got a -- and studio as the -- that the suns were in town. To play the grisly that a listener had tweeted me and said that Michael Beasley B easy was heaven baby mama drama. Over at the Westin said I started talking about Michael Beasley he's baby mama drama at the west did. And and the conversation turned toward MD MBA players and getting girls in general and whether they all get girls everything they go to New York. -- good look at when did girls can ugly guys -- bullpen that every city ice yes -- said no. Let's just started Chiming -- at the fun conversation here's how last -- Chris Chris. Yeah all failing grade his son is now the -- the the grizzlies play the Phoenix Suns tonight as well. We're all have a kid I got a source over the west yeah said Michael Beasley was evident baby mama drama already well. I think -- I had the western liberal. I'm glad that -- wonder she's admitted free and I don't now and have that -- noisier for the hoop summit. I've played -- -- got to go on older than I thought he ever been -- other night how did you play it didn't play college a year Newton is here in the hoop summit may be is maybe his base my night they showed here maybe she can -- Is that an analyst and hey I've got a little Lotta baby mama drama adolescent who was that this guy coach -- coach and -- Mark Jackson. He's back Fred and I'm Maggie and -- Hand out and then you'd better be. And -- better -- better -- better be Campbell runner on the -- Ali good you have run into your baby hello Roger out I tell. I -- I I got a -- my source back I said two years orders to muscle cars dollars in direct message there was this for the public to see Republicans all. The -- you look at oh what was the source I can't say that I want to. On a -- and bad and so I think what happened I got to know what's happening and so it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's no doubt -- good I don't. I have -- much worse than a bag and so apparently. Baby mama or someone who represented herself as. Michael Beasley baby mama right so that the the -- it -- papers are final now I can't speak that -- -- it she's like she wants to get a hotel room right she's like that exactly like the last. -- it easy I. And you like old saw holes. I can't let this girl can't he won't literate or at least refusal letter to route then she got to the front desk going crazy trying to get a key to a room that's last that they got. New Zealand banging on the door trying to get in the room. And I do we know that it is a baby -- was tko in a baby that looked like Michael Beasley. Like the alleged -- who. Yeah I'll. Definitely -- I would read about it. Yeah yeah -- that. I did it at that O'Donnell as they don't love -- if you don't have problems Udrih had their. You read it isn't there earlier I don't look. Probably dead on their Yelp review right after the this bill that was very nice to know that I'm. Don't reduce -- ebitda hotel was is one of the so it's great the bad most comparable bet I've ever it and my baby -- was yellow metal. -- read everything uncomfortable. -- star right. -- -- Atlantic and again every major Asian I've ever been done in the last I'd say it isn't the end and make him Basel I glimpses that isn't my adult life but it pentagon occasion. -- aware I'd go to this trip advisor I go to college but. -- made every road enlarged and every leg. Possible vacation spot -- Mikey at every little word -- -- He pulled the rug right reviews on is ever that created -- they had that and that. It's. Just people who had bad experiences in our people who just pitch about an everyday so it'll be light gun. I'd look up like you could literally like Thai -- parents about it. The water's great but I got just in the way undermines the finger and you. Don't -- Tripp yeah. If -- we took one of those ally aids and insert the bad the -- -- everywhere and they are both in mind that I. Wanna stay compared I -- I like what kind of like what. DMZ -- our I'm just sawing in and negatively reviews something on the Internet a lot of people I know all other gay. And I now I got it -- like our records showed if you want those people like there's something wrong with you like all of the wrong. You would trip advisor profiles now aren't you can see -- -- best is when you find somebody did a big. I went all Leanne Wright like -- the noise outside was totally unbearable and didn't get one way to sleep. In my -- the and was adjourned you know whatever and then we tried to contact the manager in the manager couldn't get a little break into whatever series called this a bright and then. You can click on the like profile and like you'll see like everyplace they didn't think -- needed -- -- about it every day yeah. Every every dimmer and zinni every -- drug delivery -- did just that if you did it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wi-Fi Extenders that you know I don't -- -- -- I don't know I don't know what like some calls eighty botched some calls 400 I you know if they weren't good enough to do that. But if I'm -- way through a dollar those -- 400 at -- got. And there are like these are huge like he's normal people -- -- -- a thousand words about why bystander I have gone out on the text online -- and I can even like when you -- black cat like you are a special kind of nerd if you're right 1000 loading abused or Wi-Fi and there. But he's still a bit. I'll tied into like Yahoo! or or Google -- and like a question right I'd. How do I do this on and they'll be something related to my computer right and so their knowledge and a click on it and I think this is without fail. I get taken into a subculture that I didn't even know existed which is nerds. Arguing about how would it still. Up on the computer I didn't know I didn't like it could be like. Golf fifty -- bread on the new JavaScript. And I thought I'd like him. The mood there and might actually get the -- -- -- the -- and new computer. On his yacht it is or good oh I know. Everyone but I'll add that I a question about -- like devoid of Wi-Fi theaters right there will. And I despite -- starts to her I'm like I'm like let's I don't understand anything -- I got to forget forget forget forget I ask how are your kids how you kids to go until. Hello easy yeah I was excited about the grizzly find the suns denied -- -- Princeton Ed Davis and all these guys -- lineup but. Had no idea the Michael Beasley was going to judge traumatized. -- a -- a Obama I had a body who worked at Notre Dame prep when Beasley was there ran like hell all your reputation is 100%. Armed right like I mean he is. If he's just not like always just to goof ball who got you get the bad rap no I mean he is is exactly but he's like crazy -- but what -- always heard is that he's mostly harmless. Like he wasn't the guy ate at Notre Dame grabbed. Who would go like spray paint somebody's car he's the guy who would break into the lab and let all the sprawled out. Yeah. A true story. -- -- my favorite story ever and I've told us before the radio on the Toyota long time I think you know historic. He's played for USA basketball and like Jay Wright Jeff Capel Huckabee makes up the name but it's like people like this. In Jerry Wainwright are the coaches for USA basketball and the way would work. Is. They don't they practice to go to dinner and then they let the kids like -- -- -- -- -- by eleven everybody in the room check everybody in. And and the coaches you know they get in a cooler beer and in the turnaround in and talk shop and in drink Beers and whatever and that's the way it's always about close to midnight. On the game tomorrow they're in another country. And and yeah and they end and they're just trying to be -- whatever and here. And I want us. If I pop pop pop pop pop that it is cool so they aren't they like it could be a nightmare they're very -- it they know what they're -- -- -- OK we're the people would have five star hotel with a sixteen year old basketball players. Want to. Yeah they go like walking in on trying to figure out they figure out the door ads in this room they knock a little. Pop pop up they just keep haired dude who do the -- and around and hearing that. So finally they're like Michael opened the door be easy room kind of thing they going on that night he opens the door. He's holding to paint ball going. He has taken the sheet off bad and like -- Omar hung them up on the wall. Am drawn with like a magic marker a big like target. If he's doing paint all target practice in his hotel room in my room at 1230 at night. And had no idea that it might be role. Like like it's like Jay Wright cape or whoever the coach in relative that I might what. What you did when management company that nothing coaches that we don't gym work no matter who worked on my shot a little bit. And tonight involved -- there that might come. You have to cut that out he's OK coach. I can feel like maybe had the TV out loud that's what it was the only people who. Ultimately that had no idea that it might be crazy to be shooting paint ball in his hotel room. You know Olbermann really crazy if he threw the door for sort of the Weston today and -- her up and yeah. It. You don't got. Outlook and. How did the little game but you didn't look how broad the part of -- -- yeah. You're going to be easy -- we'll go back. I'll need to go five to give -- up bro it's put him in there and everybody's are yelling daddy and I don't know he could not at this. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- easily break him yeah. I don't like know them they're out of -- a bit like any list Libyan not yell yell it. Beasley just call him that we're all game. I got again it's a good when he spotted the inevitable given the whole game just keep -- Michael Beasley is telling me they don't remember the amount of talent and is not tell the Applera. Yeah. But he's crazy yeah he isn't saying crazy I -- the job. Does he those little girls as a behind us -- -- the font I'd love they GoDaddy day daddy when they don't it's daddy daddy until he's in the game and when he's in the game -- right. Does the oh yeah. And and I know why she doesn't say all that much Didier except ever was allows -- to show disgust like guys it is on Friday night. I'd I heard like faintly by -- I. -- -- -- -- I did like to open hundreds Gortat and -- that -- now and then and I did a good idea and I love the -- -- the bad I want them lightly moving on me I didn't need to be a reality is -- wood down the red and the Israelis and accuse or whoever are the cutest girls ever ever like you would you would look like against it would adopt Obama. Like we like the cute guys and girls it's funny to third trip there is nothing funny to watch a little girl logo. And I got. Mohammed -- B grade denied. Obviously not a lot of Goran Dragic baby mama. Let's go to it that if -- or or Luis Scola that that would have been the story you know if you put it about logged in their bill on you know it. Little baby mama drama little Lisa yeah. Of Michael. Luis -- I do think these guys give negotiates. Like no matter who they all our yes you think no matter who this is funny because I had this conversation with a former. Think Michael Scola is -- hold to our business and I knew that hearing how can a guy -- players are good now -- Eileen I -- how he's. And I don't. I know I know I -- sift through the nastiness that's been. People with money get hot girl you -- period do you think smoke cannot tell -- you can't really call a good. Out on Beale street tonight and -- a can't yes -- now. You're not really -- if they -- combined fame and money. And you can grab whatever you want. There's always a girl who's in the I had there's always borrow. I that -- pin either way I had ten Hulu is ready to go with fame and money. He's my he's ebitda is an honored like the beads rookie year you actually did not only did he does out on the -- and when I don't have. This one -- of the New York. A few weeks ago I was doing the studio stuff with don't lobby. And McCain please both of them played India -- and don't ask me how that somehow we ended up on the black. And I'm like unlike the -- let. And. -- -- They basically I don't want anybody out so I got that it. But they made it very clear very clear that every city you go to every. Time you and -- It's why they want NBA player you do not think -- could go like just. -- the hottest girl off -- I don't think there's warned you don't think there's one player yeah I think like even like. While like Sam -- -- -- -- -- you better get fat or I had fifteen girls hotter and hottest girl -- Tyrone hill all right yeah I do about how they like super ugly now the only way I I was Seychelles the latest shuttle is looks like a monster young and he's like Mary Dell and all Candace would turn. Like McCain has said that it it can be dipped more difficult for guards. Because they don't obviously stand out in a bar or restaurant I did like you like. If a six to 102 walks into a bar restaurant and NBA city -- what does this only goes MBA player period but if your issue here yeah it could be a little bit but more difficult so you need somebody else to identify you. But he said that most times if you you know you go out in a twos or threes or fours or whatever. You have at least one called do -- DH is not a goal Volvo listen here's what he said. He said if you went out and you were just trying to get after it again just like okay we're in town we we we got tomorrow off select let's get after it's -- that's like easy home run every single time but I like every time. He's up what became difficult. Is even win you just say let's. We're tired. Just gonna go get dinner like even just dinner would turn into these ridiculous situations that you can't. Even makes and stuff like you just beg you do it again no I -- Clay is that a bad looking guy Don TV news super famous in college right he's got this great personality and the Boeing Scola. A guy brought up the -- all of were both making is that -- And they'll be allowed the -- he gets he gets to come on now big area and say it's. You know until -- yeah. And though let's convicted ledger -- your credit Joseph Bob Gaza Douglas did a usual it's good. I don't even if I design as usual the national treasure it -- and Abby gives kids on his nominee. You go well. -- -- a very well being please use our people were girls like a -- that's the tingling now now you know. -- -- traveling with the NBA teams aren't in any NBA city you walked in and don't think that should be pocket no Luis -- he walked in the floods also to the game tonight listen it's not -- is quite sticks work it's weird and you know. Know how this works when you were younger and before you're married and it's not help you put people in a circle. Right and in the in that then take the cheap knowing you again obviously helps that the chick knows -- -- -- -- by you but odds are. The -- surrounded by guys who are going to be impressed by you and when they are impressed by -- in the girl becomes impressed by you by extension. It's never happened and I. Do you see a scenario. -- a -- ten years for years OK -- -- Saying where you're on the you're at a bar and there's this hot girl all of it John Alina about you shown that she would even look at do you shorten ridiculous. -- -- Like her friend like you have three guys and they're like -- man and a bar no love our knowledge is like who are known like how many is evil radio they usually whenever. Sports talk they usually resigned you because they've had to listen to you and they don't like Q usually going into it feels like a guy that's like with a girl I don't know any time. Did and I did my image my boy ever make me less happy I -- and I'm Aaron Aaron and Amanda. The same thing applies to an MBA player except like don't don't wait different Lebanon and so -- like this notion of whose goal is right there are guys and that's scroll all -- goes in the -- -- two -- goalies in the box and then that. What hamper and the ninth. You do a legal banana like always gold isn't flies -- and -- he should have been the saucy don't go to the author of -- every right you like it was like you I think he will now. But one of -- I don't know I like to you you've got to give -- to the -- -- good fighter I admitted. Ahmed Ahmed Donnie you -- if you did not now want to. And I'm mad at us. That the -- and take all the takes one. Yeah it takes I think a -- got they got after. I don't think did it there's like a budgetary end run down the street behind him like he's the -- -- burger I got a friend who I got a brand to the -- and and she just went home with little walk one time just because. Walton and he's famous -- played for the lakers and won the championship. And I would say from the Dottie yeah knowing that show no way -- about sports I guarantee you the moment. She and knelt before that nice you've never heard Luke -- the semi today than MBA player and I held until later pentagon. The bulls need to correct myself and -- gotten a again a tweet from an inside source OK and I am not allowed to reveal who said source is but let's just say. Would be somebody in the now I got an -- to the tweet reads. A body pulled answer. -- -- -- Yeah oh yeah he's got a nice stand corrected this -- -- beat up -- candidate -- I think he's got to be the favorites here. I ours it is a legitimate source I was show it to Gary says that he can prove that it is a totally legitimate source. He's looking at my phone as we speak would you consider the -- image area is it legit -- -- yeah. Yeah. Let's lock lifting it up and. One record yeah yeah. Then we had to be done. That we've established could not -- Can't we. -- would you say needs I actually it. I'm gonna go back on his -- thing I think Scola had not he walked in together and scroll is the one who doesn't. The -- -- you're sure to say and you guys are shortchanging. Fame and money. Do all sorts the dumb things -- to home for fame and money. Always they can you yeah. And Brad did they. Are being. I'm. And brother and I expect to try to get a watch out of the deal -- All I'm trying to get at Torrey birds talk them out of -- whatever does. More Guardsmen -- spent so you'd say oh he's Golan no matter what any -- Diego city in the country. Any NBA city tonight we got a locker room at today at the degree game we'll talk but he talked about it. All of director of the red yeah I -- survey I bet a little survey I and that way you'll find out. Is that -- a one out. If they just decided I will roll -- in two. Chicago tonight to play doubles one out that I there's not a one Obama and I don't really expected gravity in economic. Even while these immigrants. Conversation. About Chris Johnson. I'll just came out ten day contract girls don't know anything about a big league agencies if they believe he debuted a grizzly that do that. Are played on the team that really get used to play sports. Yeah -- Indians who were I now can you imagine her can you imagine what it be like to be exhibited the million dollars how much of it is the frame and how much of it is being tall somebody just waited I think -- being tall as a big part of it all pretty well isn't. Info would be awesome if I but you can get away with you can scrap all you don't need if you had a if you got the fame in the money. To that point and I just waited if -- -- can scoop up dime anybody can't buddy for tell used to be imposed level -- the place. Memory LA is across from the saucer or here is and they know that he used to run that place buddy he'd be post would. I mean every -- of right. Oh maybe ten. Money and fame you get what you want Chris works on -- Chris what's up man. And I actually used blurt out yeah he's our industry need to understand replied I leave it up. Oh until. You do we I mean it -- -- come automatically -- how we already there getting a look at executive that would data world. Can't write it yet right our country are looking girls are rednecks you made. Go out -- without -- all of them are. Said I asked my bag dug up an account I'm not disregarding. Huge famous NBA players I'm talking about like the rope holding -- do. Married and married in the -- to be out of town yet yeah yeah thank you get it out until I did it appears. -- -- don't bet it would appear upstairs -- it gets your clip. I did well Chris I do I look they are I want telling Bonnie and even home I don't -- And what they were all really good day. I don't play out Libya play any NBA don't like close. Cannot here's the quite all right -- got a -- let me quote grids are you gotta say that play in the Atlanta -- then validated -- -- yeah -- yeah. I'm afraid but. After -- girls done. -- Jersey did we lose jobs that I just got all of this girl isn't a girl one time blue. They trick our friends tricked into thinking one of our friends played sorted yes really does that heads can you just got to draw its it's a great -- -- no word -- -- old dudes in a Gamal would send a Mattel owns a bank felt good. We improved my family -- minus -- yeah. -- I've got a direct methods robot -- -- -- girls are trying to get on TV shows from hooking up a ball players. Think about basketball wise and none of those -- out there and not. Say NBA guys couldn't -- and of course all professional athletes can get -- I say -- specific person. I said well we skull Luis Scola -- Scola walking into the finals are tonight after the game. And walk out with intent if the -- I have with two questions. Because what I provided. Provided that there are tear them assaults -- tonight he could walk out -- -- -- I did we just said Chris from bill's -- say. Did I really don't understand how many people arguing about it you can argue. Good morning guys Luis -- -- -- -- all due respect to all of us. -- -- I did and -- them as -- -- got a small one. -- Louise go ahead head. I don't know -- situation. And now they're here. Vytorin did the whole conversation he's he's -- Don't know maybe I'm the best you. Probably give me. And a -- that I. -- -- Until mom didn't get the NBA they do have I'm -- -- -- -- as CNN. -- -- -- -- For the St. Louis Cardinals. The SEC. Mike and Mike in the morning to Chris Vernon show here -- -- tonight show and then Jerry -- show -- -- this season 99 SN. This is sports station. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now is your kids curt Hughes savings on big screens from top brands like sharks Sony Samsung -- She and more during the until paid TV winter clearance -- the bad -- -- there's -- -- like clips. How all these guys -- priced. 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Over the past two weeks or even years or whenever honestly just up that popped in my head when we decided to it to go this route -- so one of the things that. Seemed like a very clear segment to include. -- an interview I did read that Robert Sally last year you might remember Roberts so he played at the university. Of Memphis so as the story -- that woke up 1 morning. My buddy John dingle ball it works for draft expressed -- -- Newspaper article -- like a link to an article. He's like and you gotta check this out so I look at the article and it has that Robert Sally has been suspended it. From his. European basketball team Ford taking a penis enlargement deal which is on the banned substances you cannot apparently whatever Lee was playing in. In large penis and then still continue to play. Basketball so needless to say I thought that was hilarious -- but I know Robert from his days at Memphis and I knew some of his close friends and I had. One of his close friends text me and say listen -- Roberts by going crazy about the story. The story's not writing like you have a national audience is CBS what stack up. Could you write about this just to sort of clear the story opposite yeah gaskins is just have him call me. It's so I haven't talked to me it's Sally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in this I was also kind of sick I was under the weather. And had been drinking day -- all day long I did know at the time yeah I'm learning as they go through life I didn't understand at the time that if you drink too much they clearly it's like drinking too much alcohol and so when you combine that and I'll be honest I've never done radio -- wrong. Except this one maybe off of day -- but when you combine the fact that I was probably slightly wrong. -- with the fact that I had Robert Sally wanting to clarify that he had never tried to enlarge his penis. It occurred to me that you don't want to talk to Robert Sally and I'll write about it CBS sports that combat. For fun radio interview two and so I got Robert -- on the phone on the air and this is how that conversation when I. Belly made national international headlines again this morning I wake up I read the story did take off the ball over Twitter and we'll get to the bottom of it got Robert -- here on the BOT network now I'm Robert it's scary in Memphis man radar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It it actually I don't know who are you today from -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got pretty good -- about all this morning to you I was trying to get a little bit actually -- Now be working out working pretty hard late night or try to get a little bit extra sleep in this morning and uphold actually going off the -- this morning in our. I actually finally get Serb troop group. Korea out of media day in the only thing I can do exist just look at me indirectly it is but it started last and part of decades -- and a Scottish -- It is it is actually hilarious it's already. You don't have to dialogue about it I'm not really have a negative guy like that even know what it comes off so negative Lee has it -- And a lot is very accurate. It's still funny in his comical so it's. A -- to start from the beginning to play upper especially in Spain how long have you been over in Spain play. Out of respect for software have five months we play the I think up at about twelve games -- -- 1213 games. You know -- suited to choke. I was I've I've had I've got to -- tested in November we got to -- became the people yell random you know it happens and overseas. They kick me out randomly got drug -- you have to write down everything that you put your body. So -- won't tell what I normally taken put in my body -- take vitamins. They can call 18. And I could Camille hit and killed at the comedy no the name of it because I have got it from what -- much you make out up here. And we. When I finally found an end of the deal. The aim of the goes black can't. And it seemed -- certainly a week after the drug trip saying hey we seem low down on your paper that you could Camilla has some -- what what he. Well good experience. And it actually was that it stinks. And I said no it was not X. I have also won out taking and I had the package that is now well I don't have a problem with it. That I take -- -- has been killed or somebody soared 95% of males. In their lifetime kept taking the taking regularly know I don't it's something that's why it's my personal business and outside as deputy. Now. Everybody and their brother we've all been there are you never know there -- I hear about with you on this. Did you now. Now do not take experience is something -- Because now want and you're there they're trying to say that I took a pill. That has its steroid -- with some full aware that when you play overseas and it it does so because about -- a lot of people are really understand. They negotiated EG. Always seem to have to be one of the hardest things. Couple that little lap we can do because you're away from your family you're away from your culture -- away from everything you have to adapt your whole lifestyle. In Tibetan culture. So let me get to this might seem that -- or Spain. I think probably out. Everybody any threat to -- The people that spoke English -- one person that can understand meet. We'll release that you know a -- I did commit this -- little merit serious -- falcon and I'm from California to Sacramento. So I -- do. Different -- away people you know ma -- my English. Well. I don't understand how in students got interprets his. -- and it. So now wake up today and I see. It did then everybody knows what extent do now I mean you can't watch TV at. -- -- it's -- commercial -- know what it stands is that it was pretty funny and I mean I would see. If you believe. That I took it stings with a lot of people now it is gone beyond basketball. People think that I could do it stings because of -- personal reasons. And I don't know which you can -- so what you can't say but they Buehrle won't need to worry. That I -- -- staying. To an article Martina is being you have to be great. Sell well -- that's -- true. Good evening -- as well he's that. Hey and that's a problem that got left out -- part of body. You know. Let's get him to let me go back into the situation all right so release. In my heart that I will release would have to take me. It -- unhappy with what I've done so what you're trying to say -- think -- took until the they have hope hopefully they can't prove it. -- absolutely to a took this still big -- I took another bill so if you can't probably let me go back and that's what I could do my job I'm under contract get -- to -- this. I get out quickly and also nobody is Ali Roberts out. There and that's exactly what I want to go to the live and let the market finished well at -- so they're assuming that particular bill that never put in my body sold. I agree to release. But you have to give me half slowly money like be like everybody knows when you have wood -- -- carjacked. There's some closet near where you get fired or released but she wants to -- -- EG they own view us specific lot of money so I agree today. So old I did all -- -- and bridges and then but it the process not done yet it's not been back yet so. Right now it. So now the -- -- wake up to -- to re dead. Did payments made. Because I think an experience which is false warrant and did it did get -- got cut which is pretty cut. I really thought so we've parting ways it was a mutual agreement -- -- to go somewhere right don't play Gary. -- people sort right now and play their club with no problems cannot not be released I'm caught I don't have any good and if I click it stated and I and I can't deport people right now Gary. This series do. Doug -- Sally here on the VO two networks -- so here's the bottom line is here's what we got. What OK what time you took you took a melon heads that the public that you just gonna see what's going on see if you'd. Just absolutely destroy somebody but but yeah. But you don't but you do not. Let the record show let the record show that. -- does not need a bigger pain -- your. I'm gonna create competitive basketball and they know this is tweeting different got a couple my god it's great -- I mean. -- don't you all the people who do that and I don't catch all private personal bit and we have to draw distance. Well would you really take and the people that know me personally. If you remember early days -- educate students. Because I was so confident and immediately -- the story now they're better -- they wanna take showers with a -- Well let me play you now with -- different countries which -- -- this ain't -- it's very different. People from all different -- up. I mean I obviously the course somewhat like I want to obese and you can see we don't -- only people we really don't know -- forward. And -- I've never seen it like -- So -- do you suspect number one. And I know what he's it is so obviously there is for change so there's all that got small Spanish I'm not used to have a conversation. Mother dialed my -- and then seeing what he's completely untrue but it out of my bank statement. I. Told the team I'm comfortable with that I understand that I would not sour we -- a sport I won't do it. At -- all I don't because that power personal business so I don't know I don't understand how they can try to -- -- to needs and the overarching until like come on -- series. Admit this in America. Under the title got so -- corporate -- two years now. Well luckily in this state is different it's a different you know we it's different -- okay I'm. I'm going to market that are coming up on the cover up on the record show. I woke up -- Paramount -- it is our best bet I don't have a conversation. In the locker room talk and everybody completely unaddressed because I want to make anybody -- the. -- -- -- -- just like to get a graphic detail what each other. It is it's not part of the government -- did not. Which of the other -- was -- in American buddies from Sweden but he played it and he was American so you don't probably never did. It's something that I was a constable week. And what I can -- dedication to you know it is just my personal business -- -- to -- -- -- -- got the English. Called -- properly. Are currently won't take him so he's got that my -- Hello Doug Roberts failure Obama -- on the below two networks -- I would say that's because what I twist the story out this morning it's -- make it a -- is making national headlines literally. And I said listen I got to take up probably -- because you what I have a mutual friend who used the -- don't we had. And and I can remember talking to about you what she said Robert Sally is that quote amazing and I figured I thought that I. Can't agree to disagree that message. Let's you know I think. If you know hey I can't get it -- Two big -- in my opinion is not because they eat well that's. How else that's what are presented. There. I think it was only because it was so I've got to play they have no became coach who coaches are big game -- from everybody. And I could do it -- it is is any. Well it's really not only because now we're dealing wit. -- professional business in that bat boy that's what I do for a living and that's what I love. I'm meant to tiger. Even though ideally that's the way I want to leave I'll always Greek -- that blew up follow every single game. I want nothing but the best for me at this and they have a good bit in the World Series. I'd like that it today. Well chronicled everything that capital to keep staying there whatever. I'm -- more loved than any -- I've ever get to and that's always what I wouldn't at this in the community. So. That's Robert Valle former tiger air on the videotape network that I'm that we -- this stuff but I just want to make sure about your driving around town right now understand. Robert -- might have tried to knock somebody out one night but he don't need a bigger pain to compete at the far right. Good good that's. Correct manner I -- good I got to Greta hey you off the the Collins talk about this I appreciate it. Very good thank you very much ridiculously out here living I would -- I give them rather. OK Ozzy and Robert -- That was -- I tell you Robert that I got a mutual Brent Jett -- around -- -- -- time I felt like that we did earlier today because. -- -- would get beaten up pretty bad social media. The crowd a bit amazed. That might have stored in Baghdad and at the beginning Brett Gardner. How -- Robert surely Robert -- that need to stand. Could have brought a valid need expansion we need to expand. Driver of -- plumbing heating. And Eric in Memphis the phone number is not -- 139972. Point 901. 399. A 72 what you can call that number and enjoy the happy -- Hiller club it's a really nice set up it's gonna cost you 99. 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