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Chris Vernon Show 5/30/13 Hour 3 w/ The Memphis Flyer's Chris Herrington

May 30, 2013|

Hour 3 of the Thursday, May 30th 2013 edition of The Chris Vernon Show: Segments 1, 2, & 3 (The Memphis Flyer's Chris Herrington joins the show to talk about the Bill Simmons stuff that made news today, the Lionel Hollins situation, Grizzlies offseason a

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I would give Marty made an offer I don't know the answer that I would probably -- to put up at least a piece of paper in front of them unless I got the feeling it like the mid season is over. A huge new. We walk on loans back as our head coach and within two days that things -- -- think you know it but keep my -- the guy who mean there's doubt. And that's why -- again. You know what led him certainly -- I understand the internal conversations about. All right let's let's stop talking about whether we want him. If that and nets offer of six million whether we just have a discussion about whether we won a Mac six million or get close enough to it to where. It's not worth it for him to -- Let's talk like this do we want him back he read. Do we want it back at three mile. I give if it -- -- -- eliminated from the equation in and the clippers are eliminated from the equation and it's just. We want him back at three may not just a year let's talk about that three. Three a four year twelve million dollar contract which I think everybody. Would at least think from the grisly -- that's fair given what miles accomplish here and I think that's fair -- probably even below. Market value to the extent that there's a market value for this type of stuff but you could say the group -- trying to be fair four year deal twelve million dollars coached basketball. I can see the internal debate on our but is that what we want we really like this and -- a good job here but do we want -- -- to a to a coach who doesn't believe in -- Highest paid player who doesn't really like him that -- get what they they butt heads off and preferred -- -- who would -- give me the choice between the two wanted to trade. Sack over race if you put finally charged at a roster trade deadline he would move -- considerate. And you wouldn't -- Tony back next and you would have -- a -- here and you wouldn't it you would rather in the in you'd be playing DA instead Ed Davis. I think ownership would rather have TA playing -- not. In the fourth quarters of close games especially they'd rather have Z though the focus then not. And they would rather have a Davis on the court in a row Arthur if your coach disagrees with you on. Boast three very important issues given the makeup of your roster and your coaches on record publicly saying they will not tell me what the plot -- apply only to play them. Can you did have an internal debate about our list. While recognizing everything he's done here and that he's done a good job that we were just in the western arms files. If he doesn't share our vision is this the Smart thing to do or are we all gonna look up to eight months ago. Why why do we do this why did he do this wire we hear we knew we didn't CIA guy I understand. I understand that as a dynamic that must be addressed. And if it's the you don't think it strange and it's not already. It's how heavy and done now because I'd if -- get the byword -- if -- -- -- agent. I would I would call Levy that's -- -- -- -- the contract make -- the -- obesity gonna make it our government is fair offer an unlimited offer I'd say all right let's not close to what we want the big shaded. Draft is gonna be whether or not they give him permission to speak to other team right and I am of the opinion now if we find out that he has gotten permission to speak to other teams. I don't think you'll be back here's what I would set the bottom line if I think. All things being equal -- should be the coach here rather than not be the coach here and money not being an issue but it Jason -- ever to hold a press conference and say listen. Our franchise is built around our roster and our roster Zach Randolph Tony Allen and the future of Ed Davis. And our post doesn't value those people the way we value those people and we don't think it's -- proper working relationship going forward. I can respect that and it would be the only way to play it I think that's because it would be wildly unpopular. I would play they would be. But then I would try to trumpet with a poppy. Rarity of that Randolph and Tony Allen by -- -- that I know you guys like Guatemalan but you love Tony out of that -- -- and I don't know what Plato got the way you wanna play -- -- -- Home of Mike and Mike in the morning weekdays 6 AM till ten. WNFSF Kennedy's -- on Bartlett doubled WinFS. ESPN. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you're tied -- -- for six -- for a year for eighteen months it's not the case with judge -- he's so confident in what he's doing. So competent that you're not going. The wanna use anybody else that you can cancel with him whenever you like if you're not happy you fire him you're in control they -- the contract if you don't wanna work we just I thought. Anymore you can get out of the contracts whenever you want called Josh I don't went 2617956. On the web. At your mid -- agent dot com. 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Get to a better -- call 1800 state farm today. -- household savings based on 2010 national survey of policyholders who reported savings for switching to state farm welcome back to them they do -- studios and the Vernon show on -- CNN brought to you by. -- And yeah. Yeah. Smart and bad. Think David Tony Allen joined as sensitive over the Arizona Gary -- just checked Dan. And now we're gonna talk to the film and music editors all the grizzlies writer for the Memphis fire is percent it was all the yeah. Don't seem. To be up in the. And probably didn't intend on not having to write this morning but after listening to the Bill Simmons podcast do you read -- take to the Memphis fire beyond the -- blog can't. Alum I'm home with my starters -- spears has a weeklong break somebody within this week and I got eyewitness I wrote that coat while waiting on our -- -- -- the -- out -- -- office. We consider my stomach bouncing up and down Milwaukee pound puppies. That's probably edit the pretty clutch performance they get a dollar. I bet I collect our paper pretty strong considering the circumstances. That well it -- gotten enough attention dad's been killed then the big lead at about -- I mean there is a lot of -- and around the Internet about this it has gotten so much attention that. Said -- Simmons. Says he is going to come on the show tomorrow so. Rare to do you speak his point of view. On this thing and I guess defend his good name. It is a shame that in the course of a very long podcast that they've been Jalen Rose. It was 99%. Incredibly positive and forever but it doesn't know what we're talking about bills that it's a Jalen Rose did a podcast with their buddy Jacoby. And in the midst -- did he made this reference to the fact that in game three. It got really tense in the stadium and then -- that to. Because Memphis is a town where there are always waiting for the other shoe to drop and a lot of that's because in 1968. Doctor came and so then that got spun into. People in Memphis got worried about game three because Doctor King got shot 45 years ago which. -- feels like it's it's clearly not what he intended to set. Art and I'm looking for Republicans actually capitalism for the puck out flat lie like well or AD it is a pop up I would do a lot site. And I was as blown away by how incredibly cute so they vote or about -- about. About the atmosphere downtown about the restaurants about the history about people about their relationship between the the people and the players we all the tip of the other it would it would glorious -- -- -- if you if you look let us. It was a glorious thing analysts and that quite yet but they -- over the top with their -- of the city. And woody did a little bit about your atmosphere and game theory directly that they MLK -- -- we at least it looked bad. I didn't think that much -- I knew I knew where he was coming from. I knew I I definitely did talk to somebody in the event tonight -- you know ambassador went over my blog you know sort of the whole story poll. This happened and this is the impact he had on the city -- -- site you'd be. Very tough it's very complicated. It's very complicated saying that. Well you are out of -- second I would tell you exactly where it came from this is what happened okay. On Saturday bad -- and I don't know how many people saw it read it remember whenever Geoff Calkins wrote a column. On that Saturday morning about that game last night. It was called the blue letter day in Memphis. And it said. It's especially meaningful because a whole bunch of and in the end I say -- the majority never -- day like this would come meant this was once a city of pessimistic then this was once a city that expected the worst. Much of this is because of what happened April 4 1968. Walk over to Lorraine motel stand before it. Look god look at that -- you can almost feel the sadness -- This was a city of sadness and conflicted on flight it was a yellow fever and sanitation strike meant this was an ungodly river and ungodly heat. That's spilled over into everything into politics even into sports now nobody's even batted an ally. When Jeff wrote that right. Obviously I typically read your column about that that one and our country you can outlook oracle will certainly buy a new provider in the weeks. All. The -- out. -- -- I mean if you look at that but you know the city's fifth street that sort of sort of quick steal something you're familiar with -- and you know that it's very complicated and complicated history in terms of what happened happened out impacted. The psyche of the city and you know it's all it's very complicated saying. And to -- the one who does who's not -- -- look -- -- the indefensible -- experienced the bad and pride. All just all but I'll do that to Senator Obama podcast which is not gonna come all well. I you know thought thought it was very it was a little ridiculous statement. But one that was not intended -- back right away in the context -- -- saying I just thought it was no big deal at all like I what apple compared I was more I was -- were struck. By the -- in the pocket -- big bad that they about the city and what they interacting with a sudden they have been much of it. And as did everybody I mean whether it was -- -- lower Sam hey -- or it was it was Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons or it was. -- -- -- the board the people that were here for the Western Conference finals there was nobody said you know this wasn't like Phil Jackson Memphis is like Dresden after the war or TJ -- they should pay a bulletproof vest. Everybody. Seemingly loved their time here. That I saw someone epilepsy and listen to that podcast or knowing anything about the reaction to it. To wake up this morning and see their reaction to it irritated people are more than look in the federal in the podcast. It is pretty good people around the country you're not from here. Don't live here don't know the history -- well I do I don't think it was much too little for the city side new. Just get on their high horses but there's no outrage it happened on the Internet when people are you saying the wrong way. Three was all we're not just -- anything that was settled -- And it's because it's PM right it was a chain us to it. You -- guided the pot shots that because he's Smart he's been elephant in the room of course that's what all the time but but to me you even if you even if it. Possibly development -- -- mother says that podcast it would have irritated me for people to blow that to blow when he -- out of context and out of proportion. But Clinton but -- -- the context of all of how great. Most of the carpet what about the Szczerbiak -- thought I was kind of sorry for people vote to overreact to it and -- felt compelled to write to write a little thing about it. Down and and I thought I thought I was and I -- you spoke for everybody here very well because strangely enough. The people that are outside of Memphis were the ones that are outraged. Nobody in Memphis to freak him out. Arrow up in enemy. They here's the truth I ain't. The guy is Doctor King got killed 45 years ago. If you -- teen. UP sixteen now. 95% of that arena you look at me like. If it does it shape the way we think about our city doesn't shape the way it did as you said it's extremely complicated. And so. Our sport stuff is more about the NFL's not covered here and boy in the national title game and -- and thirty point lead to the clippers and like there's that whole element like sports has got us free doubt. It saying it ain't that Doctor King got killed here 45 years ago like in its own right sports -- -- -- dramatic enough. -- and beyond is horrible that granted to place your years ago. -- think the recent history of Memphis sports and it's like so cruel question. And he he he just -- -- I sent over whether -- wrote today is that I'm a writer by trade Kabul radio you all the time. It is it is a lot easier. For crap what what you mean and communicate what you mean when you sit down and write and release speak. The good -- speech and talk at all about your head for the most part and so much easier. It's shaping the wrong way or order were sort not express yourself the way you would normally aren't doing so -- -- -- -- more lenient with people. And that -- and he'd written a column words presumably your -- is more considered. But it -- the case that the guy doing a little bit too far or something he didn't quite at the familiarity to pull law. And he made a mistake and to me it's not a big deal. If he does in fact. Come on the show tomorrow I couldn't be more happy that he said it. Right they did this and this is after ten years how -- and it goes on this. -- Pay for that matters is bought more stumpel. I -- outlaw I will let you speak your mind in member's bill any time -- -- so maybe -- maybe and I I know he does in some ways. Because it blew up so much would like to explain himself. -- right you know because it's clearly you and I both have bread and to listen them -- enough to know he's not a dumb me. In -- he knows that it's being painted as. People freaked out about game three because Martin Luther King got killed and that is so like out of bounds man I -- like. A great nobody nobody believes that that's really what I I guess they're happy with a -- that is really what he thought but. It where it could it is just -- Tennessee are all -- To -- to drum -- -- out of proportion outraged at these people play today it happened outside the sports arena. The Internet has made it worse we've got more what is the ballot it's about that couldn't see people have to -- that have to go outraged. Is that it's more about that about what it says. He is presented from the Memphis fire aren't always -- the media day everything has wrapped up Tony Allen came in here for the first hour today. And he said that Jason Levy and and the guys told him in his exit meeting they're bringing him back so. I guess. I mean let's I think we both expected -- hurt but that pretty well answers now. Well don't eat it in the exit -- Was telling Egypt and that -- reading was not okay that's that's that's the third piece of the puzzle that but that only the two sides I think he'll be back. But but you know it's not as simple as. He was to be back they want him back pain is gone Armenian allegation is gonna want the best -- he did it it could get tricky you never know but I think he's very likely to be. I think you and I have both wavered greatly all lined up what we are what our opinion is when people would come to us and they would ask us isn't Lionel Hollins coming back. Overtime. Young there was a point where we thought no way and that's after the Rudy Gay in the money ball hasn't won crap and you felt like there was just did the what are. The working relationship between this management. And that coach was going to be port and then we move on to the next element which was. He wins like crazy and then has this meeting after the Rudy Gay trade comes everything down. They win like crazy and then they win in the playoffs and then Westbrook gets -- and then they move on another round. And I think at the end of this season both of us felt like. They're bringing them back. And then I think we fast forward to today and yesterday I said 5058. And I don't know why I just did this feeling that every day that passes. I feel less confident that he will be the coach. I agree completely -- -- everything you're just I mean I talk to people organization. You know -- in the regular season and got very strong access. They get excited and oral Lee says that orbit would bring them back that wasn't worth the risk. -- ago home. But I think when you see these other teen pop up with interest or the clippers in the net. You'd need the spirit that that of what it might take it from years of money to bring him back. And then you compound that list that can carry their relationship but look at all like -- side deal. Between the front office of Lional I think -- legitimate issues and the player personnel development and coaching error. It all adds up to a situation where you publicly pocket that you strike a deal that may be some buyer's remorse on on either side of the European. You wonder whether it's really work that I've got I think. One thing about this a couple times then I'm I'm surprised that. Of all the been written about the security situation look -- that no one else seems you are right about that aspect other but I think it's key. Is that the coaching decision this summer is not just about next season -- It's not about what -- capital last season asides about next season as -- -- or -- -- probably. It's so it has to be well the whole forty years. And at the grocery store -- for four years to your transition to a -- a new a new law or over that time around -- And assault. And at that part of what you're good where are you get to issues of player development he -- -- issues of evidence they've restored back orders seriously Tony wrote not developed -- And stuff like that and. I was holiday speaking of their real quick I was told last night that -- asked Ed Davis to play in summer league. I mean -- on the believable. Just like it's like -- didn't -- -- categorically -- court right. Right. And so I mean am. For some reason we've developed a narrative and unlike what had I written about what has tremendous strikes as a coach we develop the -- locally got. Player development is what is great streaks when in reality it is one of the primary weaknesses. And and I was I was glad to see could have written about and you talk about it but -- reaction from Purdue got what some. And the end of the borrowers are currently serious -- from our national objective perspective. Wrote about that very issue in terms of dispersed in the -- -- that is for the first great strengths is how Gregg Popovich -- minutes two and speed is. The cockpit as young players in the well adults and that's what it's become one of the grizzlies witnesses. That they have these young players on the -- are getting -- and are developing in the MacBook. And so if you're looking at a four year deal or coach. And you know that the you know the people Tony release. You know maybe -- -- -- and -- and may even -- them aren't going to be you're into that contract probably you got to think about that that those developmental -- to you. I cannot -- all the conclusion that you put everything together I think it's a big risks and bring them back -- you're successful you never know what's gonna happen with a new coach. But I think issues or more complicated -- did their job or made out to be well -- How about -- second thing which he had mentioned this to Gary I want your opinion on this. If the grizzlies wanted Lionel Hollins to be the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies going forward that they would have been done two days ago. I mean I don't know I mean certainly -- got none in you know in the seat and running. Is it that they were convinced they had to have him back they were determined. Well that's why I'm not think they are department to have him back. I think they've made an assessment and maybe that assessment changed but I think the Arab oil started I was comfortable from talking to people they've made an assessment. That the risk of not bringing him back was greater. Well what what was too great today except that that whatever. Well whatever considerations -- given them all that what it -- -- the risk of bringing in someone new win. In the -- so they decided that group at the right course would be to bring him back out citing that the right course is different from being determined it to make it. I don't I've never gotten a sense but you're actually department but yet to be their parents now. Don't you think they sit around and worry and they say I would -- -- side Tony Allen back up to a contract and -- still believes he's a twenty minute per game player. Jay -- and we're still gonna have Zach Randolph and Lionel rather EO stood in the way our didn't stand in the way but fought -- Is that traded instead of Rudy. And Ed Davis who we it was the big piece. Of the Rudy trade like EE he's inviting him this summer league greats like we have vastly different opinions of the grizzlies and even the players on the current roster. And so it kind of you -- I don't get I get that. Now I think that's absolutely problematic you want. We don't want there'd ever be disagreement we want your organization to be on the same page. And you want and you have a certain basketball a lot of sweet -- you that you want to implement as an ownership group at our office. And in this event and it is situation a little bit because there's no there's no gap between ownership group in front office. Bloodied and ownership stake in the scheme -- -- -- -- office like in the metric back -- -- these are -- to get you ownership of the front office. And so. -- -- Yeah well Biloxi when implement you what your country is set to employ about philosophy and -- -- -- -- all are the reason that they deserve that -- the problem. Yeah and I do wonder going forward -- -- like you say with those with those particular. Players that I've brought up right those bigger players brought up and in his opinion on those particular players that it's you know a I don't know I'd I'd I'd I'd -- I don't know if the opinions I. I I know the opinion of Tony Allen between what management thinks of them and what -- thinks of them is is incredibly different it always has right. Well let when you set her say earlier that you and your -- and there is speculation to a very. You think -- -- while also -- off season he would he would assume that -- assistant Tony not be back it that he would he was some sort of lose that I think well that's true. I I -- think I wrote this semi under a rock of -- -- -- I had I didn't think that Tony Allen's minutes regardless. Regardless of who the coach is regardless of what you'll see them lose our. I think Hillary admit they're gonna go to outlaw the next season I I think the 26 point seven and the game he played this year at its peak and I think that's just start to move down. But I do think that. That that there's a difference and how -- valued. By the front office and buy it by the -- He is presented from the Memphis -- how about this and we'll get into this when we come back our real kids they're around. Are we got one other massive element of the hole. Lionel Hollins that -- does he come back to get to and we'll do when we come back he's percent of in the Memphis -- Chris -- shot 929 FM ESPN now. 829 FM ESPN is online content on your -- at 99 ESPN dot Kana. And FaceBook and Twitter and now. And has a new dedicated text goes. Send us your comments just tie events and 263215. Christopher and Eric Cassell tonight Gary Patterson -- via text -- 63215. 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Welcome back to them they feel towards the studios and Chris Vernon show on 99 this intimate ESPN's. -- I'm. -- of Memphis. -- -- -- -- He presented them in this fire rejoins us on the show us I just saw I saw where you. So what I've put about Twitter about Tony Allen in the and the black Bentley. I know all without all the leaks per -- restock an -- not in the studio could have been like Billy declined our current. The grind out their front dead how -- that the all unbelievable. The girl but other drive around down in my grandfather car. Yet I guess people like wait outside the airport or whatever group of players who wonder whose impact on. Nobody has the letters that garner it. Right here here's the other element of the announced -- it about this is morning Demi is. Dead. Wild -- able idol does it come back that would be wildly unpopular. On the surface right it. It bears would be very upset about this might not unlike. They were with the Rudy thing. But because -- The Rudy trade was so popular. And then they won and then that worked out. That actually if that hadn't happened. It would be virtually impossible to let why don't walk but because that happened and worked out for the front office. It gave them some level of credibility. That they could make a hard decision that you would end up liking. And so now they get I don't wanna say a pass but at least they have there will be a lot of people that take a step back and say. Are right I didn't agree with that and it worked out so I don't agree with this but they've got some level of credibility. I agree with Saddam I think Jack I think -- -- wild not it's gonna be unpopular period. But I do say it would you know -- -- that if what the word you create it not happen and had not worked out. It would it be far worse than -- you know build up some credibility for themselves what that. The same time the American people even though that all worked out people look you look at it -- -- -- You know for whatever reason David didn't play and they didn't play in press play poorly in the you know people wonder about sort of what they got -- illustrates I think your feet. Iraqi People see that more me. Was -- on -- a good ball stepped up more than that they've made a good trade or review I think there's no question about that that a lot of pain and and I think you'll be another -- It's that'll be a lot of latency what the right place. Yeah and I do. It -- back expected Ed Davis thing right it just dies it's does a guy with their. Apiece. Crap about Austin day did you Arnold's gonna celebrity -- played the Harry. Are they with a salary program deliberately did not seek alternate and try to distance. Needed him to be included a -- for our. And and and the fact that Ed Davis who you bring back in the trade and is deep -- all the -- like that's. The long term economic recovery it was the most important immediate -- but but and told him. Value going forward David put the primary access. And he probably could've been the best player this year. Out of those I mean you mean like he could've contributed more or certainly I mean listen we get to say this in retrospect but they shot and it was fine in the first couple series already had some bad days but he did help you BO with Kevin Durant. In the second series at any had a really bad spurs series which stands out dramatically and he got Yiddish you need -- didn't hit any shots and it just. It was not a good post season overall for him. And then the day gave you literally nothing. Yeah when Randall what that was ankle injury in March and Alston and you know -- they would look starter rent or are there. If you went undefeated when I don't witnessed this is the starter. And you look at the lineup data on the starting line up with and they look like Randall was really really good. What you know. So I mean -- you know I don't know. I don't know what happened to them in the post season I suspect it was part of why don't lack of competence and him. They've been -- a lack of confidence that he was -- -- -- and that sort of spiral that would be my theory. But I I have no doubt that Davis is a much better player or even that we Solingen his spare minutes in the post season. And I got rid of that -- like I think back on the coaches apple that. And you do sit back and wonder right if they want him to play in the summer league they obviously couldn't have a low opinion of him. And an and you know the front office if they were if they wanted to include him in the -- E*Trade has -- have to have it wildly different opinion -- I give it if it -- this is who final thinks the games. And that trade looks terrible. If you don't main event David -- through the front office thinks he is then the trade looks acceptable. It -- to overturn right it was right it's good we can judge right now and simply based on addition by subtraction. It was good. I think and what health status and and the pulpit and this whole question is that. It's like -- some young guy on the bench who baseball could be good cop who worked through you know -- they -- don't have the table are dark horses for a bailout but. Poor forgotten that he played all that my actions do you think is particularly good if you develop them. -- -- -- commander you're gonna have started for all -- played in thirty minutes a game but I think fifteen and 800%. Shooting it like. People around the league record all the all -- even like -- -- -- a lottery out of a playoff at Colorado normally thought it was good but he's sort of established. A certain level. Of acceptance rebel leader equality rotation wonderful work he showed up in there are greatly from a British soccer school. And now you've got this situation where you you've got 32 round picks who knows how many end up on the roster but. That you are going to -- you bring up a very salient point about it's not about next year it's about the next four years and when you look and you see. Kyle Lowry Mike Conley OJ Mayo derail Arthur machine Thabeet DeMarre Carroll Sam young's obviate Henry Greivis Vasquez just Selby and Tony wrote in. And that your draft history. And Mike -- is the only one still on the team that plays. Typical white guy I've written it up and up at the militia that is why I I personally believe. The ownership broker it would be happier while also -- -- to your opponent's core I. I think it would be happy to have him back. The -- two more years. It's almost like low light camera Mike -- Olympic coach earlier than any other. This revisionist history -- hello -- Carol look at the foul play he would lead to the media or whatever. Repellent with early active coach. Or why would -- -- the right kind of routine for him to be back with our content but then when they made the decision. That they had to rebuild -- young -- go a different route to trade that people really -- and auto -- and all that suddenly helping me the exact wrong country that situation. The problem what do with the coaching goes somewhere that you already know basically. But you're gonna hire a coach from two different periods of your -- you get -- coach for a team that's trying to maximize the playoffs. Next year and your -- and -- the same time the single trigger higher it's gonna provide overall I don't -- transitions. Two years later. And it may be that the coach is that the best through into the -- situation is not the best for the other. But because coaching contracts doubt be much happier -- a speaker for your real you have no choice but that would hire a coach to do well. And you know I'll look what you wish you could do you do your contract it would make a lot more sense is our thing. Good appendage soccer carried a -- next season -- and drop that but coach what to do for -- so now. He is percentage of the Memphis fire last thing we you say you're gonna Parse through the roster endure roster projection is that dirty up and be done it yet. Okay all right so -- let's go through it great. Zach we don't know it's diocese get two years seventy million dollars left. We expect Tony back obviously coming to solid back they've got that they show -- issue. It turns are so let's go -- obvious rights are so Tony the freeagent we think Tony's gonna be back right on the same page at me I. I decided in the border. Might say. I'm certainly sure basically totally freaky overall certainly not equal 100% to be a girl and that -- default Pondexter. My next group I want her agreed to close -- you might be surprised but I think -- were going to be back at least -- And I think they -- to try to develop and are actually pretty confident he'll be back wardrobe and almost most people overall. And you the bottom here the group that I think are unlikely event Bayless and and Julian day you have a night out in part eight. -- -- -- -- Then they'll get sick guys are all question marks and I think. I suspect a couple of guys won't be back but it I think -- also the artery political reasons those aren't they didn't actually talk about. I let's go -- Obama won. -- well. I think I think I'd think Tony's back like a 100% I think he's back. I put Soviet talk about wrists and neck hurt I even though he's the one without a contract. I think he wants to be back very strongly and felt like ownership wants them back. I suspect he won't get a crazy offer was always considered something we'll do with him what you should do a -- -- Stop yourself and do what this title -- -- literally take you want me. Until someone give them up and up below market value all -- in terms of years or money I think that's a problem with a group pleased. I think the ideal scenario with a career be all for around a bit last poll in which the cold -- partially guaranteed I think after the democratic get the. One of the things that somebody in the grizzlies. -- -- months ago said to me when I brought -- the Tony -- stuff was. We get Tony's bird rights in the somebody want to pay and seventy million Wii could so it. -- now they won't but the I did the idea was nobody paid a -- out of Baghdad a money's not going to be an issue with Tony Allen we're going to be able to bring him back. And will we have to pay a little more than maybe what we thought we would yeah -- listen I mean. The idea Tony's gonna get one of those type of deals that likes to perform uploaded like that is probably crazy especially when he. I don't think it even matter problem I think if someone offered Tony -- deal. That was three years appalled at that level only guarantee I think nearly ready to sit down and think about that. And that would be Arkansas. Could we talk weather across a transition run back -- two years let her opponent deal Britain's got to your -- sort of deal. You want to -- a reality story work to be on the books and pat are you now for like six or seven. No I'm with you I'm only here pretty I'm just going into it thinking he wants to be here and they want him back and so I figure it's gonna work itself out. I'm like I and then the next one who's next Tayshaun. They shot I I think -- probably is -- more than likely. I think even what does or eighty I think you can't move -- LSU -- up -- up with -- -- we think of that contract back. I know what's actually going out to try to take comfort. And secondly. I think it portly -- he played in the first series I don't think the opposite is down on him as a lot of fans lately. You know I think they look at the because he played it storage location you look at how well it looked so we went with the lineup in the regular serum. You know what while -- -- that he's got is that you are they present will be a better statement here because you know he'll be more focus you supply local between. I think the front office and not eager to get off my contract as lady from band could be -- are I think he's probably back. All right so -- shiny -- probably back. I guess the next -- derail. Doral is maybe a debt of about middle group the most likely to go out I personally think. That it it would be hard to bring back that you could withdraw her contract but I think it would be hard to bring back back Ed Davis. And derail especially if -- -- it just doesn't get the minutes are they're gonna need more retreat backup center probably for the ball I think what are those three players have to go. Zach has more has the most present value -- David as most user value electrical cable that portrait value. But you decide you want to keep both are the -- that's probably where they'll -- -- and Harper's quarters got to move. It wouldn't shock immediately try to move barker -- teams under the cap. Just for what the future draft picks and free up that three street -- billion -- and can create as a after a little tricky I think I I I would be 100% sort of you want your Zach Randolph right reverses some. I think people people portray him article that talks whip team. I don't think they are committed to trade him at all but I think they're committed to release date he has value and exploring that I'd expect at the end of the day they don't -- them. But -- execute a lot more about -- European thought that the play you're an asset and that -- substantial take it slightly. It more value to view that the number of European that he got -- a trade commodity. So I don't I don't think that they would they've is that they'll find a deal out there that it won't do what. Eagle I think -- -- I think you'll see Draper were all up. And the last two and who by the way I read Calkins I'd take five yesterday in the commercial appeal and he had like a bunch of excerpts from the grizzlies media step. Light press Lional smashed. Tony wrote. I mean it was like brutal. You know I'll be well. I think what I think it's important to remember what room is that English. Was not required by the new front all Jewish people Chris Wallace's final wrap it. And so wide open I really wanted to ask them. And the problem didn't draft him and so it you know Chris -- lose all along there's really no -- that organization whose ambassador. Actually you know that's important to keep in mind I think you know libel comment on the record -- pretty severe. I've heard other comments from other from other reports an organization that sort of question read about its focus and attitude and operational that -- -- really. Yes you don't I don't you don't think that it's just like no that's not land on ground. Now I do not think it's just like what they -- good but what I would say is that. He hasn't played about the Japanese trade value so if you kill him now you're you're selling low and what's the point of that. Makes a lot of sense is preserved the ticket have them that's fired back he's got the beyond the our blog thank you buddy. -- -- percent of them of this are we back up to this person carnage. 99 FM ESPN. 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Hey knowledge what's wrong is this your little battle well the long dreary winter really got to make. Maybe there's some things I'm not necessarily so proud of oh boy -- what happened around. At one point I didn't get out of my eyes to a transfer nearly four days so bad can happen. More than to a wedding and to business meetings though. Yeah looks that you can relate to that on I also wrote some really sappy acoustic songs about the sadness of winner would you like to hear them moon. Mountain I'm good -- good and -- yeah I would definitely not be product but hey now it's nice -- did you -- can be proud of likewise. Like we have some Jacksonville brought I know you took them out just right and here we -- proud to serve an -- -- actually -- that no problem money always like making people feel proud right before lunchtime. Johnson got -- serve -- pride since 1945. Hey -- you know that's skateboard. How and it's -- may be afraid we're headed canal. County aren't. 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Like thirty bucks you can get it on a one day pass to remember to go Saturday and Sunday they've got them the global from beer tent again the party tent. Ten bucks to get in the number one dollar beer old day. Out of the golf tournament it is the only PGA tour sanctioned golf tournament in the region. The CNBC an event in Memphis as one of the great events we have here it's going on next week. June 3 through the night out at TPC south wind you can go online and get short tickets that day saint Jude classic dot com. Saint Jude classic back -- the 2013 FedEx saint Jude classic welcome back. -- the studios and then Chris Vernon show -- -- End quote to you by Lexus of Memphis. The white who voted you in this Iowa backers barn and several. -- -- -- -- -- The wild day. Lyle. Yes. The grandfather himself came and hung out for the first hour -- that we talked in their prayers that we talk look for certain amount. We made it -- yeah when you don't -- realize problems I had the first segment back here when our pod that connects to the phone line. Wouldn't turn on in here. And so when we get the possibly we may get Bill Simmons today or tomorrow like I was saying if we got of the day I was like. Oh no I think if I could have been heavily yeah -- are on the book but I can't tell you anything at the time until I got the problem figured out we figured it out every day but I would. That they would like 1015 minutes Specter to regain the show monstrous elect who what we've decided take calls it TA. I got del -- scurbel we got it all figured out. -- shirt. Bill simmons' email he said he wants to come on the show tomorrow's will say. Say who knows -- pretty awesome the sports I OP be makes it on the show so. Stay tuned for that Tony Allen because of all the love you guys showed him -- committed to -- becoming a part time. Summer co host a big if if if you'll be back in next week. Is that so families at times I come board and they've done that this -- coming up. And I think calmly and I think on the on the low -- Gasol are getting married this summer. Congress said that girl for a long time colleagues at the same girlfriend since Ohio State so I think I didn't know about -- -- I didn't either yeah. I thought he had a girlfriend and I didn't know like it was you know. That serious or whatever I -- I -- and I got a decent dig and I got to find out if they are getting married this summer. Home Mary team. -- -- Endeavor today so thanks -- don't care bears and -- Erickson thanks John roads -- across the glass thanks for UTU for a listing of participating hopefully we catch up with. Phil -- tomorrow until then we. All the -- Show weekdays 11 AM -- two this is WM FS FM and HT one -- WMMS. Memphis 929 FM. Right now The Home Depot three yelling great part of our special by just 988 of these beautiful flowering trees and red white -- pink or purple out of that structure and a lot of color to your yard. Now's the time to plant because that's nearing peak blooming season which also happens to be -- saving season. Thanks to three gallon -- colonels just 988. More savings. We're doing it that's the power. The Home Depot. -- -- -- -- Time for another edition of ugly mug of coffee -- -- I think he -- to him on tailoring. I 35. News first time more. Mission control it looks like this and a little help today prepare systems -- let's -- topping our community yeah. You learn how he really leaving sleepy town. OK let's roll -- yeah. I think Guinness tell our kids we've got to be the -- no later than 645. That he -- -- for an oil change -- spark yeah rumors that hit the gym presumably. After that all I have to do is go to the office first told the meeting and dinner on the table -- seven get ready to do it for more days in a to cake -- really love coffee is thrilled to announce that their coffee is now sold in Memphis area fresh market locations enjoyed free samples of ugly mug of coffee this Saturday -- fresh argued in Germantown. And music CPM and that's a fresh target location unlike station from 4 PM to six. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hear about Tony. Is he okay. I'd say he's OK he's just won a million dollars and panel get this so remember last Wednesday when he asked us if we wanted to go to -- with -- EU and well he heard about the million dollar weekly drawing that they're doing -- Harris horseshoe and tunic a roadhouse and he decided to go down and sign up for a total rewards card apparently get a free entry each day that you swipe your code -- and -- Yeah us -- Saturday night three days later he gets like called they drew his name one. Influx. Of -- Well it's still might be mostly drawn new winner every Saturday and we don't be present a weekend. What are you doing get in the car or heading to Harrison -- -- running.

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