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Pistons Guard Kim English talks about Michael Dixon on Gary Parrish Show

Jun 6, 2013|

Pistons Guard Kim English, a former Missouri Tigers teammate of Michael Dixon, talks about Dixon's enrollment at Memphis and playing for the Tigers with Gary Parrish 6/6/13

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Parker -- showing ought not do not oblivious you know that John Martin for the commercial hill talking University of Memphis basketball that's debatable forty. -- by the -- got -- my pathetic state huge classic but right now Kim English as a member of the Detroit Pistons bubble boy that's. What kind of done with teammate -- the newest member of the universe about tiger Michael Vick who better darn well Mike picked in the first -- Kim -- left off Kim English he joins me now can yeah. Hey what's -- man. But don't bear -- daughter ever thinks that you okay. Darn good under -- -- has your first NBA all season treat. Our. -- -- really know what you need to work on after -- had. One year earlier though. Remember. See what we go to Dresser created the year or would they have to -- better Detroit. Talking to Kim English Detroit Pistons guard here on the VO two networks ally and former a Missouri. Guard former. Missouri standout -- so I thought to -- last night about Michael Dixon who was your teammate and -- coming here -- we -- This Josh pastor has acquired the best teammate I've ever had in a tough tough throwback guard. The Memphis Tigers are now my second favorite team in NCAA basketball so Michael Dixon the best team you've ever -- tell me why what makes him that. Mike Dixon resistance so selfless and so committed to winning. Maybe he's at now is David you make crime more after losses human let me experiment but others that the you may you may have heard Carter so reluctant gave -- you do. See it and it how much it meant so money's just you love basketball so much so. Committed. Winning and I'm really excited to see him get back on court. What's it been like this past year him having to sit out because obviously the basketball player he was the hoop but he was Florida. You know either put himself in a situation of the universe to put him in a situation where he has been away from basketball. For about a year now what's it been like to watch differing go to that. Ribeiro format may not know that I mean you'd pick. And then there was -- some parents can. You know take cellphone away some -- -- yes. Unplug their video games achieved people might. -- the kind of kid that this is has really wanted to hit them hard they say he couldn't go to an -- youth and he couldn't. Go to best well practice. And I am paying away from basketball I mean I know it really made him. View and understand how important. And how much did a purpose to be. Division one basketball player and I don't know he's gonna do everything in his power to not put themselves in any. Situations where he'll have to go through received quite yet Q this is. You know that this is a bit of a controversy on Josh pacers' hands because these bring in a kid who was dismissed after being accused two different ties by two different women. Of sexual thought now folks here are excited about what he can do on the court because is obviously a fabulous basketball player about these allegations. On the surface they appear ugly and I know your -- for -- -- I know you feel he didn't do anything wrong but what why do you think that we tell me why and and really more than meet the people who are listening right now who -- the tigers who won a love Mike Dixon but are sort of like hesitant or skeptical because of the allegations that have been attached to his name tell me why the people Memphis should should feel okay about Mike Dixon moving here are becoming a part of this community. Well I'm all well I'm not a victim blame -- by any means I'm not. I'm sensitive. Cases were of great it's such and awful thing and touchy subject. But. He says the biggest word was allegations and I trust the district attorney. In the county of bone in the city of Columbia Missouri. And I mean they never. Prosecuted for questions. They've ever spoke to. Eighties they did there investigation then. Seeing it for what it woods and down. And how was upset to see him leave. My alma mater the decision was made and I'm just happy that he gets the chance to play and I hope. The tigers are now when we go to grizzlies actually occurred are focusing on -- Todd and Kim English here Detroit Pistons guard on the VO two networks -- Missouri graduate played with -- -- -- -- for the tigers two years ago on that thirty win. Team com. When he's going through all of this like I know book before people like me and in my prevention. I know exactly what's going on you guys know what's going on an arm you were pretty. Public on Twitter and it's sort of a coded way before all of these allegations became public of of voicing frustration with the way Missouri. Handled this why do you think the university was it more willing. To let a guy who was in fairness the Mike Dixon. Never charged with a crime and certainly never convicted of a crime what you think they want more willing to stand by him during this situation. Well there are. I'm because -- garden -- -- supportive. Of Mike Dixon but I also support. Our university. Says the most part can't really speak on. Policy at the highest level those. University. Diminished. Frustration I'm sure there's reasons. Outside of my pay grade or knowledge. Why they acted. However they decided to and down. I've made -- agreement goes. Situation door or our decisions well it. That there were -- it and I mean it's -- it's profitable on. I can that be. And and again I -- America they're -- they're given access. This will be a simple question but I think it's one that peopled asked me some of the coaches asked me and I don't know the answer because I don't know Mike -- the way you know Mike Dixon. So is that it is he a good guy is Mike Dixon a good guy who's just ended up in a bad situation. It's a great attitude great guy who's young you have. Find -- and then and it has a lot of -- but I -- now he understands. The line that needs. Do you fairway you're coming you're -- step away from Vienna. Professional so -- mean you can't. Party as much in and you aren't that. Can't we all part of a lot of freshmen -- -- a sophomore and passage is the last thing you might just. I just just have a great time here. Here we -- is now -- know for sure that you understand how important is. The productive citizen as well as a productive if that. Talk to Kim English Detroit Pistons guard here on the VO two networks satellite he played at Missouri with Michael Dixon. Who enrolled in school at the University of Memphis today and should as long as he gets away were from the NCAA which he -- it. Be eligible played this season what's Mike Dixon gonna bring to the tigers the Memphis Tigers. On the court a look at what kind of impact is he gonna have on this basketball program. I mean it is part cloak very CDs. He is really good I'm I can't think of a better point guard and current best ball. This season this upcoming. Season. There enemies. He super comp and super quick. Hurry. Great midrange shooter can really guard clutch -- eat it countless go ahead -- game winning. Charts for us is -- here's C that are below where it -- -- -- These are -- really really really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This seat and I mean Hewitt are 1100 wouldn't candidate coming it would put himself in great. Positions Serbia are addressed in a couple of weeks if you would of played this season. I -- before I let you go game one of the NBA finals is tonight -- MBA player you play against the -- you play against the spurs tell me who's gonna take the series. Can't call it I mean if you're great change for a lot of different reasons are not going to be. The great game and are certain -- I am too that's -- English for the Detroit Pistons. Former Missouri tiger former teammate of Michael Vick since Kevin I know you're really busy man I've reviewed -- at a few minutes I know the city of Memphis. Was happy to hear from -- man and actually we get back to tell the pistons let's get together. -- where I've by Althea Kim English. From the Detroit Pistons. But they know I -- But that's giving the evidence that's despite an ex boyfriend. And I thought it would be interesting the way described it like that you guys had a good time. Now what that really mean let's translate that. Anything without run -- the girls on a college campus you CNN student athlete and enjoying all the things people all of this is an athlete he probably would too. -- None of us will ever know what happened between him and those two women. Besides him and those two women. But that -- yesterday particularly with the second allegation. You read the details of that felt more like it's one night stand -- wrong as opposed to a sexual assault. I try to back -- on. I think it's -- You've been accused of the same crime twice I don't know anybody in this world personally. We've been accused of sexual assault from different times by -- -- went. You've got to be really unlucky to be anything completely in a fit and have those things happen. But -- is somebody I respect Kim English is a good guy and if you -- for Mike Dixon. I don't know that changed my opinion completely but. It's a -- good box.

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