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ESPN.com's Eamonn Brennan Talks Tigers/Joe Jackson on The Eric Hasseltine Show 7/24/13

Jul 25, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- John Brennan writes for ESPN that Tommy joins us on the program right now he covers college basketball amount I don't body. I have -- very well very interstate in. Your piece about college basketball seniors and had a lot to prove especially because it features. Two local players let's start with the -- number one on your list and Joseph Jackson this is a young man. That was highly highly touted coming out of high school stayed local. Which is a tough thing to do in this city because of the pressure of the can be on you. But I thought dramatically improved last year I as opposed to his first two years and has a chance to do some pretty good things with. Arguably one of the best back courts in the country for the tigers this year tell me why he's number one on your list. Well I think because. Of you know partially for the reason you stated he showed so much more -- you know if you look at. Further similar -- had in the early years last year. Big media when you can kind of go OK I mean he's a candidate who he is and where is falling and you know there's not a whole lot more you're gonna get -- -- Asia it is -- productivity level. But he really did turn a corner last year -- and it usually is way down which is. It was a low but it was far left and you're taking in previous even mr. -- good thing being a little bit more polished. This is straight road are. They're shooting numbers were much better three point shooting jump. All the way up the mid forties which is really efficient and and in general about each other figures you can got -- here are the best way to help the team. I think the most dangerous thing getting off of I mentioned that we're. We -- Jack and you know he wanted a local diner and you would probably know -- as well you know -- put -- together the commercial children routinely follow it throughout the year here. This from the national you're political bureau been. And I sort of vaguely familiar with men and and the way it should be -- got older and our -- it'd been a very you know. Remarkably good way the great. Mandate that when you've got a local -- like Joseph Jackson who come in. And and says you know I wanna be the local here is owned it right away like yeah I don't -- -- they are like are we gonna be. And you got so many other local on the change lunch here. And you've got to remember is sort of like any other road -- Candidate almost -- it normally get me Eugene we're used soccer team will instead of the parent bickering and all of the neighborhood there. You know high school coaches and then click and in -- -- in the coaching staff here. And I think they're created a lot of issues that I -- that you can't have a lot of missions in that regard. -- in terms of team unity and getting everybody to borrow and attitude and at Georgia that mission depending. I wanted to play that count the vote should never get eventually as Antonio Barton and during his career that I happen. And I could never do with our good -- that also. I think didn't at all or did you know building off the better it is looking -- last year over the -- one -- I feel. And a guy who really appeared in America today. OK with the the rough start I redeem myself it is determined -- had a great year and all people will look back -- me. In Memphis my hometown as someone who made good -- are among the music -- Yet it's tough because like you said you -- not here on a regular basis and obviously. You know it's tough for anybody to understand it's not hear how difficult it can be because. There is such. A microscope on high school basketball there is such a microscope on youth basketball here. In general on these kids they grow up especially LA Joseph Jackson who everybody knows. Then staying local there's a lot of people sharpening your ear and the one guy that you really need to listen to measure head coach and sometimes as the one guy you seem to be tuning out. When everybody's telling you how great you are but maybe that maturity. Is exactly what we started to see come to the forefront last year. And then hopefully comes to the forefront again this year with the additions though -- that back or from what you've seen with Dixon coming in and a lot of players come and ended -- through the recruiting class. He's going to be. Counted upon -- -- to be that leader. If he does this do you think even though despite his size and he shows he can lead this group of talented players in the backcourt and beat a guy people depend upon doesn't have a shot at being a professional basketball player potentially. In the NBA or even overseas. I think it. He had that who showed that -- -- -- it is familiar from our cold NBA. Our government was -- yeah abolition of the last usually more than that I mean if you wanna be -- -- that I didn't quite -- like. Well the thing and your little guy and -- these super quick he got down on the Google guys want an armed guard -- NBA you have to be able to shoot the ball really well. It any -- then. You really are looking at -- they're like. Bench experience for ten years if you're lucky and not hear our side or you are looking at a European here I think -- -- -- thing. That it would take it really really good community because at this point. Senior Iranian behavior anyway aren't going to get short circuiting. Very very proud of the new draft in the next few gonna end and you know. I don't think you're not enough you can aren't -- got a part of all the army and the ranking -- on the rare group like. And -- -- -- about is going to be the guy who got many in the NBA Arnold but. There you go. So you never know but I do you think you really have to show a lot this year. I'm only mentally wouldn't teamwork definitely should stop and well just from you know a personal -- importantly we can't go after I got -- last year got to prove it again and not get different ways that even. -- getting better have a good evening -- you can override. I'm of that opinion overlook. Yeah no doubt about -- and Eamon Brennan here on the show so I call as an -- earlier I didn't I mean that over enunciated that is a drug addict and having a last will or an uncle latter -- having -- last name hassle time imagine how that gets -- on a regular basis believe me aside field fans I try to get people's names correct you also have on your list. A guide its. Really fascinating to college basketball fans everywhere but also especially here because he's an hour down -- -- a Marshall Anderson you have them ranked. Number five obviously the indefinite suspension right now leaves a big cloud over. What will happen he was seen in Memphis during the NBA playoffs wearing a clippers had it -- -- local Bob. While one of the games is going on and giving. Fans in that. Half the peace signs so to speak I understand he's rates I would Jamal Crawford but this kid did. At times can't seem to get out of his own way yet shows. And an ability to draw a UN to watch the game. Is he. Throwing things away right now with his attitude or or is this a guy that you could see potentially finally waking up and say and I got one year lasted to try to. Put myself in better graces with people who could pay me a lot of money to play basketball. Or is he just gonna be one of those stories in the ended it's a tragic waste of what could've been. You know I think didn't -- and that is probably why all Mitt. Gore replied that it was so you know it could change so quickly. Known in the week at a lot of people indefinitely suspended because. I think they do I don't want him to take in more suited that thing that typical commute but we are added. Not being all that far removed from college in I'm 27. Like we all know people in college you were kind of dumb and -- don't stop me right did you maybe did you actually much. They got their work done and that day extraordinary is that they got to get internship. And they got a big job and it looked -- upon them and their currently productive members which side. -- -- hard for me look at it will be like oh did you usually have to play is it being done that you've got in the red -- you can indicate end but. It is nothing you can don't put any issues absolutely not. Yeah I mean that you. Are proud of that appeared apple or -- not the usual acquire and here it is tough for me to know from the downward spiral doesn't abuse of these issue or that it is that if you look the part that you must and doesn't figured it because. When you're that age. -- -- around my age you see so many people who is really not a big deal for them and it's not an issue because that one party. And so what's the big deal everyone like the long run good on the court or you know ordinary people needed help him acquire or look like. Well they -- motivating thing particularly seriously at the beginning -- can they -- doing now I would be prepared to go out. But I really do think -- issued an opportunity for them. You. You don't need be impressed -- the next level because there's some of the guys that come out at least a year now. And I think he did -- birdie or anywhere close to it and you know uniform and -- encourage. Well there. Editorial that there -- -- the guys in the NBA right now -- provide the mold. Four players like Anderson and -- look at go to -- I -- figure a way. Get this guy committed or this guy can help and he got -- shoot the ball. There is an opportunity for them if you can show next year that he's not just the governor just rumbled through -- that the only way he can get shot -- -- eight. Capable combo guard had to distributor and scorer off screen role not just going away from the ball. I can get in the lane and finish there I can play deep and in more than a -- -- jump in explained are saying. There a lot Hurt Locker room crew onboard the current year that you have to hear it until the 800 and you know to -- and terms it is. So I -- attitude toward this. And apparently dating but it doesn't take much to be kidding about this sort of thing we can people we are our viewers you mean. Our good friend BACM if you take nothing for them and populated it whisper. One time you may mean I've been -- and it was hoping we when you were far more all the sudden you're able to drug problem well. Are we hadn't been that long way to go I'm not sure -- this player in terms of sort of getting his career back on track and at least. Digging -- NBA. And getting here maybe he really had to give it up figured out it is found the guy and I love what you're human and your -- -- apartment I -- but you. He had so much on your -- but I don't people get irritated about and fiction. I really don't -- believe our own but. Does that did that energy platelet and sort of a manic. Intended -- waited far from both on the court you don't open above England either will walk. You're wrong her I walked the walk I got about borrower haven't got a back -- of the game at all. He's like you say he's got a got a long way to do -- Top of the Eamon Brennan here at night while set in please talk as long as you wanted. It's more information and I just a listener so it's really get. As I look at this list though. You know I see some names on here people recognize CJ fair should -- Napier you go down any and you look at Patrick young -- border keep -- at Michigan State. These are all guys that did people will see a lot Aaron craft at Ohio State. Yet Tim Frazier from Penn State or maybe people don't hear about him or even -- Jefferson from Baylor is much. But these are all guys that are about to face -- senior season and then you know obviously travel about their dream of playing in the NBA when next year's draft class could be one of the best. That we've seen in well over a decade. Do any of these guys have the intangible worked their way into the first round are they fighting. To improve their name and improve their status is -- to be second round picks with the talent that appears will be in this next year's draft. Yeah we didn't win. It didn't depend you know about. He declared -- afternoon at a guy who I think if you have a really big -- even this year should be heard from -- east. You're looking at physical specimen -- give me. Get drafted in the first round maybe not Robert depending on where things go from the international players make their way in. But they need. You'd have to prove that he had it locked down interior defender shot Parker Eva. -- -- -- -- -- Children -- -- -- game well and get a little bit last year and are often more about actually what I'm stuck in another room while getting more than Erving Walker. You're anymore and Erving Walker do work. He still is not quite there and no candidate can -- all the like. It -- maybe more they can get our well maybe they have been a little bit there supporting Obama after young men. Needed an unfair maybe not when you look at a guy with his physical tools in his brain the way he built. And the way he's able to move with bill. You expect more -- I think they're very very -- final level you need to -- -- -- -- -- we can get. In the first round draft only got to guard he -- if there are and yet. That -- looked as an NBA player probably not right well usually get perimeter defender that maybe you -- them on this see if you can get more out of them are. Or you -- -- -- -- Harrington absolutely. NBA caliber of player that you got to. Show that you know it'd -- kind of -- -- -- -- by being so -- and well rounded like. You kind of look I've not heard that a lot of them pretty well what it is and it. And in -- -- will be looking for that they know they're not just getting -- a guy who's okay at everything. I'm pretty athletic but I think -- actually I would ever did you you got me you're going to probably around with federal paper around. Could have a big year this year as quick shoot the ball well and -- do well distributed. -- you don't well would be potentially -- it back or are in the NBA career come along way. I -- I believe him very well we're only by order. I had him on the door and appreciate the period don't know actually there -- them you know part of gathered. And I kept him from. Really getting sort of profiling you know he did play you don't just complain about 37 minute game. On the bad guys I think. And -- scored almost quaint you're going to gain in now and the end and see if you can replicate at all. They're never really know if you look at the -- God they're going to be in those games they're going to be there are where they are he's got a huge opportunity I would get a -- athleticism and built it really make a question. No doubt about it straight stuff that's on the ESPN. I'm men's college basketball nation blog it's just count on down pivotal senior seasons. Even Brennan is the author of the article amen thanks for joining us let's catch up again as college basketball season. It's a little bit closer to tipping off. Yeah thanks body Eamon Brennan right there joining us on the program that's going to do it for us before rapid fire.

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