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The Chris Vernon Show - 1/28/14 - Hour 2

Jan 28, 2014|

Hour 2 of the Tuesday, January 28th 2014 edition of The Chris Vernon Show: Segment 1 (Top 5 @ 12:05); Segments 2 & 3 (Peyton Manning is by far the most famous player in the Super Bowl. If you're ranking the Top 5 most famous people in the Super Bowl, #1 is Peyton Manning, who rounds out the rest of the top 5? Verno says Richard Sherman. Roser says Eric Decker. We'll take calls on it.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's never been a better time to get started participate in the language for life event with a free demo for Rosetta Stone call 1805000155. For your free demo call 1805000155. 1805000155. As -- as Super Bowl media day what is your purpose in life. Well so far no reporters got that question today George that's where the profits they ought. I've gathered for Super Bowl 48 -- -- the most frequently asked question of the day. Good -- the weather but Denver coach John Fox says. He's got ability. We've dealt with the -- developments this year I think. The forecast for Sunday remains partly cloudy with a high as 37 degrees -- 40% chance of precipitation. Phil Mickelson says he intends to play this -- Phoenix Open despite pulling out of lower back pain he is the defending champion -- to a baseball players will now be permitted to Wear padded. And we'll be informing his thirty teams today that it is approved the -- provide protection vision for a line drive through it directly at the in college basketball. The fifteen right Hawkeyes -- -- number seven Michigan State tonight. 7 o'clock eastern time on ESPN. No we use our laptops and Smartphones to do my banking ordered tickets for inflation and a peaceful life. My doctor. Go back to the studios and -- Chris Vernon show Monday night and SM ESPN. Brought you by -- of Memphis. Hey on the shows and the care is gonna join us. -- brother grassroots -- Lloyd joins us that one and 130. Grizzly CEO Jason Levy and there's gonna join us. Later today on 929. -- Eric Cassell -- -- -- relied from my apartment. 2 o'clock. And then for -- air -- gonna come your way -- -- gonna -- or notable stories of 444 I'll be on with them at fort twentieth. I got that backwards and then -- 5 o'clock Geoff -- 520 Keith Easter would. Grizzlies game night tonight at 8 o'clock. What John roads are right redoing the preeminent depth article. And then the up pregame show -- are we going to be on at 8:39. O'clock tip off. It's going to be a tough week staying out pomp. This is nine and then tomorrow night's nine isn't there yet but hey it's better than 930. And is better than 93. I give you that. But the grizzlies game tonight is at 9 o'clock against Portland and tomorrow night they play against Sacramento at 10 o'clock. There that are neither. -- -- -- Thousand dollars in cash on the line. Here's a code word. Go to 929 espn.com slash cache the code word right now is check check CH EC can't check. You got ten minutes to get in 1990 espn.com slash cash and enter the code word check. In exchange two -- going to be 3 o'clock on the Aircastle time show. So go and you got a chance to and a thousand dollars in cash 929 espn.com slash cash. And in the code word. Check. My designated today -- in his voice the smile senator Donovan Dennis of the new in town if you haven't been the Dennison a long time. Go where I go to smile senator beautiful comfortable office really nice people the best dentist in the mid south area is may be stood a here's they get older -- column 30913333091333. The smile senator. Take comfort to a whole new level they bring us the top five at 1205. Ever seen that the ball go right yeah. And most -- Clinton didn't convert those incredible brain on this very day I guess softens up. -- and grizzlies -- accident -- get the Portland trailblazers. Portland's been a big time story this year talk to Marc Stein about it in the first hour today. They are at 33 and twelve on the season. Not they started out. Let's see 24. MRI. On the air and then they are nine and seven in their last sixteen games. They have absolutely beating the crap out of the Eastern Conference they are fifteen and two in their games against Eastern Conference. And there have been four teams thus far this year that have beaten the Portland Trail Blazers in Portland. They are. As follows the Houston Rockets. The Dallas Mavericks -- the Miami Heat. And the Philadelphia. 76 Ers and I think the heat did dabbling with -- wade and LeBron now they want to LeBron Clinton. Don't miss that game no he did that's right he was questionable going into with the ankle injuries but yet they did put. Good lord you sound all partying you know I feel fine I do I do have to find more than let's have a -- under this effect at -- at -- you I didn't you at the end of the show yesterday and they -- I can't say you like what they're that I can't take this -- -- is that you ought to be called he called -- this is addressed to the weather right now if you wanna be -- gulf. But don't pay 55 degrees and may be out with the kids at the playground on Sunday afternoon. And then wake up the next day and it be fourteenth. This is this the wrong man like you know I mean this address to the Memphis whether. I'm glad you wanna be freezing cold let me freezing cold if you wanna be warm pleasantly warm but that's that -- with. Let's be okay that's where it's a long sleeved T shirt on Sunday afternoon play outside all day and I go jump on the trampoline. And then wake up the next morning and maybe -- accrued agrees MIA -- I yesterday had to blow the leaves out of my garage. After five minutes I had to drop the leaf blower because my teens turn -- the ice he -- John -- gloves -- and couldn't do it now I don't even got texting gloves doesn't tell us what the fingers cut out -- the -- today's 245 with a low of ten tomorrow. The highest thirty for the -- 23 Thursday gets up to 46 Friday 52 Saturday 58. So ridiculous Sunday 48 Monday it's fifty next week which is good the reigning. Tumble whom I can't say yet. And I I would say that we're probably do this because the last two winners we haven't really had a real winner. -- really didn't get that -- the last two winners and then experience -- there you tell your job Martins because do I look like a wanna be a part of the rhythm nation. We auto upload a lucrative and -- Talking about yet the blazers. So the blazers are nine and seven sixteen games that are fourteens and beat them on laurel Clark. LaMarcus Aldridge in the last ten games. -- 27. Point six points thirteen rebounds. For this season he's averaging 24 and eleven and a half rebounds this astonishing because he's also our back and look. His highest rebounding. Number for a season is nine. He's averaging 11 and I -- Death and that is that -- that's a big jump man is big jump. -- -- learned is a twenty point guide to re averages twenty point seven points. Five point seven assists and four three point six rebounds. Per game they are number one an offensive efficiency but they are number 23. In defense and efficiently and that's why they do you have a crew of nonbelievers out there that are NBA observers. Because typically you need to be good in both and not great in one. And not that good in the other found the other thing is these are both great rebounding teams. There are tied for third. Enters a rebound rate this year the grizzlies and the boys are so. Every time the ball comes off the rim it's going to be a battle well here's the thing the grizzlies are in defense of rebounding -- the grizzlies are fit. And the blazers or fifteen. Was that -- the grizzlies fifth in defense of rebounding great offensive rebounding great Portland section. And -- -- the -- -- the grizzlies -- third -- mean that's because and I know this because I watched David Thorpe with Henry Abbott yesterday on troop TV. That is because. One of the top five. Rebounder. In the -- -- on the offensive end it's. Robin Lopez. Robin Lopez he's a top five offensive rebounder. And and LaMarcus Dodgers he was the subject of another one of their stance and it was like points per possession he's like number one. I -- as I can't -- the points per possession it was like LaMarcus Aldridge. To rant and LeBron. Priced closer than three guys and all I have always been a problem blocked. Because. He -- Zach Randolph away from the basket eighteen feet away from the basket and on -- And that's part of the reason they're good right because you've got a guy that that the -- public that this sneaky good acquisition man the Robin Lopez acquisition. So this is -- good acquisition for them. Because he's got fired. I liked him way I I always like him more than his Brothers. And doesn't like and I got to win a game. Her mother realized that solve Brook Lopez. Taylor began the night grizzlies the last ten games have been eighteen to. And have put up by outstanding offensive in defense of numbers -- offense. In terms of league average for the last ten games it would have been -- Top five offense in the NBA their defense in the last ten games would be sixth. And if we just to -- just take the last six games -- to the ones Gasol been back for. Their offense had been OK but their defense has been out -- outrageous it's been second in the NBA you would -- second in the NBA but again as a six game. But it did this season -- an -- season they went from not being good -- either offense or defense to being outstanding defensively. -- -- got hurt and they were nothing then they became a good offense is -- And DeMar came back as they become again a okay all of the -- -- a great even the deep. So now the trick is being that great defense of Dana you have been to the last couple of years while also. Improving the offense enough to be able to be a real threat and maybe paranoid. There's -- -- -- the night began the night. Economic true super goalie gets going on right now there is media day. I don't know I get used to go about Russell Westbrook that we made up their voice for a while on her. Broke privilege it is right -- like we just created a voice for a -- never heard of him. And you are Marshawn Lynch talk -- no they just said he did media day today and he left after six McCain it's. Well I heard something about that earlier this year that he does it that he doesn't do media during the season either -- he doesn't do it that he didn't even go to the podium. Yeah I heard something about the one of the Seattle. Broadcast -- May have them when they played us. Forgot -- I may have and the Tampa Bay game but there's a lot -- LEE doesn't talk to the media during the regular season he didn't talk at all. What's going to -- to raise doubt about this that the guy had either by the cowboys -- -- Marion barbarian or was that way too -- I never Marion Barber talked. Ever. Well. This Marshawn Lynch all the big games he's -- like to -- most of it everything I I I I don't think I've ever heard his voice. When he sounds like. Almost thought you -- Hey everybody it's Marshawn Lynch now -- no way beast mode guys beast mode now skills. Beast mode I don't know I've -- they did they said. They said he did not even like takes the podium and has gone after six minutes. Yeah like this is the day were they like 900 million media members around everybody is -- I did just put up a pitcher right now. Of of Russell Wilson and they're like you know a million people standing around a ball with the boom -- and everything interviewing him. Marshawn Lynch would ask you go -- here's the quote of the day. Marshawn Lynch was asked. If he doesn't like to talk. They're quote. I'm just about FedEx involves. A day. Put that on his shirt. I'm just about FedEx in Boston. And -- -- and what's your deal did you not like to talk just about FedEx involves. Okay beast mode. But got no idea I like them is there is that I love that that's the only quote I know from our seven lanes I'm just about that -- involve us. And yesterday -- that I was going to allow all of this stuff to. This away me in my -- added -- I -- I'm getting swayed by that. I'm just about that action boss. He it's just that I think. The all the weather staff he's coming -- the weather the weather the weather to cold cold city city. I do actually think it might pick it. Can hinge upon the weather. And you're rock. Because. I wouldn't watch it when I got home yesterday. -- I was easily watch and I flipped on TV and I just seven of our football around. And that boomer and carton was on -- on TV now -- like -- CBS sports channel or some -- their morning radio show the data New York. And Boomer Esiason was on their talk Kennedy's talking about. Is that listen you talked to us you dug Eli Manning dug the -- Samantha -- to. You know Phil sands anybody that are played like. In this -- -- environment when that wind gets going and and it's -- called that betting that it's impossible place that for a band. -- like if there's Doug is like a bit cold. It is just cold and like it's nice conditions but it is cold. It is still going to be able to throw darts all over the field. But it did like it it's got that's swirling winds and it's like blustery. Going in there is like. It is like any made great points. He said you are sick game against New England. Manning did not the role like. Lasers. I don't did he throw I get the ball is not like. Super tight if -- -- you watch Aaron Rodgers throw and every I -- like the ball's not even moving its spinning so fast. He spent my dad anymore Manning doesn't into that arm anymore where it's just like tight. And he got away with some dogs in the in the in this in this New England game so I think you needed any kind of swirling wind when you're throwing. When when Ewing thrown passes so hard that they just cut through any thing which is like what rider does and even rivers did Kinect game I mean I -- -- I. I told you that after I got down wants in the first and AA CN FC championship I was leaning. I thought that Seattle and -- -- -- were both better football teams than what I just watched. In the last game. If and I allow myself to be persuaded by the -- ending stuff but as of today. The lane and. Seattle. They can change tomorrow. But a deal in Seattle today because -- like Marshawn Lynch is quote. And I was persuaded by the hole it's very difficult the throw if the conditions are not. If the conditions are not good. Number three good players want to play for. Which head coach would you most like to play forward. NFL nation reporters. Or ESPN's surveyed more than 320. Players. And you remember like the study yesterday came out about how -- majority of them would want to play in the Super Bowl win. A concussion they didn't carrier. Bank and so remember that the next time everybody's like Kevin a pity party for NFL players have that 85% of homeowner wanna play with a concussion. But which head coach would you most like to play for. When the players are folded his arrows are false he careless said that is overwhelming yeah I would have I would've -- I Agassi Tomlinson at -- yet he was number two yeah. My double the number two Pete Carroll number one Mike Tomlin number two John Fox number three a kind of wrecked right in at number four. Bill Belichick number five -- -- interstate what about Bill Belichick would be never thought I'd always thinking. But got to go in Indianapolis now. Now here they may go less than it was Andy Reid Sean Payton Shawn Payton and in the Harbaugh brother I could -- I could see Peyton. I gave it -- it -- -- because this is which head coach would you most like -- play -- this is almost a list of which head coach you'd most want to hang out with. For me I would say Carol and I care about John Fox. But -- it's like hang our somebody I think Carole and Mike Tomlin. Rex Ryan. I was going to be the most part. Yeah patent to I think so maybe a lot of them. And then taking care or Rob Ryan I don't know you -- -- -- Rob Ryan rather than Peyton what I did here in Ohio they will want. Now and I am out of them want to nor drank here but what did Brian Atlanta but it's Mo Claiborne if there will be talk about a fifteen years from now. Right -- the cowboy way if I said -- with a third offensive coordinator if I said all of the thirty all of the 32 -- -- the -- are going to be coming into town tonight to Memphis. I don't know why they're coming in the coming in the convention. And we can hang out with any of them who would you choose. Where to go -- -- guy our guy got the dinner we're gonna hang out tonight -- normal. Stop it now you with. Us and say I forget forget that that your favorite team. Any of the guys -- following. Him. I think Tom whenever I write this -- there probably say Rex Ryan and Ryan. Tomlin would be -- to get to be larger than life you know everybody be able to come up thuggery. He be alive for the party I'd say Rex Ryan seems like you pay for everything that we had to Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan yes. The number far. We -- Christie does the sports business from me is again on what does. Because the big story for the first time -- history of college sports. Athletes are asking to be represented by a labor union. And guys from Northwestern University. Have had a petition in Chicago. Filed on their behalf. Through the labor National Labor Relations Board. I'm basically. This is about finally getting -- college athletes a seat at that table. Athletes deserve an equal voice when it comes to their physical academic and financial protections. And we had Christie does sound out Entergy go check on the podcast because she's explains this much better than I ever could. But we certainly know that this is a major major major development. And guys are now filing to have a union. -- protecting their rights in this case does. If there were ever to get him home. Certified as a union little army -- -- ever ever literally and every thing blackout athletics we could find the article on. Espn.com and -- -- check -- the podcast with -- gosh if you care about such things later. The number five Marshawn Lynch the aforementioned. Who live when today at left media day after. Six minutes when the question is as we didn't like to talk and he said on just about that action boss. Well he's also about endorsement. He got -- -- skills. And they are putting out. Seattle Seahawks Skittles with a bully you for just blue and green apparently also talk -- Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders said we all love beast mode and more -- said. Beast mode love and appreciate that. One of my listeners just sent me a an entire documentary Marshawn Lynch beast mode full feature. Common to hear what he sounds like. -- back into the -- earnings 92 none of them is in. Grizzlies tickets all season long you. Every Thursday. ESPN. -- -- -- Grizzlies it's Thursday a pair of tickets on every. Over ninety until sixty. Supposed to be playing your commercial for Comcast business. But this -- DSL connection I've gotten phone company is in downloading. I'm -- nothing for their little spinning beach ball this is embarrassing. Let me just tell you about it. Contest business has high speed Internet and built the the business it's built to run up to five times faster than DSL is built to grow your business -- just don't to give you local dedicated support 24/7 365 and -- has business -- for reliability. Which would come in handy right now. -- -- -- False alarm you can't run a business today the technology in yesterday's business grade Internet from Comcast business built the business. 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Radio guy should our government Friday Germantown I have got -- -- -- fort -- strategy Abacha not to go to fourteenth yes I want forty not a -- when he heard -- -- -- point -- we're waiting on a month and take your pick from out of thirteen -- point five -- both kicked out of fourteen did want to point -- talk about now just want to do not mind. My main man that's Georgian forward and charging less. That's all quite accurate count it guarantees credit approval at a great collection of surplus real story is about a month if you want a great deal out of any need to shake up the Volkswagen German -- deadly -- when it went just throw. Just desperate Jason -- and Marshall include them to use the coupon people who need it because I was gonna lessen the -- that they're obviously lots of places in the air to get pizza and pasta and stuff like that but too many to got Danica Italian food -- casual setting. 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There's something really interesting going on across the country people making the switch from imports of food. And telling us why I kind of was indifference towards Ford and. You got more with the Ford Escape for your money anyway -- -- getting to hear me. I'm around we're able to do some research in the Tennessee matchup between -- it's been a wonderful friends make the switch. Visit your local -- units and. There's work and then there's heavy duty work. When it's all on the line what do people turned. At all. -- -- ESPN. Brought to you by. Lexus of Memphis. Our shop Lance he's kept a very low profile is what I do Wear and I don't rain jacket I had and someone who has -- media that it did that -- They'd this from Pro -- bulldogs. Within Marshawn Lynch keeps a low profile I've media day. No Seahawks running back Karzai -- didn't stiff foreign media day he's keeping a very low profile. Mobile billboards indicate that lands -- left media day after roughly six minutes. In reality lynch found a spot to hide away from the cameras and reporters. Deion Sanders of NFL network tracked him down -- interviewed -- live on NFL network. And one of Lynch's few words to Dion he dropped to one of George carlin's seven words it can't be injured on TV he. DL until March down -- he looks good. Said Marchand in response. -- You do OK who. The -- considered sort of been interviewed large outlet -- a bit about -- -- -- And -- for ordered -- inaudible and was. The as word oh my goodness as you do do. So that's -- a -- media day today I said I never even heard the guy talk. But people have been sending me interviews that he is not a total recluse he has allowed people to do little documentary features and interviews with him previously. But I love that he was like he didn't do any interviews and then when he did they put it on national television and -- the media keep the that's like doesn't do interviews and he's going to -- not kill what's his voice sound like you've got on the -- -- I'll be damn do. Some money tomorrow on the same day Marchand no combat fan and being his community. Kerviel. Show yeah get little blood. Oakley California. It's tough. He didn't play in any white person immediately he treats its carried the 27 year old -- to Seattle. With the Seahawks running back -- one of the most spectacular runs in the NFL playoff history. Going and -- our -- it's a lot of people don't see your life. I didn't see your life and that place. Our mission to say that around this. -- -- -- -- -- And and. He sounds extremely top dozen units grew up here. Yes in north Oakland neighborhood called golden -- other shown as neighborhood yeah isn't it is his mother dilapidated two jobs to put food on the table and clothes and originally I've seen worse. Her primary jobs like Patrick Willis Muslims more than the streets. Where we live that. He seems -- is not only did voice that I absolutely do -- -- Marcel as he made it 66 minutes and 21 seconds according to EST kept the media day. I could add -- -- is overall we did everything -- It's spectacular because of -- people everywhere. There's all kinds of entertainers everywhere on the field don't -- editors reporters or -- and everybody's got their own like boot they've all got their -- There's a huge podiums for any like star level play area. But instead of going to the podium and it says Marshawn Lynch I guess he just walked in -- like a rain jacket that had he walked hand in like a disguise heats and then stood in the bush -- like Bobby Valentine -- I didn't wanna give finder eight yeah yeah I'm going to find out what I needed today. And I made sure that nobody could tell who he was there just -- like stated in the -- -- let it. Thank you -- -- -- the order I am now that you didn't tell me how long I had to do media days of six million markkaa I don't know that they ended ended AS DF data. Finally finds him and that put -- had a vote that word of the guy -- occurs is immediately. -- -- isn't it -- -- merger with the problem you don't like talking. I'm about that action boss. Unbelievable closed but the -- and they'll get a direct our roads are on. -- so I saw you see these guys over the podium today and you see like. They show Peyton Manning -- at the podium the day and there's like or record -- Broncos they're 900. Million media people around. Thank everybody in the entire place is hanging on every word that Peyton Manning says and you know people are gonna go out there and ask him goofy questions and if people and outrageous how prints and there's girls in our -- in general all that. Dressed to the nines. That are like reporting for entertainment channels and there's guys dressed up like where's Waldo. And there's guys there's a bright women and there's. Women dress up like guy that is in pandemonium. It's -- not a serious event. By any means but they -- Manning and there's like 900 million people around them. I talk to it Abu -- some land in east NL from the Goran like a rain jacket and like you know sunglasses and a -- You know in the last six minutes and then they show Russell Wilson and again right he's the quarterback of the other team and there's a million people around -- but it hurt like. Internally I -- I simply Manning. If he is the most famous football player in the world and I don't I don't necessarily think it's clocks. Right and -- featured in this day. Easily the most famous. It's clear and taking comic take both of these teams okay. And I'm saying the maximum. Amount of people. And -- Whether somebody like football or not we now highest rated program in America every single year's super. Everybody's gonna watch ever. There is watching the super. On a recent or. Whether they like football or not whether it's the only football game they watch all year or not gonna be watching. Peyton Manning is the most famous NFL player. Football player in the world and I don't need to take its course and he's featured in the good. So in honor of this media day. That's going on there today. The maximum. Amount of people know. And we're gonna rank the top. He's pretty well oh hole Greg -- All right. -- does say to -- Sherman. I'm not I was all I drove -- to school this morning. And he asked me who Richard -- place for yeah I have no idea. -- like I mean it might have been like you have to watch it tonight my wife might go watching The Today Show and they could have been talking about it or the view right they talk about right. That that was watched we know that was watched by like sixteen yeah yeah he had any idea and that happened and that crossed over to news. Here's who I would go with it. You -- to DePaul yes I can and Russell Wilson is in top five in Jersey sales. And so he's really famous to -- I'm gonna go with a different -- because I've heard Gary bring this up. I'm gonna say Eric Decker. All bull crap just as the chicks go and girls know Eric Decker now. Now of it. Because of his wife I -- the country music now I don't I think girls that like sports no Eric Decker. Jerry's wife doesn't like sports and she knows Eric Decker. But she's around sports all the time that is so that they've made it then it's -- date to be able to -- Sharma Russell Wilson. It's one of those -- you think this second and third most famous. Who is the second most famous Denver bronco. What well Wes Welker Wes Welker I think you're right but I think -- is more famous than -- think. There is no way that more people know who Eric Decker raised then Wes Welker no way. Now. Now. -- about Champ Bailey. OJ -- he's been around forever. And -- -- people Tampa is. Wes Welker I think. And that they I have that my wife doesn't just hours I bet you she knows who airedale is -- -- Now I bet she -- down. I bet I bet you what not to air -- did not know you're -- -- promise you that issue though I've never letters in a photograph America. I'm sure isn't feature is another man I'll call you re solved now let's welcome. I say Sherman number two Richard Sherman number two nights over just a number two. The three would probably have IE Russell will suggest Eagles quarterback I'd -- the second most famous and I Digg ads based -- just last weekend. Literally just last weekend he was able to become the second most famous person in this game. -- that I checked in debt -- -- that's probably possible I tell you this like if you asked. If you asked -- items are using Gary's life here is this as this. If -- thirty you know more who do you work who is Russell Wilson -- -- and who probably don't know Russell Wilson as. She knows who -- decorous. I don't think you know I figure on. I guess she doesn't know -- I -- Gary's talked about it before and really yes. Think -- like a motto all like for like. Dude because you are really light -- you don't really get an erection over. Now I'm not. You know you'll see. Eric Decker is -- light -- I thank you to read about their -- I don't read about Eric -- -- on the days that this is getting a little weird for me I don't know if we have on -- game -- get a little weird for -- -- you wanna -- only an obvious that we made out your all your -- said that going on -- -- that was a joke you're going on and on about Eric -- and our -- it is because you're just completely dismiss her house. It's -- -- it's not once you completely dismissed it what is it that's what I'm defending I don't think that famous. You got famous. I think any. Girls girls that know sports and girls that like play fantasy football no -- -- -- -- -- somebody brings us up Eric Decker has its own reality TV show as well. Reality TV show I don't know but he's got one apparently he does yes I'm totally unaware of this very I'm not add up in the pop culture. I I say Sherman number two an -- down the number three. Grocers say and Eric Decker on Twitter view an -- a if you wanna add to this. Try to -- 08 terms of just faint or -- Super Bowl party. If you want to if you wanna get -- upon lies upon numbers 535 ESPN 53537. Tactics. And just like Aaron available yet it's yet it's aired it will be -- deck that -- -- air on. It's not out yet well it's the we know this is from it. April 23 2013. Yet did it premiered in the summer yeah I never even heard of the show you why she. He -- like you know you don't it's a red carpet yeah. I should you watch anything else on the air you want to per day as she is you'll watch. Total divas of totaled the US but as the WWE -- have you ever seen the Eric -- -- Note did you know Eric -- at a job. No okay they shot up. I watch you regularly chicks do yes you do what he regularly do not what you -- every single episode of the cart as a -- no I don't issued no I don't. I 35 if his brother I'm saying I Goran I don't I'm -- -- about hardcore sports fans I'm not talking about like everybody the place fantasy bubble. I'm saying like you just have a big collection of really got fifty people at your house. -- Two random people. And unedited video that don't listen to this yellow they don't care about sports. Everybody denying after the Super Bowl I. And then that. We're talking I Peyton Manning everybody in the whole place and like if you have a party and they're somebody at the party. That doesn't know who Peyton Manning is then they are like that -- like. The gadget that latter even though there's like a person in America that doesn't know who -- manages. I so we're assuming that someone a present. All harbors and the people at your party out of the fifteenth no Peyton Manning it. So -- next. I say. I I. I I think as chairman I dig them I did the -- -- most part of the percentage. Highest percentage of people. At the party. Would know Sharon. I'd say probably three or get brought to you -- -- Decker I -- three is probably Welker. I could Welker I think more people would add that the party. Until the percentage of people I got picked at random people at a party percent note Peyton Manning is I take Sherman is second. I'd say well -- third. Do you do you've changed it you've changed it from everybody in the world that's watching the super bowl of fifty people out of port. Just a little bit due to people you said it's the most what staying in your -- everybody that watches Super Bowl because everybody watches it yeah. House no but now -- at fifty people at your house anyway I -- and yeah we know you're changing it. And didn't because originally you started -- everybody what everybody is different -- and play. Well. Agricultural browns browns are fine. And I tell on you -- Eric Decker is number 21 that everybody is well represented by party -- number 21 that I was at a -- call itself said. Eric and I know Doug Collins said he's had this thing I considered among seven mile wide is a black lady and she knows Eric Decker. President show come on line. That's a good start taking your calls it the first two calls but it's like who take them right now it's as proof he told you want to take all together don't -- I -- -- -- blog and I'll ever. Have all the point is you completely dismissed it -- I said it. And it's your turn out to be wrong. Turn out to be wrong to gonna turn out to be wrong more people know where Decker is that you think it didn't hit a -- of the Richard sharp. I would think so that's the that is stupid. Rick Richard Sherman put up an article as we got Sports Illustrated four point three million people read yet. -- -- -- The people that read that they -- -- -- put up an article I -- a good bit of an article tomorrow would people would read it. One of the wife. Gives a crap about Eric Decker shot out. Europe at the I 35 ESP had 5353. Sevens at its next. To the president did it target this level of fame the maximum amount of people that know who they are many number one is not even close. I think Sherman to Welker three you what argument the last -- and argued adolescent. Candace you're up parcels of Candace. Hey I think the average decline in county -- -- Eric -- shadow on eat what they're really big deal among the ladies and iron like August 18 and twenty. And I never in the early lead until the shadow but now I'm all about him. You're all about a Dicey you wanted to wait it's hard to broadcast the show was -- it would go a lot that was that was and any good. It would really they're they're really here you have no idea who Eric Decker is in relation to football them. I did it before this year. OK so because he's on a reality show you knew Eric Decker. Right and it okay and after you Barnum in grand parents. Yeah. Well -- -- Reba. Isolate. Do you would you say Richard Sherman or Eric Decker who is more famous you know Richard Sherman is right. I didn't get I didn't know -- pill. His little credit aimed speech the other and I did you did you know Wes Welker. I do not do not. Until maybe I'm -- -- -- and his. And let your hair thanks. Let you do 535 ESP had 5353776. The Rondo is an Arlington was a -- Rhonda. Carry on luggage how you. Jake get out I had an album or attic and I don't look beyond that I loved -- out a lot. I don't even know we get out -- I got a billion people this year that big on the Internet. Do you think Eric Decker is more famous than Wes Welker. I. -- yeah yeah. You're excited some. Go away do you think he's more famous the Marshawn Lynch yet sprout and. That's. The check -- out. Sure actually. Helped doom -- and -- -- that -- -- -- -- Eric or they didn't know. I'm paired up deisler Rhonda. I 35 ESP edit the phone number so -- listen I never -- I -- -- like Eric Decker. -- -- -- -- -- That but that's why I'm telling you more people know like. 'cause because of the female population a lot of they know who he is. In a lot of it because of that show on me because girls watch eat a lot. -- a very good good that's good that's that's a stereo type. -- Yeah hey Linda. Let Saturday do you -- you do. Listen I did not know who Eric deck collapse a Peyton Manning went to the bobcat not a huge cult band. I didn't even know he had a shadow. Think -- I think Sherman would be the number two at my priority topic anybody. And I hear Eric Decker red or what's up. You know they get a million who -- about Russell Wilson Marshawn Lynch. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think I've fair enough thanks Linda. -- everybody has been the phone number. Clay semi white -- Eric Decker because this show. I agree you have and Wesley says that reality show a famous wife he's a model more people know about them. What do you think with the NFL too is likely Wear helmets all the times you. But to figure showed up like. If Marshall which showed up. To like a forty yourself down -- -- I girlie girl said I watch sports all the time and I couldn't put Eric picked Eric Decker out of a lineup. Jimmy says Eric Decker did a photo shoot with his wife covered several people talk about it. Let's see. Check the Twitter followers Richard Sherman Wes Welker and Eric Decker -- more famous. -- -- -- to this Chris Vernon show. There's money is show business. So we heard. It's the 1000 dollars cash -- contest now 199 FM ES -- listen for the -- Said he -- 3 PM in 61 attacks reminder a few minutes before we play text the word -- 263215. His website -- on your poll 929 espn.com. Slash cash 929 FM ESPN. And when that a friend doing with a heavyweight champion. Friend just switch words can't the way -- Letters would you let your friends smoke friends don't let friends smoke especially when there's and he's a good looks feels and tastes just like the real thing. 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Became last week after his deal and so with media day going on a down -- all right so let's rank the most famous and then -- -- like we have gotten no where on this. Rose there is so attracted to Eric Decker it's unbelievable. And then I find at the break so it bearish. -- is god Eric Decker shirtless on a screen saver. Which is -- I had no idea they're such Eric Decker friends around there and I -- -- -- their doctor whether or get out of -- I 35 37 Dodik the phone number you wanna get them. Guys -- need to Baghdad for the love lead in their lives to get our -- gift card school days fun salons the barometer since 1932. And you go there and you get a gift card -- the lady in LA she's got a lot of anniversary gift. Birthday gift thank you gift and I'm sorry gift to congratulations gift. Gould's day spa and salon you can buy the gift cards online any cable appointments cool salons dot com gold salons. Dot com I was serious more people think about those we get to let's see here Robertson he's meant as a sub Robert. And it's so Chris you got it. Man I'm a big fan but I I hate to admit those beloved girlfriend knew who Eric Decker was before I did. Stints. And do it all because of the reality show. The battery out these other would've given it credit for I swear to you I had no idea Eric Decker at a reality show. Yeah I mean she as the hot sport they're just a browser -- He what she is about policy and I'm not only is it maybe they should hang out together and so the right. If you just sit around the doormat the row hot air -- his eye contact Andre in Westwood -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry is my -- Huntsville Alabama. Get a hip mama. Got yet read our our careers com we'll bring you. Most bet on an atmosphere that being average football I have no boot reared their good. You don't you have no clue are I -- -- I ornery you can still put I don't even people who -- these others. On Verizon was glued to got Andre. You -- -- but when you're very let's play it was dressed in what I'm -- I'm still involved. Solid from you about the outlook we talked about a so they would feel you've always thought the ball so all ride because that's the reason Tim Tebow was an unbelievable the entire back of the net -- and I remember the name of the guy. I well as I remember Eric Decker. Because. Com I had a body and who was a degenerate gamblers. And he remembers Eric Decker getting injured at Minnesota. In a big happy. When he played college football there. And unfortunately -- have been a I've been been aware of info log on some of the -- on the other side opposes questioned him Chris furniture. 99 FM ESPN is on your iPhone iPad and android element to his radio and WM FSF Kennedy's view on board let's WMS best Memphis. -- the fastest Internet then don't settle for U verse. 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Took -- train him. You didn't do crossword. You missed 22 across. He went to work. You had a meeting. You -- your lunch. You had another meeting. You wondered how is anyone supposed to get any work done around here with so many meetings. You left the office. You took the train. You -- your dinner. You brushed -- Retief. You do build the things that one normally does the day before a --

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