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Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien on The Chris Vernon Show 1/28/14

Jan 28, 2014|

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Jason Levin is a CEO. Of your Memphis Grizzlies he joins us some folks -- -- take us -- line from I believe New York City. -- Glavine. I you do it hey man what are you doing in New York super Poland. No -- I think and I'm that we that folks at jetBlue Airways and obviously water crew -- -- -- -- And I would like crude crude secretly partner Emily this CEO. About thirty minutes ago -- could mean. No no -- -- who knows but to you know I got to know look some folks there. And we look to you perhaps more dialogue which blows like it actually worked at. -- -- -- -- com after working on Saturday catch -- that -- repeated so excited to come back here as -- little chilly here. Oh that's right Peyton Manning part owner of the Memphis -- Absolutely and Ngo that will be known -- for. -- crowd. But that I forgot all about that you gotta go you are gonna go to the Super -- you're not gonna sit in the elements right. I'm Melissa -- I promised -- -- that you like electoral actually I would do it and you know but it's it's pretty fun thing to be extra excited. That is all just believe they're real quick -- that you're trying to bring an airline to Memphis. No they're -- I know that third period it's terrific. Potential partner sure for the city Memphis and diagnose and folks there and I would just talking about -- -- you know the Griese might -- part of that in the future. All right -- general thoughts on the -- being 22 and twenty adds up to that. I think it's been an interest succeed and I think it's been a little -- tumultuous I think -- you'll meet some important decisions that. I think it helpless long term. Liked it certainly the entry -- that is pretty hard I think we're well positioned right now Al. To me serious run in the second half of the season. Are to be successful I think we're starting get a remote. -- die it evaluated -- well your head coach Dave -- and how he has dealt with such things so far this year. I -- -- and very very strong a lot of the reason that we wanted to meet. I think leadership's stance towards -- and certainly he's growing into the job typical routines and in in his new role. But I think he's got a lot of upside if I was a stock -- -- -- -- I'd be I'd be investing in him. All right are you fine with the Fed decision to bring Marc Gasol back when he did come back. Yeah we were I was in the room we all excited together we talk to through. -- we need more gulf war. We also don't like -- -- mark -- we will be Smart about it. -- work is off to get back into healthy he really took focused you look at his body each himself see the right way. It's a really attribute to market how quickly came back. But he wants to be part of -- think it'll be a leader force in the immediate on the fourth. And certainly it is to adjust to whatever work you bet -- there's going to be adjusted because he's such an important player. We're -- what are you more worried because of -- -- -- -- broken and all these guys around the -- -- do you feel like you guys were more cautious with Gasol because of what's happened around the league this year. I don't think so I think he's got a look at -- the facts in front of us we spent a lot of time with our doctors who we think to restrict our medical training staff. You -- talk to -- -- almost every day about mark. And duly did an outstanding job and we just want it to -- look at the facts and treat the fact -- in front of us we want it more to fuel a certain confidence that -- getting the best care possible which was. Com and I think we turned it right I'm just amazed at market Beckett so that you did because. I think it -- a lot about his work ethic and character. I would imagine they -- Courtney -- deal -- to exceeded your expectations thus far. It's too early to tell you know he -- struggle right now I tell you it's too early to tell also but he's been outstanding. And I think he's a great fit for the team ready to -- its organization. I -- you're gonna like him more. In six months that you do now even if you put well shall forward. And I think he -- his ability to shoot the ball. Particularly good move without the ball ethically defensible and make good decision I don't know those are top shelf and others. How do you -- working out -- -- and I get all the time how do you see it working out what Tony Allen comes back. Well I think Tony's Saatchi and player and he brings so much for the people that were immediately right away. And to really make an impact force and I think Tony that big part of what makes and that's just receive special. Com and I think his energy his effort. We're gonna need him from -- once we cannot wait to get Tony that global that's I think we have more weapons or tools are tortured. And we had fortunately you know way out there and I think it's great for everybody it's James Johnson. Development and and Courtney -- petition to the team so we can make toll have a bigger packs. Do you think Tony and accordingly to play together. I don't think so what's I will say that I don't think there's too many. Better combinations in terms of defending on the web and playing with -- athleticism. Off playing hard playing with intensity and having Tony and Courtney there's likely you'll see lunch when they're out there together certainly we -- -- the wing players do we -- minutes and cost contributions and Sean and Mike Miller. -- up what you guys who can play and that -- -- -- -- the problem. You guys have been known as a team that -- a lot of attention towards analytics in guiding your thought process. -- on things and analytics -- -- virtually useless this year given the situation with the injuries and the ups and downs. No not at all I think it's you I think it's a combination of science and art you know making these decisions I think. Evaluating whether we were gonna. -- for a guy like Courtney Lee we certainly leaned heavily and analytics. -- armed and certainly about you leading you away that we were gonna sign James Johnson. We looked very carefully to numbers and we try to figure out. Whether or not they would have a positive impact on achievable to end the war. I think those two decisions that our guys got right. At least for the moment but we certainly have a long -- ago. I'm glad you brought up -- -- to -- that the other question I get outside of the Tony thing and now it is accordingly I get it all the time. What is James Johnson's contract situation with the grizzlies. James Johnston. Adult lifetime contract now. I would shoot -- down to the end deceit and are quite well I think you know we we see a future and -- and I have potential for him. Far beyond this year if we feel like it he knows that we're we're really think it's particularly developing and -- -- -- -- And it's certainly very early in his tenure with the grizzlies like so we're very optimistic if he can continue to make a positive -- force need to work is far off. Obviously competing. If that's what it's -- shines through and he certainly a great. This -- so at the end of the season he is simply an unrestricted free agent. He has yet. This -- had it not so we can do about it so there's no there's nothing we can do both prior to then. Change. How can you tell you couldn't just so what people say I hope we just lock him up long term you can't do that. They'll go out to. So on July 1 shall be free agent. And hopefully you do you know what we can talk about that forty. Israel would vote. Okay are you happy with colitis obviously this city caught -- rarity in a different light or take into effect at the. She's actually you know it's funny he you know I think he's getting conference. I think he's he's a much better player -- he played early in the seats and pop but he also have to keep getting better himself. Obviously got to be more competition and the ball he -- threat. He's got to get his call for a level playing with our guys out there and -- resorting to do that. I think he's got a long way to go. -- point I'd like the trajectory of where he's moving in and heading south Sulawesi gives. Do you still need to bolster the point guard position in your mind. I'd secure areas we can get better certainly and and I think that having more depth at point guard -- immediate difference to point guard would be one. You nick brings certain things that people who actually can develop wanna see what you know what you can do. I'll certainly you know Mike -- it's historical standard that position -- what could we -- -- -- position certainly you know -- to carry three point guards. Right now we're only military -- Hi Heidi what enters the five games I mean that IDC this -- -- is now with mark back in the lineup got five legitimate big guy. Yeah I mean that's that's another great from the after speaking to don't have complete they like and we really like call five of our -- problems. And do we think there's a role for each one of them to play obviously seem to be so -- people asking him. Come off the bench and mark got out so we get Dwight Howard he's terrific. And they're dvds which are more I don't want first this year that executes you adapt. Karr certainly I really like Dorsey commit he gets his consistency his confidence level of -- Under the weight eat -- the rim. I think you won especially doing it palms and so -- look at those three guys they say well. We've got an embarrassment of riches in terms of our front court you know combining those guys that -- Zach Randolph and LT Marcus hall. I think corporate from it. Do you. -- what would. How. Are you -- I think we get a very routine. Tom I think you could prove it now we've got to go out there and get a string of victories but we've been doing -- continue down this past. As a as a tactical teams could turn to our personnel what we need most right now. Is to continue to -- The addition of more coming back from the injury in the -- you please. Figuring out how to sleep best with the with the players that we have. It's gonna be big challenge for Kiki you're part of coaching staff but you know I think they're doing that. -- I think we have the county very competitive you expected to that the trade deadline. I think we've got to -- proactive at looking at. You waste recruit the roster yet. Well I really really like his team right now I think it's a lot of parts. That we can continue to develop. Internally. We can we can challenge people. -- on the phone all the time what I would guys around the league do you expect this to BA super active trade deadline this year it's not that far away. I think it will -- pretty active it's you know it's hard to tell how many people pull the trigger on deals accomplished there's certainly enough teams that feel like speaking and he followed that like it better. -- that they're gonna look for ways that the rosters so so I expect it to be a lot of talk I expect deals to get very close to being done. Ought to be with you and I both know whether they've but it seems to pull the trigger on a complete larger deals Buehrle actually say. I I I played burn out Don Imus on the pregame show over the weekend. In the last 41 games of the season. And my prediction was that you would go to 28 and thirteen you went 49 games and you would be the seventh seeded Mike Davies that deal right now would you take. How come first -- and I'm excited you play out so I don't want to hit the -- sort button so fast clip split but looking back we wanna do that yes we want. Playoff teams we believe that we can compete with anybody. That point we've got it doesn't seasoned veterans certainly no I wouldn't be deemed suspect young players were improving getting better. We've got to get your talking about who get the dance. And -- what are you prepared to get the dances to really try to do some damage. I -- at this point and you had said the entire that he could go to all the injuries in the markets -- -- yeah I -- like 1015. That you are not interested in tanking -- trying to be a lottery team that you're always to make the playoffs this year debt that's it right -- is the goal and did you it's -- playoffs or Boston if you don't like the while that the disappointment is that fair. That's replicated more than -- play out so that we started this seat in Africa or the Western Conference finals are feeling like. We keep Wikipedia fresh -- the NBA. We're getting healthy now we seek a rosters that are now that it wasn't super. Com and you know I I sort of high hopes with a team high expectations for ourselves. Called and that -- to measure the seat in the arm and a much better we get between now. And the individual and that hopefully moving forward beyond that so I would say that we're gonna be happy making the playoffs losing in the first round away. I mean what this team we couldn't get the best center in the NBA mark salt we think micro he's emerging as one of the best -- -- in the NBA. We secretly developing a very good culture and it really positive team chemistry. So like you I think we're gonna be formidable. Isolated making guys that not only do you expect that what else making the -- is simply not gonna. We expectations Gilbert so we don't know and we're gonna be dealt Christa -- we we we we we we. Took sykora also early in the year with marks injury -- Quincy Pondexter to injury Tony -- without. Mightn't feel like Connolly missed time that certainly sykora also we've taken sides had to adjust to. Like job so we feel the got a very very self serve and and -- to focus on one thing that's winning basketball games he got a very unselfish teams. -- I hopefully very soon you know he he it's still would obviously -- start the new year. Not having him. I know he's going to be out there. And that each unique GeForce. So did that that's and that's a really avoiding that question be answered I don't know. I was mediocre at like completely tonight I do I would do he is to raise the -- CEO of the grizzlies have -- New York cannot bring jetBlue back with you on our. -- come back at thirteen tonight so awfully lots of success possible thanks Jason Jason -- yeah.

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