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The Geoff Calkins Show 2/7/14 Hour 2 (w/ Dave Zirin)

Feb 7, 2014|

Seg 1 - Geoff does the Take 5. Seg 2 - Geoff talks to EdgeofSports writer Dave Zirin on Sochi. Seg 3 - Geoff does The Wrap.

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They is free -- A real -- kids twelve and -- with a paid adult get up every -- really while they last Delmon as the old news. Friday Saturday and so many lenders got herself they would -- for every job. Applied that people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning I'm Doug Brown the opening ceremonies are getting underway right now at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in the 230 athletes from teen USA will be led by. Flag bearer Todd Lodwick who is the first American. To participate in six winter games his first appearance in nordic combined was in little Hummer. Twenty years ago. Russian officials say the security -- for these games is the tightest in Olympic history on Twitter account poking fun. As the food hotel and infrastructure problems in -- already has more than 220000. Followers. That's more than one of the official Twitter accounts for the games. The Colorado Rockies will retire Todd Helton is number seventeen on August 17 at Coors Field. Part of a three day weekend honoring the first baseman who retired at the end of last season. Brooklyn nets senator Kevin Garnett most likely won't play tonight against the pistons resting on the second night of back to back. A little NHL history last night Canadians Winger Max -- ready. Became the first player to miss two penalty shots in the same period he did have a hat trick in the game. Squarespace beyond one platform for creating your own website personal brand portfolio -- He starts at fifteen dollars a month and even includes the freedom. For a pretrial and 10% off its -- dot com and news offers. Back to the jets -- Gives you know presented by Brian elders -- solutions. Those on the 829. The ESPN. Friday on the -- dog didn't show. Every Friday and Thursday and Wednesday and Tuesday and Monday. It's Geoff Calkins takes I had presented by folks slowly -- -- gas money 99 FM on ESPN. On Martin what do you have to. Numbers flies. Game day comes to Memphis I just wanna make sure that we are appropriately supportive of the efforts of the University of Memphis to put on the best show. Possible. As game day rolls into Memphis -- and as bright yourself. Because I know they're trying to get the word out. Go to Jason Smith's tiger insider if you will -- -- -- And give us all the details so people know exactly. Exactly so there can be no confusion. About if you wanna be part of his game day extravaganza. In. If you wanna support your university if you wanna make sure that our community thrives for the next century. His leader with first worries Davis will be on the Chris burns are talking about yeah so -- appropriately promote that got rid -- -- will also be held -- about Brevin Knight. -- good about that some say. This premise that -- breath yes. And here's what Jason's with tiger basketball insider has to say. ESPN college game day show is open to the public that means view. ESPN -- game they will air from critics form on Saturday at 9 AM money is continuing continue on ESPN at 10 AM as part of the tigers game against exact. And mission of the show was freed over the public. FedEx form doors open at 6:30 AM at seating begins at 7 AM seating is on a first come first serve basis. I've always said that we have the best fans in college basketball and this is a great way to showcase that to the nation past are set and a release. I encourage all fans to get the Fed ex former early Saturday morning and show the country the tremendous support you give us every time we step on the court. -- -- students with student IDs and attend college game they will receive wrist bands early entry to the games Saturday night. Fans can bring their own signs or use assigned making say synthetics former grand lobby on Saturday morning. A great sign making station. What's your sign big. I'm a cancer mine -- mine would be I believe in coach Josh. Olivier I believe in coach Josh you beleaguered coach Josh who. You know what what do you what do people say what's what's your what do you say come when your support of coach what sort of like what the science there. We yeah we love whenever we really don't we support. We backed Josh or maybe. But maybe it may be would be a good -- Gonzaga sign of some type. Found one -- -- books that whatever the bulldogs got the ball bags here I'd say a tigers -- bulldogs that's stupid that's your -- and that the tigers -- bulldogs' go to this tigers and that I have tigers with a team mean. Mean torment. In share. Grind. Yeah eat -- bulldogs. What where's the beat out -- -- -- -- rotten. Rotten tigers tigers tigers injure. Grow grow. Itself. Grind grind. Eat eat rotten rotten below. Know that -- and bullets we need asked me to get an idea whether Verizon for the bold run on -- Spokane bulldogs. Your -- Lynn spoke daddy. Asked tigers where's the bulldogs coming from based -- the FBS tigers beat. Tiger you. Of them only a day goes up if it goes up and bigger sign so. You would if you had to reassign your son myself -- insect. Did -- the ball. Dixon and the goal here is this I love Austin Nichols is gonna have a little hard I haven't gone. Hard Austin I was had a Austin Nichols bat hit an awesome little spat had played in all seriousness. This is -- this is a great opportunity for that is -- his -- clever one event. Turns out this chances that left this question mark feel. It. It's aggravated -- ever have much of a -- you got added. Immensely there was little left stupid I. Yeah instead I'm marking my American side no I -- -- -- -- -- in my case there's you. Right you can't come home every may have wanted to borrow it yeah they did you know you can't come home again. Pay drew when you left we raise the bar him. -- go him one really let me go go go hang it up with a borrowed currencies go ball continual line there's got to be excited to -- Did you say I was gonna say that this is a great opportunity Memphis -- get pummeled on the daily. So this is good tremendous and and I would say the best opportunity for those students to come out and at at at at least bride approve some of those misconceptions if you would. Wrong and I don't think there misconceptions I think beverage. Well you've you've been out on the on the -- on the -- -- you wanna tweet us your signs throughout the rest the show we -- given we could we could we could give. We could we can give out the best science that we see. If -- -- you would make your own personal sign making station. If you will you're reading -- keep going. My my mail on my image I'm a mom I'm in James Memphis fans says he's got a hash tags time hash tag trust the process. Trust the process. Course correction so we'll leave the rest of the stuff you already did it's gonna -- orders are making stands as -- -- -- -- the end yes and a Pulitzer. Number four Olympics opening ceremony is happening now. Right now actually. The truth is supposedly. It that like that the walking thinking it over there and -- picture so she in your mind there. And not the toilets and not the dogs. But. But but but the stadium. They're lined up. They're out two walked in riveting. With the team from Greece I think leading the process is that right is as it did to -- Leading the thing I'm Olympic freak freak. 00 yes down out of the group the as far as I know the Greek figures not a part of the there's not a part of the Winter Olympics that's the only time he but you don't watch tonight you can watch your diet is sort of interest in like I have been at Olympics where they've had the the ceremony in real you know whether ceremonies happened in and then subsequently. You see it. You see the reaction back -- the United States I was in Beijing for the Olympics for example and that was the most miserable. Most miserable. Opening ceremonies in the history of the world. For those of us who were there it was hot as blazes. And we were forced to get -- roughly twelve hours. Before. Repair work the performers. In the Beijing opening ceremonies. Were told to Wear diapers because they would not be allowed to break formation. To go to the bathroom. And and furthermore a lot of the special effects work were were beautiful evidently on TV people raved about that opening ceremony is the most spectacular ever. And I killed. Because I am on it at a little -- on quarterback then. But in my blogs and -- is just miserable the whole experience there was absolutely miserable. But it is sort of curious when you experience something in the nine hours later. You see your folks back home experiencing it and reacting to a mental happened but the -- That really right now put an associate. We. They're crank up what's next. Number three. Grizzlies given away neck tattoos yeah so what do you make of this the grizzlies a celebration a celebration in celebration. Of James Johnson -- essentially going to disagree there -- celebration. Of James Johnson. And his neck tattoo. The grizzlies are giving away. Neck tattoos as a promotion they will say grizzlies the -- tattoos will Sega is enough permanent neck tattoos and I -- and right they're not going to be. And I have tattoo artists at every door. Stents when words into your actual Mac. As you enter instead he'll be handed a -- -- to devote so neatly on your neck what do I think -- up. Spectacular spectacular absolutely spectacular. And it's spectacular because it's so ridiculous and because we don't claim as in this city we do not claim in the city. To be hyper we claim to be grit and grime and that is who we are we embrace Zach Randolph we embrace. The the underdog we embrace. And that means dammit we embraced James Johnson who is knocked around the NBA and he has found. Found a home here in Memphis like many actually have before him. And if he's got away and celebrate his child with a net -- to little wrap our arms around James Johnson neck tattoo. And all hearkens back there's a long tradition of neck tattoos marketing Baptist Chris Douglas Roberts -- very famously had a neck tattoo whose mom is. And and and and John cal Perry. In a press conference in Houston I believe it was during the NCAA tournament so also I know that all you people out there and you're gonna criticize Chris Douglas Roberts do you think he's and that hasn't had to and that means he's a -- or something like that. And doesn't need ultimately to -- up and they elected to his of his mother's name. And so don't judge wrote a book by its -- -- of I said don't judge a book right by -- connect that to. Read it. Gonna put us and -- -- to propel us our parents I'm wildly in favor and you. I want to preface this by saying that I think the grizzlies in game promotions are brilliant. I think they are one of the best in the MBA in the music there is great I think everything about the grizzlies game experience is top knots. Why -- -- -- that the need to wrap what you're gonna say you're like the -- and yardage but -- told -- Qaeda -- you're like oh I know apologize and back and fill -- Heidi perhaps that it could ever think it's nuanced Jeff like a guy couldn't. Here's I don't I don't like this I think it's tacky I think it's tacky. Tacky I think it's tacky I think I also think that it isn't the only place. And only city in the NBA what is what happened. Actually it if it did and precise way are we are off this place is known for its authenticity. That's why is the only any. I I have no problem I have a tad too so I certainly don't look down on anybody that has that and this is going to be. Up -- got tickets to grams of this it is already made ESPN so you you're going to get the desired result from them. I just I just don't know what message it sends like. Kids run around eight years old got tattoos on their my pick -- head is on their neck. I just I would not person meet -- I don't frown upon that you think you think you think this is a -- attention. Sets in the music daily that's their Imus say am I am far I am the furnace guy from like. High horse -- guy in the for the I have a Frito-Lay -- to a mile. OK I wanna be very clear about this why you open your high horse I'm not I I I just wouldn't I would I've done I think there are other ways celebrate James Johnson like. He blocked a lot of shots on the perimeter you wanna get up blocks -- give out like something like a big big ask -- I don't know I ask you this do you think it would have been -- -- we -- -- -- and -- if if if they gave -- -- and at this point -- just an intentional -- Jeff and that's -- you know but but but was what you saw the attention yesterday that they got was any of -- unfavorable. Don't think it was unfavorable well now I've really worked it out where people laughing at Memphis I think there was there was something to that -- they were Latin an amendment now. Are they weren't on all you know it was it was Memphis laughing at itself and people laughing along with eleven itself a lot defended. And people -- Memphis was clearly laughing at itself that's exactly what was happening and it was a I. People admiring. It was people admiring. The fact in the champions can modify about I would celebrate the there identically. I got no problem celebrate James Johnson had no problem celebrating and I just think and again you're going to get they're gonna be tons of pictures are gonna get tons of publicity from it. So from that standpoint mission accomplished I'm just saying that. I I. I would dot partially -- I would not partially -- and I'm not going to if I'm a fan I'm not going to go put a tad too perfect gentleman net -- have one of those. Are you had a fake that -- Wiener -- almanac. -- go through that again. When did you have a fake Wiener dog and this visit is Italian fest Chris -- pay for. Seriously -- your PTS in as a Wiener dog is we cover was supposed to -- was designed as an -- Yes okay. Well that's the privacy of your own personal -- you know personals flashback I felt like I am older and more time off for celebrated he's been a great play I don't know when you're done it once again negative about it garbled text number two who -- this player commits the three hour shoot me he signs with three school no you didn't just commit. He signed with. Three different schools and Ole miss has now. Caught him I just -- him released and what would you say Ole miss has released him well he's -- I think his name is DJ law. TJ of course stands for to Korea's long. And he has facts scholarship papers to both you at all. And Ole -- also to a junior college and so Ole miss. Has now released them -- freezes statement was after talking with Vijay and his family we are releasing him from his national letter of intent and wish in the past -- said. We have put this matter behind us. And plan to make best use. That its scholarship this was evidently also one of these mother father -- His mother Veronica Purnell. Set her son should be a rebel he signed it and then I signed it right after we've set almost in the morning time Purnell said. That afternoon DJ signed another one to Utah than his father signed it. And it was sent to Utah. Again this is an example I know we -- Arnold at the stuff. Kids torn between mom and dad pretty clearly and the kid is confused is that what happened here have you ever heard of a kid that I think that three. I've heard I -- out there are double signings that occur like from from from mom. From junior colleague when they when they may not qualify academically. The quake like last year marquis rounds and was linebacker -- east. He saw over the -- but he also side with like in a while Mo or -- is estimated one of them and that's the fault right it will be usually because like you know you have to go that route. Right and this kid probably gonna have -- going that route because there's no other reason why you do it. Never heard of signing with through division one programs I've never heard of that. That's crazy that's -- I've never heard anybody could do to. What you you can't physically do it Brent. Russell number line that Jay Leno steps down. Yeah tearful night last night as Jay Leno. Announced that he was leaving. Again they didn't announce he he he took his leave from the airwaves. Last time it took his leave was you know -- Dallas. Now. 2009. When he took his leave. Class of people just don't take you seriously after you when you leave twice right but I was very -- felt -- -- -- was very heartfelt he said that this. He said that when he joined -- that show very shortly after his parents died his brother died in the show became his family and and come on I just wanna say. I'll feel like anywhere near like that way about you. My parents are all here in -- But but I may well wonder you love your valuable you worry what day you well valuable can -- say you know why it. David siren on the Olympics. Coming up the next listened to drift off dramatically in NFL history. It's -- canceled and radio voice of the Memphis Grizzlies take out the grizzlies on the road against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night. I'm thirty -- John roses grizzlies game night and we're pregame show at six and then I'll have all the play by play from Atlanta just after 630 and 99 cents. 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Hi how are you today with a smile this -- select -- of Kroger green beans or -- are free for just 99 cents with your plus car. -- 24. Great -- low prices and program. Now back to the jets coaches you know presented by Brian elders reaching solutions live from the field for. Host on 99 FM ESPN. That. Jeff -- show on the Friday. Morning with great pleasure I. They bring back to the show gave -- he writes for the nation you can follow him on Twitter at. Edge of sports and even as the Olympics ceremony is unfolding. In associate. Dave is reporting on all sorts of things having to do with the Olympics particularly. Honestly the tension between what the Olympics are supposed to stand for. And a lot of the backdrop. So this Olympics how are you Dave. They're great to be here thanks rather than. So you -- you you've tweeted recently that already some folks in Russia have been arrested for an assist you can imagine -- -- -- understandably. For quoting the Olympic charter. Yeah actually I just posted an article for that that the nation these are for an activist in Saint Petersburg. I'm not even in Sochi and they unfurled a banner that as he's had quoted principles -- of the Olympic charter. That prince it will this principle states quote discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic movement at the international Olympic committee's own charter. And what you're gonna see in these Olympics is a lot of the rebel athletes. You're gonna see the numbers exit might be sticker on a snowboard. It might be sticker on a uniform but whatever you see that sticks it means. But they're standing up for the rights of gays and lesbians in Russia. Now what these activists were doing and Saint Petersburg was unfurling a banner over famous bridge. That had that same the principle of before they can be even under all the better. Police were on them faster than it would take you at what point in the year. Which according to what I witnessed their said. It's speaks to the fact that without question police were probably bugging their phones or -- the batter had even been unfurled and it was only sport. Autumn like a body. So that's what happened there in jail right now no one really knows of one of the people in jail as pregnant which is kinda scary. And nobody really knows what's happening but one of the things that I argue in my article is that. It's these athletes are gonna Wear the number six semi what do we had a number four also big east Saint Petersburg or because no one knows what's gonna happen to them now that they are in -- Talking to Dave desire and then you can follow him at the edge of sports let's take a step back here briefly because. That the the rhetoric around. Olympics is is that of course this is all about a holding hands and freedom and peace and whatnot. There has been a long history. Of politicizing the Olympics most notably of course I'm Hitler's Olympics in. It would have introduced 36 with 36 -- and and a Hitler's Olympics. And -- let's be honest. I was in Beijing not long ago and that was clearly. The entire Olympics was really designed to showcase everything that's good about a nation that is not all good. And. And that's every country because no nation is perfect night and every nation I mean we get there there's donation that the excluded from this -- London not the United States every nation uses the Olympics. To promote to an international audience what they feel is best about their country. And that's to be expected that's like country's bid city Olympics that's -- remember at this slapped around of Olympics when it came down between the United States Spain and Brazil. It was the presidents of those countries including Barack Obama making their directly to the International Olympic Committee. Because it's recognize it as much as BI has she likes to blather about sports and politics being separate. That the Olympics are incredibly political event of course it's political and why else would. The Olympics right now be in what is -- subtropical. Climate in Sochi. If not for a political reason I mean there's a lot of snow in Russia achieved not one of the places with us now. And yet they're happening there for a political reason because Vladimir Putin had these strings of remaking the entire -- regions of that country. And using the Olympics as a sort of stalking horse to do it. And the IOC enabled him and that project. So it is political no matter what we're totally hypocritical for the IOC to punish athletes are being political at the same time. If I guess that I did I guess that's the first question is is if it's if they are always political NN if if you sense it's always used to to. To paint one picture of a country and whether that country is. The United States won when I was in Atlanta or Los Angeles or whether it was London or whether -- Is mom. Is what we objecting to here then I I guess one and and should the whole thing I -- are you suggesting the whole thing should be abandoned or you simply saying. They can use it politically but let the athletes let protest and freedom of speech also swirl around of these games with the entire country -- country -- -- -- Yeah let's take that second question first I mean that's the first thing is yeah absolutely I think if countries in corporate sponsors are gonna use the Olympics for political ends then it's completely hypocritical to actually punish athletes. If they wanna say something about the country that area that is basically that means that the athlete is. The commodity you're the tool that is promoting back country. I mean what equipment I mean think about how we associate athletes with the Olympics themselves it's not just. Carl Lewis winning four gold as Carl Lewis in Los Angeles winning four gold -- -- saint. It's it's it's how we see these things taking place -- -- we see them playing out it's how they're remembered. So they should be able to speak but if you're asking me if I had a magic wand about the Olympics. I had a magic wand I would have the summer and winter games that if -- site every -- ears and not at the bill country to country. You get away from all the corruption in the bidding and that all the ways in which a nation all the sudden become that error targeted becomes militarized. In. All the -- in this is just a feature of every single Olympics now wherever they go out and even before 9/11 this goes back in 96 in Atlanta after the bombing bear. It's like this -- the Olympics have been listened -- hyper hypersensitive security operation. And so let's take that pressure offer these host cities of what -- able cites the clip and then. But that's -- it happened so until that does happen you have probably never will happen. They -- absolutely athletes have increased interest. You made the point in an earlier piece again talking to Dave siren. I'm in an earlier piece that why well Olympics have been politicized before and while there have been. There have been excesses injustices. And things that we can point at about every single Olympics where things have have not necessarily consistent with the Olympic spirit. Did this is a particularly rich do of those other issues including the fact. I noticed that there was a genocide. On the very site of five of these games. Yeah and it's just something they I've only learned recently as well and I've interviewed a lot of these folks people can look it up on Google they want orient -- that there were. -- people who lived in Sochi call dissertation -- And mr. KG and people know nine out of ten of them don't live. In Russia and they don't live in Russia because czar Nicholas the second inequity genocide and that's -- securely. Horrific about the that this is the 150. Anniversary it's a very secret state. Among the occasion in on the expatriate -- -- population. It's sad that the Olympics take place in Sochi Sochi by the way the search eighteen words not -- words or Casey and word. To have the Olympics take place like on -- anniversary with no mention of the six Asian people I mean it's. It's it's devastating for a lot of these families still feel a tremendous pull. And just -- some idea about its suppression. Continue to but there's a huge set six Asian population in Syria and I'm -- your listeners noticed -- a lot of violence in Syria in the last year. Russians living in Syria have been given immediate. In the group abstract immigration status to go back to Russia so they'll be safe from the civil war in Syria. Circulation in -- by Russian law that denies. The right to return to Russia and they've been stuck in Syria in the midst of the civil war. So what what else I mean when you talk about it. The I am but when you talk about the things that bother you prickly about this Olympics. What else shoot to. Like a lot of Americans I think I love dogs you know. They have extermination. Of stray dog -- after and it could be important part of that the Russian authorities promised they would not to base. But one dog. Walked out onto the field during a one of the rehearsals for the opening ceremonies. And that led to a policy about killing all the dogs and if that isn't Vladimir Putin in a nutshell. I mean all the dogs so much today because -- been dogged erupted the opening ceremony but that. Really disturbing I think people who have concerns about environmental degradation and in the wetlands of Sochi they did have a big hit it wetlands have been completely. Paved over people are concerned about workers' rights says sixty workers and died in the abstract way to make these Olympics happened people who have concerns about. It's about corruption in government I mean these are the most expensive Olympic tradition history with. Thirty billion dollars that it magically disappeared in the process of preparing to these games. I mean circus pretty much at ticket issued kind of that -- -- ever. Issued and -- can get a year's -- he care about. I mean these Olympics in some way shape or form are bringing the world together to kind of united discussed about how they're executing. The question is going to be. How much is NBC getting integrate that kind of discussion in the coverage I think. You games. I do. And I do because. I think it's you know I'm a big sports -- break. You know we get a critic in Stew of sports in this country as far as like what we get to watch and enjoy it -- -- the diversity sports. I love the idea -- she knew athletes I loved the idea of their stories. And I just I just love the idea -- sport and art and there's so much artistic ability in the Olympics I just I just wish the Olympics could come out walk carts. Read those of the and the stories are real and those athletes are real lot of sometimes they're played to sappy music. But they are real and and and it is absolutely moving and I think it's why despite it all. We get. We get in rapture didn't we we get into it and I don't I don't begrudge anybody who does and I am I play. I don't either I don't either and I've made this argument publicly in Egypt. It's pretty nonsensical. On both but I I just think we got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time we got to be able to enjoy the Olympics while not turning a blind eye to what's happening behind. Talking to Dave the siren and you wrote a book called the John -- story the sports moment that changed the world that's gotten brilliant reviews. People can still buy -- I presume on and I Amazon.com. And otherwise and of course it was from a the from the great moment he when when -- and when John Carlos was one of the athletes who who gave the black power salute. It. What did that mean what did that moment mean obviously it's one that we remember. The it but we also tend to just like we tend to -- We we tend to turn that -- Martin Luther king and a someone who he won't know it wasn't necessarily we tend to turn Mohammed Ali the 1960s Mohammed Ali. And someone he wasn't necessarily -- we think about that moment. We think about it as just another like like Mohammed Ali should play like that like that the archer shooting the -- took just an Olympic moment. The real -- of that moment. Yeah I mean that I am so glad you're asking the question -- -- because it was more than a moment it is a movement that took the course of several years of organizing. And this movement was called the Olympic project for human rights and I think one of the reasons why. That moment is revered and that's so much of what they were talking about in the movement. Are things that today's seem like very much common sense like one of their demands was the idea that they didn't want South Africa and Rhodesia. Are invited to the games as long as they were parked at countries and did not allow. Black Africans were right to compete to play on those teams they're very basic demand what are their demands that they wanted to be regarded stay ahead of the international Olympic need to step down. It's now widely recognized that he regretted it just kind of an embarrassing figured at the Olympic movement for decades somebody who is an open sympathizer of it -- Hitler and someone who had a horrible attitudes towards the idea of women competing. I mean nobody seeing more scraper bondage and they were ahead of the curve -- saying this guy should not be adding the Olympic movement we won their demands is that they're. Had to be more than just there was one African American assistant coach on the entire track and -- Team at that time despite the fact that the team was overwhelmingly African Americans they were saying where the opportunities. Opt for black coaches that you're talking about some some demands that you look back now on the 21 century and you say well that makes -- And I think that's one of the things that why we called the book quite John and I when we did the book to get excited called the sports moment that changed the world because. These things that they wanted to see changed actually worked changed and -- -- we appreciate it join us one thing I did wanna say I was that there is a class at Rhodes College which is a very fine liberal arts college here in Memphis Tennessee. And they are and it's it's there it's so writing us. And as two of the people who they are studying the work of one is me and the other and I am humbled to be in your company is you. So so they were gonna crumble now no problem so they were gonna we're gonna tune in today and it's nice to it's nice to be part of the college curriculum -- we appreciate you joining us. Thank you so much I had stayed. -- you should follow him at the edge of sports you know John Mark -- -- shady grove they actually study my right. If there really density grove elementary. It in the can guess I was have to shut up -- of elementary and you guys are to an end today. I want to miss Hargrove is quite an email yesterday because it got hurt -- some of the -- of the teacher of the class heard that the professor. That they've siren was going to be on the show. And she said. Hey we study you and we study -- siren you don't like it's gonna be like peanut butter and chocolate when a -- mine and I can't get the -- in the commercial appeal today. We'll talk about that and the biggest story we have not talked about when we come back listen to the to have gone to Germany to benefit -- It's version -- if you replace Payton Manning we've. You're playing straight inning with a little realization that great big time quarterback and still on the -- beat Seattle. And that is it for now. Everybody dug down and -- and then the guy and the best offense in the history of the NFL and it's like Darren played a bad football game that in the in the biggest. Chris mourn and show -- jays eleven until 2 PM on 929 FMC ESP. -- three big days at. 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David Aaron did that the senate does that day guys today Mehmet did I I like I like his eyes on -- well here's the thing I think he's I I think -- -- -- -- -- she's like you need to understand I don't like if you want. Have your head in hey let's. I am going to enjoy the Olympics thoroughly. But if you put your head -- snow bank I'm not gonna I'm not going to I'm not gonna help you do that exactly and and isn't it interesting that the things that John Carlos was protesting about. They don't seem fairly modest man and I don't seem fairly long. So oh we got in the rebels do their bit. Now Jeff -- and says they'll wrap the -- He's still the biggest story we didn't talk about. I wouldn't talk about a few things but obviously but what we -- weapons and the continuing I'm gonna stick with the continuing. Adventure. The majesty. Of the opening ceremonies. In Russia there's been a malfunction did you see this I tweeted there's been a bit of a malfunction over there they had come. They had a bunch of a bunch of swirling snowflakes. -- and -- the swirling snowflakes -- these ignorant snowflakes a guy. And then they're supposed to turn into the Olympics ranked. That's the sound of snowflake turning into the Olympic rings should only Ford do. So it's a lot like action to infect the entire Olympics evidently it's it's 80% complete. Much -- so that is that is that I have a -- of Russian trivia for you here -- -- Martin ready 101000 Russians. Auditioned for the opening and closing ceremonies could pick whatever song they were gonna sing. For the opening closing ceremonies. 101000 Russians so it was like it was like gut American Idol strip Russian night I didn't sing anything you want. What recent pop hit do you think was the most common audition -- Rourke Katy Perry -- of stuff. Odds that was the most. Most most common addition he's the youngest first audition was five oldest is six feet. Seven -- most common name of the women who addition. Audition and of the men who addition most common name Ashley for the women. Now old enough. Full go for the what little macho was members are the men -- for the for the -- what would be the most common name for the men who auditioned for the opening. And that closing ceremonies in Russia in Russia endorse. Not Igor Sasha. Sasha was the most common for the men and also passion. Sasha and posture for the men mug shot they have a certain rhyming themed names of -- must be hell during some of the attention. -- -- -- Where the most common names for two -- 3000 young artists are performing including circus performers. People representing seventeen nationalities working on the opening. And closing. Ceremonies on. Hi im going to watch tonight of course like what's next tournament. Here's the -- just fastener quote of the day. It's not a good sign if you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint. Then by all means paint. And that voice will be silenced. Com home happen if you hear bush -- -- and you can -- -- -- to that would -- but the phone to a good sense objected to that kind of like it is a delicate it is before. The quote is it failed -- today subjected to this -- go ahead with your high. This is just passed there. I can get to the phone right now but if you leave your name and number in a brief message. I give back -- you just as soon as I can and remember. If you hear a voice within you say you cannot play the four guards at the same time then by all means play the guards at the same time. And that voice will not be silenced if you hear a voice within you save -- -- -- don't paint. Then by all means paint and that voice will be silence. Nobody would never that whenever it's kind of it's it's very zen. By the way update update from the from the parade of athletes. Zimbabwe. Gets a break this year you know why now. They're not at the end in the Russian alphabet she is close to the stuff so Zimbabwe. Doesn't have to wait to the end this year good bomb in the US in the order of nations guess what number. Out of how many. Apparently -- -- provider -- totally college 12066. US is 66. In the order of nations. I will say are you rooting for America in this in this Olympics. I always root for America in the Olympics what are you talking about I think I know I don't I don't think you know there was a time when I rooted for -- When when and how was a Memphis grizzly I called some brief but -- What -- a Memphis grizzly I thought he was the only he was the only grizzly on a team. I -- how well you're not a patriot what is wrong wishing you all our patriot how people can't relate to it because they don't right now country they don't like how anymore any -- prior to -- -- -- very -- and that was the year when -- when the when the Memphis what when -- women men's team won the men's Olympic team. Was selfish it was the day I yeah it was -- it was one Allen Iverson was on that team -- the team was kind of a disgrace. And deaf people got sick of that team I said you know what let's then talk. The Spanish team is plays like a team that and it's got power on and so -- sort of -- I would I I am Bob -- with you. I was kind of written fur around. I was kind of refer appellant Spaniards go ahead what's next. Now John Martin gets does not did you see Bob Costas is hide. It's I I can't even look at it under the approach I'm afraid to look at it. Like my mail it doesn't I mean do something that David and I can't look as you'd love Bob Costas Bob Costas is the best. But I can't look at him right now. I cannot watch him. It is disturbing at William Watson some gross movies. I think he's it's he's doing and sympathy. With those religiously oppressed crying with the oppressed people. No he's got a little bit of an -- issue there's no question he's got an -- issue what you've done to Bob Costas what I say but what are you gonna do you have to soldier on I mean isn't isn't. Bob Costa -- with that I hate to think that that's -- It had a Bob Costas too isn't it now isn't it a little bit like Willis Reed coming out when he's injured and isn't it isn't at the same thing or -- it like. -- went when Michael Jordan was sick to reflect on the toilet he still showed up and he did his thing and hit the game winning shot I think that was against. Against. Think it's against Karl organs the mailman I wasn't that wasn't against was lead in suggested that yes it was a -- I think so. So so I use thought here's what happens a Newser dot and you think oh gross. I saw anything warrior about war and -- what a warrior. Profiles and what a war. What's next now the final word yet so they -- tigers are hosting game day down at FedEx Forum tomorrow morning and you -- or even the slightest bit inclined. You should go. -- university needs. -- community needs to your nation. Stay warm everybody. Have a great weekend. We'll be back to do this whole thing again. My brother is going to be in studio with Chris Vernon coming up next give us into the Jeff Duncan -- 92 none of them ESPN I work here is done. This is WM SSS -- you'll go. Home of Mike and Mike in the morning line weekdays from 5 AM till 981 Memphis in sports station 99 -- -- ESPN and. 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