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The Chris Vernon Show - 2/11/14 - Hour 1 w/ ESPN's Stephen A. Smith In-Studio

Feb 11, 2014|

Hour 1 of the Tuesday, February 11th 2014 edition of The Chris Vernon Show: Segment 1 (Verno opens up talking about the college basketball from last night and then the Olympics); Segment 2 (ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is in town to speak at The University of Memphis. He'll join the show in-studio.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Loans are subject to credit policies and approval rates terms and conditions are subject to. WMS assets and an easy one Bartlett to WMMS Memphis with a 1000 dollar cash -- coated. Three and six -- to listen to 92 -- nine and type the -- in 1990 espn.com slash K on the phone or computer. And they have won 45545. In four games. He remarkably consistent browns fired general manager Mike Lombardi today announced the CEO Joseph batters stepping down. Under Jimmy has named assistant general manager -- former. The new GM. He -- against Adams Jefferson as the browns difficulty in firing new finding a new head coach and everything to do it today shake up. Now you go back to last year and this year can you see the number of candidates and basically. On the chance to. You figure out what's going on here. Exactly would you. Was wondering farmer was also a candidate for the dolphins general manager's job. He sat out last game season with a torn ACL today's Winter Olympics in Sochi American Kevin -- who won a silver. In order to slow supplement ephedra finishing first in today's qualifying show on -- goes for the goal later today. In the finals in the have played US is now won six medals. Norway leads all countries within. Big Ten showdown tonight fifteenth ranked Michigan number 42 Ohio State 9 o'clock eastern time on ESPN's. You hate how extensive racers aren't for a couple of bucks a month dollar shave club dog comes to an open quality pitchers right. That's that's a fraction of what fifty companies charge ten dollars chip club -- -- better. Save time save money doing dollars coupons dot com. -- from the bank of -- studios it's the and show broadcasting live on 99 FM ESPN. News. They do not FF VF Casper Smart -- Love love love love Augusta Tuesday February 11 two dozen fourteen edition of the show. Today on -- show Stephen -- Smith is bouncing around here at the and -- -- studios -- diagram in coming here with us. And chabot -- was Stephen Lang. Senator Carol the legendary show executive the godfather aggressor basketball and is appalled by what has happened live. Market is Smart he'll join us on the serve today if you wanna get into this very funds on Twitter at Chris Vernon show one word Chris Vernon show. You can also call at 535 ESPN 5353776. Really got two games left before the all star break big games including one tonight against the Washington Wizards -- we'll give you reasons to hate. The Washington. Wizards also got the news on the Memphis Tigers an injury updates on the Memphis Grizzlies. It is they'd -- today it's still called -- semi ill. -- -- -- -- November -- have a good day. Last night what is. Not not because there obviously is no tigers -- no grizzlies I ended watching the Kansas Kansas State game. That was on ESP yen because. Literally I think every single game. That Kansas has played this season is on ES for every time I turn on ESPN Kansas play. I know more about bad -- to maybe any other college basketball team. And they do have two potential top five draft picks maybe the top two picks in the draft enjoy OMB downed and Andrew Wiggins but Kansas State. Who over the weekend had gotten up a good win and a game against. At a game against Kansas last night and ended up going to overtime. Do it and it went over time ago Wiggins made like just one -- -- for ridiculous plays some are seeing. Drove to the basket he missed a -- Iraqis drive and whore to the basket to the right for those either didn't see this. He's driving hard to the basket to the right. And shoot a lay up off the glass and goes off the rim. And Danny gets tipped in. And a -- I don't even know what's happening at the time. But then I go back to watch in the show the replay. He's the one that tips it didn't. He missile lay -- went to the basket and ran back out under the bands get jumped up and it is -- home is that I don't. Carolina Senator -- ever seen it was. I -- I -- still can't believe he did it. In the city -- athletic life. One of -- I have not. I am not familiar with the kids then end up getting away and president's Bruce -- -- used to be at Illinois. He's a coach there and I guess is they -- pretty tough. And those -- go wait for them but I had to weather as what I ended up. Watson was that I did flip over to the Winter Olympics and I only took over the Winter Olympics for a moment because everybody is -- and on. Bob Costas is eyes which I feel bad for bobcats this man. There you go artists OG go to Russia. And they get in guy in one guy nervous kind of goof on you. And then you give can -- -- otherwise and does that top spot and get ping guy and both eyes. And then here I know I go bullied me and you Gupta thank god that you got to be on national television one worldwide are actually worldwide television. And an air of as I goof -- Wright make of Photoshop so -- view and that they I get to replace him with Matt Lauer. But to -- guys and I am I mean I think are bad enough lead to -- guys as -- and left foot that overdo it's it's -- got his eyeballs. Never really took me at these Winter Olympics and then I saw the clip of it it was a de markers somebody. There's other -- like Olympic moment that took place last night I don't know how many of you were watching this -- saw this but evidently like last night. There's this guy. These speed skating and I may get some of the details wrong on this but this what I saw. He speed skating and they're like. And he needs a 54 point eight and Mike are analog sensor and it yeah I mean you tell me good time he's got a guy and as you know and they're really good and then. I think it was Denmark and sweep the board. So anyway the guy like Y and. And they. The cross the finish line. And they say. That I might. Oh I like -- just -- -- bed and these guys like these guys end up in the air. He's he's he's clutter on the guy's got his -- waved in the air and then -- Many meals overt he wrote in his hands it'll -- our -- and I like as the greatest moment of his life right keep on working. His whole life. For this moment. And then the announcer. Is like. All. Oh yeah president clock malfunction and index finger -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- like I. You could do our thing. Lower think it ever happened you. Know you're all I keep you weren't at this moment and -- like there's a number you've got to get. And then you get the number and you look up at the board and the number is exactly what you needed. And then they're like oh sorry. The clock messed up the air actually your prison. Time is not actually what did you do I get the gold medal so you know like. You know I just felt like the greatest thing in the world -- have been here yet that didn't and it's actually there and how it happened so. Sorry about that. Omar I honestly. I would lose my mind. Year old wide. And then they tell you here's what you have to run. In order to win the gold medal. And then you do it and then they say follow. Sorry man. Is a backlog. That. No way and so it saw that Olympic moment. He had though I'm not I still like I told you. I was only aware of what is named the Flying Tomato John why Watson and a -- does anyway. I don't care about it. That I'm aware of him I know who that is. I knew the guy -- like the real cantankerous. In the under the bed than the -- instead in the massive ego. That Bode Miller. Bode Miller right. If I guess nobody likes them out but I'm aware of him right -- I'm aware of -- -- I don't even know what he's involved in and honestly. And and -- like document like. When it in the Summer Olympics are going on others less going on and I'm probably I probably watch more of it simply because. They're not that I'd baseball's only other thing that it's really up against at that time. Led. And probably the reason but. And even have a lot alike and all that you do Gabby Douglas and do the whole gymnastics team. With the girls though the whole girls gymnastic team -- their -- -- whatever name is it was make in the lake in the frowning face and a it was just became part of -- -- giveaway here. Of everything going on with the Summer Olympics. And most the athletes and accorsi -- double -- Jones going into the thing -- she was a bust but. The a goes away year. Of of the summer Olympic -- I don't feel as if I am -- a waiter I don't know anybody I guy I know Shaun White from like a long time ago. And I know Bode Miller from like a long time ago but I don't. I couldn't name you want to do like the figure skating except -- a barrel an image any good at so I just. I'll sit around watching Kansas Kansas they last night and Andrew Wiggins and Joseph MB and that flipped over and a guy like gets a clock malfunction lose a gold medal but that was -- bad. The only thing that I saw a welcome John -- to the show. John -- are AKA the coroner. Your AKA the body spray banded AKA seeing your sac AKA. Carlos danger 444. Point four. AKA Johnny velvet Johnny bear -- Johnny bag pulled Johnny Apple -- AKA. Red roses are red rose there's -- and shiny on overrun out low. Some. What did you -- Mud in that role for. Plus wrestling or there because again I'm going to wrestle mania so I'm I'm. The -- wrestle mania some are we keep up with everything our Breslin. You to repeat -- -- that you know ice all I know this one now. Kate Hanson she's old she's Lou juror. -- -- On for the USA and only reason I know her because there's a just corner on yesterday she listens to be -- say oh the one that was -- and warm up I saw that -- I'd like I know her now because of that what's her name Kate Hanson. Packed these candidates -- to -- data to beyoncé loveless and beyoncé before a -- we have guys that prevents. I saw that as of a video over yet but does it seem like money and I Ron that was -- -- wrestling and that was. Have you had any of the Winter Olympics of you know. Now I I know. I did at the flip over to see Bob Costas is -- I -- -- -- that's all anybody when it went all anybody's talking about with a -- Olympics I didn't see anything relevant. I get Scott -- all -- bloody from the commercial -- post about. Did you like some cute dogs. Some stray dogs over in -- -- have a good reporting. And yeah man all there's about a buck is eyeballs. Ever since come from the Olympics site just held its launch of Americans. Like American Media members is pissed off about. The way people live in Sochi -- like oh my gosh the the water the drinking water the tap water is brown. Yeah remains is complaining about it rehab on everything over there like they don't live in Indianapolis it's not up to their American standards regarding what I thought about this guy Donnie. Said it was a clock adjustment he missed the gold by point 01. Well cool man that's robust and this is fastest time by far. When -- attempt tumble you -- pretty tough is -- -- he lost the gold by point. 012. That's what happened bad that I saw. All my gash you lose by point 01. There's not a good and can't cancel we'll pretty tough loss there and that is the lawyers demand yeah yeah. Isaiah that that was the going up and it can act so what was a girl named Kate Hanson Kate hand. There's no other one you're aware yes well then you know some hockey guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I and I you know let us another. So another dudes name that was on there that I know. Who I grew up by if it's the same guys which is Peter Stastny. Peter Stastny write his father was like he's like his legend in Quebec. Peters asked yeah brand and is a legend in Quebec. And he came over and play for the saint Louis blues and in our neighborhood like our neighbor was. When I was growing up one of my neighbors was Jeff Brown it was a defenseman for the saint Louis blues and his roommate. Was. Who I think a lot of -- loss for fans actually be aware of our own. Whether you care about hockey or not you'll know the name rod Brenda -- -- bring more and brown were both. Like young hockey players and they just bought a house in our neighborhood. And so like all thank everybody would go over there and hang out and they had like a mini full court basketball. Set up in their back York. They would let all must go over their plight rightly you know my buddies because one of the goals would lower. So you can go and you could -- -- whatever I -- at -- bad boy I mean date is tricked out. And so. And we wind -- both those guys ended up. Being done with the blows and they sold their house to this guy Peter Stastny who had two kids little kids gone says he was horrible and then I think this is the other one. Who ended up and I did both grew up to become professional hockey players that. That was way older right I mean I'm an item I'd imagine once again they were there are little kids and -- graduated from high school. The older one wasn't you've probably. Eleven or twelve but then this one would have been a little -- Today he grew up bright I mean he was right down the street from us. When I was growing up and I think I think pretty awesome to push an avalanche. A team USA right. So I'm I'm certainly aware of their name the -- he's in the take a pretty significant hockey -- only for sure but I saw it name and on the roster. Of of who's going to be -- Today. I will watch that -- -- but I've not gotten and then anything else not them and they don't I just feel they ever built anything up brilliantly -- -- I think the more and more IC added it like -- -- -- indicator I am not a fan of skiing. Like I don't I don't like watching anything involving skiing ages bores me. Take a legal off those like. Giant ramps and they're just having to do in the fully open in the air on skis Christ I don't find any of it entertaining -- the skiing stuff I don't. I know why. I don't say it's like. Just not entertained by a like X games stuff and I'm not in the -- games either. Now there is -- I admitted they don't the W figure this out a talk there. All right and generally. In fact I'm trying to think there's an. I like I did any -- where the competition is decided like in a race all our. Briefed. I don't like anything judge how about that yet because I had that. They -- I think is a way for me is that right. But you do racing down volume is -- skiers like a racing downhill yeah every dollar debt now a gadget -- do I like anything that's judge. Yeah where they did big big come all the ramp one guy comes off -- ramp skis down and goes off the rampant he does like three flips in the air any lands. And Nike gets a score of -- and then another guy comes down the ramp and he does two and a half flips and does something else and he gets an 88 in my head -- It's like you're doing the balance beams in the Summer Olympics I would not a job. I can judge like boxing. Yeah. I guess that's where -- a boxing I mean is just given there's there there is ending to it yet whether it's all who who's throwing and landing the most punches -- and -- and there -- -- -- I you could you could teach somebody how to be a boxing judge rather quickly. -- maybe Biden to how the judging worked on all this I guess I don't feel like I can never really argue with. You know I mean my god believe it -- robbed him but that's. It -- only -- I -- because I I typically you'll typically get into the figure skating stuff. I can figure skating -- the way gymnastics like him to get in it women's figure skating in the Olympics is is pretty entertaining now -- and I mean -- it yeah I don't I don't know -- I -- -- I don't find it boring but what are you talking about -- -- -- like all I know the only thing I know -- like the triple -- make you jump and you spend three times in the -- and you try to land like I know that I know what that is. And it's like really hard to do. In most people don't end up landing them to use and falling down you have not wise you would not watch figure skating is it was like yeah I mean but he auction. You wouldn't -- Like I agree every -- get chicks are. At a -- that brawl is it wants money not all -- and I raw land tonight. Keep dogging him I do want money that we'll. -- I don't like figures they're good -- bobsledding started yet because I -- see the Jamaican bobsled team and no we don't. Entertaining thing was ever gonna watch curling their oil drilling yet I. A little broom thing only. They were denied that wanted it but the prison. It's obviously. When the biggest story that everybody's talking about a social media is. -- houses in red eyeballs. You know that they haven't made the general public care all that much about somebody. Really have a big game the -- big game tonight ploy. Again. By the -- wizards at FedEx Forum. We'll talk about that we come back and where they are in the standings they got two games left before this all star break. And they got to win these next two going into the all star break they got to win these next -- the talk about we come back Chris carnage. Next story and Tuesday to extort came right out of 63215. For your chance to win at 31 dollar gift certificate and a sweetheart -- And Baskin Robbins ice cream just in time for Valentine's Day again -- okay. Now busy street 215 you can win a 31 dollar gift certificate and a sweetheart came from. 99 about ESPN just runs -- you can count on. You can't resist. Love is in the air and digital says the place for your special Valentine -- Select from an array of beautiful heart shaped boxes and let utensils and pack an assortment of fresh chocolates from caramel and -- -- -- in creams to nuts and truffles and don't forget that cash crunch. And the journalists. 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Actress harness loyalist killers in studio Stephen A Smith isn't down from ESPN ESPN's first take was automatic I don't. How are you doing doing great man thank you have them what are you doing a man that I got to. Give a speech -- message university night. Tom Barrett -- -- starts at around 630 is so you know so I sometimes oh my schedule real busy and I I turned down most opportunities bullet. You know about 1520 times a year -- a lecture circuit and you know I'm looking forward to -- -- talk it's a lot of college students given us some insight into what out what's out there what awaits them eccentrics entrant. They invited me down and had opened in the my schedule because I was -- you'll leaves all star break they're gossip as a result I just stopped on to wanna -- here. What is the what is the Stephen -- Smith speech. It depends I mean I look at -- I don't write anything down I speak directly from the -- My keep it is really you know me to be and you know just really try to motivate them and make them understand. You know the world doesn't owe you anything. The world knows it and so you have to understand it's gonna be on your granny got to go about the business of giving which you want. And try to really just showed him how to go about doing. I'm fascinated in this because I don't know about you right so is Stephen A Smith when you -- -- was its own state university historically black college. I'm -- -- with some of Cologne and you get out of college and what. Well I got out of college festival of the numerous internship while I was in college even while I was on a basketball team out. -- for the school newspaper and and ultimately worked for the local weekly and now works for the local daily and an internship at the Atlanta journal constitution. And I came back and I started off as an editorial assistant clerk from Greensboro news record. -- work in India are still high slash high point bureau and then after that I started off as a high school right at the New York Daily News where I work for fourteen months. Before going to the Philadelphia Inquirer. And standing of the sixteen years and while I was at Philadelphia Inquirer and any opportunity he worked for CNN SI is a as a MBA inside represented itself in the NAFTA that transition a fox sports. Then after that night I went to ESPN. That's where I've been. I let's go back today than it -- high school reporter for the New York Daily News is there that's what you start to catch the break right now you're in media market number one in Europe a massive paper. Well listen it's a massive paper was number seven in the country in terms of size subscription eccentric. It was my hometown paper. And what I did was while I was an intern and ultimately a clerk in Greensboro. I had kept accumulating clips you know I was to a school lunch menus calendar items birth listings in Greensboro. Those are our steals last -- point. Bureau for the greens -- -- a racquet. But when I wanted to -- actual auto schools covered high school sports. I had to do that in my off time solid work as a clerk from 8 AM 4:30 PM on and off site 5 PM. And then after that from 7 o'clock until midnight I've covered high school sports while in that area. Off a high school basketball high school football and I had to do that for free the pay off was done a great slash publish my clips. -- -- ultimately when I got to the New York Daily News because they allowed me to do a few freelance articles and a great -- tiny Archibald wasn't talking to the media. Did daily news asked to go on into a feature on him because he's offers mass is used to work in the community eccentrics Richard. How all the tennis that I really appreciate your help me and I'm never I'm trying to be a sportswriter and one of the times they gave me was to teach you to talk to me. And so he said we'll come back here and he allowed me to talk with him for two days straight. Why -- ultimately that started my career but it was something some little what I did before when I was working and for the -- local paper it was the Salem. It started off as a clerk. But Dan you know I was very blessed and fortunate to support to the them at this time either write a big feature -- Wake Forest soc which is ranked torrid third in the nation what does a clerk did. For those -- when you -- Eric and get material you know a whole bunch of stuff that's very difficult to explain in terms of framing the amount of space an article has editing little cliff note items is stuff. That you see -- -- -- -- well on to saint taken a nautical flags that right condensing it. 21 that you work right here now into stuff like that you do and at all they going to work with the and it isn't just doing what they ask you to do you know sometimes going to get kickoff these -- run and Aaron. For them all this other stuff. This what's that they asked me to go out the it is before the story that's rejuvenate a watchable. Scores what's -- and asked me to go out there and do a story a Wake -- soccer Al walked up to head coach Walsh is -- Who's now passed away guy rests solely passed away from KFC has got. And I said Tim I know absolutely positively nothing about -- The only soccer match I've ever seen this alien in 1980 Olympic I said I need I really really need you help me if you can't. And he said come back the next day for the next three days he gave me complete -- -- access to his entire team. Summoned all the play is over it's that you ought to give him all the access that he wants. And all the play is on the team along with their head coach he interviews that I needed. Anything they gave it to me but more importantly he allowed me to sit on the sidelines with him. For three days and literally watched him conduct practice. And -- and the players combined. To teach me the game of soccer -- and so as a result that turned in to a big two page pullout peace there was the Salem journal. And the next day the sports editor called me in office he said congratulations. -- -- new beat writer for Wake Forest Pakistani. And I covered you gotta wait or soccer beat soccer beat writer for the entire year while you know so I mean. Yes there is something they would not have expected to be in the past there's even realize it it's it's did you know it it it it's -- and formulated everything that that -- ultimately become in this business I mean my momma raised me to be a fair minded due -- would have used so. I pride myself and just calling it like I see it. But the flip side to witness an incredible level of compassion from the streets in New York City and -- -- -- not go down south. And then I've got editor. It would be nothing but you know he's a white editor with nothing but white copy at this and all this stuff. Reaching out helping me like I was an adopted son and then you know you go out the end the opportunities that they gave me just shorter. Reshaped and formulated everything that I knew I had known the world to be right and it just opened up my mind to so many different things and you know no matter what I accomplished what I do I can give -- -- Terry L believe it's -- moment is still wish jackets Steve man the list goes on and on. These -- guys I work with. 25 years ago and I remember them as if it -- yesterday when I go back to Winston-Salem when I have time always go body off Ostrosky who's still there because. I owe a debt of gratitude to them I would have to create that I have before we're not them. This is say I did tonight over at the University of Memphis this is going immediate media I believe -- by journalist does is putting the soccer tennis so for young African American college students that are trying to get into the media it is clearly a different world now -- that it was when you're coming -- -- there there were very few in the newspaper industry and there are very few -- of yours right around your age they got into the newspaper industry as a black journalists -- so now all. What is the advice because do you think the advice is the same. To house so you got involved as it as it is today it kidnapped in some respects here. And it's applicable to all of -- is applicable to use of that one of the guys and both as applicable to me and everybody else because first thing you got to be is about the business of being on your grind. An understanding that no short cuts will be allowed. Nothing worth having is going to come do you easy. And when you're young you web Bonnie is your breath smell like some elect you don't need to be worried about money. He need to be thinking about the opportunities. That present itself you do acquire as much experience as you possibly can so when the big opportunities coming your way you qualified and ready to deal with that. Sometimes what level we define success can come too early it can arrive before we're ready for it and we've fallen on faced. Is taught as it was to get their first opportunity it's going to be even -- -- -- get second opportunity because you flock when the first opportunity. Came around so -- -- kind of messes that you want to send ritual also wanna make sure that folks understand. It's a different world. Newspaper industry. Was driving at one point that's not the case now print industry has -- going anywhere dot com exited the digital waste except. But the fact is is dead -- the newspaper writer is not something that I would advise anybody to go to college in APA education and look forward to you in terms of subsidizing you throughout the alive because we're moving in a different -- the digital age has taken over. It's not just the printed word in the digital age it's also the verbal you know which verbalize. And see because even would dot com this stuff like that again UC video or -- so derby and diversified. Having a diverse skills they've been able to do more than just one thing is incredibly important plus the obvious stuff networking. Cultivating resource is making sure that you learn how to do that. Understanding that you can't get anywhere worth going to all by feel lonesome is going to have to be somebody in the position of influence. To extend a helping hand to help you along the way. It says it is assistant elevating the priority to learn how to ingratiate yourself what a lot of people. That way you understand that you have to communicate with the real world you don't get to -- look cool. The all by you alone some huddled at home. Let it sit Friday a laptop that they can that you can just do the work that way they are some wood and blessed and fortunate enough to pull that off. A -- law which you're not going to be able to get away with that wouldn't be successful. You're gonna have to have to personal skills it's going after resonate otherwise -- falling pacing back and get into. He is Stephen A Smith joining us in studio on the Chris Vernon show aren't win your read that you said he spent sixteen years in the Philadelphia enquirer look at that point do you think. That's the pinnacle. That's what I want to be if if I -- this job for the rest of my career I am a columnist at a massive paper. In a big city at that time you don't know what the world's gonna come right you don't know that the -- going to marginalized. Newspapers etc. etc. Or what did you want. Kabila sub but it's sure it's your responsibility to see the forest from the trees is your responsibility to see. The direction an industry that you endorse by the BM is going. Even though I was a newspaper writing and even though. I was a columnist and as an African American being the columnist I was only number 21 in the United States is to reach the only twenty columnist of African American dissent. In American history in the world sports before I became number 21. So it's it's it's it's it's very difficult to accomplish because you have the license to editorialize and give your opinion. If black reporters who give opportunities to report on a new. But to provide an opinion about it was an entirely different -- world now would the advent of ESPN and fox sports Comcast the list goes on and on. Opinions are coveted. It's so you have a license more so than a global Ford actually do that but you still have a life he still had an obligation to see yet is a lot of people in -- -- is treated as he got a comment. They kept writing the articles the Caribbean fixated on being unionized -- within the corn that was that particular newspaper but that particular business. And they got stuck the -- all of a sudden wind change hit them they were prepared to make to transition. Because they didn't see it come and they want prefer they want prepared for change and as a result they lagged behind what you -- coming I sort of newspaper industry -- you do it eyesore -- I why I don't wanna say -- what made you what made you seeded. When did you go when I was doing a better figure out something else to -- it way. Death in 2000 in Philadelphia 76ers. Going to finals 2001 Alan Johnson was sensational and you know they went up because that's caught in the semifinals went up against Ray Allen Glenn big dog robs the Stamkos syllables -- in the Eastern Conference finals went up against the lakers in the finals. You don't you saw. I'm breaking stories meant I. I mean I'm making notes and you know five minutes later what that -- The newspaper. Heat -- had a radio static it was as if they broke the story. And you saw that no one really really cared. Did you read the newspaper what they know -- the Philadelphia Inquirer but it didn't matter as much as to view. And this kid word because people had an opportunity. To sit there really engage in great shape themselves -- the conversation. If you're reading a newspaper you're reading. Even if you're reading it on line you're reading it you might get an opportunity to respond via email but is that the same as being -- front of the microphone a radio know that the same as being in front of camera on television and having an opportunity to opine and really give your thoughts about it. No it is not as so give -- the public. At -- you could see it was. Was gravitating toward that at the Mets in the fact that I'm Smart enough to investigate and see that the money was that experience of greater than those mediums and it was. In the paper and so that was -- and that -- another attractive because I am an -- us and I'm not a Republican I'm not a Democrat I'm a registered independent. You know I'm a fiscal conservative and -- -- -- -- -- social moderate but I am a proud capitalism my brother let that is imminently I'm not even make some money whatever odd and that the opportunity was out there to get. Peyton is significantly better right there what it was talking 51015. Times about a ride in a newspaper industry was badly. It was really a no brainer I was shot -- going that direction. No problem with it is Stephen it's -- joining us in studio do you miss writing well no because I still write occasionally are right for the espn.com. Right ESPN New York dot com so I still have my hands and and I'm in the process get greater write a book -- at. All those things they still. They still mad at me because the written word nothing is more powerfully putting something important and people having -- the had to see for themselves but at the same time. I've always been somebody who could verbalize articulated the Q my thoughts and that to me is incredibly. Important because no matter what. Actually write a great 800 words a thousand word ought to go SE column eccentric. Mom and I've already used over 101000 words in the last all I've met its docket -- since they've got this at all mortgage you can say. You know that you can write do you think it is important to have that background yes. You do it because it's -- days so when you when you talk to win when you talk to be at this group of students tonight you do incurred while you say. Don't don't put your eggs in the newspaper bad does it scare you should develop if you have it. If you have especially if you aspired to be in this business because there's a level of credibility like listen you can be a great radio host okay. But the fact is if you've got haters out there. They will try to tear you down. And it's much easier to do let's save this -- -- I don't know your ratings but comment on talk to you and I imagine you know you pretty damn good at which you don't want a must say I'm impressed. And the bottom line is is that. Chances are you got good ratings but let's just say for the sake of argument that wasn't the case. It's a problem. If you don't have the credibility. To validate and back you up because that you can be challenged by anybody. See people come -- me all the time they hate on me all the time and we all know this and it's par for the course you gotta have alligator skin. But mark ma ma ma ma ma foundation my claim to fame is. No matter how hard you try you can't take away the twenty years operated in the business. You can't take away the sixteen years and our role for the Philadelphia enquirer you can't take away the nine Toms I got promoted inside a thirteen years Spain. You can't take away the fact that I was a general sports columnist and I was an NBA columnist before that. I was a beat writer for twelve years. You can't do it you can try all you want to you can talk all the nonsense but no one can take that away from me. If I didn't hat that. -- credibility would be questioned all the time because people was say who would help you. Why should I listen to you why do you get a license to talk about these NBA plays and talk about culture and all of the stuff. I can do that. But actually you can't. Because I was to be right for thirteen years. Not the one that covered it and I covered it every day and I traveled every week it would team understand the nuances of what we do and how we go about doing it. As it did. When you have that background it's almost like they what they say about an education once you have it. Can never be taken away from you no matter how the trial on Twitter people attack -- all the time to think I ought to debate was -- I think absolutely you would welcome. But in the twenty is up with a first. And would welcome to -- a debate credit that led criticism does bother. You know what no you do appear to be the guy with the alligator skin and you know to be able to -- to try to ward off the truth is no criticism bothers me if history. What's Bible like if I'm wrong about I don't -- -- you got me. -- what Tom just a few months ago I made a mistake I didn't have a context and I forgot it Derrick -- had -- out his contract because most the athletes that I communicate with. Those numbers are look at they actually have an out and opt out like a ye able what are -- country -- abroad will -- -- like Carmelo will the summit they usually have that. -- -- -- That the Chicago Bulls negotiated a argued it would Derrick Rose with the is -- out so they went there. -- Chicago it in the city of Chicago as David said this he was wrong agent had me on a radio show. That Saturday morning at the guy is talking I think it's now. I was wrong. I made a mistake. Is this something else deficit. Who's not informed. Us. I'm not perfect. I messed up I have -- Koch -- the enemy now I can tell you what he's make it to the penny but at the top that I say that I completely forgot. Derrick Rose had an opt -- closed in this context -- so what I'm saying do you is. If something is right. I don't mind addresses acknowledging that I'm wrong and move before because -- be off. I what bothers me is he would -- question when -- lied to. When I believe it's part of me somebody that knows better you and they still put a lie out if you read that while you're skip it become. Incredible targets for media members tried other ideas there all right -- lords -- -- -- and that -- and and and one of the major criticisms is that first take is dumbing down. Sports board that it is today did it comes down sport and that two guys just yelling at each other. On the -- that this is it's OK now it's good because you guys have unbelievable ratings and because you got to become incredibly famous for this show it is held up as what's wrong with sports media. The ball that's BS. Let's be clear about that secondly. Dole's people. Any time you want to debate I'm talking about people in this industry that have earned their stripes you welcome to try. Bring at all. Let's see what happens to you if you think you debate me immortal welcome to track you think you can debate skip immortal welcomed the truck. Yet understand -- people we usually attacks skip suppressed they don't realize it but usually attacking his perspective. -- -- Acts because he usually has the backs down pat is just that he'll take a perspective you like you're clueless like you know this guy says that Tim Tebow could borrow. I don't care -- Udall Bob let the seven of four -- -- -- 316. Passing yards against the Pittsburgh -- that I want up Gaby what can bottled. I don't -- IST man can't -- but couples say he wins he wins he -- it sort of point I'm trying to make use that you might think it asked not but that's how he deals. But he hasn't compromised back to do it he just has its own perspective how can you argue with somebody's perspective -- they have the facts to support you can disbelief that. You can dismiss it but you can't argue with that the waste some folks -- The fact is also look around fox and Comcast. Local television stations tell me width is not a debate -- Everybody's debate so why do you have a problem with Hamas. Have a problem with us -- as -- on national TV. Cause we're rated number one on channel on ESPN to cause we doing what you wanna do cause we're probably making more money than -- is that what subsection. Get overweight because if you could be in the position you're. And last but not east. Does the one thing that outfit outlets keep -- speaks for itself wellness and I said this is where I -- a lot of folks tell me one time you've -- -- is cellmark Alex. Steve today bombastic the -- to all the other stuff. When have you ever seen me just respect my comics it does not happen if an athlete disrespect I may not know who you law. Some guys in Memphis. -- Zach Randolph all -- Mike -- -- by you know what I'll say what he said. Sure it was wrong how -- -- disrespectful that's how much -- -- and doing his job because a protective of the industry. I understand what comes along with territory. And I don't get court up in personalized. Feel it's about whether I'm better or worse somebody else. You come to work with a job to do every -- the station high judicial appointment Airways and perform to the best that you ability and that's what you do and neither myself or anybody in this industry has a right to denigrate -- disrespect duke in any wages because they wished they were weak US city. You earned a right to say -- you do all what you do element kick rocks what I do every day. And that we are -- front because I understand this professional decorum that comes with it. And people who wanna talk about us that way. Are either people -- jealous and envious of us all people in the Blogosphere. Who are trying to replace us. By making sure did feel more credible. And guess what on occasion they may be which you know why because they don't have to go -- political terrain that we had to go through to get to win a week off. You don't think when I saw Howard Cosell on TV when I was a kid. I -- this body dude I don't believe I can do you don't see when hostile Bob Costas or Bryant Gumbel on TV -- and based. I didn't believe that I could do the job as well of course I did but it would Jews that they had to pay. It was a process. That they had to go to get to win they are you have people in this day and age -- will fortunate enough to escape it. And didn't think they have the right to judge you when he didn't have to go to which you had to go to because they came up the. I had before before we go to this break right and I know we we gotta go to this break let's even -- hear how he lives on on our show on regular occasion you that you live on the ship really. Boy he's incredibly nice than people realize even though -- did you run as changing. And then they'll tell you know times when he took the environment then we'll talk to you and I -- -- sounds like. I mean it's. It until you met a sentimental don't take -- Bethlehem Bethlehem because of that and yeah. Knew what -- call. -- -- -- OK against Tim Duncan San Antonio don't call them. -- Does that have knows that the years and -- lucky to have them but I didn't appreciate the fact they got swept him about that this the grizzlies go to the finals and appreciated either. Was very upset. But I've got -- Maybe this year they get another shot and I doubt it they're not good enough and I don't like the fact that Lionel Hollins is going he should have still been here you think he's gonna get the Detroit got no. Now now he might but I don't think so I don't think that's who they want I think your own once Thomas. Who currently don't the two point seven billion dollar man that graduated from Michigan State loves Tom -- Once Thomas and Tommy Izzo might win a national championship this year might -- you know what watch out for which is because they watch officer accused. And do I like these young dad he's my coach K has never had the -- It's at his disposal that he has right now in this Kidd Parker doubt I don't yell all the stuff about Wiggins and out talk. Great to have you in Memphis thanks to come and -- man -- man appreciate you have to be back after this course -- on ninety none of them ESPN. 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