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Grizzlies G Mike Miller on The Chris Vernon Show 2/19/14

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I know it is Mike Miller's birthday and I know it is his birthday after an unbelievable performance last cycle about the bench. Twenty minutes seven for eleven from the field five of seven from three. Nineteen point. And today is his 34 burst the Mike Miller joins us on the show now. They though. But I heard today by the way. But organized for. -- -- ninth birthday let it let it fly indeed. What -- the let it fly energy drink going to be where I can just go buy it. You know got -- stores now in I don't know I don't know global list level but Lowe's start well but. -- forward you know to reduce -- lessons. Do I knocked down a bunt that open threes if I start drinking and let -- fly energy drink that -- -- do you gonna give credit to the lead applied energy drink get to the game was -- Art I can't because of the dead zone that culprit now they're the figure all that really and. Last night there Carmelo Anthony was asked about your three at the top of the key a big time shot. And Aysu okay it is as he set up what I want to know is how open how why did he get so open so I'll ask you why did you get so open. You know obviously -- You regard people -- other network as well so. Mike solid group -- dropped into over the we did little split into dug a cute little bit. Other audio though the -- worked out that register out Allah was a big area with a rule that would also like the. Is it foolishness to say Mike Miller just got a bunch arrests during the all star break and that's why you -- lots of -- as the thought. Not a lot of it obviously is only not urgent or two years no local opera -- -- dual -- -- -- but. Also -- more of almost unnoticed MR roll over more which are we -- still trying to figure it. Even if you and literate as the years -- the sort of figured out of the more. Or thirty games swap out in time but now. It's a little more aggressive every game is that the oil well. You never really figured -- as you say yeah I did try to get comfortable in the role but it's almost -- impossible because of the rotating lineup went. You your role is different based on the health of the team right. They're completely different and you know obviously is that the court of -- quietly stopped audit but. Taught -- -- situations so it just try to get try to get that in their little bit though -- look -- you'd be back shortly and and then what he does that hopefully. Our our system our role everything or to make while much. Have you played more minutes this year than you thought you were going to when you -- at the grizzlies in the offseason. No not really -- ultimately our president but not -- got built my body feels really really good and you know. Sometimes you know it's hard when your body feels good and if you're -- up down minutes. You know once we get -- -- that -- -- is that they're perfect and it -- interest in all we are playing really really well a big -- in -- opened all of the public health. Over or give her. -- so aggressive last night because there is any level of frustration right it's like there -- nights where Mike Miller -- twenty minutes but they'll take Porsche. Right here the last night you're out there your garment. Yeah I think it's a lot of it has to do with the fact that it would we do that we elect -- who did have thirty yen up with a pretty can't let everyone work. On sometimes used unload equipment over thirty games left. I'm in the situation now or you know a very aggressive Mike Miller helps him on specially. And -- the stretch -- on that last point I gave you the majority aggressive. Air and -- while ago. There's still 53 games did you feel really good. Until fantastic honor I really juvenile where a move in the way about body bill. You know it doesn't -- not thirty or Bert -- Her. You're thirty or burger -- and happy birthday by the way I'm pretty -- -- argue I did terms of by the way this team looks right now you were very very confident. In this team and you got a bunch of bad breaks during the season -- tons of injuries a lot of Mitt missed games. By the starters. It is start to come together obviously probably get Tony back really soon. But is this team looking like what you expected it to look like now. He has started sit in the form you know obviously you know restart -- make changes in the off season you know there weren't ever big of a coaching change. It is a little while he's here and they're great guys because I'm an obvious and you know there are bat well for the NBA sure. On what we're all fortunate for Australia -- -- -- -- -- outlawed only the beginning years it. It gave our guys that you look at look at the distance suitable political appliance. And every put stroke and so now while we could they help people throughout the rest and -- -- -- a spot you know we we actually control of that failure point nine games. It would as you know we we can do great when you do that game which we are. Assuming you can't get into -- playoffs by you have been on teams that have gotten swept in the playoffs you've been on things that -- deep -- in the playoff do you think this is. Our roster built for playoff basketball. It is. But it that it -- Obama because it's. It's really it's really close -- watched I don't know the number is so low number out there but I got to imagine 85. 90% of our games source is not about five point two. And it would start what he's. Are playing that style like it -- for. I have or what you know about all of -- well at -- Read it in have a lot of -- -- with your program you're up America pretty but it would make so our focus now -- the ordered Barack or you were -- about bird there. -- -- -- They're -- incredible for you know -- and whoever does know we get a continuing their. He is Mike Miller joining us tell the folks thought -- take us out like we're talking about colitis you like a late this you hang out collate the right guys at a at a previous relationship. From the Florida stopped everything. What he was going through earlier this year really struggling crowd is not -- fans are on top of them whatever. Tell me about helping him through that and now what he has become dizzy Dominique Kelley as the one that was thrown the ball low wide open last night. You know I am a problem because he -- it's up to the bulk situation Padilla. All the way you look it is. In the and let you get expanded their -- and you're getting -- speeches to the league game and game out there court -- -- guard spot. Eric Berry are ought to be about war in order to really at a new record your spot ministers admitted here. There in the next game you are or six minutes and they're all broken up -- not consistent long cold walk on the floor. -- ought to do it and unfairly go to our career current -- and armed with -- And Obama than they expect the word -- really good -- you know what made some good Olympic champion of the you know he continue to -- in late in the lab work really hard working with OJ is young players obviously. Look he's 47 -- You know were -- him to continue to do thank you -- -- he'd been a big for a while we're winning games and we'll Mike we have done it all ample lot. And it has made player to play in the big chuck beats. Out the Israel. It now. How many guards and he just said easier just throw it to me. What and other -- -- I got ability years ago ordered him look you know. You know obviously -- you know a Florida Gators beat you thought in my cupboard and in the work. He is a better defender I think that people imagined. I thought that the Latin they use a great effort so when mr. Obama attributed ordered it Earth's upper left a chuckle -- They -- pretty good runner. You love to Yeager are coming into the situation any part of the reason that you signed here. Give me your evaluation of of -- as a coach through 53 games -- is he what you expected you're getting into. This is grown you know what I think you know as much -- I guess I coaching. Aryan. And the -- Luger estimated -- it's included effort and and managing in -- that the coach all the equipment. It's a guy is different than being an anecdote that it is because so he's he's learned net and he's gotten better and better and better and these continue to grow and eat and will see Edmonton's a disputed patents. Worried that but I think you'd done a great job so far these -- -- It's great strides in the right direction and it's a growing period but getting -- -- it -- Arctic go to. -- -- -- He is Mike Miller joining us on -- curse words on the folks I -- take us out like look at odds do you think I could have gotten that Mike Miller would be the healthiest -- this year. Are you what a lot of it's a little wrap it up it looked so what I -- got on the money line Mike Miller will miss the least amount of -- the bureau is astonishing people wanna know did you go to Germany last summer. He died in the I'd -- -- operated in the summer I did about everything in the book. Are these numbers are. Rehab I don't know what word often -- I'm here do all the work out. You have no tips to give anybody that is backpedaling. Debilitating injury especially the one that was what I what your back you just do everything and something will take. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now right now I'm happy and blessed that I bought Stiller do that dump it to work our cars they're helping. Know where you of the playoff standings. -- -- -- I think you know her premiere. And I guess everyone in the locker room from his respect gear -- regret. And with point nine game left at the last -- -- -- every game well. And so we've got it was going to be ought to be spared or every night elevating slide by of their big law let it never -- Arab. And we know Portland all the outlook we continue to focus don't ever get beaten every game -- the oil imports. Obviously we're going to be talking a lot of the trade deadline how difficult is it I mean you're now been in a locker room right over a decade. In different locker rooms at this time of year how difficult is this in the locker room the next 24 hours. You know it's a difficult because we understand. One thing. Ordered lower learned there. It's the part about law in the business out of the bats well which is because he gets vocal Suu Kyi -- And specially made that have -- utility vehicle but also we understand the on the call that the opera you're randomly during the ghostly and so it's -- difficult for you could ever happen every year and could not ever go away. So help -- out all the can do is focus our. If you read are you better. And if something happens you know you -- look candidate -- -- 00. Bit. In your fault that. -- -- -- -- Next game is -- -- -- on Friday night does it feel different than the other games. Yeah you know I haven't I haven't been held over Libya are Robby -- or don't get rivalry at their spirit here with that. Heard Olympic effort but in -- I'd. Expect that a lot of. That we're losing your man happy birthday. I admit I -- we're those who knew I had a birthday Mike Hart thank. -- moment Mike Miller from the grizzlies last time Catholics like so that you just got to unload the clip.

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