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Cuonzo Martin on the Gary Parrish Show 3/26/14 talking about the Sweet 16

Mar 26, 2014|

Cuonzo was on the Gary Parrish Show to talk about UT being in the Sweet 16

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Know week and a half ago the tip of the balls were on the so called bubble now they're in the sweet sixteen think the three wins and it's incredibly terminal Friday night at 615 cent -- -- Predicted champion Michigan Wolverines in Indianapolis the game to be televised. By Phoebe yesterday coach I'm going to be console Marty joins me now here on ninety tonight -- ME SP -- cut that would carry right on man. -- you do movement not a good luck in the sweet sixteen. So blessed remember that when you have to have good -- got -- continue to fight about. It did something right so let's back up for a minute Ayatollah got mentioned that you guys were on the ball -- at one point. You know late in the season you were second seven in the SEC since that moment when you were seven and seven. You've won eight of -- nine games. The only loss being a single digit loss on a neutral court to top ranked Florida and wanna talking about them dominicans there you remember it. Now you're in the sweet sixteen at the wins over Iowa UMass and Mercer how this happened and did you seek common. Well sort of happens again this season but we -- the ports are -- -- digital camera should be there. I don't think the biggest -- we've we've acknowledged in -- stokes of -- In just Christian return. Will be expected in my opinion you don't think he slows. Iran -- and how would you return policy that regional sports with a -- store it in that the biggest huge project toward you or. Because what happened thousand got -- comes in the stalled for you think about it before remote first game we missed -- in practice because they're too. These prerequisites needed now rips on the go all social store management -- -- -- -- artist so we have the children to Morton. You know I'd I'd that -- I -- with pat forty a -- from Yahoo! Sports tweeted the other day is sort of after watching Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday you looked up -- And you know Johnny Dawkins who started the season on the so called hot seeded in the sweet sixteen Dayton which finished fifth in the Atlantic ten. Now in the sweet sixteen Kentucky a team that everybody has caught the biggest disappointment in the country now in the sweet sixteen and the point he made was. On the lesson from this is to never give up on the season it is a long season there's a lot of ups and downs. But if you get in the tournament and played the right way and catch the right breaks you can end up where you wanted to be when you started. You guys are like the best example of that aren't you because you didn't throw it in yet here you are. Better than I think most reasonably people anticipated you can big. The year and Arctic Europe for a -- the -- but. But again and you can go -- -- -- sure not a union you know eight -- -- now we just fun wouldn't it definitely deceit and birds are distributes. Recruits awkward to continue to -- continue about. Well again so long season and this is not illegal sports world wondering about social whole sequence of course. Body awarded a distinctive speaks volumes to receive city goes to continue to fight he could. Because the FCC got -- seven and no in this tournament now I don't know that that necessarily believes that some of the school at the bottom work. We're better than they were I think it is to get him it means. That Florida's just as good as we thought that Kentucky is playing to its potential and that this Tennessee team that the advanced statistics can -- ratings. Honestly the Las Vegas bookmakers always liked and now clicking on all cylinders. But but it must be gratifying after spending. I guess about two and a half months of SEC coach gearing frankly people like me question in the SEC. But that it did defend every other thing so we we got three into the tournament and not Obama also point you must think the pride in that. Arctic is great couldn't. At least for me when he gets his point assault book Yasushi repeatedly. To compete because she chose an -- -- duplicate what you. Whatever happens after. I think Ludacris so much for what reasonable people -- -- can't explain -- but secretly. -- we stood up to work within the preceding and execute and brother Joseph stood between me struggle in the league in that department bold steps ago brought. Brought don't think there should have been watching maternal or -- and should have been. They're trying to console market to see a basketball coach took off Friday night 6:15 central in Indianapolis sweet sixteen. Against Michigan you mentioned Darnell -- people here obviously familiar with them. Memphis a product somebody that Memphis heavily recruited you won that recruiting battle. And are really benefiting from it now I think we all knew laughter watching Darnell and high school. That he had an opportunity to be -- -- college player he's shown that in spurts. Over the past couple years but throughout this threat that we're talking about eight of nine wins. You know hearing -- -- when's the last nine games he's been terrific not just a really good player but like one of the best players. It in the country what do you make of the emergence on a national scene of join -- stokes. What do they go about Jordan who worked extremely humbled very require. Where where you improved it a subtle influences leadership -- -- very vocal guy. He's lost a point to the side in Serbia so it won't speak out liked it. What he's improved his ball screen be true also -- -- months -- -- Portugal thanks in all -- Bloomberg child porn should. Actually -- should reach optimal Portugal and this time don't know all the gaps block everything -- open a focal part of it is not from fall to between -- the difference. -- don't agree to that before a vehicle for each and high level because these traits in the pool that we shouldn't junction east folks in the we won the -- that they probably before what you could school big -- not now not mix in the -- reboot. But I think more than it is this confidence. That stupid excuse right now he's definitely know -- -- five. State. It doesn't look like it right now talking to -- -- head coach of the Tennessee ball Antonio Barton is of playing a lot of minutes where you hit big shots for -- made big shots down the stretch in the in the Iowa game for shore. People here familiar -- him obviously his brother will played here he played here. Was a graduate transfer for you. Mom I know when you've got it you and I have talked in India and you thought he can help you immediately you had a hole there to fail and like you said he got off to a rough start but. He's been he's been pretty rock solid -- here over the past couple weeks right. We're reviewing them don't know -- -- You know he's he's a really good. And what about that -- fault in other personal ownership because he didn't need to be you know -- is -- for the guy. He's a great got a got a little bit -- -- won't -- -- impressed -- about -- some fairly close to you first got here just confused between -- because he's probably would. A lot of -- -- and program. It's gonna walk from. -- -- -- To practice every morning and we Google succeed we -- -- revenue. He would actually -- regular roommate -- -- -- -- you know the total medical he would get up early in the morning -- you'll. And it remains -- mistresses -- more. Every morning and they have to get shots so also a -- ago as a -- it is what Russell Crowe also. One of the things that I read John Beilein was asked about your team in you're going to be coaching against him. On Friday night he's the less than he was joking obviously but he solicited the Tennessee football team. Ed jarred out stokes and to -- -- they'd be they would be in the shape that they've been in in the past couple years. That's a really tough basketball team. And at that that's a word it's been attached to use throughout your career both as a player and a coach now towards being attached to your team I'm curious. How did you get a team to beat top do you recreate recruit is that a cultural thing how do you go about teaching toughness. -- are being routed the coach is not built on substance of these. It'll figure in his. Grossed more open so you have to do so it would be like to show the auto industry. What nowadays is more mobile and their relationship and haven't looked oppression trust and Belcher -- so you gotta get that audio break Bloomberg has. And now and they'll look to war for you wouldn't know you loved and trusted source to -- street not been uppermost on -- don't sit so this is what he has just -- what amounts to two -- extremely liberal political the company -- that -- try to regional community to go to him. I -- -- you've improved gotten so part of the democracy and -- -- -- talks go sources brought more Smart tough as nails and now -- -- -- doubt -- -- -- -- animal hospital situation. What -- all the Dominican that -- so that you Robert Jordan they have softness but also skew sort. And and I think that's how you see goes bad they can help local capacity can make laced through an artistic fizzled out -- it is -- ago probably helps ski. -- kinds of money your head coach of the Tennessee ball coach in the sweet sixteen on Friday night in Indianapolis against Michigan. Back up with you for a second before I go any further because it seems like forever ago but it would really just a week ago you were coaching against Iowa in the first four. And a story that was big because for basketball reasons but other reasons. Fran McCaffrey's son Patrick. Head it was going to have to have a thyroid tumor removed we've subsequently learned that. It was a cancerous tumor so now he's fighting a fight that you're familiar with I don't know everybody knows I think a lot of people -- You want a battle with cancer when you were. Younger I'm just curious it was interesting that of all the people of friend would have to spin that night with so to speak. On it happened to be with you what. What sort of conversation did you have with him about that that holes very. Obviously scary thing in advance and now even scarier when you find out the results and sort of what what that -- up against now. Well what would happen when I found out before we've got to date on the rather. Not simply stop -- -- -- of -- we don't Tutsis troubling about Pebble Beach house trying to do the same thing. I just prefer he's found so. And its players because of some sort things motion go and that's -- way. All because most of -- -- -- into this world right now. Also 15100 guys need treatment -- to restore program formula -- to court decision. A prayer for you need to eat too much situation so pray for them glued to. -- -- After the game and it was there was not a -- got to talk to market. Where he scored. Brought Gaza so -- and I figured out more -- -- -- about their parents are out leptin and it would strip at all. And it is certainly true for you appreciate you do machine well it just autos before got -- what script. -- that was something that that -- actually took the time to talk about after the game how impressed he was with. With your players coming up in unscripted like you said -- taken the time. I just to shake a hand -- like they normally do and -- in a handshake line and go celebrate a win because you're now into the main Brack inevitably turn it but to take the time. You know -- it to have that moment with him and make sure he understands it that they were thinking about I was honestly from a distance and impressed by that it must -- did you feel really good that. That you you now ill. Have made some sort of impression on young man where they would go out of their way to have that moment. When I'm not sure a lot of 181920 year old kid what you know -- because they they they they they don't care because it just wouldn't even occur to them and yet. It occurred to your kids that must make you proud listen you're gonna win basketball games I get that but that must make you proud on some levels well. Up so good because they have the ability -- -- we talk all the -- family to get used to racing's. Leadership local news team is little different on the call him home so you won't call it that. And and we told what these things all the time America is where some turned -- -- and what. It -- so well in these promotion and ended that you prefer -- -- of course everybody is trying to win games when championships. You can get -- has become part of me and I think you made tremendous progress. Talking to console market -- head coach of the -- going to be coaching in the sweet sixteen Friday night against Michigan I know you've been watching film I know you've got more to watch. What do you see when you see what's that Michigan team. And they can score the ball should be a problem in the future -- are the only two out of seeing. That we played. Four got on the perimeter that can make three point shots. They can drop the basketball but also could -- who looks good not -- sees America like that it might want to you have to walk ethnic intimate consistent from store to reduce. So closely all ports have got to be written about introduced in the game. For Jordan and -- that he got beat you two weeks wait for the boat before it was mr. -- Who would speak out a lot of force local school we got to -- couldn't talk to order. Where they have a lot of more importantly you've got to go to Google struggle from his office and you gotta be quick in the French. Last thing before I let you go while you're going to be in Annapolis here in Memphis the south regional and the Florida Gators -- your team you're obviously familiar with the the only team that's beaten you really. And in the past nine games on. A bit Billy have a team that they didn't lose in the SEC didn't lose the SEC tournament and they don't have stars like. I think probably Darnell the better player than anybody on the Florida roster in and yet from this Florida team is really really been clicking you an up close with that what makes them so good. While they weren't -- to ago when I was in college also got a good routes to be clear. They have got a promptly go for you to go to some fruit you can. That -- work together to set to purchase fresh and try to put as much so -- stayed in the program got better physically tough and strong the most out. Nothing that's result of course we will called -- Brito has got. What Pete -- and Harlow ball in the social leadership at all and burn itself was gone out passionately you know and product -- at this -- the country will. And there he's been he's been terrific that's comes -- they coach of the vault. You go watch him on CBS 6:15 central on a Friday night Tennessee -- Michigan the winner. Is playing in the elite eight on sun Chicago I'm real happy for our its success and I appreciate you coming out of -- minute and I'll catch up with a real soon. -- -- -- -- you -- that -- that our -- coach of the Tennessee -- again CBS 6:15 central. Tennessee Michigan on Friday night we come back. We can't afford notable stories at 440 Forte about a weird weird standard that is being fit in North Korea I know that sort of sounds like of course there's a will have some weird standard in North Korea. We're story outcome of the BBC earlier today. Gonna take about that in Geoff -- will join me he's going to see the vause this weekend in Indianapolis go to the Calkins at 5 o'clock to 520. A Greg door or you're national Thomas CBS sports dot com listen to Gary -- -- we are 92 none of them. ESPN.

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