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Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on The Chris Vernon Show 5/21/14

May 21, 2014|

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-- tell us. What's going on Christians are coming -- today from Los Angeles, California. Just got off the -- -- -- retrieve my bags yet I'm coming on what you know folks that are not stolen Purdue on Billy Mueller to your station. Oh no. No this isn't good this isn't good because I don't I don't want a sneak it tagged you on NASA's. So you have no idea what's been going on. What do you do a -- yes a good. De -- has been given permission to speak to Minnesota. Yes and yes he has -- it Minnesota obviously -- the timberwolves are the only NBA team. Of the thirty in the league that are in his home state. And after have an along an arm on a conversation what days you go to go to two. It's gambling which resides entirely in Minnesota discusses opportunity. And we felt we owed it to states to -- at least have a discussion disregard. When did this happen. This mission been granted. Like in the last couple days to remember exact date. But you know it's been a soldier -- reached out. Several weeks ago. How could this be what's best for the stability of the grizzlies. Well but Chris you have an employee who is it's from a state. It's -- -- -- Our -- choosing wrongly branded him the opportunity to talk communicate and compute to port city yourself this is just to be union. All the process. In -- nothing has officially been on he's just been granted permission to talk and then it will do so since. -- but what there are -- -- -- -- real what's the game. I mean either he goes and they love them any gets the job at Minnesota. And I you gotta go find a new head coach or he doesn't get the job and now you bring him back as the head coach of the team. All of which won't affect that. Coach is critical -- -- Christmas spirit coaches at all levels. They go out and and and have a discussion on another achievement can come back to where they are receptive to college all time. So I don't -- -- that would it -- It's professionals. And I don't include impaired his relationship was between the players at all. But if you know wanted to you know -- the head code you're not good if you if you guys wanted him to be the head coach you're not let him talk to Minnesota. Look at this system very unique situation Chris seems to be the assist only team in his home state. Where is that -- formally resides. He ends its its. It's very geographical location -- -- almost entirely. This is there any so it became so -- isn't. -- what's best for the grizzlies. -- if you are sensitive to. To Europe to your employees. All I -- you have this nice that this isn't nice waste let's go back and I mean it's so that's all areas at this point so don't get. Now hold on that I will credit you with our great spin we care so much about de Jager. That we would allow him to do this Adobe UN days scrambling right to edit that the Betty is -- Chris in the end you're you're you're goal. And the grizzlies goal is to do what is best for the grizzlies franchise. What's best for the grizzlies franchise is to have a coach to come back for a second year after you fired a -- two years ago I mean I'm sorry the day -- her whole family lives in Minnesota. But the goal of you guys running the team -- hard to make sure that -- -- has a happy failing light. Right. Note that many you do all age you're going to have. 881 class organization Prius into it and you're gonna have the type of commitments. Some of those involved in the organization you do have taken all their spirit need to talks. Come on the books come along. Do you keep it real with me. Don't don't just keep Israel stuff I mean it is. Carissa. I'm from Minnesota -- -- up there how god yeah he's written down on an opponent you coast government report. She just wants to have a -- they say they're not any further democratic -- and answered don't. This is just like the old days it's just like the holidays you -- -- -- and that you gotta pay do you have a pet him for any right now you can read his. Minnesota now and always. It's a wonderful travel up and look it's on the screen in the delta crown -- -- in a beach in real visionary godaddy to really angry. -- got a bad big bigger whole family is from Minnesota. Andy do you Laura first class organization you've got to think about them. You do you do take into the integrate it into with all your decisions. You know what what is that's your employees what what what they would like to do and in so we're. We're allowed him to have this discussion just for a commission district renders nothing more than -- This slow -- we'll see where this goes. You think kids if if if they love them and they hire him in Minnesota. How was that good the saudis. If you were ready for women -- their place here Chris. Just don't get too far -- yourself and I know you that you were set the world record. Yearly and -- -- -- William but this just we -- grant permission he's talking Internet forward -- Clearly a risk you're willing to take -- clearly a rescue guys are willing to take. Fairly fair enough and that's our job I had anything what are your wrist or will return did Minnesota loves -- and wants a higher in the big iron. And then end here in the -- if you're OK with that. Will will will -- affected tradition which has set occurred that has not occurred just to. Then what do you draft picks are -- returns. -- you and you know what I mean. How does any thing and they're supposed to think that this is anything well go dumpster fire. What do you mean a dumpster fire as high as. Being granted permission. So talk to routine in his home state to -- Israel these slips. He does have a relationship with Flip Saunders so what is after the collapse by the dumpster car. -- just head the CEO of that team. -- a team that won fifty something games and appeared to be on the right track and get ousted his right hand man. Got ousted U -- doing my radio show and watch an SEC football for a year. Are -- -- adults. Run in the draft. And their coaches that that's achievable tutor over and it's not. What you NBA college and international -- like and ended it ended -- -- remarks. My very I'll stop and are ready and it's promoting your show I don't want to. I don't wanna so I don't I don't wanna sell you out but everybody I saw your planner and the only thing in it was a Wednesday from one to do. Come do the Chris yeah. -- -- Thanks so now we're never doing enough to stop and ran on -- -- little the little Little League internationally you want about his draft. I do in a minute. Again. So I've got that I was doing my radio show -- every Wednesday and then the rest of the time studying the draft. Watching football -- they dig around the country. Ed Ed now he's back in charge and the -- and viable league. And the two guys that worried -- they're no longer here and now the coach is interviewing somewhere else like how. Like everything is hunky dory. But did so to change business group so mean we've talked about this many times most of the players are missile they are traded repeatedly. Throughout their careers. Change change occur from the top down in virtually all these organizational regular basis. So it's nothing that's in common with the India. And we'll move and here they were out here. Watch shouldn't the leaders series to work out today news -- -- to -- the clippers facility. Group work out of work out for the agents -- what player this is normal procedure. Yeah you're just stick that yes per day you'd literally yesterday -- -- is like this -- between Levy and a parent and nothing's changing with me and where full steam ahead going forward in your body idea and you were doing the same thing de -- is our coach -- beautiful world premiere -- -- -- you guys knew that he was going to be don't want an interviewer and what that. -- And from vehicles they had the seat of -- interviews this was a -- takes a week. Mean he's he's been doing work -- coaches do normally this time a year switched its plans for future review what you're getting a little bit that the compressing because facetious or so tax. So and he hasn't been this tractors were overlooked or as I mean. You're the one that seems to be mortgages that. You don't interview unless you're trying to get that job. Don't. Well you don't always try to get the job why else would you -- better deal for one thing. And returned -- her -- is a unique situation. He is for Romania. How can be at full speed ahead he's trying to get that error. He could take a look at it know what some regrets got to take a look at then you try and and you'll see what goes from there. You could always just go take a look you would have told -- like hey you know what god. Let's forget it was a close to the West Virginia Philadelphia against right Tuesday. Don't put up 76 -- -- general managers opening and my family you know my parents still live in West Virginia mr. guys ever to go interview with the to be the GM of the 76ers. Chris Clark are taken a -- are taken a look at it as such position before. Our democracy the comeback and there's. And even that -- and it did affect things wild. -- that means they didn't want you where -- war. What you -- I would say that's what that means. Otherwise I'd like nobody's going to be cool would you go in and interviewing with. -- negative -- aviator doesn't get that job right I mean this is a sign that Robert -- doesn't want him as the head coach of the team it is. Is no. Intimate I think it's at it's best for him that he he he wants to to to take a look at this and that you don't -- again. And if we did got a long conversation with the monarchy and so he could take a look there's nothing more towards at this -- -- it can't -- -- -- scripts. Do you. I mean how do you even with a straight face say this isn't uncommon in the NBA are all this is this is in the. You can't say that -- -- change it to pop that's so uncommon in the NBA. There's -- -- I mean this at this happens frequently in the NB. None of this happens. In the NBA. Although it does too and happen in the India. We have in -- Rome. General manager who -- my radio -- a week ago. Well here we -- radio guess it's the summer 2007. Us weekly. You -- or I may ask. You isn't it differs from freaks you coupons here and air. -- I'm not. I've been staying on top of basketball -- since I got into this business 42 years of great Smart. I haven't -- -- the -- these -- home the NBA and college internationals seem to have been -- to cancel. I'd be your part of -- and you're still our payroll with the organization I'm learning and doing anything and in fact told Geoff -- Yeah and in the office in a year. Go ahead and still. -- -- since last summer. Think it's weird to the guy that is still an organization that's been the office did a year and had been a part of any of the decision making is now back in charge of the. It's the Chris what I'm not a complete stranger regarding this -- no I would stop part of the group. Brought into court this team. I was involved in the draft process -- from last year. So as this now except parachuted in from Mongolia or something and have no relationship took risk. When we get into it but failure never even move which stadium. What to gain less volume gains rate to Brno. You're like I got your honestly I aligned shopper I know you don't ever get a very close. You know there could eventually are -- -- watched her closely unite against me I know you're around listened to come and they -- the apocalypse is gonna come. And it's going to be you just walking around all the rest of us are dead. And here is going to be will look at the ground again assign and by some help I don't know -- -- -- he survives like you. Adding that -- be leaving the remaining -- that taken from the yup. Refrigerator Robert does like a lot. Unbelievable. Odds are disabled -- you gave earlier -- Jason's deli yesterday. And a Jimmy sixty goes over and rolls above me inroads -- does super agent. As eight SEC coaches it just had five NFL for a big spread in the first round of the draft. -- said what went on he's that I saw Chris Wallace and James David by and three new cigarettes. It's -- so eclectic. And Hewitt by news that -- -- so that you can go. I -- of course regular news is because of well my trainer left can't. Have my conditioning -- -- controls all hell in the hand basket so I gotta get some new clothes career so called. I only Wear my old stuff what Billy Hagan -- salt goes man I gotta get up so. -- they -- dangerous thing that you had to go by news group. Energize it does so made that this is totally different common right but it's like usually the guy the brought in to run everything has new. I can't simply have a whole wardrobe suits and -- through the streets. Don't fit as well they are a little unclear but James Davis with a bit of fish first electric conditioning didn't. The -- actually in the states. Odds are you liberated them under your brother earlier on right now. All right. I don't -- stuff all right another million man beside. So I have been did -- takes the Minnesota job. Instead find a new head coach. Then the -- of the deal here. Every every every administrator. From college sports and the NBA you've you've heard this before. You know everybody always you know -- the list of coaches aren't any case something happens advertisement -- Prius if you poured on them prepare for this particular ambitious. Stay calm -- -- right now it's. He is in the beginning stages of the process and we'll go from there. How bad this good -- Tennessee's ended Jimmy says if you love your NBA coach set him free if he comes back he's years. Chris -- I'll kill you if you. Over there isn't everything every what you're really -- -- were prepared for change eventuality. Is it inning for example I told Gallup when mr. I would call me they have my MVP I don't shopping for school supplies -- I've been distorting my salary catchy twisting. In my car. You're you're in this business things happen quickly. And you -- was prepared. All right so he's. Do you think it it's just it just happens and he's gonna go interview with the Minnesota Timberwolves and whatever happens at both. That's where it is just as of today on Wednesday. You go to see where there's a. Did you know you will admit you do not interview for a job unless you want a job. Unless your interest did in Asia so. The -- and he's from their career -- -- and he tells another yeah I actually I can't speak for the people who have worked their basic interest in this position and Sanders of this is a very unique situation. That would not be in place with the other 29 teams in India. And 28 with a dish. You would not yeah I don't -- -- you don't got a map where you would say de Diego would not a big give them permission to interview with anyone except Minnesota. Well. This again it's unique situations. Beat because. Yeah. I mean it's it's it's the only. It's been a long time and again -- energy rest -- there's little. Title -- reality where we are right now. Israel large -- and I've gotten to do this I still got down not as though god it. I need a loan -- you'll. You know you you have that nine gave us that -- current court to edit in Utah and I've still got it did a pretty good knuckleball to -- these -- to be good there in the -- years now let's go to this. I'm an -- -- The hotly years. You're always on the road and that I'm -- Now -- -- -- oh right what do I need to know about you and Robert Sarah and how this went down and what's happened and now. What's happening now again this is no different than what's going won't get the 29 front offices and NBA right now listen -- some of the year what we're focused on the draft. All the various means to draft preparation one walk -- -- work out outside of Memphis and in some that will be held. There are facility in the weeks to come you're researching the players look at -- John colleges and analytical work at a port purchase you don't withdraw an actress of all these different sources information you have to evaluate interviews psychological test. At the same time we -- -- -- track prepare for a call the second draft. Which is free agency the NBA create a -- which begins stroke of midnight on July 1. And we also have to. -- all -- players. These contract status -- be up and we ethnic decision on them as well then you have summer league's. It's the same thing again -- talking to this time of the year assumption obviously I'm very well acquainted. My dad you've got your ratings is against forty near certainty it's he's got his upbringing just like everybody else except. All I did the -- -- Forget it everybody else is doing we're all him. When the same things it's just how many year you know asks you're mr. draft. -- wait so why is it bad -- in regards to the draft. But it turns and you don't know how long you were going to be in your job is that fair to say. But I do have an interim tag yes so I'm not interpret some are concerned about that I'm concerned about. Doing everything possible to improve our team we have an unsettled field goal. That I stated in June 2007. To one they have the championship parade down built strip we have an -- -- and I also want the children so we didn't tell me my entire focus of effort it's just and you really concerned about my situation. As you know over the years I've been -- and then make any -- sort. Sorry to hear it are you had never is unfortunate I mean I will say this -- all governors are you I'd never worry about -- situation is somehow it works out. I don't know what's going on with the youth I don't know got to deal with the -- -- made. But it works out. Give some insight. That's what my friend mark my dad's -- -- and I'll be maybe it's unfocused -- Pennsylvania so much a -- one time. Allows it and tricky situation coaching involved don't worry about it the only planes on the streets. -- It isn't saying I can't I if you can't and this honest weather related. All go through a side. Give us some insight into Robert -- and that type of directive you were given now that you're in the job because we know nothing about him really in this situation. Well Robert fair this this this this talk by the implement it. He has tremendous passion for the game of basketball the NBA is in the in the grizzlies and that's the foremost. Characteristic robredo perhaps at this passion first it. You gotta be as passionate as you most -- brain cancer and he -- years. He wants to win a championship as badly as any of us. But just with this team but the strain and sit in such a phenomenal job -- the -- -- game after game. And forward thinking as the Minnesota got this thirty to -- -- -- a worldwide very successful company. So much like mr. -- it was bringing his dozens of products has been in in providing some insights and philosophy it's Roberts on reducing as well would be very advantageous to a certain he has the resources. At his fingertips. That are pretty uncommon matched -- -- what he can do the technological world and been very impressed what you and I really am eager to be working. With Jim and his team. And -- DirecTV is basically just go out and you what you do with just come here to get ready for this draft is here ready to free agency that so that I -- -- or whether our own players in the improve history restore when the championship. Why is Jason -- and gone. You know I can't speak to that's you know I wish Jason a -- -- -- future endeavors but so. I can't speak to that issue -- how does. His work in the draft process when yeah I mean I guess is no need to consult your coach she's in Minnesota. Well coaches throughout the NBA. It's different than any NFL they have hearing debriefs. Input in the draft or some schemes where the coach. Is very involved. And basically going Norman or to the process. We at the management team there's other places. Where. The coach really had very limited him out. So draft I I -- I've seen both Specter I've worked with seventeen. -- I've seen guys that are almost directly lead to process such seen others that. Welcome to work out watch a film make a comment or two and -- step like. I understand you guys varied across the that the landscape through 32. I understand you guys are doing everything. The same as it goes in the draft and that your directive and you're just now worried about the draft but you must admit there are not 29 other teams. That it just fired their CEO are about to lose their coach. It just doesn't like. I don't see anybody else going through that and -- -- -- I'll I'll quote the great power rally. So I had the privilege of working -- two years in the the nineties he says he changed rare it's inevitable had a few -- sit around whether it's. So you do not -- change. There's no trade also our building there's no fire but that's just part of our response they're pretty not a blazer is no place. We're very confident. In focused on the task at hand which is improve this team to take -- that's final mile we're pretty close. How did it all we've got a great one the last few more years we have some unfinished business that's. Did -- here's a dangerous here's a dangerous stuff okay. How on earth could it instill confidence in the players on the roster of de -- takes another job. That is they risk men don't. OK to call him yourself for this this process has just begun. How -- look down. I don't really face if he comes back and he doesn't get the job in -- home in Iowa where we or should come via a computer does it if it didn't come back and doesn't get the job in Minnesota -- anybody looked him in the face and they were thrilled today diggers are head coach we can't wait for him to be our head coach going forward. But that's crazy. And it that there's been countless coaches. And all ranks. Of sports debate some level. Who have taken a look at another opportunity come -- in in in flourish where they are sure it's not uncommon that is common. I would -- it it does not compromise the coach's ability when he returns or does not. I don't -- About. And about. You know and and right now you got real can you got to reach yet try to restart Zach and the more -- extensions coming up in December. Shouldn't the most important thing making sure that these players feel comfortable about the direction here nearly everything. You don't you don't think that we are spending tremendous amount of time. Not just since I've got it would have in the past of I'm reaching out our players and cultivating a relationship with Sam and checking in on their music is catchers -- operate out of action no results. He is Chris Wallace you're out in Los Angeles for draft workouts. -- -- -- -- And three days a draft for -- just like c'mon do -- throughout. Know you've done pretty well at the last like the back after the draft honestly got some good player a guy -- she got. DeMarre I'm in any trader mall but they did it for it Doral. Like another twenty to thirty range of them pretty oil. Yeah authority it would get my colleagues for -- Sam young. And Simeon let me -- later in the -- them pretty -- hero we don't know yeah. -- a lot you'll have a chicken out with -- -- dealt him pretty well this year -- number shall see what happens live in the future and while. I don't know that I that I I got to commend you know you're you're -- him during one -- did quite well pretty social playoff trying to help you but -- -- little feather in your value -- Right now do you didn't who you listen you never listened to before I didn't start. Up. -- Elisa do you accept your invitation I -- -- as up -- seven. To do this show which -- I gotta say this sort of boat so I will -- -- 22 about time address comes around I'll tell exactly the tank right now I like to tip from Wichita. I like -- the density -- oh yeah like. Well as of today -- -- -- updated and in the next five -- we -- -- would not hurt the Rome you have the mock -- for today you have my -- for Samoa -- into. I'm an update about different selections you could only get to draft -- and it -- don't get in your limo which last week was a Toyota. Com and enjoy this track tour Kessel -- -- Our -- that you are going to.

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