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Grizzlies G Tony Allen In-Studio on The Chris Vernon Show 5/22/14

May 22, 2014|

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The grandfather then. My favorite moments of diseases -- -- few true there in the playoff game in future was there. And they're playing that on the big screen and they showed you're doing that imbalanced you're singing along to it as it was being -- as you were in bounding the ball. -- -- -- Do we do we win. And thanks. That's all you care about or did we win. Two I was regret or. Have you been staying at these last what I guess it's it's Thursday that there there is used -- they're OK I think I said it was Tuesday Thursday. So Monday. You find out everything's changing. You do use. As this. -- room seamless how do you find out. On Twitter via Apple's iPad as has there while I am I needed. Yeah you're quoted everywhere I think Tony Alexander whoa I didn't know like cause -- everybody was totaled about announces eleven whereas among phone. Low and a -- little goose owners and Google's search it's an affair those. This is so nobody told you on the court nobody told you basketball what about the other guys. -- -- -- -- you talked to since only mean you talk -- up to those who is Jimmy -- does say we're apparent winner. I mean prizes -- on the road and in groups who -- you talk to send. Nobody's. Before the season was over keep it in my current -- most -- England Wales. You know ordinances. In China to deal with defense. I say you obviously got the got the family here and kind of thought Desi Bob you talked to Conley are yup doctor -- since it's a higher price non not -- -- or is it says see through what does he Rosa. He was stuck to super -- Super okay. Jason Levin has gone -- talk to -- mattered you. I mean there is this sentiment that to the players -- this stuff it matters all that much and then there's another sentiment that. It shows instability and we should be worried about how the players feel what he's. Mean -- it ended very. The guys that go out there who. As a hook to form you know things that these me personally I apps are located -- those guys say we don't. Kennedy so great -- Where in my ability so did. It was the microphone come on journal professional then there abound as in the -- Just didn't know they don't -- offseason that they have that you do this I have never. I'm not kidding you I was in my office right before the show started when I heard you drive up. That was the loud as music I've ever heard come from a car in my life. So don't give me this hole I just. Is that that was certainly go to these -- -- didn't do that. I don't know as ever. A true. -- ago because you know what I've been having a good date. All right so you say the players go out on the corner really does it affect everything out -- get some level of loyalty to this on your -- your contract. Is that right in his acted as well as they like because really examine this so is resentment -- chrome -- has -- -- You know -- -- it so -- know these things you know I believed in the ago grow with a fluent in just for this to happen. So. -- from the team talk to you. Of the right people overlook all. Have you heard from Paris. Yeah out of their parent of the apparent when he set between mid career stat. Who -- you like -- is -- There is wondering what shall we may go Robert -- right now in your player on the team which should we make of him right now. He's ambitious. Is. A bit both sides along -- you guys are as -- as well as senator Barack Obama -- -- at the -- program director brought a lot of people want positive. I remember that zebra room rental you don't usually in the locker room -- don't go also assume it is it's. I gotta go wrong guy got to live and a -- and implement our -- Whatever the wrong. In the news trends and everything's take his own eyes open era is ambitious what else do I need to know as I mean you're not crazy non -- up. He took like in the into the greens which I think he agrees with Jesus say the Belmont balls. Nobody know I was having -- woman knows that I'm going to Rio. Does polite because you believe in him this unit there. -- -- we you know looking at these play -- going to -- severely beaten. As one of the things an -- and there was suspended Szabo is unknown unknown unknown unknown lets you know. For the most and then and then and then you had sunglasses on and and one eyeball or something like I don't know -- -- blow holes cool no matter who poked in the outdoors than ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- On purpose. To -- probable probable. I poke you -- -- I do. I did earlier this strategy doesn't deserve it because the birds and birds you know and it didn't it didn't hurt this must next day. But the following day is like I looked up into this willing to any light. It was like they say they compare -- and I haven't Charlie wasn't nearly -- You edit Charley horse in your I can just doesn't think of printers who can lead compared haven't it's totally wasn't your way in and images same thing -- Some about a muscle minimize some. Did it affect you at all not during the game -- put it right known that and political Lou what -- -- numbed it. I don't know -- it was something in your ideas and -- props is through droughts and in no numbing drops -- is. When I look into this and it doesn't matter right. -- -- good thing you're playing in the sun you're playing into Oklahoma city's arena here here. Who would've motivated now save Elena. It is pretty house style and -- they don't crowd they do they do on the group lists these next and then how matter you. About the way that ended then asked this home as well though its program season especially after whatever with the clippers olds is about days. I delayed until he did generals -- about to -- your coach Eddie did you know that anybody -- -- heard Bertuzzi got on Twitter record as. Not as new order. You about that you know coast from minnesotans like it's this family in debt that doesn't bother you either. -- -- -- Mean. I can't say women do once you know once he's out of his family. In the business isn't it they come together and we'd move all of Islam with -- but I. I mean more ballots won't level the good guy great season fifty wins those two. Miles I believe. And you didn't have a problem -- it as a group you don't have a problem with not I have no problem under is clear that ended the season little -- Between you guys your playing ten minutes and then you aren't familiar to you snapped out of it at the end of the year by the play out your play and -- whatever I think I think there's there's. That's as I was is known. It's an appeal of these known I want to respond known coach calls they made enough playing good right now so. Did you together in the wrong. Carol -- thousand resume. I was into Quebec and their rotations trying to make a rumba is is unfortunate way to results. In the game seven because we have -- us. Zero you know me and every -- Levy's fails blame it completely error. Unless you -- Stephen Adams be honest. Scale of one to ten policy rates even Adams and Iran and I'm ten from our marbles over them. My fear of not unless you can write your own good. Because does this one is -- you -- as it is also very this -- Could easily. In his -- again. -- you deleted them in that descended through them and you guys are. Or teach us is that it's in his arms like it's like it's almost like he can't control is all loans or something's going Bonnie Fallon everybody. Is because -- wouldn't. Somebody you'll probably hear them in -- in -- not -- view post is there the next thing you know I he'd rather be terrible reads doing this stuff too. He's done is designed for a if you think about it like 00. To really pressed for a -- he'd have been out exact. Keep when those you know those two -- raise -- -- easily and. I come on the air the next -- I do three hour radio show write this after game six -- and everything came up. Not that play never came up it and I mean that it was and everybody around the country has watched in the game so you've got all these shows on ESPN these debates shows. Ever died while in the meanwhile ever thought about Mike Scott and -- to. Or urgently as I entered a no go all even imagine and Tebow and -- -- -- -- no -- -- -- and -- and -- Dale lynch who knows this bigger so. If if if if Z Bo and you know made that it is pushed that thought it was a clues. You know I'm here who know. A movie and know. He felt so bad about the and does pay -- being mean you keep telling and I forgave you forget you he always an amendment mobbed him. I gotta be -- him. And I was like man you don't get a CO wurtman does YouTube because C. What would you do wrong. Move forward you know you out of -- the team and all of it you feel like you would've won game seven with most doesn't do Lisbeth. Stephen Adams and it cost me easily -- -- them easily do it and coordinator there you go without our own little ice. Let's keep it real. Does your coach last year they gave you or your go to this year and I -- gonna have a third coach in three season. That party odd that Lindsay has never -- mrs. Malo is you have the belief. Doesn't -- you get a grin grin just believe I just said keep it real. And Cuban leader Chris Vernon growth -- A lot of CNN business news. You're an outer space walk in his pocket. Before we did I had what doesn't know a midnight -- right -- you know which is that is -- and it is morning goes is Tony covenant as at I don't know. And he's I can probably won't since all this does go down Alec do you think Tony Allen cares about this -- -- your mind. Like it was on an outer space on senator a little little. -- moment billions -- -- a real astronaut instead it's. When those normal violence that. Going at Chicago's heroes Carlos and -- -- you wanna be the coach. Some new wanna be those who do you want to -- the use our coast and he's like your coach he's gone. Marc -- just reported that he's gonna get hired by Minnesota didn't. Or things are moving very quickly -- -- -- -- -- You're gonna go ago -- -- against who. Isn't it this. Like do you think this affects everybody else on the -- Do you then there's everybody else right so like a dog and I mean. No I never know if you really don't know. The guy really did you -- governor wanna go play basketball and just go home like the rest is that really doesn't affect you all that much. But honestly when the CEO in the is is the GM are gone and then the coach is gonna be gone. Do you care about all this stuff happening. Norv does know. No -- -- -- doing the second do believe it Robert Canada most doesn't trust him just isn't the do you think the other guys trust him. You guys neither quiz yeah that's how the nobody saw me about you know and everybody saying. Available. Chris Vernon. You guys -- your question right so with whom you -- that again as I believe this'll alone. Cause it reveals ground -- focus in on how we could be better than makes -- known. That's mostly. I want to be in the hands right now I I think the west Carr's final the final that's the dais. As the focus right now launch. I think you've attended any news San Antonio is destroying Oklahoma City right image. Bloom. On -- I think -- appears Kevin Durant. -- -- -- -- who have almost school. If I doubt you'd illnesses is put to -- on my flight was Brooke. Like his mentality. Thing into bonds series to a whole different way. Not only including me I just -- jumping to read the aggressive enough known and you don't loan. Noon EE I should be should be smooth -- from GPU's aggressive enough against you. Now he wasn't who has beaten 888 probably gonna drop forty on you they do want -- I mean this you tell its view opinion. It's. Still being with us. You know right now I'd say is it is it is is it actually didn't happen. God did you have your own they called him mr. reliable -- Lerner knew that it was -- was. Their trip through strip -- -- their roots or do you think he's great. Who traded yeah I think I think I just think he he gifted you know it's sixteen. Me -- someone like that and handle light that -- believe you can put more -- would -- the reason president you get -- and I was much. Our -- -- includes -- -- their diseases post and they learn what they give up on the blog update you on the bought their first thing. There's fifty. Presented the -- those last year over alleged that old news midday today you know the value is too many games. You're out like -- thumb for like. You know I don't seem normal as the run against them we'll be right back after this Tony -- instantly -- and -- him and. And it's. -- still you know. And ended the last segment are called me -- He -- Norman mentioned how many games and missed last year. With like a -- -- or what it was an injury -- -- and a sore -- can -- and her mother and just broke here as do French smokers. Tonight you're going to be mad if you don't make personal defense. Amanda announced -- -- and let you know payment. As a parent male roommate -- President Clinton. What do you think Seattle is act. And issued new moon -- -- Your way it's gonna get knowledge or dismiss that to me Merrill got notice you when it won't know that there's this man alone yes you do. I'll though without a mad about you things. How this season ended is that going to be -- -- -- -- and want -- -- with don't you go down. -- when it's having Tony. On the delta is you do. -- you think. -- the same agent do. UB MUD -- Raymond Brothers community that Raymond Brothers gives you paid last summer now it's time to get that. Do you think you'll be back. You beat that he would be my man but man I knew you'd and there -- -- -- edits are well mart. -- -- Once these guys are getting married this summer to right. Bring you gonna go to. You gotta go to -- -- can be you lawn. I hope we don't dancer singer and the thing I don't know the energy saying earlier this year who believe that. We did the Tony Allen karaoke. Oh yeah it was a great even eluded him in other words and some of them try to sing happy by -- I was the floors of the poor. Of course all the good. Of I was I. You it was that there are a lot of people out there that love you that are fans you didn't violate. Or taking away from this is that what I've gathered so far is you like -- prepared. You believe it -- argued truck driver -- that he knows what he's doing here. And then all of this stuff is just business right and all you really care about playing basketball affair by some that Tony Allen pretty well. -- -- as whether it is -- us what about what about coaching wise on the as a basketball. Earned them an immense and do -- -- wrong and does it matter to you -- coaches. Don't know what it is better find the coach isn't Sony is noon -- two to the -- Tampa Bay's Tony and they chromosome. Let -- totally total. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It looks like available you wanna buy it to the budget and little clips I'd alone I don't I. Pirillo. -- -- -- go low quality hopefully give do you -- seriously don't even argue about this -- does Canada where it is overburden them. Get the risen those eligible risen as well the risk of bed in the Jodi Allen nine polio and conduct. Tony Allen nine dodge. Ball here we go you guys are now and I just say well you are gonna be doing camps or summer right -- -- and so move -- And so he was the matter that much preparation. Have every day and there are museum and they they normally wouldn't -- that held you down all the easier now on you. And learn who's been -- said the whole time Susan thanks thank you. Thank you. Good thing for them and you know what -- -- -- I got -- goes on with this video and three Coney Island a year later. -- and I didn't -- Susan Emerson a moment ago when he won't would you want to know rather -- they've known human gnome I don't know Lambeau. If if de -- leads do you care. There -- -- playing best -- play basketball. And so they'll. Mean things. -- own -- home please -- his sense you know. Post season you don't -- -- -- pay -- -- coach anyway you know you never been -- huddle in your career here so I honestly think it really doesn't matter who the coaches are viewed him. What is it that you're in a huddle. When it does dues. And that. I mean I -- that's true Tony you're you're never you're never painted -- oh you're always looking over -- at the screen of they're doing like. Well you busy -- funny not funny things not counting down. Hey I know -- August by the LA are. He doesn't know it that is the thing is that we belly I have basketball that Cuba must I don't know you can read the play -- look at the play was Big Brother. It's only two days ago being an offense you know probably in the quote. So -- could -- and so this is good immunity plays and every other I don't know -- -- -- Yeah I -- It's all about probably about -- you wanted to say -- give food to them what could or would be a record. So speaking of the corner. In game three against Oklahoma City which you know you guys won. -- -- you thought that play coming out of the out of bounds withdrawal was drawn up for you can you do is you -- -- a corner three with -- seventeen seconds of his right police. On the radio call and I do reserve rate cut is pleased by the radio call that didn't learn how -- though we won game three look good well now the other outlets and out there about them other. More we're talking about this is the one where you foul Westbrook on the tour be like that is why they can run the game went over time ran it and how. You don't want the game in his I listen to this. Is this Reza is gonna find it well haven't told the case you came out of a timeout game's on the line game's on the line. Left corner for -- he fires and three what do you do anything or even hundreds of this sort of -- -- what was the and Martin -- coming out of the. I. Apple -- Erica. There are flooded Logan Boone. Let's avoid Diego. You would do that it would -- Oh platform for Allen he fires in three what are you doing the pizza huts that the sort of popped out what was. Mind and actually out of ten feet -- don't do so love see it he -- who almost trim all the books or forgo the bus. Would you -- for that I've been that you could -- values you -- the next ball and I think he's more than X four point. Right after that word that you did you got that bowl you don't we're talking about that haven't. The balls in the corner in -- in the -- got the run out today is scored the only amend our current. Well let's look older but in this kemba based hey did you did you -- admit ordered. The without you is -- -- good embed I was good -- and one in light. What do you regret about the season of the playoffs and -- Outside of the hole with you forever look at it says Tebow got suspended and this could have been much better. Ordered do you think there's something else that could happen. -- whole -- news. And murdered and no you know opportunities to close them up. And is the way he responded. -- -- that game we wrote to each group. Six. Currency is only there -- our bench I am pro am and I dorms they afford to -- Because they're. Haven't read -- as a group it over Beijing's. Right. Do investigate. What happened in game 66. Let -- in his. And how does that I have been in a closeout game -- -- -- -- -- grabbed -- before boarding. Too wound up before the game just in it's who I mean it's more heightened and crabby only. I just believe you know as you know women's doing things that there wasn't helpful for us all you. You know just pick a row closes. A box and now. Our run in the right place using it to be too much emotion is -- -- is no. When we give like you know as -- going to have known viruses or going back to bad was it -- -- the season. Well you know you be down twenty we did and like I -- just a game in game 40. A movie. Do you like playing the three. Is on a cousin of basketball -- where -- put -- on them which -- abuse victims with you just wanna play doesn't think. Right do you like guarding direct. I go on the human our guards who lives and you can't guard me. Look incarnate. Who pumped. Who told you this year. Who told you this year is the best trash talker this year there's. And no. -- hold on now why is it's who was and you know what I brought it up on the air could you tell me the story about Kemba Walker are yeah I did Bob Thornton told me that you were calling them a human Uzi. These shows you -- Eric diverted they would you know I was trying to post and I do in this period you didn't he didn't event it downloaded back federal. -- about. A hundred times. We -- in the summer. Under the trying to get my ten and nine Daytona lead blog all of them have been now women is Kim please. And you know. Continue to bring whereas the boards are you doing Memphis Chicago in Oklahoma City or does the yeah so does their virtual. You go to Chicago. Let me get a here get out of here I must -- Tony Allen nine downtown. -- Earned. Baghdad -- -- -- not to do none of them is yet.

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