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The Chris Vernon Show - 6/3/14 - Hour 1 w/ Iowa Energy GM Chris Makris

Jun 3, 2014|

Hour 1 of the Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 edition of The Chris Vernon Show: Segment 1 (Verno opens up talking about yesterday's show when Rudy Gay's father in-law called); Segment 2 (Iowa Energy GM Chris Makris joins the show); Segment 3 (Verno talks NBA Finals)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Romero Miller going to be at the AT&T -- towers. That's on June 21 the address is 6267. Poplar avenue so began June 21 to be Baird Jones area Qaeda or -- -- and to learn more about watch ESPN and the SEC network that the SEC network coming AT&T you burst in August. The won three straight NBA titles Erik Spoelstra to become the fourth to do it. His people visit San Antonio in game one of the NBA finals on Thursday eighties from time on ESPN radio and ninety's and on ABC. Before winning the last two championships. Told -- lost in the finals for the mavericks. 2011. The spurs have won four titles but none since 2007. ESPN's Ed -- reporting that tight and your Michael Finley's visit. For the patriots last Friday was solely for medical evaluation of the spinal fusion surgery he had 61 catch. For Green Bay in 2012. Quarterfinals French Open second so I was seeded Novak Djokovic leads the AC Milan rounded. 7543. Earned his goal was leading six -- common birdied 634. Or one free Sharapova was a free throw one earlier today the national perspective third baseman Ryan Zimmerman back tonight she's been out for 44 games with a broken thumb. Is your car's air conditioning not blowing a. Special -- From the bank of our studios is the and show broadcasted live on 99 NF ME SPN. Is this. -- 011 O'Toole and I do not have any offense -- -- Monologue a look at what it is Tuesday may third 2014 edition of the show and today on the show Chris Magnus. Is the general manager of the Iowa energy and he has been in town for some of the draft workouts and has been around grizzlies headquarters. As you know the grizzlies started a single affiliation with -- -- 1145. Sunny McCarron the legendary show executive godfather pressured basketball he'll join us at. One -- if you wanna get it after the show they find us on Twitter -- Chris Vernon show one word Chris Vernon show. Can also call at 535 ESPN 5353776. That's an NBA finals that we're gonna get there we got some. It's got a new strength coach Dan Marino's man. There measure may get an MBA -- It's Tuesday sun gods smiled as though it added. Now -- good -- and good night. So. Yesterday afternoon last night was pretty crazy because. I had an awful lot of people or fund for those of you that miss the end of the show. Yesterday at the the last part of the show I had we had of this ongoing saga of where I had asked John -- her. Esquire if he had started a fake Twitter feed that was tearing me down a building him up. And it turned out. That someone said in order to prove John browsers innocence you need to invite. The author of this anonymous Twitter feed on the show and if he shows up then you're going to prove it is not John -- -- Com literally the contents of the feed were either trashing me your building a browsers -- this -- -- is this the first time we've ever. Confronted a Twitter troll as they say. And so we're going to bring them on and we brought them on and it turned out. That. It was pretty -- father and Paul are right and it was confirmed over and over again that it was in fact. Camp but my phone went crazy. I mean people. All -- Eddy -- from the grizzlies were like is that for real. And evidently like after the draft work it's a bunch of the guys. Over the grizzlies I was told last night Chris Wallace John -- although they were in a room and the show was on when it happened. And everybody was like. Boy it's. I mean like Ann I was as honestly like total shock now it -- put up the audio yesterday. Arm for those of you that missed it. But what is left out is and I need to save it because I didn't say yesterday so what is left out. And the reason it gets cut off -- lasting about what happened that the day it. What happens at the end is that rose or hit the dump button like three times tomorrow. And so five times that are up five times and around he hit the dump button five times in a -- Because. British father in law after we get through the hole. Or you. Is father in law and he's clearly like stopped in his tracks key thing. Goes on this maniacal tirade. And he starts yelling at me which -- we lost all of that audio. In fact what we need to see would you find it may be good to -- it out. If it's still exist I don't know if it's even possible. But there's like this thirty seconds any starts yelling at me. Keep it real people real everybody knew that Jason let him with -- -- -- -- -- though pace set. Does that make some excellent public. -- The road hazards this. The old. The way to do the mad about a trade hole. I mean honestly all of the people in the world. Did that could have been. That's insane man that is absolutely insane we obviously put that thing to bet that -- yesterday so. -- the today on the show there's a guy named Chris lakers' who's going to be coming on so a couple of weeks ago. I brought on a guy named judge Kaplan. Out of Florida and he is the one jet had been involved in minor league basketball and really want to have his own thing and bought this team the Iowa energy in the Moines Iowa. In the Iowa energy. He comes Donny talked about it it was like super -- staying all the business side of the Iowa energy and that. Evidently in the morning they're all becoming grizzlies fans now. And there's Dow the single affiliation they've changed the colors to match the grizzlies colors and the grizzlies are going to have their own. That they own and operate and have a major handed. And what things he's in the every he's going on and on about this guy right Chris -- course. We got to keep Crist backers -- keep Crist backers even though on priority disguises superstar on and on and on our and is that he's like the GM of this team. Long story short. I met him. Last night he's in town. For some of the draft stuff. That's going on and I met Chris -- last night and you'll hear him on the show I mean I was. Super. Super impressed. He is. My. -- younger I think he's 35. He has been in the general manager of the Iowa energy. For seven years. He is thirty -- He is -- general manager. Of that team for seven years he is super sharp and I think to hold his track to where he is now and what he's doing at Iowa. And then how that thing all operates and how he's gonna working to judge with the grizzlies in the draft and everything I think you will be very fascinated. About what he has to say because he his story is an incredible story and not affect every I think I think it's good to know these people that are up their right because I mean we're going to be paying attention -- paying attention to what's going on. With the Iowa energy because it is like that's the grizzlies -- And actresses is still there obviously he's gonna be the GM this year. And he's been working with the grizzlies in town this week and he's gonna join us a little bit later on the show. I ended up reading. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A welcome John -- into the show. It's a very very day the bodies every band as they casing your sense. AKA Johnny Baird had -- bag pro Johnny Applebee's AKA Johnny to cool AKA. Not David -- It's. Syndicates and is it yours are here bats and our goal bask in the glory and yes and Jason yesterday you wanted to immediately to get that audio off on the Internet -- if -- -- after a half after you wanted to take all the attention away from you turning into rows -- -- the late at night guest in my. I will say -- my skills -- hitting the dump button. Mean -- you think. It's. That was about. And I got all of it. Have hit the here way. By the way I don't think so at least when -- -- back and think -- heard one that it will that it there and is that this is all to say that -- really on top of your game. So are -- trying to say here. Because you miss the fact which my Twitter fees have alerted -- you miss the fact that I introduce to show as Tuesday may third. You did. When I was I was the Bangalore -- together when you're doing that this is even better. So yesterday I said it was Monday may second and I'm. How do that date in my notebook I do all the snow I give other shows in my notebook it's so. What -- the idea that they border. Friday may third yeah. Bay Area and then going straight to make -- it -- there's okay the last two days the days that these are held up at podcast people are gonna think it happened a -- the camp JAL well when you're really very quick entered. We are doing all that stuff I'm. I'm getting the belongs to commercial set Posey in any event and yeah I guess I'm getting I'm getting the commercial set up well good for my listeners I. They depend on me for -- the correct date. Another day of I didn't do it no can say is that it surely they don't have cell phone I always do that as a reference point for the podcast right. And now I've screwed this up completely I am now introduce the last few days as may second AMA third. It's added that there is they've made -- -- doesn't toward the end of this and that is we saw the show -- so I mean I don't know that there anymore now are these all thrown off man this is terrible. Well as those essays in June it's it's easier and a good third and June there are June 3 -- -- -- given that the Belmont this weekend Belmont is this week. -- Don't know who were new crew aborted Triple Crown should have. -- I mean noble is not gonna win the Triple Crown but like maybe California chrome is right they -- B is -- only a triple on the job. -- California chrome and is nose strip Brent is gonna have the chance to win the Triple Crown. And that will be though becoming major major major. Moment in sports history if that is able to happen there is -- -- thing -- -- get a ginger and there's so yeah it's June forgive. -- -- Some facts are right. Okay now now all are okay now I'm clearly flustered. Do we just start the show out of the union OK I don't think it would thirteen minutes into it -- it is what it is okay all right. I've been reading on the -- the NBA finals because is gonna start on Thursday while breaking this long by the way why is there this long of a break between the end of the conference finals. And now the beginning of the NBA final well is it for Tony -- an ankle as George both know well Chris I don't know if you've ever known that noticed this but the NBA finals always trying to. They always start a -- it's locked in no matter what yeah I did it I just -- that's why I. Why are you questioning and why would a bit like did they each were one of four games. It was sort of last Thursday the mister know it always sort of last Thursday. Took no matter what is art and others that that's your town Odom I would think so you don't know it's starting on the -- That dog either authority -- on now yes I -- hit another noted -- here's what we're gonna have to. It's sort of less resented out of the authorities have booster to the Tibetan spiritual quest for the last Thursday -- the final start in June. -- lowest or June I know what I think. That was a believe what I believe I haven't. I believe but I think. That the cabinet. And -- was like three years ago four years ago when I said that. The -- million. -- -- -- -- For the most part of the Doris Day. The finals are got to sort out there today and the most persuasive thing that I have read. Is Kevin Pelton who worked for -- basketball prospectus for some time. And now writes for ESPN insider. -- dizzy analyze three decades. Worth of finals trains. To attempt to anticipate. This year's winner. And what he founded the following. By the way they are locked in Aircastle plans to set its locked him because the national TV even if they would finish in four -- -- this Thursday. There's a real know what all that hassle I -- or Sheen right. Mean -- used. -- am and has burn and really so little. So it does sort of you do a better word. -- -- Here's a catapult you found. Regular season records. In this regarding figuring out who's gonna win the NBA finals right regular season records. -- -- Matter. Hit -- results. No matter. Playoff performance. Matters. Games play need. How many games you've waited in the playoff. Does it matter. Defense ever ratings. -- What they did they put it all together when he found is a regression that combines. Regular season win differential. -- -- leading up to the finals. But not defense -- rating which isn't statistically significant as part. Of a regression. Correctly retro DX. I have never read that word in my life red trimmed ex. Instead of predict. If you go back in time you rich Riddick. Richard. -- correctly -- addicted. That's that I needed you need to go back and Richard Nixon stuff. 47. Of the last thirty. Final outcomes. So we put it -- found matter it didn't matter. And then said and ended the -- addiction. -- -- -- Correctly retro addicted. When he said I'm so that it by the way if you don't think that's part of the -- vocabulary. From this day forward you're out of your mind. 27 of the last thirty -- Based on that retro addiction. San Antonio. As an 88 per cent chance of winning the Bob -- Yes I think San Antonio is gonna win the series. That's. I've since the beginning of the year at the San Antonio we get them and they said about the numbers and they said he went back in the book but I was worried about Oklahoma City beating San Antonio and I don't think -- Casey can beat Miami but I think San Antonio beat some. 27. Out of thirty fine. That is -- I think on average forty. Chris -- Chris. Is the general manager but the Iowa energy. You're gonna like this guy he joins -- come back Chris burn itself. 92 none of them is fifth. Even as St. Louis Cardinals when he gets here. Then that's his Major League sports now. Select cardinals games including most day games on our sister station 7:9 PM other nights you'll hear a month maybe two million men and 688. -- -- -- In Memphis is sports stage here 99 -- ESPN. I know I've heard from some sort of Buick GMC truck is our 25 anniversary of sunrise a celebrate what the sale of savings that are better than ever over 600 new cars and trucks to choose from with -- savings of -- 89000 dollars. Whose contract -- dream at sunrise hundreds of used cars and trucks with a lot specialized cars and trucks under 101000. -- credited showcase improved sunrise remember which specializes secondary financing no cars and trucks and free but at least reportable of the twenty. 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Good morning on your cell phone doll panel wall or visit the the people.com. -- ace cash express we have several convenient neighborhood locations in Memphis to -- your financial needs we always have cash on hand at ace and our service couldn't be faster couldn't be easier ace cash express earning your trust since 1968. Welcome back. To the best of our lives studios and then Chris Vernon show -- 929 MM ESPN was brought to you by Lexus of Memphis and into. -- when they get back. A fast and the -- and after another -- the idea that I do it's. The right of the idea where I got a -- he pulled up but I did. This. It's good to regret that the birth -- the Bob Dublin -- bought the view of it would have been dark art college -- guys. And -- bought. This -- the dead the bit. The annoying to me and compelling think of at need trouble it is the big east it's very strange humor occasional pop up -- The blue zones is on in the hallway. Does it certainly doable claimed about everything -- Didn't noise -- -- -- mean -- and waning of -- trouble begins at -- Preached for a commercial he also has before that noticed the number of followers keep dropping said that I mostly good for group picks. -- -- Did it. All to itself alone governor. It's just all. Around like David -- No beating Adam Levine the complaining of act in trouble -- in that -- They're used to -- it's a commercial. And it is that poplar all right set up target -- right right next door to a mayor ago. Other attendees say is at the end of July he's gonna be opening up a new -- at poplar island right there behind busters liquor. And he is going to -- a drive that they re going to be able to get pizza by the slice in birders -- rock and a pizza. They've got for a seasonal ingredients they got a secret no recipe is absolutely. Amazing Pete backed mr. your wrong on pizza and there's not a week that goes by. Somebody going to be up on Twitter talking about -- coaches -- that -- rock and Oak -- really of course right course right. -- can build pizza at park and -- right next door to America goes to my man Jeremy and they just commercial -- -- there -- Memphis most poll right now. And rock and -- is nominated for best food truck and they're nominated for best pizza and so if you're gonna go vote in the commercial deals Memphis most. -- ego cast a vote for rock and dough pizza because they deserve it. I told you I -- to Chris math course last night he is the general manager of the Iowa energy which is the new single affiliation. The Iowa energy and owning and operating yet and will brought alleged Kaplan who's the guy that's a minority owner for the grizzlies the bought the Iowa energy. He said my first priority is to make sure we keep Crist backers is the GM there. And I never -- reform -- last night and he is in town as part of the draft preparations for the grizzlies and he joins us on the show now. -- -- You do and thanks for coming -- men. And I appreciate things right in the -- I so if you will first -- let's find out about Crist backers. You were let's start at the beginning you were a high school athlete and then a college athlete right. That's right actually have played a basketball football and high school in northern Wisconsin -- I've been called my accent coming out a little bit it. I -- that played excellent football in college entry universe the other quarterback into Moines Iowa and break. Come into my mom actually had gone to Drake issues from Chicago's suburbs when there's so I was familiar which it. And then now an elder brother played football as well he played linebacker he went there edged on to get a little bit away from home and experience new things moved to a big city -- Drake recruited meet -- I think any opportunity to play quarterback had other opportunities to play different positions but but I want to -- quarterback. So really just. Get an -- from an academic standpoint. I wanted to be in finance editor did a great program down there with the didn't schools saw may turn on just a good. There are pretty good -- one double -- we are pretty good. We think you know 83 every year's 74119. And two when you're weir okay. It go all right so now you leave Drake and what happens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Played almost sports scene and got into the financial world -- Smith Barney. Part of an investment consulting team. After about two years and just missed the competitive side of sports. Mom crack. On the real competitive guy you know like the wind and everything I do he eats me up when I lose so I really want to get back in exports but I was old and washed up in -- complaining -- You have put my mind who work in really wanted to get involved especially in basketball because color there was a lot of opportunity for people in management really have. You know to really make an impact on the team and that's -- So went back to school in and got graduate degree. In sports business from San Diego State would never really specialized program. Kind of got my foot in the door and that led me to an interview with the Iowa energy. That's kind of how I got into the business. And at this point how old are you when he did this interview with the Iowa energy. It was toward me. Six or 27 of the timing of 26. Our Tony six they got a set up where you've got a interview with the owner at the time of the Iowa energy what happens in the interview. Yeah I'll be -- you know living in San Diego which anyone that spent little time out there knows it's. Is that not a place you really -- leave -- so I had some friends and -- can start and Iowa come come interviewed for the looking for people aren't just learn to -- -- come up there -- not -- some people and I'll go back to San Diego. I got there on a Monday inaugural and there and they really didn't have anyone working in a bit tired kind of a coach. Who's doing some things may get a -- person who's doing some things and deputy owner wasn't there so instead of going back to the totality and just her work -- -- -- working -- players start working on in this plant start working -- things and I kind of learned over time. In for three days the only and I never showed up. Know what to do what he don't you start working on this that the bill I doubt you even know what to do it and. Well into the firm it is figured out -- figured out sort of guy -- -- job -- figured out one way or another. I just you know we we -- there's been expansion draft and -- back if you are they handle expansion draft from the crash in and I looked to doctors and start identifying players look -- be available based on rules -- -- in the end who we could get. Start working on that end in the forbidden such as starter put together. You know the business you know I means what I -- that's what I knew and how we're gonna sell and how much we're gonna sell or how much you -- -- itself. -- went to work for three days in the owner finally showed up. I and we didn't get good interview with them in India we talked about some of the different things glad Democrats -- -- most statistical analysis stop somebody -- a basketball business -- I'll ever get through that you looked at me any said you know you get a little experience I contributed BR general manager. AI at this point kick back handed goal it was like I am just I'm kind of looking for an internship. Competent. Hopefully straight faced them and they'll give you that. Yes I experience but let me be your assistant general manager for a year cheers years wherever they eat -- let me get that experience into the problem you're at. And by the way the general manager he said well we'll have more. How we're only at night for the most Obama do everything in my power to make sure that they never hire -- general manager. Because the fight if they do that may never get that opportunity. Thank you just want to work made sure did everything we should the business is successful we -- we got good players. After a year they elevated me from. Assistant general manager which meant I did all the -- can get the -- that general manager we're actually -- got a little bootable. So he has finally come see the -- just cozy when he says listen I'm not I'm not gonna hire anybody else you just different. Yeah pretty much pretty much yet he just said I don't like what he would have been doing and been successful. -- -- an -- smarter people and I and I still to give -- a hard time about that this day. How does is go go over around the league 127. Or 827 at the time right. You know Adam Opel and over real well. There were some people that definitely pull our owner that they wouldn't have been. They told that you know I was too immature to do -- it's almost too -- to do it too inexperienced to do it. An end you know thankfully -- owner with a guy that is always. He immediately politically connected and he's always been a guy who's. He is he says looks for the next great person instead of the last great person. On any given the opportunity and -- I was able to run with -- on it is and that. Took a lot of guts on his part -- Just think -- it would have been army would have been on him. Sort of a lot of guts and really gave me my first opportunity to break and. And now you have been there this -- year this'll be year -- this will be area. -- be that severe that you're eight that's seventy and. And I -- how much or talk to Chris -- pursues the general manager of the Iowa energy the new. Chris how how much is the -- change from when you started that first year to what it is now. Politics is incredible -- first of all the talent level has gone up immensely teams that we had an act like you're one year to let. One division titles we wouldn't win more than four or five games now they skirt talent level has increased significantly. The connection with NBA teams. Whether they be hybrid situations like like that the -- energy situation or NBA teams outright only elite teams. -- really created. Some great benefits in terms of assignments players and potentially injury -- players and skill level of coaches. I mean either from -- business standpoint you know we've grown our crowd every year we average about 4600 this year. In school every single year we're gonna continue to increase. But you know 56 years ago people hit a couple hundred people through the door luckily we weren't a lot of those we. We stared up at about 25 -- about 303200 excuse me were about 46. It's changed its old differently and I think the NBA teams are really taken the course there's good players good coach is good front office people in good opportunity in the. What is the job of -- general manager of AD league team especially with -- -- if I'm not event and I'm correct. There one point or five or six teams all affiliated with the with the same turn right. Yeah we had we had -- affiliates is my job is and the unique I actually one of the few people maybe the only person. That oversees both the basketball side of the team and the business side of the team. That creates it as a challenge is to be honest with you a lot of work. You know but it but it also has allowed me to get into a new perspective in terms of the business side of -- The ball wish. Which the collective bargaining agreement in BA level and some of those things. I think puts me ahead of the curve and I get it I get I want impact the other and vice Versa I'm having five affiliate. -- to the struggle. You know obviously had to build relationships with each of those five and one of the things that that we did well was reach out tournament. And start those open lines of communication and working with the five different teams general managers and -- general managers just explain to them will do anything we can Korea. You -- got to give me a heads up for me to make it work we've got to give me a heads up if you are trying to player or call local player. And if if only we communicate with -- -- everybody will go home happy would it have any complaints and it was really because of the destruction that we -- in place and Iowa. A lot of people say well you know I'm not ashamed to say it or. We -- best franchise in -- believe that on the court off the court. I mean everything that we do an interesting just. Having that structure in place and having good employees really allowed us to kind of you know get through some of the rocky times when there were fighters 60 affiliates that are needed some. Basketball wise in -- -- you know guys are gonna be sent down he's got to got to implement them into whatever you're doing at the time and being a good Steward for the NBA teams that are affiliated with you. But it -- it -- how many how many guys do you carry it needs time and how do you acquired them how many guys would you say. Are do you acquire for much of -- drafted how many do you just go out and try to spot. -- Tom -- question we carry ten of our own players and what that means -- they're. You know property the Iowa energy their rights are held by any NBA team. You know we can -- players on assignment. So we get up to three different guys are trying -- any one time we get three we actually -- 01 embarked on an inactive list we carry twelve this is technically to act -- listed any any moment in time. I just to get -- actresses is pretty interest they have. That part of book at the -- for any changes every single year because everybody I'm all that's where. Well he's saying things about the we -- returning players who get their rights for two years after we've Adams a guy that played for the energy over the past two years we get them back. You know we'll get a couple of them back but don't go overseas but don't speak any NBA. Those sort of things we do open tryout believe that are not wouldn't open -- to -- we'll do one in Memphis where anybody who wants to show up including you Christian. A 200 boxing and you could try out for the Iowa energy. Couldn't I couldn't I couldn't score on the -- mascot ribs in a -- a grizzlies game. I'd sell it because it all just trying to -- the number of. A good then maybe they -- you still won't be aware that there are problems. Did you you -- anybody try out. Anybody I mean it. If you get 200 bucks or get really big guys show up there. -- didn't even have the right equipment or just say that the Michelob and injustice spandex shorts are not announced a similar way to get a very shortly to try out for the team put. So we have an open -- profit nationally and get the players out there -- -- -- going to be you Gardena when the one amid this is gonna make. We don't know yet we usually done on September October -- probably October -- you know it's one of the things weighed down on the list. Talk about here we need to do in October we we wouldn't get affiliate players with what that means there's. You put three guys that the three guys in your NV eighteen training camp. If -- cut by the NBA came in and -- in the they automatically come dial so that's something we're talking about Malaysia he can maybe get a couple guys that that we like with the grizzlies. That we want to monitor more than need to develop more largest -- Into infinity energy organization without doing a draft -- -- like that in the final piece is November 1 we do draft. You know -- ventures seven draft process it. Little bit different obviously he's in the NBA level but a lot of it is the same I usually better players and a couple more euros or yen or the process. Evaluating players processor doing background checks cut sort of figure out. Strategy in terms of moving up moving down I've been on the phone and -- mature Rick -- harbinger let's stop -- become comfortable with. An -- we do that draft every year it's really exciting there's a lot of movement a lot of -- skeptical aren't. And that's the last actually that we acquire players put those all together roll up eighteen come November. Games start during the open ended November and we throw the ball up. When is dean -- retract. It's usually aren't the first Friday in November. I don't know what that would be this year it may be November 1. And we usually do it via teleconference are local -- here in Memphis or we'll do that tomorrow and we do big draft party -- morning. Yeah we go out there and say we kicked out LSU you don't take that. Actually -- in trade and got a really good players DR figured Jarvis Varnado some of those guys. Any other crowd there and a drink some beer has some fun and they'll go crazy and then by the eighth round you've never heard of the guy this is -- great. Kind of idea that. It's a fun night when we're done near the step we elbow and then -- mean you know indirect. Were very open and transparent and ask questions in the pot can come up the guys in Asia really is a fun place sought let you know when that's going to be. Yet in terms of a building eighteen. How can you how do you know how to build a team like it's typically I was talking to a general manager I would then say Chris what are your team needs. Can you know your team needs when you don't necessarily know your roster. No not really not really sit here I think I think one of the things we've been pretty good at and -- -- a lot of absent that. We really based a lot of our decisions on our character to be honest with I believe it's really important especially -- could be legal level that are making much more interest. Nobody wants to Des Moines, Iowa when they're professional basketball player we understand that we talked to them about that they wanna be in Memphis they are being in Chicago they wanna be in New York they wanna make couple 100000 dollars couple million dollars. So from a character standpoint Guiding Light through the years kind of group in your real leg up. Uneven compared to guys. Until we know we based everything are not going to be good people like him he'll fight to the hard times in the adverse -- they don't stick to be a good teammate so that's what we start. And then once you get your -- -- once you get two or three guys that maybe are returning you can start looking it needs a little bit he could start figuring out here are you more shooting -- -- in the post. Internet style you play is another way to kind of massage -- a little bit. On the Lester we were pretty at temple team and I feel like there's a lot more guys that -- handled that they can run that are maybe undersized shoot the ball. And so we try to implement something arm where needed -- necessarily as big of a singer that maybe is a TN BA level because there's constantly changing rosters. Does everybody get paid the same in the. Not mistreated her contract levels this is what's called AT&T contract level in the lead to -- centric the -- -- all those guys. There -- salary cap believer not I -- and we just gotten in picked the players in the draft and things like that. Between different levels and you know is it really varies from private housing the pre -- but. -- guys' endurance and you're not putting money in the forward Kate -- its investment each. Invest the time in the league become good morning impressed scouts -- hopefully get a call outlook looked at a number of what energy or. Into the Turkey India you put up numbers in the get a better job -- more really an investment -- from that standpoint. Do it -- zero amount of guys he can have a net eight you know they did a salary to be salary -- -- salary there's -- But you can't have all guys that are making a salaries for the dealing. Hey you said there's like a salary cap but how does that work. Did so there is if you -- stay within the cap obviously the number way to get there but basically out of the ten guys could be two days greedy and crises. -- -- a little bit over this year because -- -- level that we had our team was great pretty good you don't want to pass up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we're lucky chased guys. It was cold currents that. And I know I didn't put our owners they go get into the tornadoes here so I did not best. He's doing getting into what you know it's. Most routine go over that it's it's not like a dollar for dollar text -- -- actual. Amount over no -- -- taxes and that public TV is a look good nobody is worried about. I don't wait this is gonna work now with this affiliation with the grizzlies we know that. It's almost in with the Rio Grande which is one of your rivals in the in the -- -- eight Rio Grande right the same way we -- -- the clippers you guys a real money. Eight might be a strong word -- and played and in my party. I understand. Up -- -- have been used as they've been held up as this beacon of the of the of the on is that been talked about his leg is that the way the grisly wanna use I. Yes good question and let me preface it by saying this shouldn't there's a couple different ways that you can successfully used the I'm an award is to replicate what you're already doing that -- the big league club. You know -- in the same set turn in the same offense same style same play call even an and that way if you have guys did they make more sense to. They'll call up and Iowa energy player because he knows what he's doing knows what the coach took a lot and and she can replicate everything is important the you can also use that as an R&D platform -- research and development sort of deal like the rocket is this year where they similar run up and on the court gonna shoot 53 became. And we're gonna see if this makes sense. You're in terms of how we're gonna use it something that we're still gonna determine something that you -- spend some time over the next couple weeks and calling morsel after we get through draft and reagents in those sort of things and spend time with. Which -- challenger Chris Wallace and eighty acre and in doing technical had a lot of history in the and really just talk about how we want to use burst. What we wanted to do or replicated to wanna do some research I think -- or something in between. And I guarantee you this whichever way we go it's gonna be the benefit of the grizzlies speaks at the end of the day that's what. What we're here four or you can benefit the Memphis Grizzlies and make them more successful project. How does it change for your job with a single affiliation now. I don't have to deal aside GM I will hopefully be you know a little bit less but. I don't really excited about it you know I think we got a great environment Iowa -- -- -- energy that have been created and will continue to be created. I didn't get it into the great I really think your degree these occur. Utilizes the right way I think render everything we can develop players go players. To be our secure you know hopefully evaluate future assistant coaches all these things spirit that the and you know from from a personal standpoint I'm I'm open to contribute -- -- to contribute. Of course have been illegal -- -- of work I've been in their endurance but also bring a little bit of of the knowledge I've gained. Hopefully apply it to the grizzlies while also learning from the great people that are. Who the best players in the. You know program -- pierce kept a character standpoint. One Nigerian town that actually we had in Iowa for the Beijing -- James is really count that we had in his second year in the league. Played about five games suppressed averaged about point five points just if physically -- better than anyone else -- -- good guys cherish our -- He was down with desperate for a little while. Names will go on and Chinese from the east Darius Morris he was really good first this year Gerald Green and then in the aren't on an arm that there's a lot of good players and I think the number right now is 3536%. Of NBA players at some point put on a uniform what do they came through the dealing. What do they were assigned to the illegal whether they were former NBA player -- Maybe got cut had to come back up in the people would be surprised -- all the names that are in the the talent level we have once could we can't get a chance. Watch the energy -- -- is Chris -- is the last thing people wanna know how can they get Iowa energy gear. Hey it's going to be on the wayward try to -- it down you're in at length. They you know what -- and have a. Biggest -- demand thanks buddy. Buddy appreciate it. Simon Chris -- he is the general manager of the Iowa energy of the new. The Memphis Grizzlies -- that this -- -- an -- -- none -- -- has -- Who has -- NBA writer for ESPN that kind. I'm -- -- win doors when it comes to LeBron overlap. -- on the first has played in the playoffs they've played him eventually be dead anyway which is they've backed off of them and -- continues and last year. For a while it works and the difference between O'Brien 2013. Or LeBron and few doubt that -- that he didn't get past that mentally now. Chris mourn and show. -- -- nine FM ESPN. One. Upon a time when I was young longer there were no cell phones no computers no Internet. How long could you last today without any one of those three. I'm John Morgan memorial Morgan in these days and times it's important be connected to your customers and clients 24 sevenths and that's our goal. 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Whatever without attachment and you didn't and you really want to get him all the best well I try to get involved the dollar -- I would. I do everything a good delay I'd I'd pick up but I've moved to do more and I went out -- -- somebody like that right. Partly -- at GM for seven years of 35 years old right I don't know how much help they need of their. But I got to got to read in the new year you hear his story. And it is our people moment and look at him now. And super Smart guy and that I really had to battle they are I'll keep up with what's going on in Iowa because now that the single affiliation I do think it is. It is going to be a great benefit to the -- to have that team in Iowa that they own and operate right. That they are going to be able to select who they want on that roster and they are going to it input in the in the draft and they are going to be able to send. People down there and trust that -- -- You remember Wallace is in here two weeks ago when he was talking about how when they had their kind of sketchy. They sent Tony wrote in their and the guided play. A the first night employed. And Wallace went nuts. And I absolutely crazy right -- the accent I got to the paper applied as an -- to Reno and do you blame in the game. Right now. Everything is kind of hand in glove with desire with thing. And evidently Apple's only to be able to mortar all in on the grizzlies now. That's going to be their guys. And we have seen guys over the course of the past couple of years of things really change that -- think man he saw Jim Johnson brought to the table right. This year for the grizzlies. And as you mentioned -- land and you've seen so many guys go and do stints. Down there but then like the success stories look at -- very interpret started on a team that almost made the playoffs. And use the do you -- their dunk contest for the mistakes. 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