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The Chris Vernon Show - 6/18/14 - Hour 3 w/ Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace

Jun 18, 2014|

Hour 3 of the Wednesday, June 18th 2014 edition of The Chris Vernon Show: Segment 1 (Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace joins the show); Segments 2 & 3 (We'll talk World Cup)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Around call -- plumbing heating truly an electric pure independent train dealer at 3997020. Or go to. Com and remember it's hard to stop -- 51 win over defending champion Spain is the one of the majors. -- surprises in the first week of the World Cup. And the Netherlands factor that this afternoon to Brazil and followed up with a 32 win over Australia. Scoring for twice in the second half of them but the bagel in the sixties that it was the difference. Next up Spain beat Philly at 3:30 eastern time a -- win or draw -- Netherlands. In the knockout round Cameron meets -- 5:30 eastern every World Cup match live and ESPN TV and radio. That's good baseball eventually the cardinals lead the -- was nothing in the bottom of the first. Run by Matt carpenter cubs and the death of Miami are 11 top five John Carlos dad and his his. Twentieth homer of the season for the Marlins the Phillies live planet 85 in the top of that parent rank in the -- -- in two runs with a bases loaded. The Red Sox scoreless bottom of the second how Gibson John Lackey -- -- have a base for the fund to. In the -- -- Detroit won nothing come forth and RBI single by Alex -- Redskins say they will appeal today's ruling by the US patent office which canceled the team's trademark jeans T shirts and underwear and socks for the revolutionary. Policies are designed to respond to your body temperature to help you keep your cool. In my son's -- Studios and the Vernon show on don't. He then brought to you right. This. Yeah. Yeah. -- Has locations. All around -- -- that tell -- they catered my. Daughter's birthday party on Saturday is fantastic makes you think of their -- or get a cater a party because again unbelievable party trays we got me out big club sandwich. Party try and it was perfect for the amount of people that I had to -- over the weekend is also revised up and go grab a great lunch or dinner grit pays for business lunch -- I stick to family. Sandwiches. Massive salad bar -- always available tons -- always available free ice crew had to get Denny's free ice -- be a good deal today considering it's. A 150000 degrees outside go to Jason delegates yourself play light sandwich and then maybe some free ice cream for you had out there. Jason's deli -- poplar Highland Park and Ridgeway Germantown parkway inside the Children's Museum or. In the olive branch of government -- right over the about a target -- location. As a draft you can go -- some Jason's deli for lunch or dinner to Dane Davis -- weekly chats with the GM of the grizzlies he is Chris Wallace. Now -- Chris Vernon show presents grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace. Now grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace. What do you like Jason's deli and popular and -- an ordinary shoot I got Trent ESPN. Yeah. -- list. Could -- -- you become quite the east World Cup soccer aficionado or maybe -- UT US state samba. I heard you had a big delegation the other night. A local water watering -- let Ghana gained. Did I ever we have way it was a throw down it was unbelievable man I'm mr. World Cup. You laugh yeah well you know what you could go watch again because of some day what time. 5 o'clock 5 o'clock. Who would -- is due to the Portugal Portugal Portugal. Portugal the river resumption of that classic Portugal USA rob Horry. -- -- We made that we're really a ball kind of hate for the Portuguese. Now let me ask you question -- report guitar NBA stepped down are you -- the whole World Cup are you just solely focused on key US. Don't know the whole World Cup amid to a man wanted all of it. I tell myself into a completely. -- you watch what what could have been 200 ties already. -- and I watch the entire game it was Mexico Brazil yesterday we watched it targeted. I think it's. Another looked like Iran tied somebody did like. That game was a terrible idea yeah it was -- the Mexico Brazil 00 tie was a great -- best best positive 00 day game at Saturday what ninety minute hey best 00 attack everything be -- -- a great game. At best there is there a time ever -- because aunt because every scoring change right every single scoring chance is like the edge of your seat. Because you know that like you know the score one of rallied a -- prime -- -- up. And both teams had a lot of chances to score goals whereas that Iran Nigeria game like neither team really. There's -- right in the middle of the field you have pretty boring. Debbie I would say the BBC yellow of the English commentators this problems and yeah I know that it got talk about that Iran Nigeria game he says. It was horrible disgusting in my entire light little sports commentators -- worse moments in my lite -- And they just they're so descriptive buoyant American bar and two bullets are sort something. See you don't live where we're already were -- ready for an hour we got Spain vs -- you could really do. Experiment you -- watch again with a not a. I you know I will try to do that try and I don't not about soccer with a little bit but tune in the World Cup appears. I love how dramatic it is and I like with some want to talk -- or broadcasters. Yeah yeah I can understanding -- so dummy that's so dramatic. Have you never been to a soccer game when you've been overseas scouting. No I would even think about going over games because. I think Scott a basketball game they're producing curl your hair yeah and I -- -- chemed does soccer not my only partial soccer. Not intellect Real Madrid Barcelona soccer stadiums intuitive about god has taken -- over shoulder to make up. I wouldn't Istanbul Turkey one day. Give me a ride from the airport to my hotel and just sort of blocked my hotel is really huge stadium 8800 about a particular basket posh. In the game of five hours away when I drove back. And at that time has already pal -- the people on the street and hundreds of cops -- on -- they don't touch you'll stick. -- Separating the two groups of fans. I'd -- my goodness -- eyebrow or purported game. And their doormat I can imagine what's going on derby day. You're out on it that you don't wanna you wanna be part of that. And commented Richard everything out of this might be a little bit out of Malik Allen let's come up in apocalypse or you know the president of Turkey or chocolate the hardest Kabila Kabila Perry from right. Of all the people that I know. If you don't mean -- you're in a box of the president Turkey might be Lisa price so much out so well you could talk your way in the I don't know I. So I -- my my favorite band experience. I I I he's got this cricket match -- -- there Bermuda when it got there in the summer. They're over the Greg cricket match between the two sides of the island the most in the southeast YouTube clip a hundred years it. There's there's a state debate this festival but they have it celebrates you -- -- the patient the slaves. It's a huge Saint -- comes sort -- -- -- twenty point 5000 people to gain. They're sort of like a hundred dollars or not what that meant to be -- what big deal it is. And I won't bore you all but -- -- cricket ball when it got -- you don't want a guy -- up we'll stick and he's batting. If he scores if you run that would probably equivalent to back -- forty point game of basketball. One time. They stopped the match they play music in people run out on the on the call to deal which it appears they've run out -- money they got at. It did this a tremendous or this ceremonial on. So that happened around that the LP have cricket match I think I got to do this when in the United States could you jump onto the -- the court. And indeed that I jump over the wall ran out on the field stuff -- bucks and get. That fifty. In the world. Like thirty but there's money to get that long -- I look at this NBA draft because you guys have word got the next couple of -- -- but it got free work out. Or when the next full weight OK so I I know you got tomorrow which is like this event Napier Jordan Clarkson PJ hairs stand Jeremy grant. The Quinton Ross CJ Wilcox got Saturday. Pretty got Friday and then what is there another one. A number on Sunday other risks. Yes we've got some. -- now -- got a warm preempt our our PR and council -- but our digital look for sure exactly are structured you get closer to work I also. They -- have not come -- that are are not expected to come in and I do want you to if you can't just explain the dynamics of the way the draft works because there's a bunch of guys when people look at the mock drafts. And you always said that LC's -- drastic at least got the guys in the right area there's going to be a surprise your surprise there. But generally we're talking about the same thirty to forty guys right to peaceably go in the first round. Com. You are so that being said. If you look at them my address has been a bunch of guys around your range for a long time but evidently there are some that feel they are going to do that there are going to be around. At 22 so like -- TJ -- from NC state won't come and work out for you or Adrian pain won't be there or Rodney hood. Won't be there whatever he can't explain it. All the ultra pay that you're in so much about this not a household name because they played. So called mid major school we -- yeah I'll. -- -- evident nom I'm getting an argument and I'm also gonna get an argument with you about them because one of the things that you talked about is -- -- the range right. This season ended and -- was projected as a late first early second by every -- As of yesterday Ted -- going eight. Right so. Which is closer to the truth. I think you'll go closer to eight billion broke thirty -- What what -- -- a month is what I'm saying right like I mean. We don't know -- well I think what happened was it seems really started to take a harder look at him they knew he was guitar player in the the -- US special teams in the ninety and under championship in Europe Pletcher Billy Donovan coaches got starter. He's he's an exception in this group of players -- he's not a big game high school player. Goes to a smaller level school. Not a completely -- start surplus in over a year ago. A young I just think he's got more more comfortable with him and what I've been here to work out he's been dynamic so he's seen but I hear you -- and every work. Everybody. Van just fall in line is -- that's right so let's say Albert at the end of this season. That that the guys do the moxie talk to people everybody got to talk to people try to put together that all their independent followed on this right there clearly talking to teams. And people involved in teams in order to come up with. They're the most accurate that they can't. So that depiction of accuracy would have been the most teams at -- for patent anywhere from any. And not be a little -- all the wood like 35 guy until now to -- put this thing out -- eight. So is that more likely that everybody's -- changed. And -- was always one of the top ten guys or fifteen guys in this draft. I'm an accurate concern go to popped him but I think he's going to go. Top fifteen of overall probably broke up eighteen. But is it a month ago do you think everybody had him in that range. Well he was he wasn't that -- all -- what he came from 45 back there. Thought he was owed it to her first round and console him -- that he didn't he just -- -- -- crystal last year the last ball security. It -- executive do you look at that gives you are aware when Chad Ford put on his mock drafts got a look at just like anybody else. Army's got information in there and he's talking about what these guys have done other places are aware where what who caught that too or whatever else -- you have to be aware of this. When you see something like that does it change your opinion. No because you kids -- -- your opinion. Opened down Chris based on what -- order Jonathan good Bonior any of the -- Grabbed originators. Article to players that. And nor can you be worried about what our peers are doing in the NBA you have -- -- war. No no you may be higher auto auto player than the contestants are lower than I mean you've got may have different you got to do your work. So and that's one of the tricky part about this business. In this day and age -- we have -- -- absolutely inundated with information. It is not having your opinions swayed by the doubt about. I had seek and I know you do your own war but it is if you guys had ordered. You're a work in a bubble now -- telling. Because -- just again just inundated with information. -- save what's going all the other teams and these popular coaches agents. Other teams so. I think it's critical to do your homework because. Yeah I'm not that your opinion necessarily use. You know. And I yell you the best in the league or whatever -- that that you do you have a lead dispute yourself go to court to deal work because that you just go back and look at the welcome pat strapped to try to go out only. They're all upside they'll. With the benefit onsite. They all -- -- for all all a lot of what we're reported record after two straight -- football I would tell you I don't think there's any great. Accuracy that became begin with the consensus sort of hurt because the hurt never right. It's a good point I I would just say and in my own mind and I am obviously I have always confident in my own opinion. But I if I had a board and I had -- for patent and is using them as example -- he's the guy that is for loan up piety and 25. And then I see that come out any age and talk and Muppets on about how much are these energies on the I would go to myself like. -- -- -- to do that yeah I mean it's just human nature. But not to let it go back you're expected to -- -- there are so an actor. We sought evidence that an NBA final the MVP while Leonard. Three years ago he could give you pick in the draft -- he wasn't. This trip. He's fifty dollar if you had to -- grab bag group today. All of that class of 2011. Was that. He would be the first or second pick in the draft. A lot of things any debate about. Wood no wait what we know what you say that we go we flew back and re drafted now Ted. I don't let you -- what you said OK now the weekly news gathering and gave her three years. I -- -- -- -- all the all back in the pot and the teams could retract your portrait. Well let's -- -- -- real quick bite its carrier Irving. So now these are the other guys between carrier ring and him we'll see if there's a Beirut -- our. Derrick Williams. Jonas -- June this young best sleep Bismack beyond below. Brandon Knight Kemba Walker Jimmer Fredette Klay Thompson and Alec Burks. The Morris twins coli. Yeah maybe valid students. Obama wrong east -- Probably it probably more likely want her to go -- regardless what -- open the MVP and that fact we're doing is right now know with that knowledge. I think we got water to I think some -- like that you want. Oh it's strangely enough 22 in that draft which is the big that you got. Kenneth Faried who would probably go in the top five of that draft. Well you agreed to adopt it and Booker Chris -- point. I went up all getting all of a very big Russell Wilson and Libby won't be seven it could -- No you're right -- Ed and 24 that year to year two breaks after a Fareed is Reggie Jackson. He going to -- and also. Right. Though to begin with -- and it'll and look at consensus. Again not to be contrary just circuitry and sake it is obvious that there's no extra accuracy -- gained from that. Here's the other crazy once you look down that draft number 38. Is Chandler Parsons he goes in the top five -- top ten for sure. -- -- You look at the -- was selected right in front here. And everybody could take it Chandler Parsons. Everybody. Of virtually every team had to pick probably 437 yes. -- -- Mail Isaiah Thomas what sixty. Of its -- Believe another example article sixty. There's so what I use different -- this got Chris we talk of the players were to come intro to work -- And I try to lead them look this is to draft is just a beauty pageant this is just the beginning of your Odyssey. Development and NBA player certainly like to go higher they're lower orders more money. Status understand that but. Com the day after the draft but you'd want -- government. Everybody cleans up after their draft parties and awaited first pick or how was drafted to come into KM now you have to go about the task Ernie. You keep it reputation NBA player and I always leave at that little spiel players shall display and a -- Would you rather be the number one pick in the 2001 draft. Which was. Kwame Brown would you rather be the 49 collapsed they controlled trial which Tony Parker is pre merger there. Well I don't think there's any device. No -- football player so you don't you don't wanna get a look at coach pre draft process so the prospect. You know -- can have yourself to your stamina trend on the Internet are extra round today your product -- the mock draft up all the Jonathan to donate about project towards. You just can't become obsessed and preoccupied with the yet because -- In do your best -- but -- that. Again because it doesn't -- determine -- did the -- you give your career. How. Pledged do you think about the guys that wind you talk about you try to study drafts passed right when you clearly see all of these guys and get -- guys and every single -- when we just mention whether it was. We can go back to that one you just were called which is -- Chandler Parsons right. So everybody had a chance to Gemma Parsons and went 38 guys gonna get crazy amount of money this off season that is a unbelievable. Leap great second round pick that they made. And talented leader with that is Houston hit. They had. Look back at the Chandler Parsons is an INN and other guys like that and -- How much do you think about what you missed about said players -- frankly everybody missed about said. I don't think about a consulate I mean Leo I don't really dwell on the successful bilateral more failures that's where you'll learn as you look at Chandler Parsons. He was a good player order I'm glad I believe -- -- Dallek addict category to -- bio. He got some awards is a senior didn't the FCC. My -- that he was SEC player yet but -- seem to be hidden on the east for the teams which are so talented every year. It has so many NBA prospects in the balance scoring. So you -- -- -- he wasn't going to -- numbers here in understandably so. Well there's a lot of talent there. -- I think that's part of but if you sit -- reduce or get him. The guy what is it 69 the six stands around there -- yeah -- -- 23 ball. Who's athletic. Who could make a play off the dribble -- -- any small or what else is there really that you need to act. I don't know why -- 38 teams you know 37. Best like to do this it's such an inexact science. Of comp they -- look you know ways to try to protect that. But I mean I don't find it very interest seem to -- Wear what I cold air the work out. Invoke the NBA and NFL last 125 years if you saw what struck gold passed away last week. Not only the coach -- the big guy was an architect to put together this -- dynasty. If he picked up -- we're all the same player like it one of its first trick was mean Joseph green I doubt that he -- work mean Joseph green out. Well there come by there were read our back never worked these great players out. Never had a psychological depth analytic study. Whether big interview to come by -- discussions all that but particular hall of fame players. So we've got and they were in -- get up put the ball in -- -- We've got more manpower. More money. -- devoted by the time the teams to this process. More technology. -- more information available. And we have the benefit of working these guys out. We're very close to the draft day get our accuracy is no better than it was one. Guys working for Draper after entry into bankruptcy and I heard a great analogy about the workouts they can someone -- -- by about. Could it take -- Rican. -- huge FedEx opened Benny what was handicap at that field -- they go to the practice. He's a watch I'll gather it in a comeback and god knows that. This guy is gonna win McCormack -- -- just been great on the practice tee today. I've never seen it about a billion issued on the driving range psyche as we know you would never make that assumption. But we take a work out just says drill and freon free basketball to vote on actual battle I -- now old ball you know. Broad based assumptions is -- the assumption that the work out. And how -- it is very difficult not to do it. It's human nature you going to look up what you look or aggregate two way higher -- work out. But it's virtually impossible not to be swayed by them again because that's the last thing UC of these players slot. What the deal -- players that can -- -- does -- to give you two examples right to these guys that are built projected to go anywhere from late first to possibly set -- on guys. -- Gary who was outstanding a couple of years ago Michigan and get right this past year Spencer did witty you didn't get to play who blew out his ACL. And Colorado -- -- to see these guys at all like they're not working out for play but they were both. Excellent college players. Well you take a little -- the state. Obviously you don't get the medical although these players. NL -- give glitch on the other side of the medical -- only about always. Mean I remember being in draft sort of said. Out of Portland band -- had a bad back a year that he played India and -- merited -- the medical report Tim Hardaway eighties the they -- -- -- all higher on the car were blow it anytime you have blue but at least seven years down the -- -- regard been a multiple you also. Sold just because the medical comes back question about the need. -- players necessarily going to be injury problems -- You get the medical. If you look at the respectable he's got a significant injury had been -- speech on Saddam. And then there's really no -- analyst Chris you just use the basic -- you can accurately -- The talent is obviously they. I mean look at a particular -- Gary. One would EB. If you have been injured. Well what he had gone untreated just left that there's freshman year. Maybe you out there probably not or probably locked and they had just played. In the national championship game against Louisville he's probably lottery last year. If you look at it over the top on your brother a -- soul. Now. I don't think I I don't think you go -- front -- -- -- -- sort of objects. And his situation has clouded because the injury and nobody seems since December. Right what do you do what they've got security it's huge that -- I mean. Are you better get good shape which we have and they don't know who he was in the past recchi had two injuries. Don't have put injury coming in the Michigan it is package are still essentially. Not just big gains but the total practiced coming off season he's been on the shelf -- about -- -- -- college in two years. Right. He is Chris Wallace general manager of the Memphis Grizzlies joining us old folks I primes they got us out like let me ask you about this regarding this particular draft because. On when when the new regime took over would you are now again a part of man in charge of one of the things -- is that they -- going to be a heavy emphasis on analytics and using the analytic in the -- these two things have to be married the traditional scouting vs the analytics. How aid in terms of you looking at players and whatever what you come from this from this side of more traditional scouting. John Challenger comes from the more analytically based scouting right. So when those two things. Are not mayor. And dealing with that. Right -- which is now you there is a level of as you said trust the game tape right and not work outs or whatever. And then the other side of it is trust the numbers here at the numbers say to you what historically the numbers say about players that have this statistical cup. But when the numbers don't match up with whatever your opinion of a player it's whether that means. You like a player but the numbers say I gonna be a good org you don't like a player. But the numbers say this -- like way underrated. If you can't just walk me through that and how you guys are working together. -- -- -- -- We're joined last year so -- or a complete strangers at all I have considerable experience -- out of Boston was. Where would Daryl -- and Mike -- there are two of the pioneers of the bat or analytic -- So. When I look at it that they can but it is about what you to players we like don't like now we're getting down to the real. Essence of the pictures that are we gonna take to -- or not. Not -- were taking Egypt because of good numbers not missiles are no mom I'm wiping out the cause of it's right here would I yeah I think it to two most important Danes. End. -- would not -- I've been that way prologue I don't wanna go into the evaluation process about the numbers at my side. I compared to other pilots. Trying to that you can Apollo or take off about her broke a weather report what they had -- You don't really want the numbers they are. Where the numbers. In the scouting where they're really strong Michael Rajon Rondo you want you got I cast and the numbers bowl. Colin are. You lose power for a player of the -- and and that's a strong PX. I got you would not take a player. That you light -- when you watch them in games but the numbers indicate that he is not going to turn out to be a good per. -- wouldn't -- really get into all case by case situation action. You'd you'd I wouldn't throw a guy -- because -- never know what I did jump on -- because so there -- Some other factors involved. But. I sure want to know where the numbers are I'd say the numbers are easily eat. Mom and probably one of the two most important elements this we I cast in the numbers. Did you get into the backgrounds. Including you guys are and have been in trouble off the floor of the cultural or intelligence level. All that -- the I kept that got to tell you. Well I think this guy. You know what look -- that walk like you got caught your caught like a duck your little planes out of the got to look quite an NBA player these is replay like. The better player seriously can you treat your guilt trip. Being accessed or in his -- physical bad match up early to be make up a you have bad now you go to the numbers as well what are his numbers. Don't like seeing guys for example Omar -- does understandably delinquency bearish reverend a few hours ago. Did he look like way up on the high end this is all your numbers but even even get a Linux guy would you got to take four or bad and that four. They -- him Al because you -- did he just didn't go anywhere near close to pass and not test. I try it and judge John Challenger who was very famous for windows live writing for ESPN at the time putting together his college draft -- Which now is property of the grizzlies that is not for public consumption but now like Kevin Pelton registry has been another -- Have put up there like analytical analysis of okay here's the player is here -- guys. That were comparable in college and try to figure out whether it's that we have good counts it's -- don't have like just totally disgusting -- And I just wonder about the advances being made in that area. Give me better understand how this is a very. Young. He -- business. Science. It's great it's it's an attempt -- insisted this this has been less than two decades. That the other numbers have come in to people where actually start crunch imminent now the last ten years it's become a widely used coal. One of the things but -- it that I like about analytics. He is Chris is as something that scrub out players. More maybe more so than a Democrat -- great ones. Quite won the first time I noticed don's work was back in 2008. And I was interstate and a player the Celtics selected probably the thirtieth pick the first round JR get done in Mexico remember him yep. Played Kansas. Well I remember reading John column that year. And I even though I'd never met -- collect called him out afterwards -- more elaboration. Because I I think of our players. Was like below ten on his scale. Then the chances of him naked in the NBA were less than 2%. And simply been doing his work a little like one or two guys out of what succeed under the -- lesson to -- that made it. -- not -- didn't show up at nine some. So well why is McCain and I called -- up until you explain missile program. And I beyond what you. Thought I'd be valued given that to that point. President -- seriously it would apply and when you got -- -- her hand all the players. Make it at this with this number of you have pay attention that. You are you there in LA I RE area and this job. They did I wasn't what to go -- I was here. But you remembered that one buried I've been very clearly in this day and I look -- his career word 2014. And he came and went the NBA very quickly. -- the numbers are a little older brother you know or spot on about him. They're dead on about him yeah for sure. He is Chris Wallace -- the grizzlies Criss enjoy -- more -- and it's holidays and. Come once again this Sunday. I hope you at 5 o'clock right Yemen I get a -- I want to you well are you aware never want to flag a -- USA -- -- -- a big moment you're just I it. Major I'll be -- didn't like hacksaw Jim Duggan. Our man of those who have Chris Wallace -- -- of the Memphis grizzly years and joining us on the show as they survey the JR didn't think Friday and Michael was drafted. Number thirty that year by. Boston. That's a year that the grizzlies ended up with. OJ. Derail our third. Our gender are there. I was here. They've actually drafted. 28 they drafted Donte' green that was the deal that. Ended up netting around. Read this Chris Vernon show. Neither do not offend me -- -- -- every fight is coming to the Canon -- you can win free kick. I think united -- has yet to. In 99 espn.com. And sign up to CV three fights presents Johnson prison should feel locker -- you can get extra entries to. Cnn.com free tickets to CP three fights I don't know. Now at 99 espn.com. 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Or CN ITW dot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Partnerships can be a wonderful thing together people can achieve things they never could alone but sometimes good partnerships go back when that happens people together achieve less than they took a lot of them are -- belief. Marriages -- that. But it's also much more than that. On the one hand marriage is by far the most important partnership anyone will ever jolted everything people alone to care about leaving kids become a sort of partnership property. On the other hand marriage is also a lifetime commitment for better or for worse. That makes marriage a unique partnership. Personal success is less important than partnership's success. Unfortunately the Merrill partnership is a fragile and only one partners vote is necessary to destroy it. Hello I'm Joseph Cornell scored -- Cornell. Are firmer presents man whose partners have cast that vote the Memphis attorneys at Cornell and -- mortal -- maximize their role in their children's lives 90136. To 3666. Cornell and Cornell 6410 poplar avenue suite 350 Memphis Tennessee 38119. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome back to the big deal for the studios and then Chris Vernon show on 99 SN ESPN. Brought to you by Alexis in Memphis. A restaurant IRS. Their 2146 Monroe avenue it's the best restaurant in Memphis has been named such over and over and over and over again. -- Kelly English is a internationally acclaimed shelf. As restaurants are here in Memphis for a great elegant night I'll go over the restaurant actually get the best service and the best thing you've ever had a Memphis. So he got an anniversary coming have a birthday coming up we don't have an unbelievable date night head over to restaurants make your reservations and advance you can do everything restaurant iris dot com restaurant iris. Dot com and I'll make you break your reservations advanced -- all balled up and head out to. Restaurant Irish or just want to throw on jeans and a shirt. Head over to the second line it's right next order restaurant iris. Literally right next sort of it is they have -- joining kitchens. And they've got an indoor and outdoor bar they've got a massive patio and he's got fresh Louisiana style food every single day. He and hasn't -- the bread he's got all the po boys they're Reich is brandy is. A major contributor to how good a po boy is -- the -- you get this -- you know we don't make. New Orleans negative shift in every day. From New Orleans the bread from new -- no wonder it's so great right like it is authentic style. Po boys -- shrimp oysters or that you can -- -- which is named the Brno. Unbelievable food over at the second line that. And that's a total of 46 Monroe avenue try to cross over to square for elegant night out -- Obama buddy's place restaurant iris or right extorting it. The second 94 more of -- casual night. So Bob. Who's next Spain. And she'll play in today and still way the home of a Horatio sands and Lisa Guerrero got a good revenue. Mom and that's who root for because -- like there on the ropes. If they lose this one at that debt it's actually that you really literally and it they lose you're guaranteed you have a new World Cup champion this year rule. -- -- As we know -- or are as Sino being mr. World Cup. No European team has ever won. In South America is on south American soil on south American soil -- and so Spain who was a big disappointment. Was that an aberration. What they call there at the way they play tickets -- thirst for -- at the that it affects the I don't know O two World Cup I think it's tick tack up. In the way it plays soccer the deal with their names I've done this the Spanish. And every time that they lose people -- say -- attack. Is dead there's going to be some soccer and third and I mean it literally 321. I'm about to get. I'm about to get here with. How are ridiculous I sent ticket I was right ticket back -- that's the way they play. The ticket -- up we're gonna find out if it remains effective or if they're going to he did is get exposed. And at the -- -- can expose it once again. The the Netherlands -- the dots. They want earlier today so now was blamed it on the ropes as the World Cup chance is -- -- You know the other day in the -- World -- give a US game. It was. 34 seconds into the -- were 31 seconds into the game with a 31 authorities are sort of four is 34. American hero Clint Dempsey scored the goal. -- It. Yeah well -- court Dempsey. American hero. Son of not to go jays in east Texas. Is known commonly. To soccer fans as -- That city Arizona spoken all right we'll -- Clint Dempsey. American hero from netted a taste Texas is releasing a rap album he has a thirteen track album called. The redux. Didn't -- already have read books. That was a relapse relapse no redux I this is the redux not to be confused with Eminem's relapse. He recorded it. In Los Angeles. And they are gonna release their its first single off the album. -- night. It's called. It's happen. Course that it's us against hold on for what I did you pull it up an old when I read your book. We're still in first do we hear the open first can go on. This -- points. That they don't. Great things. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks to soccer yeah I'm Brian more ice. And hockey skates. I had this since you didn't do when you could pull up on is there you go play it straight over there -- -- I decided to you he has a new. Album coming out called the redux. With his friend a rapper ex blue and they are releasing their single tonight called. It's -- and the perfect opportunity. For the -- native of netted a case taxes because he is an American hero his name will never be bigger than it is this week Clint Dempsey. Captain of the United States soccer team. Eighty scored 34 seconds into the World Cup game against you can -- And fewer know him as dealers. Jesus eat world premiere. And there's. -- on serious -- -- -- like a -- -- say 451 of those. Is this -- then the American hero of the US. It's coffin yeah. -- -- -- Claimed to be okay. -- now my. I usually like Clint -- the -- is more so. Right EC CC in the sixth outdated and it was. -- scroll down on the days -- give me a little Kobe raping. You can't see Australia Kobe rap he grabbed I forgot. I -- Community just more slice into the two month -- for. Please can you speak next week but I refuse to get an estimate of its chicken and damaged because they. Front of a -- it was bad thoughts I mean wow. You. But I don't think you'll match up periscope book. That was your boy Kobe's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- System followed -- and within a guard Kobe and LeBron and you have periods ended five million on responded tonight. Stop. You know. This Mercedes then you still follow -- David -- campus -- yeah yeah right. I'm working hard. Basketball -- stuff moment tweets. -- failure to all of this is the first yeah the same way. I go to team USA. He looked like you won't be back better than ever next year strive for greatness. Basketball never stops a different kind of like Clint Dempsey the rapper cannot stand these we will listen to we got into the you'll be better than Bret Lockett. He said he is realism we got you'll remember Bret Lockett comedies that went all the time you was real as a three dollar. -- poison Bret -- you do -- don't fell into on new home for a lot yeah. It's -- you know what you always see the real animals in some ways wasn't all -- -- -- we. -- only. -- 99 at that ESPN's Gary perish along with former SEC stuff. Gary Jones. June 21 to the AT&T -- hours at 6267. Point. -- bunch of free food from -- southwest grill also coming get some free food. -- the stars of the SEC all along. Gary Player that's this Saturday from noon until -- -- -- AT&T coverage our -- sixty T six. Seven poplar -- It's pure -- cylinders Nissan and self defense right now thinking segment for -- ride in the innovative 2014 -- -- for only 7990. -- drive away in the newly redesigned 2014 legendary Nissan -- for only 7990. This event today -- is done in south -- Goodman wrote in NASCAR guaranteed credit approval top winners -- dot com for more great deals and remember it doesn't -- -- you paid too much stock numbers 14 and 016013. And 1327. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- International soccer is finally here to get doctor van look and add some excitement of the magic. And while you're watching your country or any -- -- -- -- I come in just the thing for you dress she's posting daily -- -- soccer contest for the entire international tournaments are you doing dreadful quality you can 1000 -- cash while you watch the world's best soccer players -- -- -- free we'll have doesn't the league that -- including the 100000 dollar kind of being on -- please fix that -- dot com and a promo -- WAM I have a path that promo -- WM -- If you're worried about paying your mortgage your some good news. The federal government's making home affordable program has been extended it also -- new opportunities for more struggling homeowners to qualifying. If you're having trouble paying your mortgage additional help is available. Music making home affordable dot gov or call 888995. That's making home affordable dot gov or call 88899. Times. Hope if you're home as an alarm system that looks like an old calculator like your home is down if you have died in nine iron under your bed in order to feel safe -- -- protects your -- really dumb if you keep tabs -- your Niemi with a 1997 -- you violently shoved inside the eye -- your daughters think -- mr. brown brown. Your home is really really done your friend tourism chain lock if you -- -- worth your -- back. -- for celebrating your anniversary debt expense in the not too expensive Italian doctor via. Look kitty corner in your home is really really really kept if you get -- Will no longer being -- Smart control with home accessed from any web enabled device Smart security with automated -- cameras and Smart energy -- can save you money shouted down home it's had been in town hall when he's four for knocked down an upgrade your home for less than two dollars a day that's 1844 -- down side agreements entered into a -- restrictions and licenses. They -- the smiles and hey guys Chris Barnett did a patient at the smiles and her for years when I first moved to Memphis have put off finding at Dennis because. Going to the dentist has always been a dreadful experience. But it's not any more since the started going with a smile senator. A beautiful comfortable office really nice people in the best tennis in the mid south area. -- go to the dentist when you go. To the smiles senator everybody's got to have a Dennis so he don't -- Dennis if you're new in town. If you have admitted there was a longtime board -- -- doesn't even though your name go where I go this smiles and there's the corner of poplar Kirby in the -- -- so -- really easy to get you from anywhere in Memphis. And you can call a major appointment today. 3091333. 3091333. You can also find out more information on the web Ismail center Memphis dot com. Eighties today he and the smiles senator taking comfort to a home. Time to refinance or buy that new home this is Gary perished on that mortgage investors group is ready to help you listeners -- reading. Stop that in many cases you need to understand this you can become a homeowner while lowering your monthly payment and don't ever forget that their loans available scale. That require little to nothing down if you need to refinance call more -- investors group today MIG. A -- -- customer saving tens of thousands of dollars by simply refinancing to a fifteen or even a twenty year from 830 year loan at the same or close to the same payment. I think about your age fifteen years from now and having your home paid off by the and it's a financial game changer for -- more domestic group. And let them add you to their list of happy customers that it closed their loan on time remember. Whether you're buying or refinancing MIG is a full service mortgage lender. And I can give you all the options available in the industry today Saddam call 7616910. And get started now that's more investor group here in Memphis. On the web MIG online backup. Welcome back to the good. The studios and Chris -- show on 99 -- ESPN brought to you by Alexis and. And just -- about -- kick off Vanna Spain has got to win given what does take a -- that the Netherlands. Obviously tomorrow we are gonna be able that they do any one a week away from the NBA draft Chris Harrington -- will be end of those tomorrow Jerry parish will be in us tomorrow. Today thanks to Christie dodged the sports business as well as Chris Wallace for joining us. As a driver -- are across the Glasgow. Sheila -- And then I was a late game held camera in Croatia. One moment. -- Delay saying they're National Anthem like no leather collar incredible I also I would go multiple guys that next time I'll take Royce over Cameroon Cameroon will. All four shout out or -- eyes shot onto a Yadier Molina. On the neck cancers she alleges that doesn't make that there's. We -- to tomorrow until then. -- This in for the US World Cup match against Portugal this Sunday at 430 and 82. ESP NW on The Knesset and makes you -- WM FS Memphis USA. And -- had -- -- pro race car driver you know my definition stock cars for stocks which means they're all the same which sounds a -- a whole lot like larger. It's almost say. You can't tell apart so why pay more for the same model coverage I'm not -- jurors direct from direct auto insurance and get the flexibility without -- and check out -- got a new low rates and find out how much you can say when you might direct visit direct general dot com. Of them go direct for business story coverage under the terms -- very tough leader based on anybody original group Nashville Tennessee. Stanley comes in all shapes and sizes and media have five kids and maybe have three grandchildren. Or maybe your kids are packing heat -- dogs. But no matter who we are shopping for the great food and low prices and Kroger and only a little extra money in your pocket for the things that matter to your family. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now here's meteorologist Dave Tilson with the weather day. Thanks in morning folks if you don't have home comfort solutions from LG they expect a warm front to move through your living room this morning the air conditioning -- in there and that's ceiling -- won't do anything but push on -- around you could move to the dining room but with -- -- blasting the only -- it'll be good for is raising penguins murder there's always the -- and always that's -- like -- -- a sudden -- -- armadillo -- on -- desert Iraq it's enough to make you wish -- never cleared that tree line for a better -- and mistrust the -- does show some mercy later this week. Take control of your climate with home comfort solutions from LG are just treat heating and cooling systems make it easy to adjust the temperature in any room in your home. Control you never thought possible is now within your reach learn more or funded trained LG installer by calling 1804233071. Or visit LG home -- dot com slash PC with LG it's all possible. And this is Mike Miller from the -- He has been great game back in Memphis this season. The people the food there are a lot of things obviously that make living here again night and one of them is done back hosted by the it's the plays I've been doing business with the it's terrific and you should take advantage. -- -- Jewelers does custom designed engagement ring. -- -- real raw oysters have a wide selection of -- right hand ring pendant bracelet watch. Simplified and vitamin use and do anything with regard to a different -- -- location -- What does that help or hurt him standing in the east. -- -- -- on Germantown parkway in court -- --

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