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Grizzlies Owner Robert Pera In-Studio on The Chris Vernon Show 6/27/14

Jun 27, 2014|

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Because it across from the -- there. That's the man himself the wireless one there and Robert Perez is in down the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies. Mr. Berra thanks Heidi they -- I'm hungry probably everything's good I'm -- how I'm better how to draft night last night. It was exciting as the first time I've been in in a drafting in the war room and it was it was hectic reminds me of -- Wall Street a little bit what's your role. -- well I I make the final decision at the end of the day but our role was I was just -- rating. Uh oh several guys and trading ideas back and forth on what we shouldn't take -- through -- So -- MC he was right at the top of our of our draft -- What I really like about him is he doesn't have world class athleticism likes that some list and outtakes and a lot of fan favorite prospects. -- what he does have is arm he has great feel for the game and he's very efficient so. You remind me a little bit of -- So is that he's he's about 64 birdies out of 610 wing span really high standing -- bright and you know he led the league in led UCLA and steals. Yes kind of a football background is kind of tough. And so he's got that kind of a hard in -- between wade type attributes wearing those were to be at the right time he'd he'd he'd get finish really well around the rim. He's not a media create shooter yet but he shoots you know 8384%. From the free throw -- is great touch right -- I think. A lot of guys stranded draft great athletes and then turn them into about a better basketball players. What I really like to bowed to announces he's got like a great feel for the game he's already agreed possible that it. He's just not yet agreed -- so I think that's he's got incredible out outside if we can develop the strength and conditioning how much did you dive into this draft wise and looking into these prospects I know you wanted to come by and right. I want to Carmine. I didn't break down film like we have a system called synergy which injure you you know thousands of clips of all these guys in and all their college games. I think going to battle level of detail. But I had a pretty decent understanding of of let's say all the first round picks I watch clips and that I really studied there is there any abuse their personalities. On to me. One of the and one of the fascinating things to me is is like there's not a lot of players in the NBA that wanna -- -- They're just complains complacent they have incredible ability and just coast and and so I think it's really important funny guy. That just like wants more is just -- and is never content and just wants to be great. And and so I did it attributes I looked for were really that kind of personality. And two a great feel for the game and the Munich in the case of George Adams. Was it hard for you -- as you said you know you're the guy is gonna pull the trigger on whoever writer in here and in the end it's going to come back tee facility in Jordan is not any good I don't blame you right source of the exception legislated it right. Everybody fighting for their own guy. Or how it terms of how does that work in a draft room with you in their for the first time -- right as it was tonight. Is everybody just fight for their own guy in the and you just gonna have to. Sit back and decide or none none I usually get a consensus. It I think this this time is definitely consensus -- what and yeah join our noses at the top of our list and he was probably one of the few guys -- the weather is a consensus where everybody really liked. Our UA go by eight what the board sets. Jose gig as it seems like Adams that -- best available pick. Because that Courtney you've got Tony out right people are going why you two are right he got Courtney got Tony got -- -- to Jamaal Franklin. So. Pretty clearly that was not a need pick that was the best available at that fair. Yeah I mean you can get in trouble sometimes if you trust. -- neither per position I think you -- always go with you know the best talent. On the board and get him best -- yeah all right I want it to Darnell. Are no I I really -- because you yes so unfortunately I didn't meet him in person I didn't see his interview imprisoned. But but I watched the film I watch films of his interviews are -- notes. And when I talked about. On you know some players just kind of co staying in and complacent and then there's some players that have a drive and hit it great personality. That's twilight -- though if you read his background is is thought I was in the military will come up to do pushups every day. You know we asked them up MBA in and the grizzlies and and he knew he knew all the players on the team -- -- -- -- NBA really well. Someone asked them right so how do you see yourself in this week. And he said well you know I've strengthens its speed and I can rebound. But. I I really want to develop -- pick and pop like it gave it less like and knocked down and jumper. And I asked -- okay this guy gets depths. He I know he's polarized. Because if you look at around he's like undersized. Four right EU doesn't have. Is as much length is he wanted to position. But I think he's got a -- -- heart. And and at that strength and and willingness to -- and that offense rebounding ability. I think that's very valuable once he get in the trenches in the playoffs and what's separates -- great teams. I know Chris Wallace made the analogy to Reggie Evans right wing when we lost that. Series that clippers are ready yet -- -- the terror -- office of -- ranking has around. -- alum I think we got a steal it and stokes. At 35. As soon as we got elm and we actually want both Adams and stokes says Susie got Adams you're chasing stokes all the -- and all the way. 123 to thirty yeah yeah. And you're gonna try to get the next. Yeah I guess everybody until thirty god into -- And and I think wow I think you worked out perfectly because so if you could have got him a 27 he'd taken a twenty summertime wintertime we're calling we're calling we're trying to -- -- -- trying to do whatever -- could -- -- and nobody -- you -- -- I thought this was is always what were reported reel of 20162. Rounder and we saw. I'm pretty unbelievable and I I think theoretically if you're good at 2016 who cares about that did I not and tired but I mean that's not a great good good yen and was great about it is I think. Who who have to take after us as the Detroit is who had a 36. Who had 36. You're and I got -- -- are there out was 36. War. The blocks at the bucks Johnny O'Brien took O'Bryant. So if if we needed a 35 taking -- -- spokesman arm almost cause of the bugs would take him at 36. All you want to ever makes sense that took a power forward that gas I think officer he let his engineered Asia and see you guys out. So even even when it's is second round in the picture coming off the board you you guys are like I don't know we got we got to get in this yet someway somehow. But it does traffic man you look at that top one through seven. Like who both that they can all be all stars and then up if you look beyond that I think there's there's some guys they can be really good it. This second round right -- to -- even that that that three in a -- that went right where stoked to. Joseph where's Caylee Anthony -- jar millstone two all and then -- which won a couple weeks later you are very Dana what they could all have. I could foresee any of those guys having long NBA careers -- -- which is not common in the second round death threats. In terms of the way it went last night -- watch in the draft I mean obviously his fans as you are due to watch it what point. Well well what what shock do you restart put them beat his three. Restart on Gordon is fourth with the first moment where you were like oh. I think everybody was shocked at with the twentieth pick the kid from Brazil. Nobody saw us coming reject it or you guys and minority -- they I didn't study Ian did you. But I didn't start everybody's got to go -- Any Mark Bryant wanted an interest in common was the announcer. Said this kid is two years or two years from being in two years away. Something like that -- on and on yes and a bright but I've never studied them on numbers you know play just you -- not he was on anybody's first round up. So he is either the greatest steal the ultimate diamond in the rough or. Always just bizarre yet when you got a call in France for Sheila yeah that's when you know right they're like Brando this -- right it will be some equity put Brazil don't then presume never even heard of the guy and and the others. Surprise was. I say -- Phoenix at 25 it took all done on its predicted that took capella. It's a cappella all 27 points -- combat damage that was -- of another surprise EU is projected probably a second round statement. That MIP -- where you worried it's 41. -- you think that thunder were taking a 21. One need one that's right before I had to -- for us. Did you know they were going to gear -- did you have a say -- no you're right you're right and -- Gary it's 11 as big a surprise to tell us we're really hoping there wouldn't take -- you -- at that point you guys have honed in on at oh my god it's a 21 right. Oh before that I think we've won twenty write the Brazilian guy comes on the underlying okay method a bit ahead of the mess us up the you don't 21 might mess -- -- He cracked down at that point. If Adams went let's say just point one want right and then you take a journal when he did. Probably really. Very likely can you said he chased in the rest of the time yeah we did. Wow all right so it seems like it is like. Got a little hectic but everything ended up working out the way you wanted to and you are for what we had to to work with I think we did very well but a third of the process. You are best available. Generally. -- you see what comes up right yeah I got like you know somebody wants to offer you the first round pick for future. The first pick in the draft first I would you prefer to see Hillary take it right I under it. There's always deals on the table off the table as crazy. All right well I thought all I was gonna do is the dressed up today and then the and then the bomb dropped tries some audited Zach Randolph -- -- Albert. Were ecstatic about as believable deal. -- -- -- two year extension for twenty million bucks yeah we knew he said he would take lest the play amid -- he clearly did yesterday got more yeah right. So I think it's it's you know our tools lose lose make insurers back was happy and and focused. And then another goal is you know I have cap flexibility to -- -- with a right pieces did when he -- championship an excuse. Did you feel like him because we're talking about this just ran the show you had to bring the -- was. It it addition to being a fan favorite a great player and a priority. -- You needed to bring him back for the other guy's commitment -- right. Commitment lies you need to bring bags that grand -- so that it can affect everything else that goes on with their franchise right if you don't brings jackets and the message to other guys. Not -- be good next year right. You got you get a you get have contracts coming up year after year after year and so it was that was that an element thinking we can't lose that because. Yes -- back to bomb. I guess you know miss this knocked off the spurs right -- is 2009 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they kept the Koran they just. I would Pat -- say not rebuild the -- retool retool. So I looked at that in and I thought okay you know. We have -- you know third best record last year did it last sixty games and if I games would do whatever you wanna call it. This is not a rebuild situation we got to retool we got to keep the core. And say yeah is very important -- at least it is evo line and calmly and Gasol -- -- and -- these guys that. That part hottest yet at that were pivotal in the last three year -- we got to retool and we got -- get over the hill. Grizzlies owner rob prepares your studio how does it work now I think every fan sitting out there and -- right there's a big -- -- there's a big shake up in the front office. A couple of weeks ago OK and now it's like. Everybody trying to figure out who makes the calls now you just said other -- automated traffic right and -- a survey everything -- take everybody into account and then. I'm a make in the well I want to say. On the one who may deplete -- LaSalle in the one proved that that I understand how is it working now. With Chris Wallace with John -- your. In terms of like you are clearly in a little bit of a transition right now you still getting stuck a dollar in got a deal done last night you just got to -- deal done. So business is still getting done. But here in transition right now with what's going on so he can. Just kind of helpless out -- the grizzlies organization what it's like now because it was. Previously right everybody's got to embrace and Jason Levin and our urgent reasons and -- and then he's got to do and he's got a job he's got whatever and but he's got the call the shots so called the shots now I guess my question. And I think we have a very flat structure and it's collaborative so few of their draft room. Last night. We had you know they Yeager we had this thing coaches we had Tom Hollander. Chris Wallace. We had several other people that we were all collaborating. And is is kind of open discussion and it depicts a neighbor of consensus decisions that -- -- announces special with his consensus decision and then I've proved it. I think Chris Wallace came up after me and he says after the draft he said. I've been doing this twenty some odd years and I've never seen. I've been a part of a war room -- -- -- collaborative and and what solo yet. So I don't know does my first one but then again maybe maybe this is it a positive thing about the direction or are you going to be more ball in basketball decisions. So here's -- thing I'm not one of those owners who wants the spotlight. Or wants to control things just to control things. I -- stepped in. If it can help us. So if I firmly believe I need to make a decision to get this thing on track to win a championship or if I -- things slipping. I will insert myself and I old who needs to be done. You know I'm I'm all about substance and numbers and winning and success if you look at my. Track record as it as accompanying you look at some metrics say we've. Where were approaching a billion dollars revenue. Over a million dollars of net income from fully. Posted it three million dollars of of revenue from ladies are metrics and nowhere the company in the world -- You know need any employees. In terms -- did you say your employees make a million dollar. Will you I'm John Daly. I'm I'm giving you I'm giving you are filled the understaffed the million metric right at which point you have the success and efficiency of power run and understood and and so when I look you're running the grizzlies thread I'm not gonna consider myself. Because I think the things. Boy your own -- I'm all about the results night. Those. You know whenever I get involved I wanna make sure that that's gonna lose it's gonna it's gonna go to sports championship any results. He is the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies he's -- -- here in studio with -- -- back -- that this Chris Vernon show. 92 not offend -- as via. The owner of the Memphis Grizzlies the Robert -- these tears in -- studio room. O'Reilly auto parts of the occasion the forty -- around the country and they have locations all around -- been in any kind of automotive parts if you need -- Wind chill Weber of the -- needed new batteries that it was a professional -- people on hand helping out of every -- -- become -- -- -- over rewards member of you can -- -- -- for the purchases you make it O'Reilly auto parts Iraq mart's better -- a better praises every you. Probably the only other grizzlies this year in a studio. I so we're talking about your management style under tell me how ubiquity a bit but he's doing well right -- sounds like you've been good he's doing well it's not like I can't look it up but. And while the Brenda. Turner a microphone on for your sakes over the grizzlies. -- all units are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's the goal -- -- the for the good of the of the goal -- world domination. More -- -- of the water. You make Chris a lot of money this. -- and he tells me every day. -- He would -- payers and RC dot Avaya management style that his words of the prisons so people did wonder when when all the I did Jason Libyan is clearly no longer with the organization and that didn't work out. -- it seemed like right it. Without getting too intuit. I don't make you uncomfortable here right out of a bit of the people who is a huge topic on radio is a huge topic imprint. How do you go from sitting at a podium talking about were best friends and -- and god to an -- things were seemingly going. Really well and then it hit everybody out of nowhere one day you got a different front office. Yes. I would say. Part of what made me successful my career is if I have a feeling about something and an instinct I just. Go ahead and do. Whether it's investing in a new product line lit -- -- -- pardoning with the visual hiring a new engineer. Once I get a sense and I'm an aggressive -- just go ahead and do it. And so that the process of -- it is these you know I met Jason -- in maybe a few months in advance of when the process started. And we became quick friends spouse friends. And and you know over the course -- time. You know what I learned was he's very talented -- got a lot of great points about him. But I I just felt that it was my responsibility to make sure. The organization and their culture and everything was headed towards the champ -- and you know -- my reasons but I stepped in and I'm had to change. I really think thumb in terms of if you look at the goals of the team to be a championship caliber team. I I don't think it's it's it's such a bad thing is -- reported for instance. One of the things I regret it was I never had a relationship with Chris Wallace because I want empower people and I don't wanna step in the way and I don't want to micromanage. I've pretty much was in the background and and I never really had a conversation with Chris Wells. One I want to FedEx Forum. And I guess is that early 2012. And first Thomas stepped foot in here I met Chris loss of compliments we talked but since then and I were talking before. And you know last month her right is that musical must go now. Is the first time my eyes sat down and you know I we had. Chris Wallace and I had practice in New York right before -- can make the change in preparation -- and make these changes. And and -- guys that he's awesome he's awesome I did a great impression on -- he just. Like integrity top notch. One eat what he says is the truth he doesn't you know play any games yeah. And done Memphis really like some. And he's old school kind of guy and how his style but yeah he's got a lot of basketball knowledge and I've learned a lot from. Do you think now given that was the first couple of years of your ownership they don't want to do said it was one guy running everything should it better that that. -- regardless of whatever or whatever happened to your reasons for. Getting into oblivion and those guys that. -- but that may be going forward that's not how you want the power structure of the organization -- So here's the thing you got to build a culture. Where everybody's about team first and winning first. And once the team is super successful and 81 is a chance of by extension. Individual accolades will fall. Once seagate. Cultures where people have individual accolades. First as a first priority and he somehow have to manage. All those personalities to pull together -- only championship. That is a much more difficult talent -- and is is very tough. To get people to Bahrain through a team concept first. And and and you know get them to trust unit individual accolades will follow this very tough thing to do but if you look at all the great cultures and in the NBA -- you lost that. Batboy son thirty for thirty to Detroit Pistons right -- -- about it and act like the spurs they buy into that. And so that's kind of that's the culture I want and if you don't get there overnight but it's it's very important. That you make sure that the people in power. Leads by that example and that's really what I I didn't know. Two years ago 2000 concluding news NBA but -- you know based on my -- my track record. I've I have a lot of weaknesses put over -- you need time just to study it and sit back and and I figured out. And so I think that's that's the -- -- were heading for as much better -- what. All that stuff went down in your reading everything that's being written about in ten and you know what people are saying right what the hell's going on Amanda's been this is a mess this guy's a lunatic in whatever else right. How YE. Did you stay quiet and how hard was it for you to stay quiet while this going on because you don't say anything and then I'll never forget I'm on the phone -- my body -- And I said I gotta get off the phone the guy is doing a Q what I called Twitter like the first that we heard from you. -- you don't there's finally like a breaking point right or you finally were just like all right I'm say in some than and that was the -- that. You judge well I think there's two things first -- -- I deserve all that heat because. I made my own -- right. I put this guy. In the cases is tonight and I put him in charge right so if I got heat once I made a change that's army. Right so you on the old dictum and -- I acknowledge that that I took it. The second thing is. I'm not a politician. Right. Argument example on Silicon Valley pretty much born and raised -- and and I -- the company from nothing that's multibillion dollar company in and started. Really from nothing and building a hardware company. Yet. I don't I'm not really connected to any -- -- valley entrepreneurs. I'm not and you know in the magazines I don't on TV I'd stay away from all that stuff. Is that I and just a guy I want to put my head down from mama I'm a mature I'm not a talker. I wanna show our substance and results and and I just. You know I'm just not into politics. And I realize spinning stories in the media is of very. Is -- game for people that are very good -- politics. I'm not gonna gamble and I. But the same time honest and have for the fans are frustrated not hearing from me so I I'll cable. You know. I I wanna make sure the fans know exactly what's going on and and I felt the best way to do that is to golden and tragically through through Twitter. When you're taking area where when that when he goes down injured in your reading everything and you're thinking to yourself I can't get involved -- -- this is politics and this isn't my gate. Is there's still part of you that's like -- I should probably say something you eventually did write to the fans on Twitter but. You clearly like there what was the -- it was the medics article that was the one. -- variety of 8000 when -- broke. I I pretty good did it I regret that I handled that was I handled that very poorly. But he's got -- or they. People gonna Wear headsets that you could control the team and I guess that what you just couldn't -- -- Yeah is obvious character assassination I -- done. You know I I should of sat back ashes of that too. Nobody want everybody I did your Graham I'm human I'm human. I wish I could've. Reactors that differently bit. -- what's done is done right it's that that was the what though Lego -- get it at some point you're reading the stuff MB IR. I want everybody -- -- lunatic. Yes. But you know I or eight year boy -- is that how dare not. If this thing I can come up from a game from a game throws you prior -- -- -- I don't you don't -- -- Probably just gone -- way down as well -- right due to a game at the -- stock -- -- ever everybody else look around the room. Well it's always that knowledge. These are these additional cause audience knows -- problems so so. This is all saying victors write history it dragged. And yes that's what you prostrate on prostrate on winning and results -- David throws analogy I wanna know payments for organizing car hired Ari it is com. On the game. -- one episode were from you know. This successes are all battling for a Fuller writes the wrong track and and one other guy that has claimed the -- He's improve the right out of money is in his -- he's been a solid. So he goes through this through this you know they caught problems which is this. You know land kind of off the radar. And they have a pink it's called like that iron pink and they control all the money they control really all that power. So big guy goes is I'm game indeed he says you know I have a claim of this throne because it is this he's talking about other. There -- rumors and and and the drama and the bank -- You know all those things are open for interpretation. But I look in my book I -- numbers. Icy -- I -- finances. And the numbers coach restore it so it it's kind of like in in when I was in college heated school and I was very good match. And I used to hate liberal arts classes because I can write -- -- Brack I was the greatest the world somebody degraded and it was whether they thought it was good or not. You you were subject to it to their mercy right right numbers is objective. And if you get -- rate better. So one I'm more I'm looking whether it's politics I'm -- business run and it -- grizzlies. I try to you know keep politics out of the way keep interpretation out of the way. And I just pointed numbers amateur so judge me on whether it is his relationship the next three years. That's what that's what -- wanted to just I don't wanna be judged on the on the radio all the time and telling these things I'm gonna do our our interpretations of things that happened. I try to look -- mysteries. But it -- Vanilla lattes because that is a major mixed message on the -- and this is one of the things it was reported over and over it and that is. Robert parent. Wanted to get rid of de Jager here's the major mixed message right Arab. Compare one to get rid of -- now they diggers -- in an interview and a Minnesota next thing we know. Robert Perez and and and and and de -- become best friends and he's got an extension so like. Lower early to make of all of that because oh we don't have your side of the story all of that and. So I was. You know they've been -- process last year I. I didn't participate in I didn't need any candidates. After the decision was made to bring aviator on I met him with Jason Levin I like the hum when we got -- to the really slow start. I was concerned. And I went down just because I thought you know as my responsibilities and owner this thing was not looking good I want to make sure I I collected all information. And I did in fact talked. Dave and but is very briefly and it wasn't really an open conversation I can tell you know maybe. The it was a politically sensitive environments and I hope it wasn't an open talk. And I was very brief. So. Once -- made changes you know I is. And I talked today and again I was the first time. You know he was looking at perhaps going to Minnesota. And I told him you know I think you're great coach but let's just be open with each other tell -- listener on your mind that I'll tell you what some -- -- and we had several conversations. And it at the end of the day we both determined you know he wants to be here because this is very close to when he attempts have been and he wants to be successful coach. And I want him here because I don't out of anybody we can get at it as a coach I think he's our best shot at winning it if I don't honestly here's a done deal is we decided okay. So that was -- tornadoes and at the beginning that there is the truth at the beginning you had a level of nervousness but you didn't have a relationship with them at all -- not yet crafts crafts and now hole. You do have. Quite the relationship with improbable what do giving him -- -- what message would you allow him to go interview with another team. Well I think that's what we had to decipher like why I if you wanted him then why -- it. So it's it's it's a sensitive. You know issue when you have people under contract I don't know NBA you have people under contract. And that contract really you know binds them with a team that it's it's it's difficult because how I run my business. If if -- employee that's unhappy. And he wants to go to another company and and you know it's a free market right right so people should go to situations rulers would. It's the best situation for them in their career so mom. You know if he gave expressed that. Before we we made the transition -- want to interview for the Minnesota. And then -- once we opened up to each other. And and we talked about. He determined that he really wanna stay in Memphis and I said great. An and never got to us -- in Minnesota about compensation. I think -- Would you say now you or more involved. That's when we will. And in terms of on a day to day basis right arm. As the president has been like you know you get -- they've been putting and it takes a -- I'm glad you're over in Taiwan and you're in the Silicon Valley and it. But in terms of since you made the front office change yeah how how much more time are you spending on the grizzlies then what you were prior to allow more a lot. Yes Tom I'm trying to motivate. Key players I'm constantly in contact with aviator. Chris Chris Wallace on larger. I'm looking at at ways to really invest and strength and conditioning and player development. And I'm just trying to invest in in the culture I want players. That what does that what does that mean when -- am looking to really invest in and strength and conditioning and player development. Oh yes so many already do that so here's my theory. You know getting it edge in the NBA it's very competitive and you're confined by this. Salary -- And my theory is if you look at the fifteenth and a fourteenth man on on an NBA team on average you might pay that player close to million dollars. He'd probably won't make a difference in your win loss record bloods. If you have incredible player development and you put that million dollars -- that extra. Couple million dollars and a player development you have top notch training facility the F top notch technology on the medical side. You have. Top notch people and player development Richard. Which had it right. You look at the spurs it's incredible -- EC it figured out like while Leonard everybody passed on. That couldn't shoot the ball very well and they made him into you know. Complete no weakness type of player right you've seen like Tony mills Patrick Mills that element this year. And so I think that investment and in those things is is is incredible is it is incredible value. And not only is incredible value to improve the one loss but it's something that's gonna pay you benefits in the future because once players. Have been in this organization they all talk at the players talk agents are. If you're known as organization that's very transparent with the players. And you tell what's going on and exactly where they stand and you put all of Reese's is resources behind them to fulfill their potential. Venues looking at you know culture and ended an organizational work. It becomes an attraction for players you mentioned the spurs a couple of times -- everybody mentions the spurs had a blueprint. Right so what do you -- when you look at them right that was one of the things he's brought up his ball player development that. Ownership side imagine most of my baby because he's up on the podium recently. But I would imagine most people don't know the name of the owner. Denver trying to Peter you don't -- But most people aren't aware of that and one of the things is they've had this whole RC -- when you talk about culture you mentioned the -- into player development. So when you look at that. Through through the prism of being an owner of a T. What do you see that you think -- -- so we have to emulate the most. Well I think the spurs' case they empowered. -- it's an RC Buford. But what's great about those guys is they're looking at what's best for the organization and winning. And then I -- by extension. Individual accolades will follow the ball misses is quickly becoming nick at -- best coach and in league history great RC Buford and credible. Executive. And but. Those guys aren't conscious about building their brand -- it's all right when Popovich came out as it as a coach he he was he was looking -- Put the attention -- what -- and say hey -- you know on. He genuinely. He he he wanted to win first and then as an individual -- which would also I think in our culture I wanna you know. Try to -- the same foundation -- we empower guys that are all -- William really about the franchise first and then an individual are quits well fine I think. Chris Wallace for sure. It's not -- and. Unless he get this day. Absolutely and I'd. You know we we how nobody understands what's going on at the front office what are you doing front office why do -- just hearing it GA every iron up. Personnel and I like nobody knows what's going -- this I. Think come this feels that Chris Wallace does is he has great basketball instincts and he's kind of an old school guys tons of experience. And he's he's really a phenomenal ambassador. Are these are all these I -- the world might all the GMs and and contact points of the team as you noted they love working with Chris Wallace right. And I think that's very important to have back and headed the organization. Now as the league is advancing more into. Finding areas of values using -- analytics -- all kinds of information it's becoming more of that information. -- we can get the edge on information. I think what we're trying to do is we're trying to get. You know -- very. Talented ringer who knows how they use in get information. But. You know. What we don't know when we don't have a timetable for when that what happened and also I want to say. You know that person would replace Chris -- by any means or cause Chris Wallace demoted by any means we might very well. It promote Chris Wallace feud to a president of operations ordered refuse it if figurehead favors his right so. One one aren't you know it's it's it's a very open right now bit but either way responses and I I really do it right. And he -- -- You know vote for you as though it was the holdover in the front office followed up on Tuesday. Not talked about. Digging for information getting an -- you know he. He does with analytics and doesn't become. He is Robert -- is the owner of the grizzlies have Beckett this Chris -- 929 SO ME STFs. Is my dad is there is ways that the smiles interviewed on evident is that your new identity have been the the -- -- long time ago where I go the smile senator beautiful comfortable office really nice people. The best dentist in the midsouth areas may be a sad day do you. Here's a get a call them call them 3091333309. 1333. The smiles undertakes comfort to a whole new level now or the only time that we heard grizzlies owner Robert terra. We have -- -- to speak until now but we saw your Twitter. We -- Twitter conversation that you had with fans and I don't know is if you understand the controversy that you caused. Over one of the tweets. But it. The most controversial thing you said by a wide wide. Wide margin which while I am losing a lot of street cred on the game of their -- thing. You've got widely destroyed four was what do you have any idea. On US -- the -- there Westpac. Was that. Are under way I'll defend yourself or you gonna say it was just the first one I thought or best marketed faxes and coming up. Synagogues pilot. That's good that the when are so you're standing in the early days it used to graduation. And I just picked up it's got you know as most would rank that. Oh yes they would say my -- you twisted bid is a -- they would say college dropout. There it's what are the most common ranking drugs or might dark twisted fan -- all our other top two that did this. I like you know I guess IV and tell me nothingness is awesome. There a stronger on there are coming home. Those -- and those are great songs since then he got -- sit here you instead it yeah announcement -- Start with the Tennessee down Oslo artistic from me. If what you do artistic and he's got a power that's here that's a great song brightness on the other ones is to artistic. Monies are now with the piano playing like the same key like the -- Big. That you've been. And balances this area is you put them both -- on this. Right visit visit the rubber man. The rubber tires and drags this synergy does says it's would you -- to and rolled around town. Now I use in your life today you have -- silicon valley authority like a Prius. Now a Tesla actually obese and you get out -- need -- -- and that week and a birdie. I think we have a test I'd better I had -- I don't I don't own any cause a change them up every two years. -- Argentine tiny cars every two years you just what -- -- one -- pretty of a hundred cars. Not just I don't own a car and -- -- card is police's every two years -- you have one call yeah. And it David -- how much is dated -- changed in terms of now you pick the owning the grizzlies. Like your typical day. Is what. Typical to only get up. I guess so. My company now has. Close to -- ink. Ten to fifteen offices around the world are all our -- offices what does that mean research and development OK so mostly software engineering offices. And done it's it's incredibly hard to recruit -- in Silicon Valley is about like about forty Yahoo!. You know FaceBook. Tesla you know all those companies are there and so it just competing for maybe mediocre talent is just painful. So what I've we will have a. Think that would be where the best talent that is doesn't you don't mean. Don't -- -- yeah I I don't know it's like people are always dreamed to go to Hollywood if I'm Ed. So there are good -- so -- it's a good guys out there right against those. In terms of supply demand there's a decent supply but as an out of control to me. Is the these big companies in the valuations. And the -- pressure Dave Grohl is so on same. That it's very tough to convince even mediocre. Talent to join so -- what I've been doing the possibly is is is is recruiting in large in Eastern Europe. So in our offices in why are they there. Why is the talent and Eastern Europe now because no companies that. But but there's really is really good software developers if you know where to find. And big base cost significantly less but you know always we paid top dollar for everybody. Humble we have offices now in -- Krakow Poland Warsaw. -- Lithuania. Bucharest Romania. Moscow. Just two weeks ago we we open up an office in Riga Latvia that's for honest in us yeah. This if you back treatment and yeah it started off in the star if you. And get -- my normal day. I have to always be accessible that to talk with these offices and and I I kind of keep track of their schedules and I determine all the products tragedy in and directions south always be successful. But an old days ice to be in the lap doing engineering stuff -- that soldering hardware -- -- troubleshooting. Until 2010. Not anymore nine more you wouldn't look at a sauter iron. For -- anymore that you -- trying to get involved in that Angela -- it's like once -- Approached we -- small company meager five or ten million in revenue of right and you have to get a product market that's an increase your revenue. 20% by them on in the lab doing these copy. No I ought to do this how do you learn. How to Dudek. Somebody -- -- like an apprentice for somebody or do you get a book where I can't say a big. -- with -- are actually building hardware. Okay. Again here and do you have to build the actual hardware putting better idea but you could actually deal with -- -- -- do that. So what I have a theoretical background -- Loretta had undergrad degree and a master's degree in an electrical engineering. Let's be honest. Everything I learned was probably on my own after that -- you go to school UC San Diego yes in La Jolla, California couple. You work. So we'll play universe is -- but that was beautiful boys of urban in my life yes yeah it's pretty nice men and after that I was that apple for a couple years. And -- at a college there at a college and then Nam. You know we talked about MBA players in kind of a lack of urgency to be great. Once I was look at apple -- leaders us again and in my mid twenties I was 26 point 7% to shoot on the -- haven't done anything with my life I want be great. But I at this at this pace I can't do it and there's some meat politics and apple. That I'm marketed with with people and political situations. So -- make something happen have to go off on my own so. I just said you know I'm never the guy that they were gonna keep moving up -- not. And I 'cause it has been an easy -- -- -- we do you think the job that you had that current time that that was the pinnacle. I'm very glad it was right or did you feel like you were dead end. I'd have to kiss a whole lot of passes to move up and that's what I'm about right I Anderson. So you left yeah yeah I I left and -- You know I don't have any investors Annie -- he's I had an idea of people thought I was crazy and be honest. When I left I just thought okay well I just want kind of intellectual freedom. I don't wanna work or somebody -- wanted to something on my own. And if it fails at least this month. But on this I just need to do it felt like I was in some kind of intellectual prison and I know aspirations that this thing could be like. You know multi ethnic you know like a multi billion dollar company. None and I I didn't know what you just didn't want -- work for employment. Yeah and and I was in I was never a leader growing up right I was never lose somebody that had tons of friends that are or you know. Was a guy that everybody followed back. I didn't know what's -- I had had a style cable I just really wanted to spread my wings in and -- try to reach my potential whatever it was. So I had this idea. Everybody shot it down and this outcome is gonna try. And then -- once I kind of got in the game I just threw myself in that game and did you tell the idea to. -- in my family FO for friends. Anybody that lists and they all think it's -- yet. It's the idea. But the it's it's I -- -- it and they give one to -- to the world. Yes so let's -- without getting too technical. -- your laptop right there on the table right right it has Wi-Fi so inside that laptop is it's a radio module. That that gives you that Wi-Fi connectivity -- So my view is basically had designed a special version of that Wi-Fi module. They acted bridge distances of light up to a hundred miles I. And sell it in -- emerging markets and and it was a buried very niche small industry. Nobody thought there was any money in it. And why why do they think there's no money. Arm because usually the people that deploy these types of networks -- links in other eighteenth tee there Comcast that people with. Deep pockets. And any deal with professional companies. There will -- there at that time there were no actors out there by hackers -- meaning. Just guys that it is buying stuff and throwing up under a mile length added to bridge city -- you're doing. I built a product that enabled guys how did you build the product that's trying to get through a -- -- the only like crises set to open up my lab that is like a mile or whatever right -- and -- like and I just thought I just don't want that did this yet look what you got anyone edit that. Yeah so all these electronics they have a building technology building blocks. They're called integrated circuits the guidance. Now inside those chips -- out Intel Qualcomm hurt somebody's. Companies you might you know they build these semiconductor chips and inside those tips are millions of transistors and and they can do all kinds of different operations whether it's encoding decoding video. Whether it's sending creating wireless links to transmit data. Whether it's you know producing. Digital audio. There's all kinds of different functionalities chips and there's billions of dollars and hundreds of of of thousands of of our Indian engineers they're going to develop -- technology building blocks. So those -- the technology building block got the semiconductor companies. Then you have system guys like maybe an apple or Adele even beats. And that's you worked yet and they take those building blocks and they came come up with applications and build a system product. So when I was at apple. I was familiar with the technology building blocks they're using to produce this Wi-Fi radio. And what ideas I treats those building blocks that I don't tell them re applied. Well I left and and and I did it wasn't their idea I had the knowledge. Well you'd tell anybody there that it won't and I -- -- right as they put you on this act. Yeah they live view anyway that now it is about now with. And so that's I got at the start and and what was it about that is is I collected enough knowledge -- Design that problem. From scratch so I can do this the Mac design I could do some. But the culprits are -- lay out packet to the design for manufacturing. I can do some of the firmware development quiet nobody -- done -- It's too small market nobody thought. Though it's not worth their time so calm but. When you look at how it is clearly not that small market. No because the revenues of low load below IA involved it up and I'm needed and some something much greater but if you look at all these companies -- go from small to sub. Big in a call that you know. Because disruptions so a lot of times the big companies. Can't think out of the box they have tunnel vision then and they're thinking of only one way to do things. Like for example -- maybe back in the day everybody was talking about. Before cars came out you know Bruce talked about horses how -- I get a a faster horse and carriages and all this stuff and then this guy Henry Ford comes along and says. I think I have this idea for a car that might be better than -- -- -- -- But guys and everybody is Eric Davis. Yeah exactly so you got day kind of identify. Opportunities that nobody else is investing in nobody else is thinking it's worth their time and and if he get their first and you all of it. Then you could disrupt an industry and growth something it. So. That's what I did with -- equity and it's just and it's beginning stages. From what I see. And do you still passionate about it and yet -- and there are the real thing. We did. Is we enabled a group of what I call crew operators so it's not Comcast is not AT&T. It's T-Mobile. But we have guys around the world they're probably close to a 100000 strong. And they didn't have they're not they don't have. Operator backgrounds they don't have huge pockets and capital. Believe produced technology. To make them build out all these networks and I'll give you example one of our product lines that that connects people who Internet and he's emerging markets connects wirelessly. We're up to. Well over twenty million subscribers. To put that in perspective refugee as the nineteen million subscribers. So we have one of our product lines has more and panels in great radio and towns. On people's roofs and trek TV. So NEC DirecTV on Irish -- That you go to places like. Eastern Europe Brazil Middle East and India here all. You looked -- role ubiquitous taken over. Yes and and what's what's interesting is we're kind of misunderstood especially in Wall Street. And a few of our valuation of its pretty you know in my opinion. Very much undervalued. -- other companies. Because we're not we don't have a huge presence and in the US and and and it's easy best is yet. Because you know we're big in places like. South America and right Middle East in Eastern Europe for no he really has insight. What's going on there. Right he is Robert -- is the owner of the grisly hanging out of the -- studio the back of the best restarted so. 92 not offend me SPF. Robert -- is the owner of the grizzlies and he is here in the studio with us your tell us about you Dick the and your day to day right it's -- you're you're dated a guy who you kind of got sidetracked on. How do you know till seven everything. Robert -- -- what time in the morning on a typical day. Probably around 83830. And then you watch Regis and Kelly and then -- -- -- -- -- fidelity there. At that either Hillary -- Greg and I think now. I chided get to the -- -- -- -- -- But you only GM I recently. Yet built kind of facility next my office it's exactly like I've been Steelers from a dodge ball right here love yeah -- than normal just -- average average fares. Death you own a Globo gym bags it's. You know it. Is nothing that special but it's it's in a warehouse kind of like right next to -- -- -- only like an exact replica of an NBA court and I know we we actually use it to deploy a lot of ubiquity equipment so there's there's people on there testing out there are Newton new solutions so it's 830 we go to did you. Yea thirty goes in New York now for an hour. It's out there and then rent a storage is going office. You in your office on the typical back then of course by what ten. Not yet improbable probably about ten and there's everybody else they're. Yet everybody else that pockets and they say you know we only have a management structure we -- have meetings we have very light process. I don't and forced people to be aired during any hours they keep coming over from home me even I'm all about deliverables and results and that's you don't care what -- Eternally guy and they don't let this sit there in an office they got deliver products Anderson but I don't care how they do it pattern in what. What hours they choose to -- -- they are there. And in your accent -- San Jose office is is probably -- forty we've probably have 25 of the key engineers. A lot of -- industrial design mechanical engineers as some of the hardware teams there so concepts ordered new products new product lines originate there. So -- I work with those guys closely. And then most of our software development is dispersed. Large in Eastern Europe and a lot of our other. Support. Hard -- teams aren't in Taipei and not enough time. But yeah I don't have a secretary. I don't even keep its owner. I I don't. You don't now I don't have a point in her you don't have I don't know I I don't talk on the phones everything's. Email or we have collaboration tools that research and development. You don't talk on the phone was the time. So everything's efficiency with the well it's like you know my belief is. He you know were were entering a new age of of transparency. If Kevin -- products. And it's awesome people love it boom immediately social media everybody starts talking about it and it it will do great on the market you have a bad product. -- pants it's harder and harder to sell and push something that's bad not in the old days. Where you didn't have to later you didn't have social media you to have everybody interacting. Then maybe it's irrelevant how good of product -- solution you -- It's all about relationships. So it but and our 1030 in their office you're doing whatever you -- and at the office -- what carried -- I'm usually there. Maybe until six or seven and then ogle back to avoid traffic or go back -- my gym and play Abbas bush around. And then at eight. A drive home. And then come on just accessible online because you have. Is offices on online Europe offices -- Allen. And but you know I'll watch TV while I'm successful and make that is -- I thought NBA when the seasons -- and I get it seems like you watch every TV show because that one of the greats like you're asking about if I'd seen Silicon Valley yet you watch game -- -- I know you watch the wire let's see what I -- I'm. Efficient also -- -- so. I never I never return our cable TV -- flip with that ever was not. I it's always I used you know iTunes eight I use Netflix I watched episodes. Or series. Says yes so about -- -- policies is only six episodes but he loved that's awesome. I came with rounds of course is. A fantastic. Of course breaking bad and ended. Now I'm -- shows like I watched these are real estate listing shows and in like New York. There's I love New York as a city you do those so I like this shows is it will tell you like all the different. -- -- New York in uptown midtown. And downtown what is surrealist show by the York at a Georgia and -- and so although this causes. -- this. Oh just fine like properties an -- what's -- so call it -- hard. I think -- million dollar listing New York's the type that yeah. And then I'll watch masters recently. Ministership. I'm not -- -- -- he says before admitted it's pretty interest and you got thirty. 35 people may just do some ingredients in his signal is that -- -- We like to do us out of play basketball working out. Oh I'll watch movies but how about you do watch movies have that you have to movies and TV shows much movies TV shows -- games. Yeah I -- billions of it and now again really complicated with with the controllers in the learning curve. My attention span is -- is getting shorter and shorter as I get older every girl on Twitter -- so you're single. On super personal manhunt. Year. Stay off those that are doing today -- the glass and all right the next personal question I do that -- this. A a 3435. Year old guy that all the sun comes and you said you came from now I do. -- I'm glad you didn't I didn't have a lot go one for you get a regular while nobody else is. Com the family I came from it it was. You know we're known no means wealthy but we're comfortable. I I had great opportunities. Him. I I went to public school but I did go to a private high school. In college. I had some help my parents but I've. In a lot of my way and I worked during college. But when I say I started from nothing that was the truth because your actual business when I started when I left apple I didn't have. You know any help from family -- or friends or anything as it won't put the Max out about her credit card then do that yes yes I took whatever savings I had not separate occurrences. As it had to do it aren't so so from that point right here. Do you think that you. And did you try to guard against the money changing your dramatic. Put it it all happens so fast right. And I think. If I wanted to I could've been like. Played like a Mark -- and just. Several years ago just took a big check in to say I'm done and I am retired -- like -- -- as everybody knows what you're worth now about your job an apple or you make it a hundred grand. You know I first of it apple. I need. 68000. Dollars and it's funny after the first year. The first year I tried so hard right like I did my job like incredibly low I reached out to. Two other teams that they're you know did everything I can write and I had. I even had letters of praise from other groups who wants money manager and apple telling him you know how valuable I was the company. Not the end of the year. My boss said you're trying to take over the world here. You need to slow down he gave me -- two out of five on the review and he said I can't erase he started to act. And so that's literally sent most -- can I gotta get the heck out of him. So -- -- politics so we're talking like 68 -- that's -- At that -- GA grand and just lose you know I was desist united I had a three degrees on a master's degree out out of oral garages will. So I I was a pretty good candy you come outside. But this is 2003. In your bank account changes so dramatically you just said it happened overnight rate mixing you don't like yes and you got a couple hundred million dollars. And yes I did do a us a sale before we did went public. For a large sum of cash. But yeah IE EE you know. I I just never being complacent maybe maybe I'm just wired differently the more success I have the higher I wanna go in and I really wanted you know change the world it leave a legacy. And I just wanna be out all these other entrepreneurs. So I feel like. I just have more pressure on myself now and then and ever and I just I don't relax I I I I you know -- about it is these. Then. I have a plane that is saved on me ma'am my life what you. Outside of that you have a -- I know I you know we'll stay on it honestly like that's not that much -- change -- since. I got this immense amount of money and only two things I have heard NBA team in a plane did play. I am I crazy here. The guys who are obese and the only do you think that Goddard NBA game -- why did it it depends depends. You look at that -- is that the plane for example I think it in and out of offices I can grow faster and doesn't it Susan time I've grown do you have -- -- in terms of like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Basically I don't. Put any -- You know on the that's gonna pull me back anything -- I'm trying to do is trying to accelerate. You know -- go far that's he's right there at NBA team right and how is -- a dream will be right back after this. 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Auto supplies professional parts people always on hand and they've got that -- rewards programs you earn cash back for the -- you make. At O'Reilly auto parts rather ought to -- better boards better races every day. Robert you're the president very Hank and now there's a studio today as all the way that we're to be. It was that was -- take on I Jay-Z the hash tag fax only. Yes it affects only oh and you deleted it but I'm asking you about it anyway -- you deleted excellent thing. It was already out there for public consumption people give their opinions on players. Right I would rather does came on the told us he'd take -- impedes our big heavy sort of ball that ended the draft. I was what is fascinating that you respond to somebody and European Union was. You thought it's possible we look up and -- of the -- Yes so that goes back to bomb maybe the reasons I gave forward toward not homes in so attractive prospect where he just. -- has this kind of fuel for for the game and decision making capabilities. And you see that guys like at Tony Parker aura. Many can no -- hard and Kobe Bryant. So he has his decision making. Dynamic capabilities but then he's also incredibly athletic. So. Yeah I think I think he's going to be really really did. 2 Lewis Randall I am I'm also -- with yeah I was surprised he slipped. Put. The scarecrow who all right who knows what yeah what what did you think about the whole com -- process you went. I want it IE I didn't see. You know all the players. They had groups to have the ones on the floor than they had that -- used three -- five. I stayed for for the beginning worked out with the ones. Yeah and then they -- the interviews where you and -- the enemy is yeah lasted for several interviews. It's it's instinct but you know. Some of these kids they're they're eighteen years old nineteen years old. And I was thinking back -- when I was that age out I didn't have anywhere near the you know poison maturity. Of these kids and in. And that situation and you got it imagined. They got guys pulling out than men want all kinds of things and and I was I'm impressed with our fuel. The NBA is not a big think outside the box right there's a way that everything's always been -- -- -- it in terms of your pension and forward thinking outside the box and owning an NBA team. When your thinking about not only the grisly but the NBA lower shouldn't. What are the things that you. I guess our most frequently go why is it done like that. Write this the way you're wired you -- you like -- you look at things ago. Fine that's the way it is but why. Then. With fifteen and with the NBA large. You have some kind of grand ideas. About the way things work. Well I I alluded to. You know my observation about the value and and medical strength and conditioning and player development and about and you know. There's there's a market for getting. For players in getting all kinds of -- on the personal side. But I think the the market for talents on the medical strength conditioning player development side is is underrated. So I believe it if you could. Go after it you know just top notch guys and maybe paid top dollar at the -- -- best of player development staff. I think there's huge value and that and it and I don't know why more teams. Aren't focusing on that and why maybe even. You know. I might salaries that some of these but it and coach there aren't much more competitive. So. That's the trying to think of anything else you want EU wants a month. They have more on this about the business -- the NBA you have to have been in shock at all even. Here you bought the team a couple of years ago it EC with a box gulf -- you see what the clippers go -- and you're going hole. And he's Alvin investment. Yeah. So what's interesting to me is I looked at valuations that teams that he lets say five or ten years. And if you looked at like Major League Baseball great but the Yankees you know they're billion plus our -- no one of the few teams that worked out much money in all sports right. And all Major League Baseball teams on for multiples of what NBA -- it. -- many of more and and EC football and you see you know the numbers are crazy football -- -- take a step back. And you go on Twitter. And you -- NBA stars and you see like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and you know I had built -- millions of followers and you look at it. The marketability. And and how MBA is coming grinding in in in youth culture in it -- and and it's a psychic global force its immensely marketable and you kind of scratch your hands -- IR and B. Why aren't NBA team valuations lower an NFL -- which is really only eight. US dominated thing and baseball which I believe is is the sport on their -- is not is entertaining compared to -- while. And and so and I've bought into the grisly just literally -- -- of these NBA teams is this the prelude did -- -- it and death and now your scientists. Attributed to do it as a money that making adventure you did it it was going to be. That's why it was a passion I think -- both go hand in hand right I believe scandal like a bad investment not it's not about that is -- -- I love NBA in the sport of basketball and I believe it is the sport and and so it only I. By you know extension it will follow if that it should be the most valuable sport in the world and and the franchises should be the most valuable north. So I you know I think there will be a time the next decade where. Hopefully NBA starts expanding more globally and I think -- that happens you'll see. You know these franchise values go even past the top anti as the in the world like the Premier League in. Right England and Manchester United I did still see the knicks -- acres worth much more than even those top teams how about your opinion of Memphis over the last couple you. I can you take you by a team in Memphis Tennessee as a guy that's born and raised and spent all time in California. Yeah. Yeah yeah I was born and raised in California would -- allow some leaders have pretty much in world traveler rate right. I've lived in Asia for a long time it's extended periods of time setting of office I've lived in Eastern Europe setting up offices terrorists -- spend it spent time. I traveled the world and evangelizing. Our our products and technology. So it. You know it meant this. I've I think what I really like about how the grizzlies didn't make -- admit this is it. It unites kind of people together and I think. What I'd love to get involved in -- and you know I -- I'm trying to stack my chips kind of like what Bill Gates that -- -- a stack of my chips so so this is the huge huge amount and then act put it to work. And they're really change in the world and change things Al -- nearly jabs yes that would go to affect did well. For example I've I've huge you know goals and aspirations or or -- equity and and some other stuff I'm doing so. I want rather than pull out you know resources from. My existing. Work and and and do things in and really invest in charity. I believe if I if I can wait several more years -- Havel are -- work with. And and I have a lot more to put to work that really changed the world how want to be seen how how I see it should be. And -- what is our what are those goals with the -- changed in the world. -- you'd take a look it. How society is there's there's a system in -- straight and this system is like. You have a lot of people that are underprivileged from a social economic standpoint. And you know the world tells them you gotta go through the system stay in school. Stay in high school. You know go to college -- caused agree. You know but. What does that really do for anyone you were word we're turning into society right now -- skills are what matters. If if umpiring a new engineer. You'd agree I don't care what school he went to his decrees I don't care if he's from. Harder MIT has always great contacts and president. What I hear is can he get on a capsule. And designed full and can IQ -- a product designer concept and -- cranking out great -- do it well right. Now that's about. And if you guys that are that have great skills -- -- -- and they can make hundred at a 150000 dollars -- but the system we have in place is -- set up. If you make people who who at a social economic the advantage to really have social mobility in writes that's up. If your if your inner city kid like why do you want to go through high school and go through college and and go through that. Or painful experience to wind up at a job in working out of the cubicle and making forty grand grand a year ring grinding away area. You know kids did their best in the world this is open in addition -- -- -- Those qualities right now that hope and ambition is steering kids go off you know much more risk. -- risk riskier path and I could Latin. My in the months been in jail -- something that so I don't think the system today. Does a good enough job of taking that ambition which could be a good thing. And presenting path. Where kids can use that in addition to become great and so you're ideas to create some kind of way yeah I have like like what if you had technical academy. That keep -- is kids. You know hands on skills. -- like how to -- how to create apps. How do workout programs to create mechanical design and talk and -- -- real skills. And what if you had these academies that -- there and encouraged kids to drop out of high school. And say you know you don't have to learn everything he could you could view it Wikipedia. You know if -- media don't encourage kids to drop a high school but it if you're gonna drop out he -- these technical academy is spent three years hone your skills. Boom you can get a 10050000 dollars though they have vocational schools. Indeed I as far as I know of the vocational skills they have aren't teaching kids you know things like. You know. Captures the -- -- designer pro we. You know mechanical. And really are gonna die hard are jobless coding error occurred. You know -- -- -- your idea would be to build academies. Don't ever reading this correctly you don't want to get involved this a gal but later down the road and it's really something it would it will take some resources. But you've bill academies with two goals straight the first is. You connects kids very early to develop these you know highly sought after skills and -- Paramount. With the with the path they really -- and and in the second thing is to get them paid great. Now if you create stories and end and that -- an environment. Where it's well known if you go to cities say academies and you're getting out with. You know 10050000. Are paying jobs and eighteen which is entirely possible if kids are talented enough and have the skills that they command those types of offers. Then it it becomes contagious. And then other kids will say -- book. Because this guy you know and instead going towards have a bad pass by. -- do with what these guys didn't develop his skills and and I think that's important because -- the way and you brought this up though when I brought up Memphis. -- I'd -- -- look at I definitely think there -- ways I can help in Memphis yet -- I outside of the basketball time I brought this up because I know there's a huge economic social economic disparity. I don't think it has anything -- You know you you can eat a lot of people say OK it's it's it's it's a race thing but I'd -- future purely back to numbers and social economics. There's people that have all kinds of privileges. And in their set up to succeed. And there's all this people with all kinds of privileged without without those privileges that are largely set up to fail. So I'm all about you know leveling the playing right. When I say I wanna change the world I wanna change so that people. You know with the privilege is it with privileges and and they're not an advantage EU level playing field so anybody -- that top. The people of the best skills best talent and who -- the most cigarettes that are so I want to encourage social and economic mobility does triangle. That's your -- it. Do you think you own you bit the and twenty years are you the kind of guy that wants to go hard and then retire. Or -- kind of I god is always gonna -- and I can act and I'll never retire I can't even take it day two days vacation you can't I go out in my mind. Yeah -- I think I see myself you're Dick -- -- I -- -- -- into -- you know generations and generations who's absolutely. As it hopefully being a big huge company. And a much larger company in twenty years and but I also see you know my second life. Following similar -- to a Bill Gates is Dylan in and putting whatever resources I have. Two this year -- role model. Yeah I say for sure one of them. Did you work for jobs. Or you just and do you would have never even crossed as of them when you're dead doesn't CEO of apple. When I got when I was there from through dozens treated because -- -- and I want you know -- I am. A few times of ignited an -- and I don't doubt you're never editor and a even though he was the CEO right I was -- bit of debt and I didn't. So bad habit of Bill Gates you look at him and think that's what I wanted to. In terms of he you know he's -- -- there's he had you know immense amount resources. And then once he got that point he said OK I'm gonna put this to work there really solving. Things in the world don't bother me. Or are ordered change in the world how I want how I wanted to be so so and that's that's absolutely that's that's our -- as well. How about basketball wise we'll go get a little more segment we'll talk about the grizzlies and -- wrap it up on the draft and the prisons and everything that's going on he is the owner of the grizzlies chief Robert Perry -- -- and students Chris -- show. 92 not offend me as if 46 Monroe avenue -- and restaurant -- is right next door to the second line -- can go get the Brno. Good night good byes and it is a tweet me about the surrogate on the bigger picture the -- through the bigger picture of the fruit. Everybody loves it you -- -- they're anytime it's casual and got big screens on the walls and they got a great Louisiana style po boys except Europe and the second on the right extort the best elegant restaurant in Memphis restaurant -- -- Great place for an anniversary date night a birthday what. -- your big event is make you make a reservation go to restaurant -- Also a variety of -- golden baseball salon in Memphis says since 1930 to go to Gordon get a gift -- to that level later in life. You've got that birthday anniversary coming up pretty gotta say I guess that you wanna fired. Showing you -- -- a gold gift -- can go to golds and a you can also buy those gift cards online and they can deliver for you Gould's salons dot com -- salons. Dot com the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies -- Robert Caro he has broken his silence. With us here in studio today. The silent man the year and it's clearly. You're willing to talk -- -- good on the radio. I understood it in like I don't get it -- awkward. You have even told to leave organize and I have been like. And I don't like you are way you look at this thing this is proud to have that moment your life -- -- I want them included talked on the radio lit in on -- is that -- Obama do I'm not a -- I'd like to show results and then you don't care about the public relations angle -- of this. That's the question frank did you get criticized for that why don't talk you know to me like. People need to know what's going on right like immediate front offices you know you fire the front office needed this -- -- and -- And then you're not gonna tell anybody what's going on you got a lot of Freddie have you got season ticket holder hasn't. I think if you know it it's tough because you want to. Give. Full transparency to the fans you want to get -- and support. But it did it the same time you're you're competing against all these teams straight and you can't risk competitive advantage. The other thing is is to be successful. If you really believe in something you have to have conviction towards your vision your long term vision. And you can't let. The media horror or pressured. Knock you -- track so. Him. You know visit is a great story. Somebody told me. Com you remember that. That basketball player Mahmoud Abdul while odd yeah well anything yes that is a very very bad the different guy so I'm sort of alleviates saint -- was treatable hot okay. Death from San Jose state and -- I guess he was kind of up hot headed -- India and but he really prided himself on being great defender. And that I guess one -- Jamie played Ray Allen and Ray Allen -- went off and you know it's jumper after jumper after jumper. Any got. -- -- so frustrated. That after the team he went up three elements that man I was I was right on -- Like how did you do that had you make it everything and and Ray Allen just kind of like condescending we told them I'm in a bubble I don't see you. And you know you're there. So and that's you why I think you're right -- no I've not reality and a bus collided -- -- My point is if you really believe in something and and you have conviction and a vision you have to kind of put yourself in a bubble when criticisms. Around you eat can't letting it heat you have to look at the long term -- And that's how I've been successful especially with -- decree. How I've done things it was completely new from a business standpoint. Armed and I just you know stuck with my convinced conviction in and there was times I could have pulled it its little what other. And if your percent that the devil's advocate is. Are right he had a bunch of guys that were evidently doing a good job. And now he is the owner with his toys and now he wants to be really involved it was a real ball to maybe felt a little. You know at arm's length with the last regime it's are now he really wants to get involved in on this and yeah he's done a boss of the text stuff played. What does he know about basketball -- running this whole stuff and so. Why shouldn't we be a little bit worried or maybe lacked trust until trust has -- because we don't like. We don't. Yeah I I guess my counter to that is. You know it in my business career I have. I've had very talented people work with me and they're still working with me and a lot of these guys made tens of millions of dollars someone hundreds of -- about. And -- whether you're building a product they're competing in business or you're competing in sports. There's some themes and principles that are consistent throughout. You've got to be able to have a culture. Where you have talent that puts team first and sets. You know great. Work ethic. And builds a trusts that becomes contagious where everybody else falls in line and you -- you you're very strong unit. And I always thought that wasn't the case yet and and -- it to I think they are different skill sets there's some guys that. Are unbelievable. At at. At taking out talent and getting deals done. Maybe unbelievable that the public relations side. But what I do -- what I believe I do well I -- a closer vote. And I know how do create a culture that brings out the best and individuals and brings out the best and group. And I felt obligated. As the owner of this team and our responsibility. To the fans in the city of Memphis. Work it. I was not happy with the culture. And I felt obligated to step in and use my skill sets of the. Which is why did you just say that. -- -- on Twitter or even if I was you know took a reporter Kirk anyway. And I guess I I'm -- and now -- can't hit. Let me give you clearly didn't at the top. That's we've got. Does is much for that is that not explaining that. Which is a weird deal but that's for. Yeah. Maybe guy in retrospect maybe underestimated. The I guess they chaos factor and but from my point of view it wasn't as huge change right you have. Players under contract that really believe in the team. I -- I reached out internally it you know key players you have big coach we you know sign on and even to a longer term deal. You had a dying Chris Wallace that is very closely community that built that roster so in a lot of ways you know. I I didn't think there'd be this huge reaction I thought OK well. You know that the team's thoughts after its its stable and he he got a great kind Chris Wallace stepping up and I underestimated I guess that the media's. Involvement to kind of instigate and create. You know a chaotic situation out something that really wasn't there. Chris are you said you want him to be part of the front office. Absolutely John Challenger he says it is going to remain part of the front office those two guys aren't there yet and everybody knows and there have been times reports about interviewing other guys to possibly bring them in. And it just to clarify on roles you're looking for -- didn't sound like you're necessarily dead set on. What roles you or looking for because there is this odd circumstance we're. You have Chris is interim general manager he wants to be the general manager again right the possible you have brought up both of a possibility of him being president of basketball -- and then move higher and GM. In terms of what you want. Regardless of the royals got. How many people do you want in the front office but what do you want a front office to look like what do you think -- front office should look like we think there should be a president of basketball ops at GM of player personnel an assistant G yet you don't say and I'm Heidi that. Look what you have in mind in terms of what a grizzlies front office -- I wouldn't have done. Always like small teams but house model house that number but I think what you're looking for is you wanna bring guys that the table. That have arm complementary skill sets. Like in the case of Chris Wallace. He has fantastic. You know reputation around the league he's almost like an N ambassador and -- -- a great great instincts for the game. So once you have somebody like that EU and bring in. You know another person. In his -- -- -- what you might bring in somebody who's. In the compliment to compliment that that's like media incredible. Dealmaker. And that has access that information present information collector. And could get an edge in in in in information apartment and then to complement those guys well you might have somebody will we do hall injured. That -- is unbelievable at. Player analytics and trying to find an edge are you hiring two positions. I believe right now will we're always looking for talent great so I don't think you we want to say. You know in any absolute terms were gonna do something. We're limited to doing something but overall is look for talent and immediate. Need is this kind of calm you know assistant GM. That would have skills the compliment Chris -- OK you won that one of the reports it collided decade GM in waiting that's a very hard sell -- -- Yeah you're waiting for what you know get in my unity did you ever I'm not a not a I don't know -- -- -- But like I said we have a very collaborative. Culture and so I think what we're trying to get across -- what these guys for getting across that title. It's it's not going to be an organization where you're an assistant GM and -- confined to working for the GM -- there's a very strict hierarchy. Well we're trying to get a guy crosses you know world group we have this roundtable. Of of complementary skill sets and collaboration. And this spot will be more than assistant GM because you have a spotted this cable and you'd have accessed directly to the owner and and everybody. Who's who's is and that in the collaborative. Front are they allowed to talk to you on the phone present the committee vote -- Anybody got the guy that doesn't -- the -- -- basic on our right is everybody of the email it. I -- -- I let you know on the however you get beyond the end. Exactly so you know I can't. You know it. Change how people are custom of these things and MBA in the business world it in my company you know I've created that environment and that culture and the people from the roundups of course. I don't talk on the phone use -- collaborative on Michael's. I I you know I'm perfectly well aware that arms that the in this situation NBA when guys have been doing things for a number of years and I can just. Impose my will on how to do things of course that I talk on the phone. But yet. I can tell you you know my minutes are largely towards grizzlies -- -- right now -- Are your thoughts on the roster -- you just the draft last night you gave us the thoughts on Jordan -- -- the thoughts on Darnell stokes now you look at this and you think. You tell you say judge me on our results and judge me on whether we win its image of a three years or whatever you think a window could be that you can really make a run at it. What do you need. In your mind. You surveyed the landscape after last season we lose to Oakland city in the seventh game after sex out of the game right and clearly was that the spurs -- -- about it. Dallas played -- tough they kicked the crap and everybody else including Miami and so they are. At this point clearly the ones -- beaten armed. And they smoked the grizzlies -- years ago in the Western Conference finals for us and you have the west finals two years ago -- -- yet. Losing the series Oklahoma City. And that you you remain with this core. It relatively intact or total. I -- now what how do you -- get to the next level. So. From a roster perspective I do believe. Our roster now was better than our conference finals roster in terms of the death. I don't and if you look at the year once the conference finals. We start off very strong. And that put us in a position to give -- a decency in the playoffs I think it would have this great eating at home court that that we saw off the clippers in the first up for. What killed us this season we had a -- roster and we just started -- -- or of ever playing catch up. Now the -- again injuries and like you know hopefully. Right now we have more emphasis on player development and accountability. And you did last year a different story with a different seat. Compared. Officer is yes if we gotta talk for it and different. -- And so I don't think -- promise anybody around yet so I think we owe it. You know with this roster we got to start off. Strong -- eight and we got to get a quote seed in the playoffs now I think once we get the playoffs I think we evidence on most teams in the league. K is this how we play is is just way better suited. -- -- -- Paper every possession counts and it's right it's a war you tried it stops. -- -- I don't think we need to much we just eats it retool and I think com. You know. Our our -- offensive offensively from the wings -- if we can get you know something more note quince he's coming back. I he's working hard we really need him as a as a shooter he's a great is he potentially can be agreed to a player. And then. We just need is evil everything he's got this all come in and best shape of his life. We need TA. You know everything he's got Brady bill once the playoffs start again maybe you always shows up so I'm not worried about that. And then -- are that this is great so. I just think we we just need more focus and we got to start the season strong and I I elect. A chance setup what are you gonna be a -- Just down -- percent. So what are we talking about an opinion down. Too -- Robert Barrett. It it depends you're. I had days but your like again a year ago but a box like the back back a bit dark corner people beyond their prayers of -- -- he is -- -- -- In the shed. Yes those you are not a bombastic get out in front of everybody and that's that's what was. Frustrating in the UN and all these meet in the media. If and me is this -- -- micromanaging owner that had these crazy ideas. When in fact from maybe the farthest thing from the right. Those ideas true by the way -- don't -- headset thing was that true. I think it was. Cool glass and net knocking. Backpack. Mike Miller player coach is that true. Why are really wanted his monkey on the shoulder back half of the weekend we can get a contract done. You wanted it cannot report Ron Rivera wanted. Mike Miller is monkey to have a role in the organization. -- his answer is prepared protected the right side of the -- allows the children understood. I did -- the games in oh you said the body that the media painted you as a meddling. Get involved an owner like -- really -- here in sweet like literally in the shadows and what our around. I just want the result like. I want to do whatever I can't bring to help get us the championship. All stepped in there and I'll do it. But then I don't want credit for a thing I don't wanna be on a spotlight -- don't want things about me that's that's why try to. Stay outside but you know if it helps if it helps me it is to take more of a leadership -- position. Hold players accountable. You know be more accessible. So my face here if if if these results at. All right I'll do you do what I did but it terms of going to games. I think you know I want -- like. Going or is it frustrating to you to go you know I'm saying like. -- he cared very fearful about going at its side like some guys have a period of difficult time even watching games and is -- and that nod I love them Yates it's. I really like on against Angela watches or. I I think if I do go to games you know all I wanna try to be motivated as much -- if I can get anything more out of you know our guys that put us that you know over the hill I'm gonna try to do. So I think that's my plan you give motivational speech and and I'll never I know it's late -- I think you use this as long as that are left are never given him my poker is a -- now. Food is the longest interview you've ever absolutely. I think I've been take that ink. And no one else earlier we would cover you coach -- -- cut. Top computer magazine I was Hillary with use what you'll. When the deal got done -- -- on the -- with you for five minutes -- -- yeah it does weird that a -- -- of media that he just tell me you're like Tony and not know the answer is twice -- -- really dead serious -- moved first that the -- I -- to you for very briefly and try to -- NN NN world and -- media day we -- for five minutes -- I think I've done. One by Bay Area so -- AT team for two or three minutes then this is number four. So how does this is wait hold on hold on our oil -- cut a computer magazine -- not like you just turned down interview requests. As computer magazines but I wouldn't -- it would make it easier for -- -- told him and I don't I don't have a secretary out on a PR team I'm not into that. That show -- stuff I just -- -- do around one. Music you can motivate people can you motivational speeches. Well I I've gone around like my company in and engineers -- -- on don't want all. On motivate them and and I have talked about variety valuable getting into the locker room. Giving the grizzlies a motivational speech. Can you do something like this give them a little James Franklin rose or does regret those headphones seeking here this can you do something like this I'm talking about rolled up in the grizzlies. Locker room. And give -- something like this has anything. Three years ago. There -- changing circumstances. I look at this stuff kind of like an adrenaline shots right. You could you give them adrenaline shot once in awhile right but they're gonna build up tolerance so if you got a guy screaming in there all the time it's in its appointment it is tune you out right. But yeah if we got the point word you know there's intensive series and no we knows I act like that album -- the dynamics -- differences. The last time you went nuts. Like. I don't I get competitive when it went may claim basketball order Gloria but I did play against on a regular basis. Bomb we have. In -- -- core -- -- my office and deleted ex college players who played three and three guys from. You still Asian Fresno state. I've played with and then with -- prospered this morning charter expert and there's more on pit. Did OK I think -- he won one I want one. He and it's some restaurant. Look great college players of all time you. He was not on nothing gets on restaurant you know John -- you lips on suspense plastic. You know give me credit for it. Any kind of game whatsoever I take offense this video you don't get earlier today I doubt was I answer you get oppose it on the -- Enough. I was -- a dollar and thirty going to be there is silence them. He's going to be 37 went. Wolf there's 7 march -- -- -- there is excellent system. The plenty of time at 36 ultimate 36 -- down. Up until then payments for people thanks for dominant today apology get on the jets. -- simply -- the phenomenon is great Robert parents do -- that this Chris -- took.

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